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Greenwich Museum and Observatory May 2012 213

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  1. Having a lovely time here in Manila. Peter is really loving it. The heat is not too bad. I have forgotten how lovely my kababayans are. They are so caring. Everyone is reminding us to be very careful. Touch wood our experience is one of friendliness and helpfulness from everyone.

    Bravo Filipinos, you make me so proud.

  2. I am unbelievably stressed. We are leaving for the Philippines tomorrow but have yet tonnes to do. I have not even packed yet. That is me, I leave everything at the last moment and then I panic.

    I am so excited about the holiday thought. It has been 26 years since I have spent Christmas with my Filipino family and I am so looking forward to it.

    Can’t wait.

  3. First of December and it feels like it. The air is crisp & the ground is covered with a think frost and the Whitestone pond at Hampstead is frozen, very inviting for tobogganing and skating!
    The trees looks rather forlorn in this misty morning. However the grass and bare tree branches have a silver sheen which looks magical and dispels any forlorn look.

  4. I am so happy to note that my old high school mates seem happy to see me again soon. Yey I will be able to attend a get-together Christmas party in which the motiff is White Christmas. I wonder what do they mean with White Christams? Do I need to bring snow? hahaha

  5. Hubby was all ready to watch England’s qualifying game against POland when it was announced that it was not to go ahead because of the flooding on the playing field.

    Apparently Poland, for some reason, knowing it was going to rain really hard, overlooked closing the retractable roof of their new beautiful arena.

    The game will be held today at 4pm instead. This must be excruciating for some of the English supporters who only booked a night stay in Poland not expecting the postponement due to the deluge within the stadium.

    Hubby is not happy as he will be still at work. LOL

    Honest, I symphatise. hihihi

    1. England really struggled against Poland. Goes to show that England will not depose Spain and Brazil or even Italy for the World cup and Euro cup titles.

      But we are still optimistic and sing England Anthems with pride.

      Keep calm and carry on, as the slogan says.

  6. Husband and I went to a pilgrimage at Westminster Abbey to see St Edward the Confessor’s tomb within the abbey.

    We heard mass and saw the tomb of St Edward which is not usually allowed to be seen in such a touching distance by tourists or visitors.

    Had a great time. The abbey also had the oldest door in Britain.

    I would also add that the restaurant within the abbey served the best potato chips. It was so lovely and crunchy from the outside and deliciously floury from the inside. Loveliest chips I have ever tasted.

  7. Went shopping with Peter at Brent Cross. Christmas is beginning to creep up. John Lewis have their Christmas decorations especially on the second floor. Toys are ready to be purchased for the little kiddies and trees asking to be taken home to be garland in tinsels and baubles.

    Anyway, I was not looking to Christmas shop yet. I wanted to get some clothes, and I must admit I got a few pieces which I am really pleased about. Lovely things.

    Peter got a new wallet for his collection. He bought a really lovely Ted Baker wallet, which unfortunately is now missing. We have searched everywhere but just can’t find it. Hopefully it will be here tomorrow hidden under some cushion or a jacket.

  8. It is not fair. I was off work for almost three weeks because of the successive Jewish holidays only for the weather to be so terrible. The minute I went back to work today, the sky is clear and the weather is fresh and sunny.

    Sod’s law, I say.

  9. Had a really very lovely day with my husband visiting the National Portrait Gallery and then having late lunch at nearby Chinatown.

    Bought take away yummy cakes too.

  10. Had a really fantastic day today with Peter, James and Nathan. We went to Westfield shopping centre – Shepherd Bush, near BBC Wood Lane.

    Bought lots of this and that.

    It was lovely to come home to a really clean house and cooked dinner of Chilli con carne and Spagbol, thanks to our beloved Stacey.

  11. Peter and I got ourselves new pets. A couple of budgies which we are naming Sherbert Sparky – Bert for short and Lollipop Esmeralda – Lolly for short.

    Our daughter-in-law and her brother, Alex, came to Pet Home shop with us. Stacey is a very able girl and in no time sorted everything.

    Thank you Stacey and Alex.

  12. I saw this really lovely, but rather kitsch, cabinet at that charity shop, Sue Ryder. It was a case of love at first sight. I just love it. My husband who was with me when we were browsing at the newly opened shop at Sue Ryder-Golders Green was not sure at first. But he said “Anything you want, you get.” (WOW).

    Anyway we bought the cabinet (I shall take photos later and post it here.) We happened to go back on Tuesday to the shop and we saw the cabinet with a sold sticker on it. I love it more the second time I saw it and so did my husband, he said.

    When someone was looking at it and started touching it, I told my husband that I had the most irrational feeling to tell the person off and say “hands off- that is mine!” My husband smiled at me indulgently. LOL

    Can’t wait for it to be delivered! Apparently today but it is now 11:27am. Where is it?!!!

    The cabinet is obviously late 60’s-early 70s, which is so fashionable at the moment.

  13. We began painting our hallway white and looks so much better. Very bright.

    Anyway today I am left to finish off the little bits as hubby has gone to work. Whilst painting I am listening to 70s music; I just realise how good the music of that era. Just love it. I love James Taylor and Dr Hook and Air Supply. The sound makes the tedious painting so much more bearable.

    Going back to painting some more.

  14. Went to the doctors today. Apparently result of my blood test was very good. Good iron and perfect kidneys. Then why do I have high blood pressure? My medications have been increased to try to lower down my blood pressure.

  15. Going back to work today, same day as Peter after his hernia ops. Hope he is going to be well at work. I gave him a haircut last night, really short. I must admit he looked different, I prefer him with slightly longer hair, though.

    Well must get ready for work.

      1. Had a really good time. JLo was so super brilliant. Such a fantastic dancer. I love that she kept the tempo of her songs the way it was. Wonderful and other superlatives easily apply to tonight’s concert.

  16. Had some things done to our house today. I had some shelves built in our tv room and look amazing but the star I think is this fabulous chandelier we just gotten and installed.

    Very happy with the result.

  17. Thank God, Peter had a successful hernia op today at the Royal Free Hospital. I am so relieved. Praise God.

    I have to thank his nurse who was so kind and helpful. He even made me a cup of coffee with a nice Vienna biscuit. Thank Nurse Tashir at 5th floor of the Royal Free.

  18. Had a really fantastic time at the ZSI London Zoo with Peter, James, Stacey and Nathan. The weather was not too bad. It rained very briefly a couple of times but not really bothersome.

    Nathan enjoyed the penguin feeding time.

  19. I asked him this morning in bed why he said that he compartmentalised his life while confessing what was going on in our life, to his female colleague. He just said something unintelligible and pretended to go back to sleep. Why can he talk to her and not to me?

  20. It is hot and humid day today. Too uncomfortable to do much, like chores!

    I can see blue clear sky, very different from around lunchtime when it suddenly went grey and cloudy with a few drops of rain.

      1. We are having a some sort of summer weather now but apparently this summer 2012 is the wettest one for 100 years. This is so true. I did not have time to wear all my new summer dresses. I love the current trend at the moment with all those prom and maxi dresses but just to cold and wet to wear them. Hope summer is better next year and my clothes not too last season look.

        Summer 2012 wettest for 100 years
        Press Association – Thu, Aug 30, 2012

        MeteoGroup revealed that this summer has been the wettest in England and Wales for …
        This summer has been the wettest in England and Wales for 100 years, according to new figures.
        Data released by MeteoGroup, the weather division of the Press Association, showed that 14.25in (362mm) of rain has fallen in June, July and August so far, making it the wettest summer since 1912.
        MeteoGroup forecaster Nick Prebble said this summer is set to be the fourth wettest since records began in 1727.

        1. I worry that on the day that we are due to fly to the Philippines, it would have heavy snow and our flight will be cancelled.

          I would have to find out what I can do; dance naked superstitiously? LOL

  21. I hope my favourite Royal, Prince Phillip is ok. apprently he is back in the hospital for the third time this year. The 91 year old Duke of Edinburgh was taken to Aberdeen Hospital as unwell from bladder complications.

    Get well soon!

    1. Prince Philip is well again. Thank God. But the Royals are getting a hard time at the moment. With Prince Harry being photographed butt naked during a playful holiday in the USA. And then our beauteous Kate having her topless photos printed in France, Italy and Ireland.
      Hope Kate does not get the same treatment of the beleaguered late Princess of Wales.

  22. One of my work colleagues said to me “You left this, Gorgeous…”, holding out a sheet of paper from the scanner. It would have been sexist remark but it actually made me smile and felt good about myself. So much so that I reached for my mini-mirror from my desk drawer and begun to preen at my image. LOL

  23. Aughhh, just read that Jean Claude Van Damme had an affair with our Kylie while they were filming that crappy movie, Street Fighter.

    “Sweet kiss, beautiful lovemaking. It would be abnormal not to have had an affair, she’s so beautiful and she was there in front of me every day with a beautiful smile, simpatico, so charming, she wasn’t acting like a big star. I knew Thailand very well, so I showed her my Thailand. She’s a great lady.”

    Was he married at that time? If he was then Kylie would have been another trampfire!

  24. I saw the Olympics’s closing ceremony on 3dD tv and it was so fantastic. I love the Spice Girl. Well done again London.

    Rio will have a hard time topping London 2012.

  25. I saw the Olympics’s closing ceremony on 3dD tv and it was so fantastic. I love the Spice Girl. Well done again London.

    Rio will have a hard time topping London 2012.

  26. It is another lovely, sunny and warm day today. Just the right weather to end the very successfully held London Olympics. We are proud of Team GB for being third in the medal table.

    Apparently the closing ceremony will be something to look forward too. Whispers are abound about the appearance of the Spice Girls. Remains to be seen.

  27. My thoughts and prayers to the the people of the Philippines. Hope that the constant rains and typhoons would not claim more lives and spread diseases due to the extreme amount of flooding and water stagnation.

  28. Well done Rebecca Adlington. You did your best!!!

    How cruel was that Claire Balding fronting for the BBC?!!! She made it sound as if a Bronze win was nothing!!!

    Someone probably told her that she was out of order so can’t apologise enough to Rebecca!

  29. I just did the when you are going to die application on Facebook. I saw my friends’ones where they’ll die on their 90 or 120th birthday. ~But I was disconcerted with my result I was going to die next year in August having been eaten by a lolong, a giant monster crocodile from the Philippnes.

  30. Having last breakfast at ,mcdonald bath spa hotel, had continental brekkie and also smoked had dock with poached eggs while honey had kippers. Lovely break but we are both ready to go ome to real life.

  31. Free BBC tours

    Many of the BBC studios give free guided tours to adults and children. These tend to last between one and a half and two hours, and they can be good educational days out for families.

    You can visit everything from the CBBC sets in Salford to the regional radio station closest to you. There’s a BBC page that lists the different tours on offer and when they’re available.

    This one looks good!

  32. Peter and I had an early dinner at the Dimsun House in Golders Green. The food was good. I had braised beef shank noodle soup while Peter had the Seafood noodle soup. We both enjoyed our food. We also had seafood dim sun as well as pork dim sun.

    The price was reasonable and the service was warm and friendly.

    Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

    1. We go to this restaurant once a week for our seafood dinner. Usually a selection of dimsum and then a huge crab or an even bigger lobster.

      It is so yummy. The best restaurant in Golders Green.

  33. I caught a bit of the Brits Awards last night. I am glad Adele won a couple of the three nominations she was in. She is now officially the queen of British Pop. Also it was a great night for that little known singer Ed Sheeran. He also won a couple of awards including the breakthrough artist fo the year which I think is major slap to the international talent of Jessie J. How can the powers that be have prefered Sheeran to Jessie J beggars belief.

  34. It is Pancake Day today. It is no longer a big deal, sadly. I’ve hardly seen anyone advertising the pancake day unlike a few years ago we were reminded to get our flour and lemon and a good pancake pan suitable for tossing.

    I yearn for those days when Shrove Tuesday was given the importance it deserves! Let’s go back to those days please!

  35. Had a fantastic time with Peter (husband), James (son). Stacey (D-in-law) and my precious Natnat (grandson). Lovely Chinese meal at the Blue Pacific.

    Thoroughly spoiled by everyone especially Peter who gave me a really beautiful Swarovski necklace.

    Perfect day.

    1. Congratulations to our Adele. She added a couple more trophies to her collection by winning best female artist prize as well as best album for 21 at the Brit Awards.

      A shocker thought, One Direction won the best song for What Makes you Beautiful over Adele’s Someone Like you!!!!! Wow shock, shock

  36. I was watching this Panorama special last night on Poor America. I thought at first that it was a bit of an oxymoron. I did not equate “dirt poor” poverty with the biggest economy in the world. It goes to show that poverty is everywhere and America is not exempt from indigence. In fact it was a bit of a shock to find that there are plenty of poor people in America, those who cannot afford healthcare are especially sad cases. There is now a growing number of “tent cities” in the woods and forests of America. People are actually living on permanent basis in tents, ordinary tents. A young couple have been in the tent city for a year. Barmy.

    Also there were long miserable queue of people who travel far and wide to avail themselves with free healthcare from altruistic volunteers.

    It was certainly an eye opener.

  37. Congratulations to the The Artist for winning all the best awards at last night’s BAFTA. Just by the trailer shown, the film is cut above the rest. The actors were really engaging.

    Well done.

  38. I was listening to the radio this morning and I really feel for the current situation the Greeks are in.

    Terrible. They have to tighten their belts on a super maxed tight belt. Terrible.

    Makes you think, the once Mt Olympus where the gods and goddesses used to dwell is not even a shadow of itself.

    1. It was so sad but even sadder was that no one was really surprised to hear what happened to Whitney.

      She had the whole world firmly grasped in her hand at one point but sad to say, it was fleeting as she got drawn into the murky world of rockNroll.

      May she rest in peace. She will not be forgotten as she left a catalogue of music for generations to enjoy.

        1. Death of Whitney is sad and yes to a certain extent, it is almost expected. She had not been looking well for years.

          It is almost unthinkable why a woman with so much talent and so much more to give went downhill after she got together with Bobby Brown.

          It is really traumatic. RIP Whitney.

      1. Probably because her last album was alright but not as good as her first one plus we have gotten used to her dress-up shock tactic.

        It has gone so mad, she’s overdone it and now leave us cold.

  39. I am watching a bit of the Super Bowl live on BBC1. Kelly Clarkson just sang the National Anthem very competently.

    tom Brady is a bit alright. Madonna will apparently perform about 4 songs during the half time.

      1. More Madonna. Despite the finesse of her performance and the breathless amount spent to stage the live 15 minutes showcase to the tune of $35M, she was completely overshadowed by M.I.A.’s finger shenanigans.

        What a hoopla!

        1. I saw a bit on e’news about how Gisele got in to a bit of a messy trouble when she got involved in a war of words.

          Poor girl, all she wanted was to stand by her man and looked what it got her? I supposed being a celebrity you have a certain duty to keep your mouth shut even if you are dying to scream an opinion.

          Nevermind Gisele, at least you have that gorgeous man of yours, Tom Brady, to comfort you.

  40. I am just so honest sometimes. lol

    Argos just five minutes ago tried to deliver another Dyson Vacuum cleaner to me. I told them that I ‘ve already received my order last Friday. I could have taken it and I could have another very expensive Dyson for free but I am honest!!!

  41. It feels like spring. I even went into the garden to check on the pond wearing only a pullover. It was not too cold. The goldfish were hungry. They swum immediately to the surface as soon as I went near. At this time of year, they should be dormant at the bottom of the pond.

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  43. Let’s all look forward to the New Year. From all signs it certainly will be busy and hectic. Here in the UK we will be hosting the Olympics. I hope that it will bring us revenues from tourism, afterall we spent enough for it. And we are destined to spend more as the budget is growing in just a frightening gargantuan monster. I may be slightly bias because despite application, I did not get any ticket. And yet the Government spent millions on tickets to give free to people who can well afford to buy their own, never mind that the tax-payers, especially Londoners like me who foot the bill in building the Olympics venues and stadium can get one due to lack of tickets available. No wonder the government bought them all to give to undeserving so and so!!!

  44. It is past 2 in the morning and I am still wrapping presents.

    I am so tired,

    Had a good midnight mass though. Good sermon about frivolity and responsibility from Rev Wainwright.

  45. There was something on the search apps here, someone wanted to know where to find demerara sugar in the Philippines. Well Demerara is everywhere in the Philippines. Demerara is an exotic name for brown sugar.

  46. Just a quick reminder folks…..

    Last posting dates for UK deliveries are 17 December for second-class mail, 20 December for first-class and 22 December for special deliveries.

  47. Wow!!! I just found out from Nena at work that she does not watch television because she does not own one. she had not watch telly for over 25 years. She said something about not being a sheep ……

  48. Got on a bus bound for Edgware at 10am today, there was a woman sitting on the upper deck of the double decker 113 bus, who laughed and laughed at nothing and nobody. She was laughing so hard that people nearby started to descend into the lower deck.

    This is a time when the sound of laughter is disconcerting rather than infectious and inviting.

  49. You really make it appear so easy along with your presentation but I in finding this matter to be actually one thing that I think I might by no means understand. It seems too complicated and very huge for me. I’m having a look forward to your next publish, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

  50. It was so foggy this morning. The Hendon Way is especially busy this morning. It was like dicing with death crossing it. And then almost frozed myself to death standing at the bus stop. I waited about 15 minutes.

  51. I find it really annoying that the Government is spending our tax-payers money on £750,000 worth of Olympics tickets to be given to people who can afford to buy not just one but a whole series of tickets.

    I am especially annoyed and upset because despite bidding and bidding for tickets, I did not get any. Is that fair especially that as tax-payer, I helped paid the building and putting together the Olympic venues which cost so much.

    It is such a slap to find out the Government do not think of its people one jot!!!

    I would also like to know whether the Government would give away the tickets to the rich people, would the tickets come with 5 star free hotels?

    The spokesman for the Government apparently said that these tickets will maximise the economic benefits for the country! How so? Perhaps by the Government spending more monies on freebies for these people? I bet the FA officials will get free tickets. Wake up! They did not think much of the Brits when they were awarding the venue for a future world cups!!!! DON’T FORGET THAT!!!

  52. Just gone to the doctor for an ear infection consultation. Was given a week’s course of antibiotics. Was also give a flu injections and my blood pressure is rather high at 188/120 which went down to 166/120.

    Has to go back on Thursday for a re-read.

  53. I just checked my lottery tickets from last Friday’s Euromillion. I won £2.70 for 2 correct numbers. Thank you Lord. Please why can’t I win the biggie of £23M?!!!

  54. I have turned a new leaf. I am not spending so much. I have even cut down on my newspaper. I am not reading the free Metro newspaper. I get them at the Hendon Central Station.

    How about that?!!! heheheh

  55. I am cooking scotch eggs for supper. Followed the recipe to the letter!
    It is now in the oven and ready in 20 minutes.
    Hope it turns out ok.

    I am loving cooking the recipe I posted here in GG.

  56. At the bus stop today, a woman complimented me on my wrist bangles., She wanted to know whether I bought it from my country, I think she thought I was from India.

    I told her that I bought them in Brent Cross.

    1. Those must be pretty bangles. Seldom people make conversation at bus stops.

      Take it as a compliment. You must have a friendly face with pretty bangles.


      1. I agree. We are becoming more and more insular. We seem to save all our thoughts, our words and friendships for the internet. Sad state of our society.

  57. Finally we have the summer we all have been waiting for. The sun’s out, the heat is on. But we must not be too complacent as it is predicted to change back to rain and cold weather. Oh well I appreciate the few days that were gloriously bright and hot.

  58. I have just started tweeting. Hooray I have got my first follower. She is into porn by the look of her profile but heck, she is my first follower so can’t be choosy. hehehe

    1. It is all the rage now. Nothing remains hidden anymore. Every thought, every action, everything is photographed and accounted for by using facebook and tweeter and other internet sites and application. It gives new meaning to my life is an open book.

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