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Save Now to Spend Later: 52-Week Money Challenge

Making money is fun, but it’s pointless if you don’t use the power it brings.

-John Bentley

52-Week Money Challenge

This time of year is the perfect occasion to start saving.

Below are charts of how to start the money-saving; one in dollars and the other is in Philippine pesos. Just try to adapt it to your needs and liking. Easy does it. Not too much shock to the system so start low and when you have gotten used to the idea, it would be easier to increase the amount gradually.

The only challenge to this endeavour is to keep at it. Keep it going.

I shall definitely try this with my husband as we are saving for a trip to the Philippines next year. I shall be adapting it it to pound sterling!


kuripot jar

In Pesos

money challenge

52 Week Money challenge. I have started with my pound coins. I was so excited I have done 3 weeks already. LOL