Jean Writes 2019

Jean Writes 2019

I thought a bit of cosplaying is in order in this year of 2019 as I feel my Chinese heritage has been well and truly awoken by the many hundreds of hours I have spent watching Chinese dramas especially the historical and Wuxia ones.

I have to confess that I don’t speak Chinese but it did not hinder me from watching unsubbed dramas in fact I gave reviews to plenty of them and when some are finally subbed I was rather proud of myself for correctly giving a summary to the drama.

So there I feel as I am now a kosher a being past Chinese.  My paternal grandmother was Emilia Guatlo of Pasuquin in the Philippines.

Anyway enough of my muni-mini (loud contemplation), I hope 2019 is a good one for all of us.  I actually feel very positive for this year because it is the year of the PIG.  Yes pig.

Pig is my second favourite animal.  The first is the carabao and third is the dog, I will also add tiger as my fourth as I was born in the year of the tiger.

I heard for Feng shui’s sake the colours of red, yellow and green are apparently unlucky.  I am rather gutted with this advice as these three colours are my favourites.  hmmm



  1. Strange but could possibly be true trivia. (Heard on the radio this morning)

    If an atomic bomb dropped and you are lucky enough to survive it; to remove radioactive particles from your body use wet wipes or shower. Be sure to use soapy water but do not condition your hair as it can keep the radioactive particles stuck to your hair.

    1. It is all so confusing right now. The referendum was applied so people can have their say whether they wanted to get out of the EU or not.
      Leave EU won and yet the Government seemed not to understand what this was all about and the were like headless chicken going about their business.
      Mind you Theresa May worked very hard but at the end of the day she is still sitting on a fence.
      Why not just be done with it.
      Just leave.
      Theresa May being humiliated by Juncker (making her a laughing stock) is enough to leave the EU.
      If there is a flash election, I don’t think I would go out there and vote. The Labour party is more than useless and the Tory is in no way better either. Lib Dem is completely dead so who to choose?

  2. Theresa May’s Brexit deal has been put to parliament and it was categorically rejected and Jeremy Corbin had also tabled a vote of no confidence of the current government. What happens now?!!!

  3. Heard on the radio that John Lewis will not be giving bonuses to their staff because of poor sale especially leading to Christmas.
    I think people tend to order online now and most high street shops have their online shops as well so you can look and compare prices and find where bargains are to be had.
    John Lewis should also rethink about their Christmas ads. I think 2018 is a fail. Despite allegedly the ad costing £15M it does not have that heart-warming feeling of wanting to go to John Lewis and buy presents for love ones and those not so dear ones 🙂
    The Ad is about Elton Jon, a homage to him He apparently got paid £5M for it. His homage of homage to himself 🙂
    Young Elton got a piano for Christmas, which became his stepping stone towards the ladder to his superstardom to a musical career.
    Ironically John Lewis does not even sell grand pianos, not in Brent Cross anyway.
    The piano they sell is under the kid’s toy section.
    Having said that I wish John Lewis a better success in more years to come because as a John Lewis customer card holder, I get to have free cake and hot drink every month. 🙂

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