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Money, Luck or Love?

Love’s like a measles – all the worse when it come late in life.
– Douglas Jerrold

Luck never made a man wise.
– Seneca

I have enough money to last me the rest of my life unless I buy something.
– Jackie Mason

Below are three doors, waiting inside is a dream come true.  Which one are you ready to enter?

Know thyself:  wouldn’t it a bit of fun to know and examine yourself?  Would you prefer money to love and luck or love to money and luck or luck to money and love.

I suppose it defends really.  If you are asked to choose one of the doors and you already have love but no money, I supposed you would choose the money.

I think I would choose luck!  I shall then be lucky in love and finance!


Halloween Logic


Happy Hauntings costume store threw their annual Halloween party, complete with food, dancing, and a little friendly competition. The company arranged 5 competitions (bobbing for apples, ring toss, scavenger hunt, pumpkin carving, and a scariest costume contest), with 5 different prizes (movie premier tickets, theater tickets, 4 passes to a local amusement park, and 2 gift certificates to a local restaurant). Each competition was won by a different employee, wearing a different costume purchased from the Happy Hauntings store. Can you determine the full name of each employee, what costume they wore, what contest they won, and which prize they received?

1) Belinda did not bob for apples, but she did win a gift certificate, which she shared with the man who won the tickets to the theater.

2) The 5 employees were: Amy, Mr. Brown, the one who dressed as a bat, the one who won the theater tickets, and the woman who won the pumpkin carving contest (who did not win movie tickets).

3) Robert, John, and Mary have the same last initial.

4) The women’s costumes were: the one worn by Ms. Smith, the one worn by the woman who won the ring toss, and the skeleton.

5) During dinner, John sat at the same table as Frankenstein, the skeleton, and the woman who won the apple bobbing contest (who was not dressed as Dracula). The bat sat 2 tables over.

6) The man who won scariest costume received a $50 gift certificate, which he later used to take Ms. Black to dinner.

7) Later that week, John Beals went to dinner with the woman dressed as a bat, after they went to the theater, using the prizes they won at the party.


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