Jean Writes 2015

jeanOh my goodness!!!

It is that time of year again.

Jean Writes 2015

New Year!!! Which means making wishes and promises, mostly in the form of resolutions, which are enthusiastically and hopefully started.  But by March, it is half-heartedly followed and certainly by the middle of the year, they were just but a distant memory, if remembered at all.

Be that as it may, I will make my resolutions now.  I shall make them and think about them carefully.  Make them not so impossible and improbable so that I can persevere in putting them into action.

Losing weight has been a vain of my existence, nevertheless, I shall try my best to follow through!

This year has started well so far.

Peter and I went to Brent Cross to see what was on the sale.  I have to admit there was nothing that grabbed our attention.  Probably my shopping mojo is gone or there were really nothing fantastic in the sale.  Perhaps, as Christmas purchases had just been made, we were “all shopped out!”

Of course we did not come home empty handed. We had to buy something (mostly for me! lol) and we had a quick dinner at John Lewis.

Last Friday, Peter and I went to Trafalgar Square to see the Norwegian Christmas tree before it was taken down.  It was really lovely and Lord Nelson must be so happy in his towering pedestal next to a giant Christmas tree overlooking the traffic ridden Charing Cross road.  The backdrop of the National Gallery was amazing.

Yesterday, we woke up early ready to take down the Christmas decoration.  But we just couldn’t do it.  Our decorations for 2014 was particularly lovely and we felt sad that they had to be taken down, boxed and put back into the loft.  So we decided to live with them for another day and put them away today when we wake up in the morning.  It is currently 1:30am.

Anyway, hope your dreams and hopes will come true and 2015 finds you well , happy and healthy.

Happy New Year, everybody!


  1. It gone suddenly very very cold here in London. For a few minutes, it even started sleeting on Friday night.

    I am beginning to think that Met Office may be right that we might have a white Christmas this year! It would be nice, actually!

  2. France suffered a most heinous atrocity yesterday that has reverberated the world especially in major cities.

    We feel a kinship, living in London, with a Paris. What happened to them could easily occur in Britain as well.

    We hope there will be a swift and appropriate response and justice against these murderers.

  3. There is an article in Yahoo that Siberian swans have come to the UK already. Apparently this might be sign of a lonnnnnggggg winter in the UK! eeeccckkkk

    Got to shop for more gloves, scarves, bonnet and think coats.

  4. Police around our area is going round reminding people that the clock is going forward soon. Apparently at these time of year burglary is in its highest. Keep your house locked and your valuables hidden from burglars!

  5. Having a vigil for the blood red moon. Looking at a very large full moon above the study window whilst typing this comment. Apparently the eclipse will turn the moon red.
    This blood red moon will occur again in 2019, so it is quite rare occurence.
    Peter just brought me up a lovely cup of coffee to get me going. 😉

  6. 23 September 2015
    Went to Peter’s Retirement Ceremony at the New Scotland Yard. He was given a certificate of exemplary service for 38 years by the incumbent commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe. Hogan-Howe came across as a very down to earth man.
    We really had a lovely time and ended up at The Feathers, the public house next to the Yard, where we met up with Peter’s friends and colleague.

  7. What a lovely day.

    Today is Peter’s first day of retirement from work. Yes he is free from the hustle and bustle of trying to make a living. He has earned the right to put his feet up and enjoy life to the fullest after working for more than 40 years since he was 18.

    To celebrate we had a very expensive Chinese meal at the Water Margin at Golders Green. We were with our beloved son, grandson and daughter in law. We really had a briliant time.

    Hopefully so much more to come.

    Cheers to the future,

  8. It was so surprising, not in a good way, to hear that the iconic Cilla Black had passed away at a young age (nowadays) of 72.
    Apparently she died of natural causes while at her villa at Marbella in Spain.
    RIP, Cilla!

  9. The demise of Cecil, the Zimbabwenian lion at the hand of a trophy hunter American has shocked and sickened the world.

    Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota allegedly paid $50,000 for the kill. His Zimbabwenian guides apparently lured Cecil away from National Park, conservation area, by tying a carcass of a dead animal on their jeep. Walter Palmer then shot Cecil with bow and arrow, which did not kill Cecil immediately. Cecil, injured, bleeding and in pain was hunted for another 40 hours until Walter Palmer murdered him with a gun. They then beheaded Cecil and took his head and skin, leaving the rest of the body where it laid.

    Apparently Walter Palmer has quite a collection of kills previously. He had killed a bear, another lion, a hippo, etc.

    What goes on inside the head of this dentist?

  10. I should have known better than to put away my winter clothes for the summer!!!! There is really no British summer; the weather is so capricious; it does its own thing. One day it is so hot and then the next, it is wintry – just like today when it shouldbe the height of summer.

    It has been raining and the sky is grey.

  11. Buckingham Palace has today issued their annoyance with The Sun newspaper for publishing a photo of the Queen when she was a little girl of just 7 or 8 playing with her Uncle Edward VIII at Balmoral. Her Uncle, an alleged Nazi sympathiser, was showing her the Nazi salute.

    The Queen, when a young princess, was an inspiration during World War II. She was definitely anti-Nazi!

  12. We are thinking of going for a holiday in the Philippines towards the end of this year! We are so looking forward to be with our Filipino family again. Peter is excited, he enjoyed himself in 2012 when we visited. My only concern of going to the Philippines is the news that food, i.e. the rice and noodles have been tampered. Apprently some plastic elements have gotten into the processing of rice; this was not accidental.

    I hope by the time we go home tp RP, the rice issue has been sorted!

  13. George Osborne, the chancellor of the Exchequer, delivered his budget today. Austerity is here to stay for God knows how long more.

    Civil servants are supposed to have a 1 per cent payrise, which I think is not fair as they have had a pay-freeze for a number of years.

    It is also grating to know that Members of Parliaments (aren’t they civil servants as well?!!! or lords and masters?!!!) are getting 11 per cent, an inflation busting payrise. They are already getting ALL their expenses paid as well as more perks of the job!

    I suppose I do agree with some of George’s mandates.
    That only the first two children will get child tax credits. Children should not be used to get into the benefit system. If you can’t provide for your children then don’t have so many, stop at one or two or not have any at all.

  14. Today is the 10-year anniversary of the synchronised bombings in London. Three suicide bombers created chaos in the transport system. 56 people were killed and 700 more injured. There were also mass panic among workers who had to get home after working in the city.

    The moment I heard the news, I called Peter at work. He said that he just missed all the commotion. He was shocked and frightened, everyone was, especially those who worked in the city.

    Buses had stopped running, a colleague kindly asked me if I wanted a lift home as her bosses from Kelly’s (funeral home) had arranged for a taxi to get her home to safety.

    With the panic and hysteria of the day, we were hyped up. We could not believe that the driver of our taxi was Middle Eastern; my friend and I, just look at each other, both thinking that we might both die. We were holding hands all the way and saying silent prayers. We were all quiet, including the driver, his car stereo was also off. I think he knew what was going on in our minds. Kudos to him, he wasn’t threatening, in fact he was as shell-shocked as us two; it was the situation that was going on at that time that made us all wary.

    I got out first and I felt sorry for her looking all miserable and frightened. I told her she will be fine.

    when I got home, I called Peter immediately who said that he was on his way home but it might take some time as he had to walk all the way from Earl’s Court, passing Edgware Road, where the bombing happened. It was a few good miles from home. He was so knackered but more frightenend.

    I am afraid one of the side-effects of the suicide bombing was that people became suspicious of Muslims. There were people who would not sit next to a muslim on a bus or other public transport.

    I was talking to a lovely girl earlier this year about the London bombing. She said that as a Muslim she was very frightened as well. She became vigilant. She said that she was on a bus and saw a fellow muslim who she thought looked suspicious and was carrying a backpack. She could not wait to get out of the bus and decided to just walk the rest of way to her house. She said ordinary Muslims were scared too.

    Ten years on, I can still remember how frightening that day was. But London pulled through and life had gone on and will continue to go on…….

  15. After having a few days of real scorchers, last night was a heavy deluge of rain, complete with thunder and lightning.

    Thank God it happened quite late, around 11 pm, because it got really scary.

    Now the air is crisp and fresh.

    Thank you, Lord!

  16. Terrible, terrible news about the 3 separate attacks yesterday in Kuwait, Tunisia and France.
    Why do humans do this kind of atrocities to each other.
    Tunisia certainly will suffer a great deal as tourism is their main source of income.
    Such a sad state of affair as I heard it was a lovely place to visit.

    1. As of writing, there had been 15 confirmed dead British during the beach massacre in Tunisia.

      There will be a minute silence at 12 noon on this Friday to honour the victims. Hope you can all join in this observance.

  17. It is Trooping the Colour today, celebrating the Queen’s official 89th birthday.

    It was fantastic to see on television the precision of the preparation that had taken place. I love all the marching. I love the horses.

    The celebration was finished of by the famous Red Arrows fly path formation, which captivated the 3rd in line heir to the thrown that he stared in wonder in to the sky. Prince George was delighted.

    Today was only the Dunchess of Cambridge first public appearance after having given birth to Princess Charlotte in early May. She is almost back to her normal svelte shape.

    I am so looking forward to the Queen’s 90th Trooping the Colour next year.


  18. It was in the news that Christopher Lee had died at the age of 93. He was a true legend, an icon.

    He is my favourite ‘baddie’. He was so good as the anti-hero to Peter Cushing’s hero. I love their Hammer Horror films.
    Christopher Lee left a rich body of work. We was working till the end.
    Rest in Peace!

  19. Today is the 3rd anniversary of our registry wedding. We did get married in Church in 1986, but we wanted to get married again.

    I find that since we got married again,k our relationship is going from strong to strong and happier to happier. I could not ask for more but to have a long, long happy marriage to my Peaches.

    Happy Anniversary my Darling. You truly make me happy.

  20. I supposed the most intriguing news today is the election of new FIFA president. Apparently Sepp Blatter, the incumbent president is seeking a fifth term amidst corruption issues.

    Sepp Blatter is now 80 years old, and many Europeans have asked him to step down as he has been ineffectual in combating corruption.

    However Sepp is not about to give up on a life of super-first class luxury, being the FIFA president. He gets $1M annual salary, he has his own private jet, his every whim is met and paid for, he gets everything he wants.

    Apparently despite most European unhappiness with how he had allowed corruption to stained the name and nature of the ‘Beautiful Game’, he has remained popular in Africa and Putin has apparently lodged his support of Blatter.

    It was said that the only way to stop Blatter on his track is for major European countries to stage a no-show to the World Cup.

    This should be easy for England as it would be a case of ‘no skin off their noses’ as they would just skip another round of losing! LOL

    1. Blatter won his bid for another term of presidency amidst scolding, cynicism from the public, media and public officials from Europe and Americas.

      1. It was rather unexpected when early this evening, Sepp Blatter announced that he was stepping down from being a newly elected president for FIFA.
        His reason for resigning was that he felt that not everyone approved his mandate.

        1. FIFA will be dipped in a bloody investigations if allegations that it is mired in corruption where fabulous sum of money exchanged hands for nefarious reasons.

  21. Watching a bit the Eurovision, funnily enough we caught UK’s performance and we thought they did good. Their song is jauntily executed in the flapper 1920’s style.

    Well done, though I am sure they are not going to win as Eurovision is all about tactical voting.

    1. Sweden performance is one of graffix excellence. Apparently Sweden is an early favourite.

      Cyprus song is quite lovely. With a right musical accompaniment they can be a good hit.

      1. Sweden won the Eurovison and I must say it failed to build bridges.

        The voting was all political.

        Australia, why did you not give Uk even 1 point, We gave you 10 points!

  22. Omigod, the Labour Party just won’t leave us alone. They’ve come knocking about 4 times already.

    I supposed I had to go round the polling station and cast my vote.

      1. Voting is now over and time to count the ballots and hopefully the result wanted by the majority will prevail.

        Peter and I have decided to make a night of it and stay up while the results trickles down.

        There are 650 Members of Parliament seats that are being contested.  The party that gets the majority will of course win.  But to be a clear winner, they must have 326 elected MPs.

        At 12:40, the Conservative Party won its first seat and it is from Swindon.

        1:54 Lab 9, Con: 4, DUP 2, Seinn Fein 1 LD 0

        Labour 3

      2. I was really rather suprised with the result of the election. But my heart goes with the LibDem. As of now, they are almost out of the loop having lost most of their seats except for 8.
        The surprise was the Convervative party. I thought, no way in hell they are going for a majority win. Kudos to them, they’ve done it rather easily as well.
        Poor Labour Party, they absolutely lost the plot. Many major labour MPs lost their seat, one embarrassing one was a lost to a 20 year old Scottish girl who has not even finished school yet. LOL
        UKIP only won 1 seat and yet overall they got the 3rd most vote overall.

  23. A new princess has been born.
    The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby girl today at 8:34 this morning. She is the most powerful Princess of Cambridge, being now the 4th in Line to the throne.
    Apparently, Kate and William will be bringing home Baby Cambridge this evening, thus I have been glued watching the austere double door of the Lindo Wing, of St Mary’s Hospital, hoping to catch a first glimpse of the baby princess.

      1. Isn’t this the sweetest. Prince George gently and happily his baby sister, the Princess Charlotte. the photo by taken by Catherine Windsor and officially issued by the Palace.

        George and Charlotte Windsor

  24. More bad news around the world. The death toll in Nepal’s 7.8 eathquare magnitude calamity has now risen to more than 3100 and more than 6500 injured. The earthquake happened a couple of days ago.

    Oh my Lord, God bless them and comfort the bereaved and soothe the displaced and injured,

    1. There was an aftershock yesterday at Nepal and more people have died.
      My heart goes with Nepal.
      Apparently Britain in just a couple of weeks have now raised more than £50M for Nepal.

  25. Today is the 100th anniversary of the landing of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (Anzacs) on the Turkish shores of Gallipoli on 25 April, 1915.

    Princes Charles and Harry represented the Queen in the early morning ceremony in Gallipoli, Turkey.

    Apparently, Australia is sparing no expense in observing the centenary.

    There is a version of a poppy field just like the one at the Tower of London. The Australian poppies were knitted rather than made of ceramics. They do look as awesome and as beautiful as their ceramic cousins.

    The poppies were placed around Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia.

  26. We got our polling cards today from the post for the 7 May election.
    It is time to think carefully who can run the country the way it should. The one party that will take the current situation, that is far, far, far from ideal, in all seriousness that it deserves.
    Because of rising taxes, that do not deliver corresponding public services, people are wondering whether we elected the right government from the last election.
    Cameron was documented saying to get rid of him if he can’t deliver. HE DID NOT! But opting for a Labour government has all its sets of worries that beset me. I keep thinking that the Labour government were the ones who initiated the situations that we are in right now.
    Do we vote for UKIP? Will they be any better? We vote for LIBDEM for local goverment but not for national, sadly they seem to be on their way out as one of the three main parties.
    This weekend, I shall be think this through and might even create a chart to help me make the best decision! 🙂

    1. I caught a bit of Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats’ speech campaign yesterday. He said that he was pretty sure that there will no single party that would win the coming May election hands down. It would be a case of another Hung Parliament, where no single political party has an absolute majority of seats in the parliament.

      Nick said that the contest for control will be between Labour and Conservative; the winner will then have to choose from the 3 parties to affliate with, to gain control. The likely three parties are represented by Nigel Farage of UKIP, Alex Sammond of SNP and of course Nick Clegg of LibDem. Nick said that if the Conservative party chooses them, LibDem will give them heart, if the Labour party chooses them, they will give them brain! 🙂

  27. Hillary Clinton finally confirmed her intention to run for the 2016 USA presidential election. It was really no surprise. I think all of her actions and counter-actions have all been steps taken by way of a return to the White House as the First Lady, not as a consort but as the main man or woman, the one who would rule the world.
    I think Hillary would be a very able president. She has the experience, the knowledge and dignity to preside over the richest country in the world.
    I hope she wins, it would be one for womenhood and sisterhood. 😉

  28. We went to Church for Good Friday’s Station of the Cross this morning. It was fairly well attended service, with solemn prayers, lovely hymns and hot cross buns treat at the church hall for afters.
    Lovely hot cross buns too. Glynis said it was bought at Waitrose. Really good.
    Later on we went to visit James. Our poor Nathan was not too well. He has a very extreme case of chicken pox. I say this about him, he is a very brave boy. He was still cheerful despite the travails of the infection.
    I hope the present of Easter Eggs cheered him a bit.

  29. It was a rather scary day yesterday, weather-wise.

    Whilst on my way to work I levitated for at least a few seconds because of the strong wind. I was just so glad that there were railings I could hold on to while I was at the mercy of this spring wind.

    Today is a different story, there is still a bit of wind but the sun is shining over a blue clear sky.

  30. It was even grimmer and sadder to note what happened to Germanwings Airbus A320 which was en route from Barcelona to Dusseldorf but crashed in the French Alps.
    The blackbox had now been found and investigated and what came out was really sad and heinous at the same time.
    It seems the crash was no accident but the co-pilot’s intention to murder every single one of the 144 passengers and 6 crews, including himself.
    If he was having problem or being unhappy with the world around him, they why did he had to kill others with him?!!!
    What went through his brain to justify killing 149 people just because he wanted to commit suicide?
    This current update is really, really upsetting and unsettling.
    It makes you wary of taking another flight. You are a hostage to any possible situation, whether mechanical, manual or human errors or intentions.

  31. I think my niece from the Philippines, who is a self-confessed Directionist, is upset with me for posting on Facebook something about One Direction (1D) ultimately going to split up and the rest of the band members going on different directions. After Zayn Malik left, it is only a matter of time before the group disband all together. That is life. Cest la vie! 🙂

    Alex, my niece, said “That was so cruel.”

    Alex is one of the many many millions around the world who avidly took the 5 boys of One Direction deep into their hearts and psyche. I remember my cousin, her mother, was besides herself with worry for not being able to get one of the astronomically expensive tickets for One Directions’s concert tour in the Philippines. Apparently the tickets sold out in 13 minutes. She queued up for 6 hours and all for nothing!

    Sorry Alexandra, I am sure given a few years One Direction will reform and will sing their hearts out to their grown up fans once again. Nostalgia is a powerful thing! 🙂

  32. It is such a lovely day today. As soon as I got home from work, I had the washing machine working non-stop. Had 4 loads of washing so far.
    I hang some thin blankets outside in the spring sun and they dried like a treat.
    I even sat in the sun for a little bit watching, Diesel gamboling in the sun. I fed the fish in the pond, they were very hungry. One thing I noticed was the lack of frog spawns this year. Where are the tadpoles this year?

  33. It is getting better to get to work now, as well as coming home from work. This is because it is not so dark anymore. It is still freezing, expecially in the mornings but not too depressing.

    Come on Spring, show us your mettle!

  34. A couple of days ago, it was announced on the news that the iconic Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek fame had died.
    I really, really felt so sad. I had grown to like Star Trek courtesy of Peter’s avid recommendation.

    Peter is probably one of Mr Spock keenest admirers. Often Peter would show me that he can easily replicate Mr Spock’s hand greeting where the middle and index fingers are moved away as far as possible from the ring and small fingers. ;), thereby making a four finger V sign, which signifies Vulcan, where Mr Spock came from. I have to admit I would often try it as well. I can do it slightly using my left hand but absolutely impossible with my right hand. But Peter can easily do the sign with both his hands, no problem and proud of it. OMG, perhaps I am married to a Vulcan or sad git that he is.

    Anyway, such was the effect of Mr Spock to his fans that Leonard Nimoy will be immortalised in so many minds, ears and costumes. 😉

  35. Just got back from Alex 18th birthday party. It was so much fun. Good company, lovely food and the drink was freely flowing.
    We even had caramel vodka shots, this was particularly weird as a just a couple of weeks ago, I had caramel vodka shots, which I was told was not available to buy in the UK as the bottle we had was bought from Lanzarote. Surprise, surprise the caramel vodka was bought by Sam in Spain.
    Again, happy Birthday, Alex and hope you have more to come.

  36. 6th February 2015

    Today is the 63rd anniversary of The Queen’s accession to the throne. This anniversary is pretty important because it is potentially a record breaking event.

    Comes 9 September 2015, The Queen would be the longest reigning monarch in the British history surpassing Queen Victoria’s reign of 63 years and 216 days.

    God Save The Queen!

    1. A twit from the BBC just twitted that the Queen was taken to the hospital and had subsequently died.

      Apparently they realised that they made a mistake and deleted the tweet but not before it had been picked up by global news.

      So basically the BBC killed the Queen for a few hours.

      How insane is that?!!!

      Once again I had to question whether the BBC should still be licensed and represent the people. The BBC has a reputation of being biased towards some group! They do make good documentaries and costume dramas!

      Anyway thanak God, the Queen is alive and kicking and on her way to creating a historical record of the longest serving monarch comes September 2015 when she will topple Queen Victoria’s stats.

  37. Woke up to a couple of inches of snow on the ground today. I was a bit worried that it would get deeper and it would be near impossible to get home from work.
    Thank goodness, the snow was virtually gone at 5.00pm

  38. Today is my birthday and it has been a wonderful day too. I have received a lot of birthday good wishes, presents and love from family and friends.

    Even Google wished me a happy birthday. Lovely.

  39. There is a prediction that it will be snowing all over the UK in the next few days. I just hope that it will not be too deep and that there will be no major disruptions to public transport. Usually it snows just before my birthday which is the end of the month – January.

  40. The year has not started well in the world. So much evil is happening right now. Around 12 people were recently killed by terrorist murderers.

    Hope the year gets better.

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