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Wow! 2014

I am so looking forward to this year.  I have a good feeling about this year.  I think it would be a good one.

Well, anyway, I hope I will see you here.



  1. OMG
    10 days to Christmas and I still have so much to do.
    But having said that I am really really looking forward to Christmas this year. I want to chill with the family. So much and so many changes have happened to me and the family this year.
    Hope 2015 is a bit quieter. 😉

  2. Just got back from the doctors for my annual flu jab. I was very, very, very pleasantly surprised. My appointment was for 10:30 but got seen at 10:20. This is almost unheard of among appointments with medical matters. You are expected to wait your turn and sometimes up to an hour.
    Anyway I had my vac and also my blood pressure is now more settled at 124/80. My darling husband has been making me take my tablets religiously before he goes to work and at weekends.
    I hope my vac works. I am happy that they had work in the past. pre-vac days, I used to have flu that could last for weeks and coughs and colds lasting for months but now, they are more controlled. Touch wood!

  3. It is November. Just one pay-day before Christmas.

    Peter told me he wanted a pork pie hat, whatever that is. hmmmmm

    I suppose it is better fez as it is more suitable to wear with his business suit.

  4. Had a lovely time yesterday at Tower Hill where we shared historical moments with the country. We saw hundreds of thousands of planted poppies on the side of the Tower of London.

    It was such as amazing sight. A sea of red poppies, like blood running through the tower.

  5. Going to sleep now. I can hear the rain from outside. It makes me want to curl up next to my husband under the duvet.

    Good night everyone!

    Tomorrow is another day!

  6. Today and tomorrow will be historic couple of days for both Scotland and England.
    Today, registered voters of Scotland will elect whether to opt for a total independence from the UK or not.
    I do hope the NO vote will prevail and the UK of Great Britain and Northern Island remain intact and become even stronger and shoulder together against uncontrolled immigration and terrorism.
    As a homage to Scotland, we are going to pin previous blogs connected Scotland.

  7. Though a tiring long weekend, it was fun and joyous time spent with the family. We shopped, we cooked, we baked and ate a storm. We made cakes, biscuits and even made some plastic decorative mementos by grilling some plastic beads which turned into dazzling array of colourful little object d’art. 😉 Thanks to Stacey for her many brilliant ideas which she shared with the whole family.

  8. Global Jewry

    Peter and I were out for a bit of shopping in Golders Green yesterday.
    On our way home, we saw a gaggle of young Jews, who obviously just came back from the synagogue in Golders Green as it was Saturday.

    This was what we heard them say.

    “Where are you going for blunch?”, asked a girl.

    Ja? querried a confused boy.

    “Blunch”, said the girl, in unison with the others in the group.

    “Got to go to Babushka.”

    As we were walking along, I asked Peter why blunch and not brunch?

    Peter said it is obviously a contraction of breakfast and lunch. But I said that would be brunch.

    We thought about it and came up that brunch is taken from 10:30-11:59 while blunch must be 12-1:00. We were happy with this deduction! hahaha

    Oh life!

  9. Rest In Peace!

    I could not believe it. I woke up and open my facebook and Robin Williams was trending. I clicked it and I was shocked to know that he’s gone. I am sad that such gifted man, such a character should be gone too soon.
    I will always remember with the Latin Carpe Diem. It was Robin who made it famous through his film, Dead Poets Society.
    I grew up watching him week after weeks. I love him in Mork and Mindy. He will never be forgotten. Robin Williams made sure of that by leaving a great body of works.

  10. Peter and I went meandering at Regent’s Park. It is practically in our backyard and yet, both Peter and I have never been to this majestic park, ever.

    We took lots and lots of photos as there are many to photograph. We walk miles and miles but it was fun as there were so many to see and the weather is perfect for sight-seeing. Not too sunny and not raining either. Just right.

  11. What a lovely day. The weather is so warm but there is a cool breeze that is wafting now and again.

    It was so hot and humid last night. Can’t get to sleep. Peter and I were walking Diesel, our doggy at 2:30am and then I had a really cold shower at 3;00am just to cool down.

    Peter and I are sitting in the garden, under the shade of our gazebo. We are waiting for each other who to get up first to get us something to drink! Poor Peter who is addicted to tea always has to get the drink while I am surfing on my trusted MacBook Pro in the garden.

  12. Such a lovely day. James, Nathan and Stacey came to the house for a picnic in the garden. Had such a beautiful fun day.

    There is really nothing better than being with the family any time of the day.

  13. Hope everyone is safe in the Philippines especially in Metro Manila when typhoon Rammasun locally known in the Philippines as Glenda is currently venting her ire to the locals.

    Please Lord bless the Filipinos!

  14. This world cup has been a source of shockers. England, for the first time in over 50 years failed to reach the knock-out stage.
    Spain got sent home in disgrace despite its talented young team of new players who showed promise, however many are concerned that the premier league clubs they play for will ultimately burn them out with heavy committments and demand of loyalty that goes with the insanely high wages they get.

  15. We had a lovely weekend. Peter and I were so chilled. We stayed in and just relaxed. We watched obscene amount of telly, just surfacing once in a while to take Diesel for a walk. We discovered an American series called Suits. Watching a couple of episodes and we were hooked until we watched the whole first series of 12 episodes. We have just watched the 6th episode of the second series.
    But the most shocking of them all is Brazil being pummelled and beaten by Germany. with a score of 7-1 to Germany. Shocking and I am not the only one. In fact this incident has a deeper repercussion. Mick Jagger or rather the Brazilians will not be dancing like Jagger anymore. They reckoned that Jagger was somewhat of a jinx. It was all Jagger’s fault that Brazil lost. With Jagger supporting Brazil, it meant that they would lose.

  16. Went to Golders Green this morning to just have a bit of a walk. Went to window shop and gone in to my favourite bookshop called BookWarehouse, I love this bookshop because they stock the type of books which I wanted to read.

    Did not get any book this time, I wanted Peter to be with me when I get books as he pays for them them and carry them home as well. LOL

    Anyway, I went to a charity shop called Sue Ryder because they have some lovely displays in their windows. Got a nice amber ring, which was so cheap, 50p. I also found this cute framed cartoon by William Eagan; it was signed and nicely presented as well and all for just the princely sum of 50p. I loved it because it would go nicely on our downstair’s loo. It is a cartoon of ‘his and hers’ bathtub which says do not forget to wash you belly button. I googled it and it was selling for $29.99. Yeah, I made a profit.

  17. Peter and I just came back from voting for the local ward/borough election and MEP representative for Europe.

    I wonder whether UKIP will win the Europe vote as they have had such a bad press in the last few weeks.

    If they do win, it means that British have lost confidence in the mainstream parties such as Conservative, Labour and Lib-Dems. We

    1. Yep. Big Dave is in trouble and there have been reports that Nick Clegg is the most unpopular politician in the UK ever.

      I am sad that because of the local Lib-Dem association with Nick Clegg, they lost their “sure thing” 2 seats at Childhill’s local government election. The Lib-Dem trio of Monro Palmer, Suzette Palmer and Jack Cohen have done so much for Childshill for so many numbers of years. Sad that it can’t continue.

  18. I wish it stops raining for a while. I have some clothes needed hanging in the sunshine.
    Weather reports have been so conflicting. They said the start of summer weather is upon us but all we have got is rain and more rain.
    Because of this, bad cold and flu have been going round and round. I heard that there are also plenty of scarlet fever right now. I hope my beautiful grandson doesn’t get any of these illness.

  19. I heard that Junior, the Filipino-Spanish singer of my all time favourite heartbreak songs “It’s Only Love”, “But If you leave me” and “Excuse Me” was found dead in his bedroom of natural causes. Junior was 70 years old.
    RIP, Junior!
    I love your songs, though I did not really had a feel for them when I was only in my teens. But I so get them now! Thank you!

  20. Having a lovely Sunday morning at home. Sitting here in the garden with Peter whilst Diesel is perambulating in the garden.
    The sun is shining and birds twitting merrily in the background. I hear you birds.
    Peter is sitting with me here reading his book “Proxima” by Stephen Baxter while of course, I am here tapping away on my laptop.
    I am catching and storing vitamin A. I heard it is good for you. 😉

    Peter had just said that we are having a lovely sunny day for an April. Hope he does not jinxed it and be all wet and windy again or much worst we have snow. We have been lucky this year here in London. We did not have snow.
    Apparently, we are going to have 6 weeks of fine weather. Hope this is true. I want more al fresco dinners.

  21. What a shocker!!!
    I’ve just read that Peaches Geldof had died at the age of just 25, leaving two little kids and her husband. So sad. She was so pretty and appeared really intelligent. She did not let Katie Hopkins get away with her standard vitriol with just about everyone.

    May she rest in peace.


    You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face … You must do the thing you think you cannot do.
    – Eleanor Roosevelt

  23. Another one bites the dust. Yes folks, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin has decided to consciously uncouple (as one does, whatever that means! lol) as per announcement of Gwyneth at her own website, Goop.
    I supposed this was no surprise after the tittle tattle that Gwyneth was doing Mr Elle McPherson, the billionnaire.
    How can Chris live without the most beautiful woman in the world at his side?

  24. The mystery over the Malaysian flight that disappeared deepens. It appears that its transponders (which give out signals) had been switched off and the plane turned off its original course. However a signal was pinged from it to a satellite, the Americans reported. Does this mean it was hijacked? Maybe there are people still alive. Let us all say a quick prayer to God that the passengers are still out there alive.

    1. They have finally accepted that the missing Malaysian flight crashed in the Indian Ocean near Australia. The full story will probably not be known as debris would have been awashed in such a wide area that it is virtually impossible to take stock on them.

  25. Peter just called me. He said Bob Crow had died in the early hours of this morning at age 52. This was such a shock.
    Despite hating the strikes in our underground tubes, I can’t help but admire Bob Crow, General Secretary of Rail & Maritime Transport, for his leadership and ability to out-reason even the most experienced and wily politicians and interviewers.
    RIP Bob Crow!

  26. It started as a beautiful day, the sun was shining and warm. Went out to the garden and cleared some more debris from the wind catastrophe of few weeks ago. Diesel enjoyed himself going under overgrown bushes. I just wish he doesn’t bark too much.

    The weather has changed now. It has gone cooler. Need my cardigan pronto!

  27. Went to the doctors today. He said that my blood pressure and asthma needed to be under control. Reminded me to take my blood pressure tablets regularly. Was advised to go back in a week’s time for further check and monitoring.

  28. Waiting for the delivery of bricks for my new barbecue. James has arranged for tonnes of bricks which are going spare from his mate’s house to be delivered to us. Left-overs from their new porch. It is now 11:26 and yet still waiting.

    I am so depressed… eveything is going wrong! Why? Why me?

    I need my barBQ asap. I have some lovely fish to grill. Can’t stand the smell of cooked fish inside the house, my stomach can’t take it nor my nose. yuck!

    My poor barbecue has had it. It did not scape the wind. I can’t believe what the tornado-like wind did to our garden. It left the garden in such a mess. Some trees need to be fell down and bushes to be trimmed. A big job. And the fence; omigod!!! A big job.

  29. It was a lovely day today. It was bright and light. So different from Friday when you can hear the whoozing of the wind.
    James, Stacey and Nathan came for dinner and it was so lovely to see them. If I have my way, I would like to see them more often. I really miss them when they go home.
    Anyway going back to the warm weather, I feel that despite this never-ending rain, we might still get some snow which I am dreading.
    I love snow but they turn slushy and then iced over and can be so dangerous to walk on.
    Monday is a big day for me tomorrow.
    Please God, I need some help!

  30. Had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. JUst glad that we decided to spend it at home and just have a romantic time inside the house. It is not nice being out as it could be dangerous. We can hear the howling of the wind from inside the house. It is really strong. We can even see bins flying, being carried away by the galey force.

    Anyway Valentine’s day meal was perfect. We went to Marks and Spencer for their romantic meal deal. For twenty pounds we have a good size sirloin steaks, a beautiful runny poached egg with chorizo starter, beautiful gastropub chips, dessert and chocolate, all washed down by a very good bottle of red.

    Good day.

  31. Had a very quiet weekend spent watching Netflix. We saw some really entertaining films.
    Tucker and Dale Vs Evil was a Canadian comedy which left us in stitches most of the time. So very funny.

  32. As I got out of the office today, I noticed that it was much lighter. It was not too gloomy in the evening. I hope this means Spring is on its way. Hope we do not have snow this year!

    I heard that there will be a tube strike beginning tomorrow night and will last until Thursday, I really feel for Peter who will be travelling far into the city for work.

  33. It is my birthday today, same day as Chinese Lunar year, year of the horse.

    Despite waking up with stomach ache which I have had for a few days now, my birthday has been one of the best yet.

    Peter has been so sweet, treating me like a princess, getting me everything I want.

    Anyway we went to the cinema to watch the new Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan film. It was quite good actually. I enjoyed it very much which was rather a surprise as I not usually into this kind of movies.

    We had a bit of shopping and discovered a new show called Tiger in Swiss Cottage. Love the shop.

    We went to a little Bistro for some late lunch. Love the food, we might go there again.

    We then met up with James, Stacey and adorable little Nathan for dinner.

    We are now at home watching television all cosy. Had a wonderful day.

  34. I was waiting for Peter at our favourite bookstore, called the BookWarehouse in Golders Green when I realised that I was listening to my first Christmas songs of the year, 2014. I thought it was a bit too early, it was only last month that we enjoyed Christmas!
    Anyway someone in the backroom, thought so too and fast-forwarded the song, the next song was another Christmas song, again it was fast-forwarded. The third song was Let it snow, let it snow – of course another Christmas song. somehow, the person at the backroom got tired of fast forwarding so he just let the song run its full course. Although strange at this time of year, it was upbeat and joyful.
    The next song wasn’t a Christmas song! We were just meant to listen to a full Christmas song.

  35. It is my birthday on Friday week, same day as Chinese New Year – Year of the Horse. I thought GlobalGranary will have a red day in celebration of the New Year and in a way my birthday.
    We will post everything that is red in all its lovely glorious hues. We will be all happy and lucky. 😉

  36. Peter and I went to Golders Green where there are plenty of shops. After going to our favourite bookshop which is called Book Warehouse, which specialises in quirky and intersting read, we proceeded to some charity shops where they also sell books.

    A book on espionage caught Peter’s attention.It was The Third Man by E H Cookridge, it was in a mint condition published in 1968. It has still its pristine dust cover. The book was about Kim Phily, top Soviet spy. The book was a first edition and Peter paid £3.00, which I thought was rather expensive for a second hand and fairly old book.

    Out of interest we google the book and found that copies exactly like ours were selling in amazon for £20-25 plus P&P. I think we can potentially make a profit.

    Peter is reading and enjoying it at the moment.

  37. What happened to France? I thought it was de rigeuer in France to keep a mistress or two? So what is this fuss about Hollande alleged affair with Gayet?

    Mind you, I am not in anyway condoning having affairs. It can break a marriage and more horrendously can break the people involved.

    1. Ouchhhh This controversy is getting more complicated. Apparently the alleged mistress, Julie Gayet, an actress is rumoured to be four months pregnant. oooooooooo

      No wonder the current First Lady was hospitalised. Would this turn of event mirroring what happend to Sarkozy and previous wife before Carla Bruni? Is the French President, Hollande, be presenting France with a brand new First Lady? Mind you the current First Lady is chic and beautiful, absolutely nothing wrong with her.

  38. There are plenty of videos of inteviews by the BBC regarding cybersex dens in the Philippines. Apparently tens of thousands of children are victims of this heinous, inhumane practice. A British paedophile apparentlly organised a cybersex of four children belonging to the same Family in the Philippines. I hope he gets arrested, and gets thrown in jail and locked up and they throw away the key.

    1. LOL, after work. I dragged Peter to Brent Cross. Omg, the sale at Boots was amazing. 70 per cent and I bought all sorts of things and poor Peter had to carry them all. My poor love was so patient and loving and he even treated me to a lovely meal.
      Love him so much!

  39. Sunday night, I am thinking how this weekend has gone so quickly. It seems to be over in a flash.
    Probably because really we did have so much fun; as they say times goes so quickly when you are having fun. It was a lovely day today. James, Stacey and Nathan came to dinner and stayed for a while. I always look forward to visits from these three beloved of Peter and I.
    Nathan, my grandson, is so adorable.
    I love his childish honesty.
    It still makes me chuckle whenever I remember him saying when he started unwrapping his Christmas present that a cheap little hand puppet was crap. LOL. Apparently his other grandma was also assaulted by little Nathan’s honesty. When Julie gave him lovely bubble bath, our Nathan declared that it was not really a present.
    The trio have now gone home and I miss them so much.

  40. It was a lovely day today. The weather was ideal for shopping. Peter and I went to Edgware to look for screw fitted light bulbs. The ones at Sainsburys retails at £1.98 but it only cost £0.99p at Edgware.

    We then went for a meal which was lovely.

    1. Heard that Ariel Sharon, former Prime Minister of Israel, died after having had a heart attack which caused him to be in a coma for 8 years.

      He doesn’t have the same popularity as Nelson Mandela. Apparently Mr Sharon was a more controversial figure, whatever that means.

  41. Poor Schumacher still in an induced coma after hurting himself badly whilst skiing. He is apparently in a stable but remains in a critical condition.

    There was an article in the Metro today regarding Schumacher and the writing of wills. Apparently he has had a will made living his hundred of millions to be divided between his wife and two kids. It was not written because of his profession but more to cope with the everyday life’s accident just like his skiing mishap.

    We pray for you Michael that you continue to be stable and pull through.

    God bless!

  42. New Years Resolutions (Moi)
    1. Lose Weight (I know, say this every year, but this year I am determined, I have only eaten a handful of choccies instead of the whole box, LOL)
    2. Be more positive. I am usually a very cheerful person with a sunny disposition but lately I have been so negative.
    3. Be less critical. I shall try to see the goodness of everything including of people.
    4. Money management; I shall spend money wisely. Not to shop for inconsequential things that I would never use anyway. Just because they were pretty at that time, doesn’t mean they will be useful in the long run. I do not have wardrobe space for more dresses. LOL
    5. Write a will and cross-will with my husband (Afterwards make sure he doe not have an ‘unfortunate accident’ ;))
    6. Be more healthy, exercise, eat wisely.
    7. Be more proactive. Do things immediately and not to leave things at the last moment.
    8. Learn to cook healthy food.
    9. Be more sociable and develop new or more sets of friends
    10. Go to Church more.

    I will add some more when I think of anything else. Resolutions should not only for the new year. You can change anything that is found wanting within yourself any time of the year. I supposed the New Year is a good starting point.

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