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Santa Claus is Coming to Town


Decor on Sale at John Lewis, Iphoto by JMorton

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Here comes Santa, photo by JMorton
It is December!
It is officially Christmas Season.
Give Love of Christmas.
It is the time to send Christmas cards to nearest and dearest, including to those often forgotten and overlooked relatives and acquaintances. 🙂
It is time to set up the Christmas Tree.
It is time to buy presents and gift, know your budget.
It is time to party.
It is the to visit the relatives.
And most important of all it is the time to celebrate a most spiritual Birthday of all.
Happy Birthday to our Lord, Jesus!

Kissing Bow – Romantic Christmas

Kissing Bow – Romantic Christmas

Let’s make Christmas that extra more fun and I dare say romantic as well.  Forget mistletoe, let’s have a kissing bow.

Making one will bring out the artistic side in you.

Add anything you want like apples, grapes, garland of ivy, tinsels, etc.  You are only constraint by your imagination.  Hold these together with a wire coat hanger.

Blue Peter’s John Noakes with the Advent Crown

If you are familiar with Children BBC’s Blue Peter, then a kissing bow should be a doddle.

Making a kissing bow is pretty similar with building and creating the  Advent Crown.

Another thing to add to this kissing bow to highlight it are lights.  Thank goodness you can have a fire-proof battery operated Christmas lights now widely available in the market for a pound or two.

Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree & Views

To round off our enjoyable Christmas holiday we visited Trafalgar Square in central London on Jan 3. The Square is a famous tourist location and landmark which commemorates a famous sea battle in 1805. The British Royal Navy was victorious against the combined fleets of the French and Spanish Navies, during the Napoleonic Wars (1803–1815).

Twenty-seven British ships of the line led by Admiral Lord Nelson aboard HMS Victory defeated thirty-three French and Spanish ships of the line under French Admiral Pierre-Charles Villeneuve off the south west coast of Spain, just west of Cape Trafalgar.

We wanted to see the giant Christmas tree which every year. The tree is donated to the people of Britain by the city of Oslo each year since 1947 to thank Britain’s assistance to Norway in World War Two (WW2) & is prominently displayed in Trafalgar Square from the beginning of December until 6 January. Jean was happy to see that the giant Blue Cock still occupied one of the four plinths.  We enjoyed the views and  watching the various street entertainers too.

Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree & Views

Our Christmas Lights

Our Christmas Lights

Our home made Christmas  arch & lights

our Christmas arch with lights Our fibre optic lighted Xmas treeEach Christmas Jean &  I put up our home Christmas decorations we like to make sure we have many sets of lights festooned in our main rooms including the kitchen. 🙂 We also puts a string of lights around the yew tree in our front garden, but as it has grown over the year, we found that the lights are spread thin so we may need to get new longer ones next year!
Most of our Christmas decorations have their origin from 18th century Germany where candles were used. The Victorian era also introduced Christmas decorations and illuminated by lights were influenced by Queen Victoria’s beloved husband Prince Albert. With the coming of the electric age, many variations of various sized decorative bulbs evolving to use of LEDs also are now popular.

In the UK, Europe and other nations, having light whether by candle and lantern was essential to drive away the deep winter darkness. Christmas became the time to over-indulge with lights to celebrate the bright birth of Jesus.



 Our Christmas Lights



Christmas Decor: The Paper Balls

paper balls  Photo by JMorton

paper balls
Photo by JMorton

Christmas Decor: The Paper Balls

As soon as I saw these, I had to have to take a picture, more nostalgic want rather than admiration though they did look really pretty and dainty.

When I was a little girl, a very long time ago, in Marag, Philippines, we used to make these paper balls just before Christmas as part of art education in elementary or primary school.  I had to admit that I found it difficult at first.  Glue and my young hands and less than desterous little fingers were not compatible then.

However, after much patience and perseverance, I was able to make my first ball made from the delicate folds of tissue papers; I was so proud of myself that I immediately graduated with such alacrity into making the  paper bell shape.

Though I was very proud of my effort afterwards, my dearest Mother was even prouder.  With all her pride and enthusiam of my work, you would think my little bell was more of a Rodin or a Picasso rather than a good effort in basic gluing project! 😉

For years, my Mother would hang the bell in one of our windows on Christmas.

With that memory in mind, I will try to make a bell as a Christmas project!

Thank you, Mom, with all my heart!

Christmas Decor: Christmas baubles

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Christmas Decor: Christmas baubles

I love my Christmas balls.  The family have collected quite a sizeable amount of these baubles over the years.  We had so many that at one time we had to have six Christmas trees to put these baubles in. 😉  It took days or a couple of weeks to set our Christmas decorations in.

And then during the year, we find these balls under settees, behind cabinets, hidden by the folds of long curtains and at some places you would not expect to find them and yet they were there. When I do find them they usually replace my look of puzzlement with one of nostalgic smile.

I do feel sad when one breaks but it is a fact of life, you buy some, you lose some!

Christmas Decor: The Reindeer

IMG_1610 IMG_1620
Christmas Decor: The Reindeer

Santa Claus’s sleigh is led by eight reindeer, namely Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid,  DonnerBlitzen and and of course, Rudolph, the red nose reindeer.

After being a victim of reindeer bullying in Santa’s toy factory because of his unusual bright red nose, Santa Claus redeemed him and made him the star of the sleigh show!

His nose was so bright that it lit the sky making it possible to fly faster and deliver gifts to children who have been good and deserving.

Let’s hear the story of Rudolph the red nose reindeer from one of the best balladeers of all time, Johnny Mathis!


Christmas Decor: Peacock

Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless; peacocks and lilies for instance.
– John Ruskin



I love peacocks, despite their rather vainglorious reputation, I supposed they are really one of the most beautiful and most impressive of all creatures. As they said, “If you got it, flaunt it.”

They are, therefore, ideal Christmas decoration (not the real ones).

There is a peacock at Golders Hill Park and would sometimes give a show of how beautiful his plumage were. The poor peahen was absolutely overwhelmed with desire to run away and count grass blades in a far-away corner, far, far away from the metrosexual peacock.

Despite the peahen being unimpressed with the display the peacock went ahead with his prinning and prancing. And he has the loudest and ugliest yell ever. Imagine being woken by a peacock in the morning. It might be really horrendous.

Christmas Decor: Peacock

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