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55,000 Dresses – Marriage Longevity Secret


Husband Collects 55,000 Dresses for His Wife Over 56 Years

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September 9, 2013 2:44 PM
Paul and Margot Brockmann from Los Angeles have been ballroom dancing for more than 50 years. Paul wanted his wife to look special each time throughout the years. He said he and Margot “went ballroom dancing every week, and I wanted her to have a different dress for every dance.”After all the years of racking up the gowns, the Brockmanns now have a collection of more than 55,000 dresses! Paul purchased dresses at estate sales, department stores, and antique shows before, after, and even sometimes during work, which might be why many of the dresses have never been worn — there were just too many! Well, after 56 years of marriage, Paul, now 78, and Margot, now 76, decided it was time to start selling the dresses, mostly because it costs thousands of dollars each month to store the collection. Paul set up a website, 55ThousandDresses.com, where the Brockmanns’ prized dresses can be purchased. But not all of them are for sale; some of Paul’s favorites are going into a vault.


What a lovely, romantic story.  One thing though, does Margot have any say about selling the dresses?  Once she’s worn one of the dresses, can she wear it again as an everyday  favourite?  Does she have to ask her husband if she can wear the dresses?

It really sounded like the clothes are her husband’s collection.  I am sure I am wrong as Paul and Margot are still married after 56 years! 😉  Hope they are still ballroom dancing!