Global Granary Favourites

These dramas are my guilty pleasures.  I could watch them over and over again and be quite happy about it.  These are the films to go too when anything and everything else in the current run of dramas is found wanting.





  • Rich Man, Poor Woman, the Japanese version starring Shun Oguri and Satomi Ishihara is just the cutest drama ever.
  • I Have A Lover is a South Korean Drama that I would usually dip into for an erring husband redemption.  Just love it.
  • A Love So Beautiful is a Chinese drama that is just so endearing.  The chemistry between Shen Yue and Hu Yi Tian was spectacular, much better than Shen Yue and Dylan Wang for Meteor Garden 2018.  It is sad though that a collaboration between Shen Yue and Hu Yi Tian might not happen soon because of the scandal where Hu Yi Tian was dissing Yue and their female fans during a clandestine sex session with a vlogger,  LOL A love not so beautiful there.
  • From Me to You (Kimi NI Todoke) is of course a Japanese movie starring Haruma MIura and Mikako Tabe.  This is extra special cute.  Mikako plays a very innocent and diligent high school student who was feared by almost everyone because with her long hair and long bangs made her looked like the girl from the horror flick ‘The Ring’  But the arrival of Haruma’s charcter, her life slowly changes.  So cute.
  • Secret is a 2013 South Korean melodrama classic about a girl who opted to go to prison to cover for her promising prosecutor fiance.  But the grieving boyfriend of the victim of the hit and run was out for her blood.
  • MY SUNSHINE (YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE) is a Chinese drama which was also made into a film.  I love both the drama and the film.  It is about a rich girl who shamelessly pursued a boy from a poor family in college.  They got together and quite happy together until the boy told her to leave him alone and wishes he never met her.  The girl was so upset, especially when he seemed to have fallen for his ‘adopted’ sister.  The girl went abroad.  A few years later she came back and her ex-boyfriend, who is now a prominent lawyer, seemed to not have moved on and told her that she won.  He was still into her.   But during the course of her being away, she married someone else. Happy ending
  • THE FIERY PRIEST is a 2019 Kdrama which boast a stellar casting especially Kim Nam Gil as the Fiery Priest.  The drama has thriller, comedy and drama.
  • Ever Night is a Chinese epic saga about human nature and their propensity to believe in superstition.
  • The Legend of Hua Bu Qi is a Chinese historical costume drama starring Ariel Lin who plays the title role, a goddess sought by everyone for power.


More to follow