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Jean writes 2013

2013 –

I have just discovered “SELFIE”, self-photograph habit of the growing masses.

Far from the net losing its appeal, more and more people now, whether young or old, are attached to the escalating and sophisticated brand of electronic gadgets.

In fact ipad, iphone, smartphones, laptops are becoming more important to so many of us.  Sometimes more important than the people, whom we purport to love and those in our vicinity.

I have to admit that when we went on a holiday just a year ago, instead of bonding, we were separated by our individual electronic gizmos.  Instead of talking over a cocktail or two, we were glued to our games, Facebooks, emails and just about everything you can find in the net. Be that as it may, we did enjoy being together.

Still I am hoping that 2013 is a better year!  More interaction and peace to all mankind!


  1. The weather is rather horrific at the moment. I can hear the howling of the wind while I am in bed. I am so glad Christmas shopping is almost done. Just last bits. Probably a quick dash to M&S tomorrow for some Christmas puds. Christmas dinner table always looks nice when there is a Christmas creamy cakes from Marks.

    I hope it won’t be too rainy and windy tomorrow. I already have a streaming nose and hocking cough.

    I am so excited about Christmas now though! 1 more sleep.

  2. I was a heartbeat away from a nervous breakdown today.

    Buying presents is so stressful.

    I am just so glad that I have finally, more or else, got everything.

    I am sure my little Natnat will be happy with his Chirstmas gifts, but if he is not he has until 12th January to return or exchange his gifts.

  3. I am going to see Nathan today in his Christmas school play. It something to do with aliens.

    Apparently parents and visitors are discouraged to take photos of the children and if you must, then take only the photo of your child and you cannot tweet the photos or facebook them.

    Very strange that current environ is taking away some of the joy of parenthood, being very proud of your child’s accomplishment and showing their photos to everyone who cares to see or even to some who don’t 🙂

  4. Woke up this morning with fog and mist everywhere. It was quite tricky walking the street because of icy patches in the road. Poor Peter had to go to work so early. Fortunately for me, it cleared a bit when I left the house to go to work.

    We were having dinner when Peter told me a news about these people, around 40 of them from Australia who have been living a very backward life. They were inbreeding. It was apparently 4 generations of inbreeding that it had such a horrific effect and outcome especially the younger generations. They have malformed features and can hardly speak. The story was so gruesome, and at least it had stopped and the younger children have been taken into care.

  5. Peter called from his way to work today to warm me to wrap up well as it is so cold. Wear my mittens, scarf and beret and my winter coat and to be careful crossing the Hendon Way’s dual carriage way to get the bus to work. Awww he is so thoughtful. He also said that it is so unbelievably foggy.

  6. I have not feeling very well for a few days now. Since I had by flu jab Thursday, last week. To start with I developed a mild allergy with the vaccine, I was covered in hives. Now it has turned into a full blown cough and cold which is so damn irritating. I do not have the flu but I do feel lethargic all the same and I feel cold and then hot.

    I have to go back to the doctors next week because my blood pressure was sky high at 177/124. Hope I’ll be fine tomorrow as I will be having a blood test. It will be nil by mouth from midnight till I’ve done my blood test at 9:30 tomorrow. I hope I will not faint as I have been known to. LOL Oh drama.

  7. We have started putting up our Christmas decorations. There is so much of it and too much to do. Peter and I decided not to do it all at once but take our time.

    What we have decorated#, we like.

  8. Trending news today:
    Tom Daley said that he had a shock but a pleasant one, in spring this year. He found himself attracted to a guy whom he is now in relationship with. He released a meandering video talking about it and surprise surprise he has also written a book about his life.

    Funny that eh!

    For all it is worth, his news wasn’t that much a big a deal. I’ve always thought he was rather feminine. 😉

    For ladies who have a crush on Tom, don’t worry! Tom was very clear in saying that he still fancies girls…… hehehe

  9. Had a really wonderful time today. James, Stacey and Nathan came to us to trick and treat here in our locality. It was pretty quiet at first although it was pretty good weather.
    Despite this, Nathan got a lot of treats including money. He was so overloaded he gave up on a few more doors before we reach home.
    He would definitely need not buy another sweety for the rest of the year.
    He was so cute dress in his skeleton onesie.
    We also had a good roast pork dinner. Lovely potatoes and brussel sprouts.
    I wonder where Peter is taking me tomorrow as he took tomorrow, Friday, off.
    It is going to be a surprise.
    How exciitng.

  10. We have got new scents for our steam vaporiser. We bought eucaliptus, lavender and sandalwood. Our bedroom smells heavenly.

    Really cosy!

    Peter ensures that it is up and running even before I came to bed.

    Lovely and feeling really spoiled. 🙂

  11. IMG_0839
    Baby Buddha
    iPhone Photo by Jean Morton


    I saw this baby Buddha at Fenwicks.  I don’t know, but it calls to me.  I like him, he is so cute.  It retails at £15.00.

    I want it for Christmas but is it allowed to have a Buddha present for Christmas?

    Who is Buddha?

    Is Buddhism a religion?

  12. Gawd, it is October, 2 paydays and it is Christmas! Ecckkkkkk

    First of October yesterday and I had this news that was trending all over the place. This Devina DeDiva, an Indian descent from Singapore, was saying all manner of nasty things about Megan Young, the Filipina who won the Miss World 2013, just a few days ago.

    Devina was so racist and proud of it. She calls it her Freedom of Speech!!! This poor deluded, unhinged and ignorant woman was ranting in her Facebook about her surprise that a Filipina won the pageant as according to her Filipinas are all maids and should only be cleaning toilets. LOL

    It is rather funny now as it came from a sad, pathetic looking women. Her photos show one of a dumpy girl, full of cellulites, with bad teeth and terrible hair.

    But honestly, if she could lose 2 stones and has a new haircut and makeover, she could actually be pretty.

    Noticed too that her friends in FB were mostly men, some pandering to her ego as she provides them with kinky photos. Hahaha

    What is it about men and boobs, whether saggy or pert?

    Perhaps I have to read on Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus or was it the other way round?!!! 😉

  13. Had a lovely weekend. Very busy but we feel we had accomplished a lot. Peter painted all the outside window ledges. Lucky despite autumn weather, it is still good weather. We are having an Indian summer. Not looking forward to end of next month when the put the clock forward. It would be so dard in the evening. I hate waiting for the bus when it is so dark. I am just glad that Peter comes to fetch me after work.
    still have a mountain of ironing, i don’t think I’ll ever finished. It is like that scene in sorcerer’s apprentice. Each time one is done, another two comes up. Hay buhay!

  14. It is so cold today, we had to turn on our central heating for the first time this autumn. Funny enough when we took Deisel for walk, it was not too cold outside.

    Anyway it is nice and snug now. Seating here with Peter on the settee watching this horror film about exploring a Russian tunnel.

  15. Just wasted almost 2 hours of my life watching a lucklustre performance of England football team playing Ukraine.
    Though Ukraine is a good side, England should have won even a goal. They don’t have the ability to finish, attack and score. This has always been the problem. There is no cohesion and close team-work that both Germany and Spain display.
    Perhaps England is not hungry even for the win.
    I don’t think England will ever come home if they play the way they performed tonight. The three lions were more pussys than anything.

  16. This week has been a really busy, interesting, fun, informative but really tiring time. Peter and I took a week of just going round London, the museum mainly. We had so much fun but the walking and photographing were so tiring.

    We do have a lot of materials for blogging. So watch this space.

  17. Note to self: Get the book of Richard Burton’s Diary.

    Just had been watching a documentary of his diaries. Absolutely fascinating. His friends and families recount how Richard was and it tallies with the personality on his diary.

    It was so amazing and magnanimous of his last wife, Sally Burton to have donated the diaries to a Welsh university If I had been his wife, I would have probably destroyed them as they recount his love and passion for another woman, his greatest love and obsession, Elizabeth Taylor.

    Richard had one of the sexiest most amazing voice. It was simply mellifluous.

  18. The much anticipated arrival of the Royal Baby is almost at hand. The beautiful Duchess of Cambridge has now been taken to the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital here in London. She was driven to the hospital at around 6:00 this morning.

    Hope everything goes smoothly!

  19. opened my Yahoo and saw the news that one of my favourite British comedians, Mel Smith had died from heart attack at the age of 60. Really sad to hear the news. Although the last time we saw him on television, in a BBC drama – Dancing On the Edge, Peter and I said that he did not look very well. He lost so much weight and really looked gaunt.
    He was such a good actor/comedian. May he rest in peace.

  20. Go, go Murray!

    It would be an exciting men’s final at Wimbledon especially for us Britons as our very Andy Murray is one of the finalists.

    Murray’s semi-final’s win against Jerzy Janowics was impressive.

    We have high hopes for Murray making a history at Wimbledon.

    Go, go, go Murray!!!!

  21. The man who could dethrone Federer was out on the very first day of Wimbledon.

    What a real shocker. Yes folks Rafael Nadal is out!

    Probably he did not manage to chill before the game. Apparently part of his ritual was to cook pasta for the other players and himself before and after a game.

    Or it could be his persistent knee injury!

  22. Happy 4th Birthday to our Grandson, Nathan. I hope he’ll like all the gifts we got him.

    His lovely Grandad helped his Grandma wrapped his presents last nights. Hope to see him today to give him his presents and lots and lots of big hugs and kisses.

    Lots and lots of kisses to my handsome and most beloved son, James.

  23. Peter and I celebrated the first year anniversary of our June 9th civil wedding. It was romantic; just the two of us. We went to Water Margin where we had a sumptuous dinner of duck, beef, chicken, noodles, Crab soup, Wanton Soup and lettuce stuffed with minced pork. All these were washed down with a lovely bottle of red.
    We then watched Number Station on Netflix starring Malin Akerman and John Cussack.
    2012 has been a year of extreme sadness peppered with happy and often glorious times. But we now hope that the glorious times would continue minus the sad times.

  24. We did not bother to go traipsing to the Thames to have a picnic. We decided just to stay at home and sit in the garden.
    And what a lovely afternoon it is too. The sun is shining, the wind has died down a bit and all you can hear are the running water from the pond and the tweeting from the birds from the trees.
    Even Diesel, our puppy is contentedly chewing on a bone.
    We had pork pies, Scotch egg, cheese, tomatoes, spring onions and crips all washed down by a nice bottle of red one.
    What can be more perfect?!!!
    Bank Holiday Monday is glorious! I am sure it is not just the wine that is talking! hahaha

  25. It is Bank Holiday Monday, the last Monday of May. Peter is threatening to take me for a picnic overlooking the Thames. The sun was shining earlier but has now it looks a bit well not too bright as earlier this morning.

    Had fun watering my plants in the garden. Discovered that my lonely pear tree is bearing a few fruits. Hope it will go the distance. My two apple trees are also covered in young apple buds. Hope there is some bright sunny sunshine soon so the fruits will mature. I am also glad to report that my strawberries are floweing. Had to move it to a higher place as my little puppy was showing them too much of an interest. LOL

  26. I am glad to have my husband back after a night in the hospital.

    Hope you fully recover my darling.

    A night in our enormous bed alone is not my idea of a night in.

    Thanks you for making our bedroom cozy and also the warm milk is greatly appreciated,

    I should be pampering you as you’re the one who just got out of the hospital.

    Anyway I am so glad you are back.

    Love you.

  27. Just heard, my payrise will amount to nothing more than £100 per year. I am not a happy bunny as I have processed over £250,000 worth of business.
    Not fair.

  28. Back to work after almost two weeks of holiday. It was not a good start as I missed the bus for 8:30, had to wait for 20 minutes for the next one. I thought it would not be too cold anymore given that the last couple of days were bright and warmish but I was wrong. My gloveless digits were frozen.

    At work upon opening the internet, what I read was about NKorea and SKorea’s stand-off and might start a third world war.

    And I found also that someone has been searching for a giant Chinese salamander recipe from our site.

    What is the world coming to?!!!

  29. Seven days to spring and yet all we hear about is snow and more snow. Mind you it is quite mild day today. I felt overdressed in my winter coat, leather gloves, scarf and hat and yet the road is frosty. Come on spring, show yourself, don’t be to shy. 😉

  30. My colleague at work, Nena, a Jewess was listening to Fairy Tale of New York. So I guess that I have heard my first Christmas song for the year. 2013. Early or what 😉

  31. This time tomorrow, we should have a new Pope.
    I went to church yesterday. My local is all Saints’s Anglican Church in Childshill. Our local vicar included a prayer regarding the choosing of a new Pope at the Vatican.

  32. Did not go to work today, Peter and I. We both don’t feel 100 per cent after a busy few days.

    Just watch a film called Lawless starring Tom Hardy, Shia Labeouf and Jessica Chastain. It was based on a true story of Jack, Forest and Howard Bordurant during prohibition time. Guy Pearce was so good as the baddy, he’s come a long way fron the Australian’s afternoon soap, Neighbours.

  33. Tower at St George Wharf with damaged crane photo from nearby office window by Peter

    Peter called me from work with news that at around 8am, a  helicopter had crashed on a couple of cranes.

    Travelling to London City, the centre of industry is rather precarious at the moment. Many workers are finding it hard to get in to work.

    Peter said he can see some smoke due to the crash from his office window build at work in Vauxhall South London.

    He said that the crane and skyscraper it was attached to, were shrouded  at the top in cloud /fog which caused the crash. The skyscraper called The Tower at St George Wharf will be Europe’s second tallest residential block. Lambeth Council objected to the plans to have it built due to its effect on the skyline and proximity to the Houses of Parliament.  However the then Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott over ruled the Council and allowed the construction to go ahead.   The pilot and a person on the ground were sadly killed with a dozen injuries being treated at local hospitals.

    Tower at St George Wharf with damaged crane photo from nearby office window by Peter

  34. Monday, 14 January 2013, first day back at work, after a month long Christmas and New Year holiday in the sunny Philippines, was rather a shock to the system. It was snowing. Thank goodness the snow was not deep and melted within a day.

    It is now Wednesday but I still feel limbo: between holidays and real life.

  35. We had a complementary 10 minutes fish spa this evening at H2O hotel where we are staying. We wanted to have a full hour but the ticketing booth was already close. But after begging them to let us in, the manager kindly allowed us a 10-minute complimentary fish spa treatment.

    We had a very giggly time.

  36. we just arrive from a club in Malate called Cowboy Grills.
    The show was energetic and fun. Performers really gave their everything.
    Krayonz and Kool Jacks were great. Kool Jacks especially had a cool and comedic rock act.
    Thoroughly enjoyed the night.

    More nights like this please!!!

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