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Beauty Kit: Lipsticks

Beauty Kit: Lipsticks


A woman making up her lips is like a soldier preparing his machine gun.
Sigmund Freud
– – –
Joy is the best make-up. But a little lipstick is a close runner up.
– Anne Lamont

Top Tips:

How to prevent your lipstick from bleeding:

As you apply foundation to your face, do not forget to apply it to your lips as well.  This will prevent the lipstick from bleeding.

Did you know?

A red lipstick with a blue tinge will make teeth appear whiter! ūüôā




Hairstyle: On Trend Side Plait

Plaiting Your Hair

Pepita Jones

Pepita Jones


Summer is here.  Hot! Hot! Hot!

Fashionistas and alikes will be sporting on-trend side braids to cope with the heat! (Don’t go away, Sun!)

One must remember that there is plaiting and there is PLAITING. ¬†It is not just a matter of dividing your treasured long tresses into three parts and start braiding. ¬†No sireee. ¬†Braiding and plaiting ¬†are complicated business! ūüėČ ¬†So many things to consider.

Do you want it a loose braid?

Do you want to look as if you did not take much effort in doing your plait?

Do you want it carefree but will hold all day long?

Do you want to show some neck action?

And of course, will it go with what you are wearing? ¬†But this is another ball game altogether! ūüėČ

Make-up artist, James McMahon has these tips for an elegant romantic plait:

  • If you are aiming for a loose side plait, first spritz your clean hair with texturising spray to add body and hold. ¬†Then sweep your hair into one side.
  • Take a section of hair and start braiding loosely but close to the hairline.
  • When you reach your ear, start to incorporate the rest of your hair to finish the plait.
  • Tie the end with a hair band and hiding it with a wisp of hair.
  • To make the hair look effortless, try to pull out a few stand around your face.

Chanel No 5 – Ultimate Favourite

When you think of perfumes, to most women, the first thing that comes up in their mind is none other than Coco Chanel’s ¬†Chanel No. 5.

Chanel No 5 – Ultimate Favourite

Why did Coco called her perfume Chanel No. 5 and not¬†number¬†1, 2 or 3…? ¬†Apparently Coco’s favourite number was number 5. ¬†So much so that the perfume was launched on 5th May (5th Month of the year) 1921.

It is such a timeless fragrance, so luxurious and expensive smelling.  It has hints of vanilla, rose and jasmine. 


It is quite expensive but ¬†not the most expensive perfume in the market but it is always been a best seller. ¬†No girl in their right mind would turn down a Chanel No 5. ¬†Would you? ¬†I wouldn’t!!!

When Coco Chanel was asked where one should wear perfume…

“Wherever one wants to be kissed.”



Chanel No 5 – Ultimate Favourite

Marilyn Monroe was probably the most famous endorser of the scent. ¬†When she was asked what she wore in bed, expecting her to say a pajama top of just the pajamas or a sexy neglig√©e, Marilyn blurted “Chanel No. 5”.

Did you know?

When Coco first release the now iconic Chanel No 5, she included a secret ingredient, used by old school perfumers.  This was the addition of  musk base note gathered from the sexual pheromones of Abyssinian civet cats.  Of course the latest version now only have a synthetic musk base note.  Civet cats have not been retired as they are now used as a symbiotic apparatus for civet coffee.


Bio-Oil – the Lowdown

Bio Oil

I saw an advert for Bio-oil on telly a couple of years ago. I tried it, I liked it and I have been using it ever since.

My husband saw me using it religiously and noticed the difference it has done to my skin. He has also started using it. I do not only use it on my face, I also apply it to any dry spot or somewhere where there is a scar.

It is not a miracle cure but it does a pretty good job in rehydrating dry skin.

I would certainly recommend it to anyone.

We buy the largest size which retails at around £19.00 and it lasts for months and months.  Good value for what it does to your skin.

It is a skin hero.  Something to use when you are tired and weary and would just like to clean your face and just slap a bit of skin care and hoping that you wake up with soft, hydrated skin.