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Increase Brain Power

It seems brushing one’s teeth is not only for health and hygiene reasons, it is so much more.

Brain Power

Increase Brain Power

There are also some research about the effect of chocolates to brain power.  Apparently the flavanols in cocoa can increase cognitive abilities, allowing for multitasking, i.e. ability to perform two or more tasks at a time.


Monday’s Conundrum

monday(3)Below are some fun stuff for your to puzzle out this beautiful Monday morning (or summer afternoon!)

To check for the answer, highlight the space directly after each puzzle!



How do you spell “blind pig” in two letters?

P G—pig without an I!

When is a soldier like a carpenter?

When he is going to drill.

What word is it which, by changing a single letter, becomes its own opposite?

United; untied.

What is the best way of making a coat last?

Make the trousers and waistcoat first.

What makes a pet dog wag his tail when he sees his master?

Because he’s got one to wag.