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is a page for latest news on the SouthEast Asian Dramas (SEADs). Check in here from time to time for the latest.

Let’s welcome 2018 with lots of love and happiness.  There are so much to look forward to.

In the world’s dramaland alone especially with SEADs (South East Asian Dramas); we have so much to wait for with so much anticipation. LOL LOL 

We have also included reviews of shows that are available in Netflix.  They do have a lot of Asian dramas, some are Netflix originals such as the Good Morning Call Season 2.

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  1. Dear Jean
    I’m seeing Nice to meet you Chinese drama starring Janice Man. I see it is not in your discussion?
    The drama is quite good, got teary scenes that my little dustbin is full with tissues after wiping tears!
    I haven’t finished the drama yet as it has 50+ episodes however this engsub drama is able to get in
    BuzzTv from a Huawei tab, as in Apple iPad can’t find this app.

  2. Many historical costume dramas slated for showing this March, April, May & June have been pulled back because of new directive form National Radio and Television Administration (previously known as SARFT) to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of PRC (People’s Republic of China)

    This would be hard going to people like me who have become obsessed with this genre.

  3. I am so excited. It looks like the super talented Hwang Jung Eum is coming back from her maternity leave and will be likely to make a comedy drama this May.

    Can’t wait!

  4. I was browsing for something new to watch and came upon a Chinese drama called Butterfly Lovers. I thought yeah, that sounds interesting, It has been a while since I watch a historical romance. So I was about to watch it but first I had to find out what the drama is about.

    Well, I’ll never. First sentence of the description was that it was a sad love story. Did not even continue reading because I am out of there.

    If anyone of you had watched it and enjoyed it, kindly let me know. Share your recommendation with us here.


  5. Best wishers to Lee Dong Wook and Suzy. Apparently they are now officially dating, closely following the confirmation from Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon

  6. OMG! Joe Chen has another drama. And the lead actor is the gorgeous Chen Xiao. The drama is historical which called Queen Dugu and it is about the founding of the Sui Dynasty.

    Loooooooove it.

  7. Wow! Ethan Ruan(Juan) has a new drama. I’ve missed him. He will be the lead male in a new Yang Mi drama called Legend of Fuyao. It is historical about unsealing five ancient seals.

  8. I was just waiting for the episodes of Return, the Korean drama, to pile up a bit before I commence to watch it. But I heard they have fired the lead actress and hired another one. Apparently the lead actress had a slapping-fest with the director or somebody. I don’t think I would watch it now. I was looking forward to it too.

    Choi Ja-Hye is a lawyer who teamed up with the hot tempered detective Dokgo Young. They work together on a murder case involving suspects are children from the elite class.

  9. There are tentative plans for Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye to do a drama together. OMG, I hope it would come into fruition. It would be fantastic. I bet the chemistry will spectacular. Can’t wait.

  10. I watched the first episode of Beyond Light Years last night. I am somewhat underwhelmed.
    I don’t know why, perhaps the game in the drama was boring and I seen it on Love 020. Also some of the characters are tedious, especially the father of the lead girl. The lead girl lacks charisma. Perhaps if I watched another episode, she might grow on me. However it all about first impression. So I think I’ll just miss this drama for now, because who knows I might read someone doing a positive review for it, which might hook me back in. 🙂

  11. Really enjoyed him in Love O2O. That and I’m a sucker for stories where the guy makes up his mind about a girl and sets out to win her. A fine line he was successful walking between adorable/romantic and stalking there. That’s talent.

  12. Meteor Garden 2018 starring my baby girl, Shen Yue, is a reboot of the one starring Barbie Su. I think Shen Yue would make a competent Shan Cai, comparable or would be even better than Barbie.
    Can’t wait for this drama.

    Oh no, I heard that the director, Hsu Fu-Hsiang who has started dating the gorgeous Ivy Chen, has been fired because of lack of consistency in his work at Meteor Garden as well as causing various problems with the team. Oh no.. That does mean a delay for MG2018?

  13. I am looking forward to Misty a Korean drama slated for early February. Ji Jin Hee will be the lead actor. It is about a top news anchor who was suspected for murder. The news anchor is Ji Jin Hee’s character’s wife. At that point their marriage is rather strained.
    Ji Jin Hee plays a public defender and he will take his wife case and in the process will love her all over again. Awww can’t wait


  14. Bright & Beautiful of 2018 (SEADs)

  15. Meteor Garden 2018, a second Shen Yue starrer. (Chinese/Taiwanese)  A remake of the F4 (Flower boys)
  16. More from the busy Hu Yi Tian, who has just won the China’s First Love, during their Drama awards.  LOL
  17. Mystery Queen, Second Season (Korean)
  18. Are You Human Too? (Korean) about a Chaebol, who created a robot to take the place of his son, who was presently in a comatose state.
  19. Four Men (Korean) omg!!! Park Hae Jin in four! Oh yes!  Need I say more?!!!
  20. Suits (Korean) This American/Canadian Suits will be given the Korean treatment starring Jang Dong Gun  as Harvey Specter Korean character and Park Hyung Sik  as of course the Korean Mike Ross character.
  21. Clean With Passion For Now (Korean) is a return to the small screen for the young actress Kim Yoo Jung.  It is apparently based on a web toon about a CEO of a cleaning company who is somehow rather germaphobe and employing a girl who is in a lackadaisical mode.
  22. Negotiator (Chinese) Yang Mi starrer
  23. The Wolf (Chinese)
  24. Memories of Love (Chinese)
  25. My Amazing Boyfriend 2 (Chinese)
  26. Full House (Chinese)
  27. Jade Lovers
  28. The One That Got Away (Philippines)
  29. Holiday Love (Horidei Rabu), Japanese drama starring Naka Riisa.

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