Jean Writes 2018

Jean Writes 2018

Another year and I am hoping that this one is particularly a happy one and that peace and understanding will reign in the world.

I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year from my McBook Pro.  I am typing away hoping for a better year ahead of all of us.

To those who have visited us here in GlobalGranary, which is of course now but still is and was also formerly known as, 🙂  we welcome you and hope that you would continue to drop by.  And to those who are new here, I hope you can find something interesting and would become regulars.

2018 has a positive vibe about it.  I fervently hope so.

What can we expect from this year?  God only knows but here’s hoping…

The start of the new year always bring that feeling that we should better ourselves and therefore become enthusiastic in making resolutions.

What is your new year’s resolutions?

As a blogger, my resolution is to try to proof-read and preview my writings before posting.  That may be hard for me because I just click the ‘publish’ button without any second thought.  Then sometimes I re-read them and then cringe with embarrassment with my poorly worded blog.  I then become paralytic with discomfort and it is hard to correct what was written.  So if you read a blog with misspelling, poor grammar, please I beg your pardon, I did not proof-read. 🙁 again!!!

Anyway, I will try to go to my archive and check my blogs one at a time.  That is my resolution.  Please help me if you can.  Point out the particularly heinous ones and add correction, if you like 

Anyway.  wishing everyone…




  1. Terrible news from the Philippines. Apparently Mayon Volcano is once again spewing lava. Villagers are warned to evacuate. We went looking for the Mayon in 2016. It was indeed a majestic sight especially up close and personal. Certainly one for the bucket list.

  2. Oprah Winfrey gave a very powerful speech during Sunday’s Golden Globe award. She talked about bringing out and fighting corruption and injustice, etc, which of course pertains to the Harvey Weinstein’s Hollywood mega-scandal. Unfortunately for Oprah, photos now are coming out that she is rather chummy with the alleged Hollywood sex-pest. In one photo she is shown giving Weinstein a friendly kiss. Apparently it is hard to say that she did not know about the scandal, because it is an open secret. And to think people are talking about Oprah being the next president and being the first female president as well of the US.

  3. It is a tiring day today. We had to remove all Christmas decorations down on the 6th of Jan. It is believed that misfortune will befall those who had not bothered to remove theirs.
    Better safe than sorry. But I must admit, I am feeling sorry for myself because Christmas is truly over and the house looks to bare. I can see the window, I can see the wall, I can see the ceilings and omg, it’s bright.
    How many days more before putting up all the decorations all over again? Just the thought is tiring me out already.

  4. Peter said that I should have a break watching Korean dramas and see something without subtitles for a while. There is a wonderful 8-part episode from the BBC called McMafia.

    It is really good. Exciting with lots of actions and adventure with lovely cinematic sceneries. There are some really violent scenes, which of course comply with the after watershed at 10pm.
    Ah Peter, there are some subtitles. I supposed this can only be expected as it is about Russian mafia, which has arms that reach internationally!

    The drama stars the rising British actor, James Norton. He is drop dead gorgeous in a very British upclass way.

    The only thing though is that he needs to up his acting a bit as he is still rather wooden and stilted. Another thing is that he has to practise for a lower more masculine speaking voice. He is touted to be the next James Bond but I can’t really see him saying, “Bond, the name’s James Bond” with enough authority and magnitism.

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