Jean Writes 2012

Jean Writes 2012

Viva 2012!  Hope this will be a good year to one and all.


  1. Had a bit of excitement here at work today. The HSBC building in Hendon Central, London NW4 right across the road from our office was on fire. Its big dome was spewing flames. Fire engines were everywhere to contain the fire. We were left with smoke but thank God, everything is now back to normal.

    Image: @BethanMayEvans

  2. It is a year already!!!
    Anyway I would like to wish a very special, kind and beautiful young lady a very happy and joyous birthday today.

    To you Stacey, hope this year’s birthday is a start of a prosperous and fabulous life with James and Nathan and us your family too.

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Peter and I had been painting our book shelves in white gloss.

    Took them into the garden for this messy job. It has been rather frustrating as the paint takes 16 hours to dry only to find hoards of tiny insect had embedded themselves on the still tacky paint.

    We have given up on the shelves to be perfect, we just want them white. LOL

  4. Those who took this week off have the best summer yet.

    No rain just blissful sunshine. Just right temperature. Sunny but not too hot, just my kind of weather.

    I will sit in the garden in a moment, if I can get away from my addictive computer. 😉

    The washing machine has been working overdrive, and my washing line is heaving with clothes.

    I have to hung some clothes on tree branches the way it is going.Wow summer!!!Love it.

  5. Another beautiful day. But I must not jinxed it as it could change in a heartbeat; such is the UK weather.

    We are planning to tour the outside of the Olympic stadium as we were not one of the lucky ones who managed to get the “lottery” style of procuring the tickets. It makes me so mad to note that there are so many empty seats including major events.

  6. London Marathon

    More than 33,000 people complete the 26.2 mile London Marathon each year.

    But did you know?

    7,500 litres of paint are used to mark last Sunday’s London Marathon course.

    It then had to be steam-cleaned afterwards.

  7. Today is so cold, but little Nathan wanted to go out into the garden to feed the fish. So after we were both scarved, hatted, booted and over-coated, we braved the cold but sadly even the fish were cold. They would not come up the surface to feed. They were happy to stay at the bottom of the pond.

    Despite the cold, young Nathan would not be deterred. He gambolled and frolicked in the cold grass like a happy puppy and was quite put out to be told that it was time to get in. Even the bribe of his iPad would not convince him to get it, I had to pick him up to get him in. For a while I was his horrid grandma. But we made up after I peeled him a whole cucumber to eat. An iPad in one hand and a whole cucumber on the other made Nathan a very happy boy.

  8. Went to the sale yesterday. There are some good buys to be had especially at Boots, John Lewis and Fenwicks at Brent Cross.

    Got my Christmas wish list Punch bowl for half the price.

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