Hu BingQing (Chinese Actress)


Hu BingQing (Chinese Actress)

Hu BingQing


  • DoB: 25 January 1992 (26)
  • PoB: Hefei, Anhui, China
  • Height:
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education: Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts ( degree in Media and Films)
  • Occupation: Model, Singer, Actress
  • Work Period: 2012 – Present


Dramas & Films:

Facts & Factoids:

  • In Legend of Dugu, Hu Bingqing showed that she makes one of the most beautiful empresses in a historical drama.



Legend of Dugu (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Historical Drama

  • Legend of Dugu (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

  • Genre: Historical, Founding of Dynasty, Romance
  • Release Date: February 2018
  • Origin: China
  • CDrama: 55 Episodes


  • Ady An as Dugu Banruo (Eldest Daughter of Dugu Clan)
  • Jeremy Tsui as Yuwen Hu (lover of Banruo)
  • Zu Tingwel as Yuwen Yu (husband of Dugu Banruo
  • Li Yixiao as Dugu Mantou (Second Daughter)
  • Lu Xingyu as Li Bing (Dugu Mantou’s husband)
  • Hu BingQing as Dugu Jialou (Youngest Dugu daughter)
  • Zhang Danfeng as Yang Jian ( Jialou’s husband)
  • Wang Wenhao as Dugu Xi (Minister of Northern Zhou and Head of the Dugu Family)


The true king is not yet set and the Dugu family will be the key to ruling the world.

-The Prophesy

I have just finished watching this rollercoaster of a drama, which is a fictionalised version of real ancient empire builders.

I have to admit I did really enjoy the story and had so much giggles reading a fragmented and haphazard English translation of the subtitles.

The translator, blessed him, was very forthcoming with his opinion which sometimes supersedes the real translation of the subs.

There were times when a character was giving a monologue, the translator would just write it as boring. 🙂

There was also that dramatic dying scene of Dugu Banrou which would have brought tears to anyone’s eyes, instead, I had never laughed so much about a supposed dialogue.  Banrou said, “I am going to pass but you have to promise that you will turn vegetarian..”  🙂 What?!!!

Anyway, the story is about the famed Dugu girls who were a subject of a prophecy.  There were three sisters who were so different to each other.

The eldest was Dugu Banrou.  She is very mature in outlook, motherly to her youngest sister and quietly ambitious, aspiring to be an empress one day.

The second daughter was Mantou, who has some self-esteem issues because her mother was a concubine.  She thinks she was the least loved by her father and sisters.  She is coquettish, coy and uses tears as her ultimate weapon.  She uses this a lot.

The youngest was Dugu Jialou.  She is feisty, clever, happy and not easily impressed.  She was her father’s favourite.




Children of Lesser God (KDrama Review & Summary)


Children of Lesser God (KDrama Review & Summary)

Children of Lesser God promotional poster

  • Genre: Supernatural, Horror, Mystery
  • Date Released: 2018
  • Origin: South Korea
  • KDrama: 16 Episodes


  • Kang Ji Hwan as Cheon Jae-In
  • Kim Ok Bin as Kim Dan
  • Shim Hee-seop  as Joo Ha-min
  • Lee Elijah as Baek A-hyeon
  • Lee Jae-yong as Kook Han-joo[7]
  • Jang Gwang as Pastor Wang
  • Lee Hyo-jung as Baek Do-gyu
  • Yeon Je-hyung (ko) as Gye Do-hoon
  • Ahn Gil-kang as Kim Ho-ki
  • Kim Hyung-bum as Choi Sung-ki/li>


My Girlfriend is an Agent (South Korean Movie)


My Girlfriend is an Agent (South Korean Movie)

  • Genre: Romance, Action, Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Espionage
  • Date Released: April 2009
  • Origin: South Korea


  • Kim Ha-neul as Ahn Soo-jin
  • Kang Ji-hwan as Lee Jae-joon
  • Jang Young-nam as Team Leader Hong
  • Ryu Seung-ryong as Won-seok



Soo Jin and Jae Joon are passionately in love but their line of work keeps getting in the way.

They have absolutely no idea that both of them are secret agents working in different branches of NIS.

It came to the point that Soo Jin’s agency gathered information that Jae Joon was a Russian spy whilst on the other hand Jae Joon’s agency suspect that Soo Jin is working for the Russian.

What they don’t know was that bought their agencies are working on the same mission, to stop the Russian taking possession of a biological warfare of mass destruction from a corrupt South Korea scientist.

But in the meantime, Soo Jin had to find out everything Jae Joon know and vice versa.

This film is full of action and just so slapstick funny in many scenes especially provided by Kang Ji Hwan who plays the bumbling, inexperience Jae Joon against a kicking killing machine Soo Jin.

Love it.


Lie To Me(KDrama Review& Summary)

Drama Classic

Lie To Me(KDrama Review& Summary)

Lie To Me
SBS poster

  • Genre: Romance
  • Date Released: 2011
  • Origin: South Korea
  • KDrama: 16 episodes
  • OST: Pouring Rain


  • Yoon Eun-Hye as Gong Ah-jung
  • Kang Ji-hwan as Hyun Ki-joon—CEO of World Hotel
  • Sung Joon as Hyun Sang-hee—Ki-joon’s brother
  • Jo Yoon-hee as Oh Yoon-joo—Ki-joon’s ex fiancĂ©e
  • Hong Soo-hyun as Yoo So-ran—Ah-jung’s frenemy
  • Ryu Seung-soo as Chun Jae-bum—So-ran’s husband and Ah-jung’s first love
  • Kwon Se-in as Park Hoon—Ki-joon’s secretary
  • Park Ji-yoon as Manager Park Ji-yoon—Ki-joon’s friend and manager of the hotel
  • Kang Shin-il as Gong Joon-ho—Ah-jung’s dad
  • Lee Kyung-jin as Shim Ae-kyung—Joon-ho’s longtime love
  • Kwon Hae-hyo as Hwang Seok-bong—Ae-kyung’s admirer and Sang-hee’s friend

Love, love this drama.  It truly is in the classic romantic mould.  The leads are both charismatic.  This might be their best ever when they were most gorgeous.

Their toothy chemistry is just stratospheric.

The story is cute but it does get slightly annoying in the end.

Anyway Gong Ah Jung had been in love with her university senior since like forever.  In university, she studied her hardest to pass the civil service exam and only then she will confess to Jae Bum.

Finally, the day came and she went looking for him.  She found him having a cosy tete a tete with her best friend, Soran.

Because of the incident, she concentrated on her job and became a manager in the Ministry of Tourism.

But now and again it nags at her that Soran got the life she wanted with Jae Bum.

She met Soran again and Soran could not help rubbing salt to Ah Jung’s injury.

Ah Jung couldn’t help herself so she blurted that she is actually married already.  She was rather mysterious with who the groom was.

But behind the scene, Ah Jung seemed to encounter the CEO of World Hotel.  He was Hyun Ki Joon, who is drop dead gorgeous but very aloof with a touch of OCD.

His aloofness was due to a broken heart and having to choose between a fiancee and his younger brother three years ago.

Hyun Sang Hee had been in love with Oh Yoon Joo since they were in kindergarten.  A few days before his brother’s wedding to Yoon Joo, he drunkenly begged Ah Jung not to go through with the wedding with Yoon Joo.

Hyun Sang Hee then disappeared.

Three years later, he is back but shying away from his brother and family.

While drinking in a club, he met a feisty young woman who was getting drunk and writing a resignation later to Ministry of tourism after a shambolic international festival she arranged,  A swarm of bees attacked the attendees, including herself.

Hyun Sang Hee had to leave the girl because he saw his brother coming towards him.

The girl fainted and Ki Joon had to take her to the hospital.

Then the fun begins.

Without telling that Ki Joon was actually her supposed husband, the news became viral until Ki Joon found out about it.

Sang Hee became the fairy godmother to Ah Jung’s Cinderella persona and helped her perpetuate her lies to save her from further embarrassment from her friends.

Ki Joon was eventually convinced to play the husband role because it would be convenient for his business to have a wife.

But the status quo did not last long as Oh Yoon Joo had returned from France and bent on starting over with Ki Joon.

The character that I felt most sorry for is of course the young and gorgeous Hyun Sang Hee.  He did care for Ah Jung very much but she was attracted to Ki Joon.

Sang Hee can’t believe it, it was happening all over again.  The girl he wanted, does not notice him but preferred his brother.

It is a happy ending, Sang Hee had really grown up, he did not run away after knowing that he can never have Ah Jung.

Yoon Joo also went back to France.

And Ah Jung stopped having a sulk in Jeju Island and will return to Ki Joon.

Love the story.





Seo In Guk (South Korean Actor)


Seo In Guk (South Korean Actor)

Seo In Guk


  • DoB: 23 October 1987 (30)
  • PoB: Ulsan, South Korea
  • Height: 1.8 m
  • Civil Status: Single
  • Education: Daebul University – Applied Music
  • Occupation: Model, Singer, Songwriter, Actor
  • Work Period: 2009 – Present

Dramas & Films:

Facts & Factoid:

  • He plays vocal, the piano, and guitar
  • He was exempted from compulsory military service after he had been found to be suffering from Osteochondritis dissecans
  • Learnt Ssireum wrestling, boxing, martial arts

Saikou No Rikon (Matrimonial Chaos) Dorama Vs KDrama


Saikou No Rikon (Matrimonial Chaos) Dorama Vs KDrama

  • AKA: Best Divorce
  • Genre: Romance, Marriage, Relationship

I have seen Saikou No Rikon at least twice before and enjoyed each time.

Now South Korea has made a version of it and it will be shown imminently.



The Best Divorce, Dorama poster

Saikou No Rikon


  • Release Date: 2013 (+2014 Special)
  • Dorama: 11 Episodes (plus a tv movie special)
  • Origin: Japan


  • Eita as Hamasaki Mitsuo
  • Machiko Ono as Hamasaki Yuka
  • Maki Yoko as Uehara Akari
  • Guo Hari as Uehara Ryo

What I like about this drama?  What stand out?

I actually hating Hamasaki Mitsuo when he started falling for his once lived in ex-girlfriend Akari back in his college days.

He found that he has nothing in common with his wife, Yuka, who had been married for two years.  He thought that she is just too lightweight, doesn’t think things through and he gets annoyed just by looking at her lately.

By serendipity, he met his ex-girlfriend, Akari, who is now a masseuse. He went to her for his bad back.  Suddenly he found with her the tranquillity to escape his mundane life as an ordinary salaryman.

But it was not so simple as Akari, herself is married to a womanising gorgeous young professor.

Akari was beginning to turn to Mitsuo for comfort when she found that she was pregnant by her husband.

Suddenly Mitsuo had a change of mind.

He started to miss Yuka, who he had divorced.

When Yuka asked him about being a father to Akari’s baby, Mitsuo was very categorical in his reply.

He told Yuka that it will not happen.  He said that he declined Yuka’s wish to have a baby with him, he is not that heartless to have or bring up a baby with someone else.

🙂  That somehow got to me and redeemed Mitsuo in my eyes.




Matrimonical Chaos KDrama poster

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