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Mao Zedong – Founding Father of People’s Republic of China

Chinese Leader

Mao Zedong – Founding Father of People’s Republic of China

Mao Zedong



  • First Name: Zedong
  • Surname: Mao
  • AKA: Chairman Mao
  • DoB: 26 December 1893
  • PoB: Shaoshan, Hunan Province, China
  • DoD: 9 September 1976
  • Education: Hunan First Normal University
  • Occupation: Founding Father of People’s Republic of China
  • Civil status: Married 4 times with 10 children



Mao Zedong also known as Mao Tse Tung or popularly as Chairman Mao was the founding father of People’s Republic of China.



The ruthless economic exploitation and political oppression of the peasants by the landlord class forced them into numerous uprisings against its rule.
– Mao Tse Tung

War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun.
– Mao Tse Tung


For the People, By the People

Tick tock! Tick tock! Tick tock!

As our esteemed Perry Diaz of GlobalBalita.Com said below, the Philippine presidential (& vice presidential) election is now less than a year from happening.  And yet voters are still none the wiser who would be running and who should be elected for the highest positions in the land.

No one really has shown exemplary apptitude and total dedication in serving the country and its people with intelligence and savvy during the course of P-Noy’s term(s).  We were only made aware of this situation during typhoon Haiyan’s onslaught of Cebu & Tacloban.  It was globally reported the ineffectual governmental handling of the search and rescue. It was at this time that the word ‘disaster’ really lived up to its true and full meaning!

The politicking is self-serving, lucklustre, downright ineffectual due to lack of experience or corrupt.

The machination that goes on behind the scene also adds to the confusion of the masses and to the politicians themselves.  The unfortunate result of this confusion will bring out the worst in everyone!

To the voters and electors:  YOU GET THE GOVERNMENT YOU DESERVE!

Stigma of corruption

By Perry Diaz

Jojo-Binay-worried-faceWith less than a year to the 2016 presidential elections, the presidential musical chairs game has started in earnest. And there are several games going all at once by groups called political parties or “coalitions.”

To start with, these political parties are not ideological parties like what you’d see in the United States and other countries. The Philippines’ political parties are just vehicles — like the country’s unique colorful jeepneys — where politicians can take a ride hoping that it would bring them to their destinations. However, if the jeepney they’re riding in is too slow or is caught in a traffic jam, they can always transfer to another jeepney.

Having said that, let’s take a look at what’s going on with the various presidential musical chairs games. Of course the biggest game is in President Benigno “P-Noy” Aquino III’s Liberal Party (LP). There are many ambitious participants but only one will be anointed. What would happen to those who would be eliminated? In Philippine politics, there are no gracious losers, only sore losers.

Right now, the LP has only Mar Roxas vying for the party’s presidential nomination, the process of which is for P-Noy to “anoint” who the nominee will be. But Roxas, whom P-Noy had appointed as Secretary of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) to give him more “public exposure,” lacks the popular support for a presidential run. Recent surveys show him running behind three or four other potential contenders. With an anemic showing that doesn’t seem to improve his chances of winning, P-Noy was hesitant to throw his support behind Roxas, who had given way to P-Noy in the 2010 presidential election and settled to be P-Noy’s running mate.

P-Noy’s dilemma

Grace-Poe-and-Roxas-EscuderoHowever, Roxas lost the vice presidency to Jejomar “Jojo” Binay, who, in the final weeks of the 2010 elections, overtook Roxas in the vice presidential derby. As it turned out, a hitherto secret organization known as “Noy-Bi” was credited for Binay’s surge in the campaign. It’s interesting to note that “Noy-Bi” was not a LP-sanctioned campaign organization. However, it was organized by relatives, friends, and allies who believed that Binay was a true Aquino supporter whose link to the Aquino family goes back to the People Power days of the late president Cory Aquino.

What the LP sanctioned was the “Noy-Mar” campaign committee, which consisted mainly of LP old hands and stalwarts. And this was supposedly the organization that pushed hard to get Roxas elected. But the resources the Noy-Bi had were far too much than what the Noy-Mar organization had. With a campaign chest brimming with contributions from the Aquino and Cojuangco families and their rich allies, Roxas lost to Binay.

In the upcoming 2016 elections, we’d probably see Binay pitted against Roxas again, but this time their contest would move up to the presidential level. However, that would only happen if P-Noy would stick to his promise to support Roxas’ presidential run in 2016. But the problem is Roxas has a ghost of a chance of beating Binay.

Game changer

SWS-survey-June -2015The sudden rise of neophyte Sen. Grace Poe in recent SWS and Pulse of Asia surveys was a game changer. No longer is Binay seen as the unbeatable presidential candidate, the surge in Poe’s polls numbers has toppled Binay from his lofty pedestal, which he had distinctly occupied ever since he won the vice-presidency in 2010.

Seeing Poe’s presidential potential, P-Noy invited her and Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero to Malacanang to talk about a “united ticket” that would include Roxas since Grace and Chiz aren’t LP members but Independents. But their bond was so tight that Grace has made it known that if she decided to run for president next year, she’d want Chiz to be her running mate. Chiz said that he’d support Grace in any decision she makes.

What P-Noy has in mind is to have Roxas team up with either Grace or Chiz as his running mate, which means that one of them would be sacrificed for the good of the LP coalition. The problem with this arrangement is what would be the role of the person who is sacrificed? But before we answer that question, we should first ask if Grace or Chiz were willing to run for vice president under an LP “united ticket”?

Although Grace hadn’t decided yet whether she’s going to run for president or not, she had taken herself out of the vice-presidential race next year, saying that if she’s going to run for a higher office, it might as well be the presidency.

In the case of Chiz, who has been high on the surveys for vice president, it’s not known if he was willing to be somebody’s running mate other than Grace. Needless to say, he has to make his decision whether to run for president, which is unlikely, or vice president. He could run as Binay’s running mate since the two have good relationship in the past. In 2010, Chiz was one of the leaders of the “Noy-Bi” group, a fact that could dampen any attempt to pair him up as Roxas’ running mate.

Binay-nooseIf Chiz accepts an offer to team up with Binay, they might have the right chemistry to run a good campaign. With Binay having all money to spend in the campaign and Chiz tapping the Filipino taipans’bottomless money pits, they could be a formidable team. However, with Binay’s corruption and plunder cases hanging over his head and the strong resentment against China right now, a Binay-Chiz tandem might not be the way to go. But Chiz has the flexibility to team up with anybody because he, like Grace, is an Independent. In the case of Binay, nobody is willing to run as his running mate. Has the stigma of corruption finally found its mark on Binay?


Dark Side of Cyberworld

Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor

Baby monitor is a device that is a godsend especially for new parents, who after a long day need to chill for a bit and have a downtime somewhere where they can be alone with their thoughts.

A baby monitor can allow you that break. This little device is very reassuring as it permits one to know how the baby is doing, even when one is in another room, downstairs or upstairs. Its twin monitor can he handheld and therefore portable. You can bring it with you anywhere and everywhere in the house including during a loo break. They are really parents’ best friend, or so I thought, until I saw a new crime drama called CSI: Cyber a few weeks ago.

The first episode of the show was about a family whose new baby was abducted, taken from the crib late one night. The parents heard some noises from the house, they immediately rushed into their baby’s room only to find that the crib was empty, weirdly, they heard a faint bidding voices still coming out from their baby monitor.

It turned out their baby monitor has been hijacked. Cyberscums have been conducting bidding wars from all over the world. The babies who were popular with bidders were targeted for kidnapping and  then sold.

I thought this scenario was rather farfetched but it turned out a version of it is actually happening now. Not the kidnapping, as far as I am aware but voyeurism is.  They are watching you where there is a baby monitor.  Below is a link for further information regarding the above.

Apparently even the UK has been attacked, videos of offices, houses, baby nurseries, gyms, etc had been downloaded into Russian websites. Apparently, the Russian websites downloaded the materials to find out how easy it was to do.  They found out it was a doddle.

Their advice was to ensure that as soon as you activate and connect a baby monitor into wifi/internet,  change the default password! (And not to 1234 either!) LOL

Take care of your precious bundle.

Janet Napoles Sentenced to 20 -40 Years


Janet Napoles Sentenced to 20 -40 Years

Janet Napoles has been found guilty beyond reasonable doubt.  She was sentenced with the penalty of reclusion perpetua (permanent imprisonment) which means she will serve 20 to 40 years at the Women’s Correctional  Jail in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila.

But wait, Janet is not being permanently incarcerated for the pork barrel scam.  Her sentence was for the  serious illegal detention of her nephew and employee, Benhur Luy.  She kept Luy a prisoner, under lock and key, for three months at her condominium unit, because she suspected that he was defrauding her of her fraudulently transacted pork barrel.  😉

It was when Luy was rescued by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on 22 March 2013, that all hell broke loose as far as the scamming scandal of the pork barrel was concerned.  Luy spilled the beans of what was truly going on which resulted in some arrests and prison detentions of three of the most influential senators in the Philippine politics.  They are the old man, Juan Ponce Enrile, sexy (I don’t see it) Jinggoy Estrada and handsome (not bad, 🙂 I suppose) Bongbong Revilla.

I hope that this is only the start for Janet Napoles to atone for her many and expensive crimes.

I also hope that this is not a way of sweeping under the carpet, the other more serious matters of the P10billion (£151,716,105.30 British Pound Sterling or $224,997,200.00 US Dollar)pork barrel scam.  I fervently hope that there are no people working behind the scene, active in their machination in ensuring that the pork barrel scam is buried and forgotten and all the people involved will live happily ever after in their heavenly mansions.


Hillary Clinton, First Lady to be President?!!!

“Women’s rights are human rights, and human rights are women’s rights”
– Hilary Clinton

Hilary Clinton- Former First Lady, Secretary of State & maybe future President of US

Hillary Clinton- Former First Lady, Secretary of State & maybe future President of US

Hillary Clinton: original oil painting on canvas by Ri Dong Ou (2008)

The above painting is beautiful and so life-like.

Hillary Clinton, First Lady to be President?!!!


Policing and Toilets in Boris’ London!

Policing in Barnet is atrociously inadequate!

I knew it.  I was not just imagining things!  There are no patrolling police in Barnet anymore (and it there are, they are the invisible kind!)

BECAUSE, they are otherwise engaged elsewhere!!!


Boris Johnson

I think, it is time for Boris to step down!  We need police not another celebration in the city, which we from the suburb do not really get to see, feel, enjoy.  I feel that Boris’ London is mainly in Westminster and surroundings and yet we pay for the upkeep of the whole of London.

Come to think of it, it is most unfair for Londoners to pay £0.50p to use toilets in the city.  I was bursting when we where at the Tower Hill and all the toilets charged £0.50 per go.  Don’t we pay enough in council tax to be able to wee freely in the city? 🙁

Using the toilet is a necessity and charging for it is an abomination to rights and health of human beings! 😉

Boris, know and sort your priorities!

Below is an article regarding police absence in Barnet which prove my observation which I previously blogged!!!



Labour election hopeful raps “fewer police on Barnet’s streets.”

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Andrew Dismore

Andrew Dismore

BOBBIES were taken off their regular
neighbourhood beat in Barnet to help
with policing elsewhere on more than
2,000 shifts between April and September,
reducing their visibility on the streets
of the borough, it has been claimed.

The details were revealed in a written
answer from mayor Boris Johnson,
who is responsible for police to the
London Assembly.

Assembly member Andrew Dismore,
who is Labour’s prospective parliamentary
candidate for Hendon, said he was
concerned that at least 22 police officers
were missing at least one shift a week
from their normal duties in Barnet.

According to the London mayor,
police carried out 2,254 shifts outside
Barnet on 114 different occasions. Mr
Johnson’s reply also said that police
could be “abstracted”, used to offer
“aid” within their borough for duties
such as sporting and cultural events and
policing operations.

They could also be used for policing
large-scale demonstrations, festivities
and one-off events.

Mr Dismore said: “This means that on
average Barnet has lost no fewer than 87
officer shifts per month, or 22 officers
missing at least one shift per week from
their normal work.”

He said that Barnet had lost 50 police
officers since May 2010, when there
were 595 officers, with a drop of 91
police and community support officers,
down from 177 to 86.

He said: “The Met needs to look at
its policy of abstraction in boroughs
which are overcommitted and not
have abstractions. Instead of being visible on the beat, the eyes and ears of the Met, providing reassurance and deterrence, officers are in cars, running
around to meet demanding schedules,
trying to plug gaps.

“With so few officers on the beat, no
wonder residents are always complaining
to me that they don’t see officers on
the beat anymore.”

Chief Inspector Dave Lobb said officers
had been involved in the inquiry
into the murder of Alice Gross in west
London and in policing the Notting Hill
Carnival every year.

He added that every borough provided
officers for London-wide operations
and allowance is made for that.

However, he said, police were always
pushing for more numbers.

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