Actors & Actresses

Actors & Actresses

(Global Granary List)

Please click on the name of the actor or actress to go on their page (however this is still a work in progress, so there might not be an allotted link  available with some of the names yet; please bear with us)

This is a list compiled by GlobalGranary through watching the actors’  films and dramas.

Please also note that the dramas and films mentioned in each of the actors’ profile are not their complete body of work.  They are just those what GlobalGranary have seen and are aware of.

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Bai Jingting

Cheney Chen

Chen Feiyu

Chen Xiao

Deng Lun

Dilraba Dilmurat

Feng Shao Feng

Gao Zhi Ting

Johnny Huang

Hu BingQing

Huang Xiao MingHuang Xiao Ming

Hu Ge

Hu Yi Tian

Ju Jingyi

Connor Leong

Li Yifeng

Lin Gengxin

Luo Jin

Luo Yunxi

Ni Ni

Shen Yue


Tan Song Yun

Sun Yi

Tiffany Tang

Wang Kai

Caesar Wu

Kris Wu

Dylan Xiong

Yang Mi

Yang Yang

Vin Zhang

Zhang Hans

Zhang Yu Xi

Zanilia Zhao


Zheng Kai (Ryan Zheng)

Zheng Shuang

Zhu Xu Dan

Hong Konger

William Chan

Duncan Chow

Wallace Chung



  • Nora AunorNora Aunor
  • Bea Alonzo
  • Kris Aquino
  • Kim Chiu
  • KC Concepcion
  • Gabby Concepcion
  • Sharon Cuneta
  • Anne Curtis
  • John Lloyd Cruz
  • Dingdong Dantes
  • Enrique Gil
  • Angel Locsin
  • Xian Lim
  • Coco Martin
  • Maine Mendoza
  • Jennylyn Mercado
  • Piolo Pascual
  • Lovi Poe
  • Rhian Ramos
  • Alden Richards
  • Jericho Rosales
  • Maja Salvador
  • Maricel Soriano
  • Liza Soberano
  • Dennis Trillo
  • Bianca Umali




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