Tag: All I Want For Love Is You (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

All I Want For Love Is You (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019

All I Want For Love Is You (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

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  • Genre: School, Youth, Romance
  • Release Date`:10 October 2019
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 32 Episodes


  • Lu Zhao Hua as Gu Xiao Man (Lead Girl)
  • Liu Yuhan as as Zuo An (Lead Guy)
  • Xie Zhihun as Shen Chen Yang (Sportscar Guy)
  • Han Xiyu as Sun An Ning (Second Male Lead)
  • Liu Yinjun as Zhan Yue (Long Hair Girl)
  • Sun Yanqin as Chi Yeo La (High School Fashionista)

The trailer for this drama is so cute.  The lead girl looks adorable and the male lead is tall and handsome.

She seems really good in martial arts which attracted the male lead.

It looks like they knew each other from secondary school and then went to the same university as well.

Episode 1 (Unsubbed 🙁 )

This is unsubbed so not sure what are the names of the characters yet.

Anyway, the lead Girl is so cute.  She is being brought up by her father who is a security guard in a hospital.

Her mother had died when she was very young.  So her father brought her up as a bit of a tomboy.  I think her mother was once upon a time a kung fu champion as well.

Anyway, her father taught her boxing, kick-boxing, Karate, Kung-fu, etc.  She absolutely loved it and resolute to learn.  It paid off as well because she earned a lot of medals and awards for her martial art ability.

on a hill next to her house was a large villa that overlooks her garden where she practices her martial arts, often with her father.

In this villa lives the Lead Guy, who often watches her and her father.  He looks rather envious of her camaraderie with her father and how cheerful she seemed.

They go to the same school as well as the same class together with another boy, (let’s call him the second male lead) who the Lead Girl grew up with.  The boy is often lead the Lead Girl astray.

One day on their way to school, Lead Girl saw a man pickpocketing a woman’s purse.  Lead Girl went after the man.

The lead Boy saw what was happening and decided to get off his chauffeur-driven car to school to follow the lead girl, who dropped her notebook/diary which the second male lead happened to pick up.

Lead Girl was able to corner the thief but another four comrades of the thief showed up.

So lead Girl showed them what she can do and in no time she was able to overcome them all and she got the purse back. The male lead finally found her dusting her hands with the men beaten on the ground.  He was impressed.

Back at school, Lead Girl went to look for the second male lead to get her diary back, which he denied he had.

She does not believe him though so they run around in the schoolyard until Lead Girl saw Lead Guy who was surrounded by classmates.  She accidentally caught the fabric of his jog bottoms which broke the side stitch, causing his Angry Birds underpants to be revealed to their fascinated classmates.

She later apologised to him humbly.  He tried to help her up from her deep bow but she accidentally caught him in the chin with her head.  🙂  And also they both fell down.  Again she caught the side of his shirt and the side stitch also unraveled.

More apologies but he seemed to take no offense towards her.  In fact, he was so magnanimous that she was rather surprised.

Meanwhile Second Male Lead finally said that he has the diary and if she wanted it back she had to do what he says and that was to fight with boys.

She did not end up fighting with the boys because she showed them that she can do karate by chopping planks of woods with her hand.

She was in trouble though when she got home especially when her father noticed that her arm was in pain.

Her father knew immediately that the second male lead had something to do with it so he told him to push off.

The second male lead did eventually return the notebook.

Episode 2 (Unsubbed)

This drama has the best of two worlds.  Lead Girl was always dreaming/daydreaming of being a ninja fighter in a historical Ancient China.  She loves protecting the male lead. Cute.

Anyway, one evening, Lead Girl found out that she had run out of sanitary napkins.  She put her jacket on over her pajamas and raced to the nearest convenience store.  She immediately saw Lead Guy inside.

Secretly she put a pack of the pads into the counter but found that she had forgotten her wallet.

The Lead Guy had to pay for her purchase.

The next day, she tried to find time to pay him but the annoying second male lead would intervene every time he sees Lead Girl next to Lead Guy.

The second male lead seemed to be jealous, he even challenged the Male Lead to a game of basketball.  Second Male Lead was so boastful being an ace at basketful.  The game ended in a fight.  Some of the classmates, including Lead Girl tried to stop the fight.

The teacher found out and had the parents come and collect their children.

Lead Girl’s dad came to collect her after she had been taken to the school clinic for stomach pain due to stress and her menstruation.

Male Lead was severely told off by his father.

He is lonelier than ever.

Episode 3

Male Lead wanted to be friends with Lead Girl, who always runs off whenever he was in the vicinity.

He called her on her mobile and told her to meet up in a cake cafe without allowing her to reply.

He bought her an array of cakes.

He really wanted to be friends with her but she was embarrassed to be near him as she thinks she causes him to be in one catastrophe after another.

The results of the school exam came out.  Lead Male was at the top while Lead Girl was near the bottom at No 250.

Not too sure but Lead Male I think offered to study with her.

Episode 4

Class 2 was playing competitive football.  One of the players got injured but there was no other boy willing to replace him so Lead Girl volunteered.

Lead Male, who was seating in the periphery, suddenly became attentive to the game.  He was watching intently the Lead Girl as she plays.

She was so good and scored a goal. She reinvigorated her team.  So the opposing team decided to disable her and knock her down to the grown.

Everyone went to complain of such misdemeanor, totally ignoring the fact that Lead Girl was still rather prostrate in the ground. It was only Lead Male who went to check on her and help her up.

There was a cute scene where on their way home. Lead Guy said that they should get ice-cream at the convenience store.  He did not only buy Cornettos, but he also bought a bandage for her sore knee. The old lady from the shop was watching their sweet interaction.  Start of young love.

Lead Girl was getting low scores in Math and was being told off by the teacher.

Lead Male created a study notebook for her which he left in the hospital for her father to give to her.  Her father asked the Lead Male if he could tutor the Lead Girl.

Episode 5

Lead Guy had started tutoring her but she can’t get her head round to it.  So Lead Guy had to make it simpler for her.  He told her to imagine it in terms of kick-boxing.

Hurray, she’s got it.  She was so happy, she started jumping and waving her hands, only to smack him accidentally round the head which send him to the floor.

The next day, during class, she was asked to solve the problem on the board.  Her classmates were rather dismissive that she would be able to answer it but Lead Girl did go to the board and answered the problem.  The teacher was amazed and so were her classmates.

She started to really study with the Lead Guy, in the library, and at her house.

The second male lead almost caught them when he forced himself into her house and looking at cupboards to see if she was hiding someone inside.

The Second Male lead had challenged the Lead Guy again to a game of basketball.

Lead Girl found Lead Guy practicing his game.  He was quite good and asked Lead Girl to play with him.  So cute.

She threw the ball straight to his head!

Episode 6

I really wish there are subtitles.

Anyway, the teacher found a cheat note among the exam papers.  The number one suspect immediately was Lead Girl because she had become really good at math.

Lead Girl said she did not do it.

When she got home, her teacher was at her house.  The teacher showed the cheat note to the Lead Girl who said that it was not hers because the writing was different from hers. In fact, the writing looks like the Lead Guy’s.  She then showed the notebook the Lead Guy made for her to review math.

The next day, the Lead Guy, I am not sure if he was suspended but he packed his bag and left the class.  He started studying at home.

Meanwhile, Lead Girl was trying to contact him but he would not answer.

They next met each other during the exam.  They wished each other, “Jiayou”.

The teacher told the students the result of the test and Lead Girl was specially mentioned for having gone up the leaderboard.

This made Lead Girl study even harder, which made Second Male Lead sad thinking that he was losing his best friend.  She doesn’t want to go out with him anymore, all she does was study.

He was passing the cake cafe when he saw the Lead Girl studying intently with the Lead Guy.

Second Male Lead began to worry that he might have lost his best friend to the Lead Guy.

Meanwhile, Lead Girl and Lead Guy are getting closer and they started also to notice that certain shyness and rather uncomfortable feeling when you accidentally touch your crush.  Both of them were feeling that.  So cute.

Lead Girl gave Lead Guy a present.  It was a pen in a lovely presentation box.  She said it was for all the tutoring he had done for her.

Lead Guy was chuffed.

When she was about to leave, he asked her to stay and teach him kickboxing.  Awww

Episode 7

It was the day to the National College Entrance Examination.

Lead Girl did well in the exam.

Now they had to submit their three choices of university.

Poor Lead Girl not sure what to choose.

As Lead Guy was going to study medicine so she also applied to the study the same course at the same university.

Episode 8

Lead Girl was so happy about her news but she saw Lead Guy driving away with a girl with long hair.

She was going to the same university as the Lead Guy and studying the same course in Medicine.

Though Lead Girl’s father was happy that she got into university, he was very upset that she chose a uni that is far from home.

Episode 9

It was a very sad farewell or au revoir between father and daughter.  He wanted her to bring everything with her.

At the university. the Lead Girl met a rich guy, with a sports car, who brought with him a pet pig.  Lead Girl told him off for bringing a pet on a busy day at the uni.

While she was having a contretemps with the rich guy with a sports car, Lead Male suddenly appeared and took her away.

Second Male lead then appeared as well.  Male Lead got a phone call and he left immediately.

Lead Girl and Second Male Lead were sampling the school canteen fare when Male Lead appeared.

Second Male Lead was upset that Lead Guy was there.  Second Male lead left some money and left in a huff.

Lead Guy and Lead Girl were strolling at the university ground when the Long Hair Girl appeared.

Long Hair Girl took Lead Guy away, leaving Lead Girl standing alone.

The next time Lead Girl saw them was in the school auditorium where Long Hair Girl was delicately dancing ballet.

Lead Guy was so engrossed with the Long Hair Girl, he did not even notice that Lead Girl was watching him.

Episode 10

What a bummer!

It looks like Long Hair Girl was Lead’s Girl dorm roommate.

Long Hair Girl suddenly got a call so the other roommates of Lead Girl dragged her with them to follow Long Hair Girl.

They then saw her meet Lead Guy. 🙁

Lead Girl was rather traumatised, she can’t sleep so she went for a jog.  She then noticed a rather nervous girl, walking alone.  She tried to speak with her but they both scared themselves.

The Nervy Girl was actually meeting Sportscar Guy.

For some reason, Lead Girl’s fist seemed to connect to Sportscar Guy’s nose, which is currently bandaged (because of her fist)

It was their first day of military training. Lead Girl and Second Male Lead were having lunch when Lead Guy came to sit with them but Second Male Lead told him that he was not welcome at their table.

Lead Girl did not try to intervene.  She was not sure anymore about the Lead Guy as he seemed to be dating the Long Hair Girl.

Poor Lead Guy felt sad and envious that Lead Girl and Second Male Lead seemed to have a lot to talk about and giggling and conspiratorial all the way through lunch.

During the marching, Lead Girl was asked to demonstrate the steps of the march.  Poor Girl was so enthusiastic, her fatigue bottom ripped as she moved.  (Seriously this drama is not a good advertisement for clothing, Made in China)  LOL  In the end, she crouched down and refused to move to preserve her dignity.

Both Male Lead and Second Male Lead who were in a boys team looked concernedly towards the crouching Lead Girl.

Sports Car Guy, on the other hand, was laughing his head off as he watched the discomfited Lead Girl.

The Lead Guy was about to take off his jacket but the Long Hair Girl removed her fatigue jacket and tied it around the grateful Lead Girl’s waist.

Seeing the laughing Sportscar Guy, Second Male Lead went mental.  Lead Girl had to stop a brawl.

Lead Girl waited for the Sportscar Guy to talk to him.  She was about to smack him around his nose again but her sleeve ripped.  Instead, she kicked him in the shin.

Lead Girl found Lead Guy waiting for her.  He bought her a new set of military uniforms.

Lead Girl found her three roommates inside the dorm.  There was a knock and Lead Girl opened the door to girls carrying big bouquets of flowers.

They thought the flowers were for the Long Hair Girl, who thought so too and stood up to receive them.

But the girls said that the flowers were for Lead Girl.

Lead Girl thought the flowers were from Lead Guy.

But during their next military training exercise, Long Hair Girl seemed pretty intimate with Lead Guy.

Sportscar Guy asked Lead Girl if she liked the flowers.

This was heard by Lead Guy who was visibly annoyed.

After the day’s training, Lead Girl went to find Sportscar Guy.  She blocked his way as he was driving along.

Both Lead Guy and Second Male Lead just saw Sportscar Guy driving away with Lead Girl on the passenger seat.

Awww…  Can’t wait for the next installment.  I find the drama so cute even not understanding a word.  LOL

Episode 11

Oh please, can someone sub this drama!!!! Pleeasseee!

Anyway, Sportscar Guy took Lead Girl to his apartment where he reintroduced her to his pygmy piglet.

Lead Girl apologised to the Sportscar Guy for whatever she did wrong to him.  She then begged him to stop bothering her.

Sportscar Guy liked her even more because she is simple and straightforward and not after him for his money.

He took her back to uni.

They were pounced on by Lead Guy and Second Male Lead as soon as Sportscar Guy stopped his car.

Lead Guy unbuckled Lead Girl from the seatbelt and was pulling her out when Sportscar Guy stopped him and pulled Lead Girl’s other hand.  Then Second Male Lead also joined in.

Their little tug of love war was videoed by onlookers and trended immediately online.

Lead Girl’s street cred went up exponentially with her two roommates.

Long Hair Girl went to complain to Lead Guy.

The Nervy Girl who was after the Sportscar Guy had Lead Girl now on her radar.

One day, Lead Girl was in the canteen with the two roommates when Lead Girl bumped into the Nervy Girl.  Some of Lead Girl’s soup splashed into Nervy Girl’s jacket and shoes.

Nervy Girl commanded for Lead Girl to clean her shoes.

Lead Girl was prepared to do it but she was stopped by her two roommates for doing such a demeaning thing.

Nervy Girl was so annoyed and bide her time to take her revenge.

And this came when their training involved combat.

While all the students were doing their training, Nervy Girl chose Lead Girl to do the training fight with.

Lead Girl agreed but suddenly two other girls joined them.  Each had her arms.

Lead Girl, of course, found it each to untangle herself and gave Nervy girl a right hook which fell the Nervy Girl to the grown.

The Nervy Girl complained loudly that Lead Girl tried to batter her.

Their commandant believed the Nervy Girl and ordered Lead Girl to apologise.

Lead Girl would not apologise.  She explained that Nervy Girl had the other two girls hold her captive.

The commandant punished Lead Girl for insubordination.

Lead Girl took it well.  She stood in the blistering sun with the commandant who was suffering as well.

Lead Guy and Second Male Lead saw was what happening and raced to Lead Girl.

Sportscar Guy also came to investigate.  He was about to pick the fainting Lead Girl but he was tackled by Second Male Lead which allowed the Lead Male to carry Lead Girl to the uni clinic.

Lead Guy remembered that what he admired most about Lead Girl is her stamina and principle.  She cannot be dissuaded from standing on what she believes is the truth.

He stayed with her until she became conscious.

As soon as he left, Sportscar Guy turned up with an orange.

Episode 12

Their Highschool Fashionista came to visit Lead Girl at the clinic.  They had a happy reunion with both Lead Guy and Second Male Lead present.

They decided to go for a hotpot later on after Lead Girl and Fashionista had done their shopping.

Lead Girl wanted to get more fashionable clothes but Second Male Lead tagged along and was telling Lead Girl that new clothes with shorter length do not suit her.

Anyway, after shopping, they went to the hotpot place and waited for the Lead Guy to turn up.

When he did turn up, he had with him the Long Hair Girl.

Lead Girl was disappointed but Fashionista could not help but show her displeasure.

It ended with Fashionista trying to wrestle with chopstick some noodles with the Long Hair Girl.  Hot soup splashed on the hand of the Long Hair Girl, who asked Lead Guy to take her home.

Fashionista encourages Lead Girl to confess to Lead Guy.  What she did not know was that Long Hair Girl got in their first.  She confessed to the Lead Guy.

Anyway, Lead Girl rehearsed how she was going to go about telling the Lead Guy how much she likes him.

When he did turn up, the Lead Girl lost all confidence and did not bother to confess.

She was still thinking about it when she passed a restaurant where Sportscar Guy was running out of followed by four men armed with batons.

Lead Girl was confused about it but she just walked on.

But she realised that as much as Sportscar Guy is annoying, he needed help with the goons.

And he did.  They had just started to beat him when Lead Girl turned up and easily and methodically fought them off.

She was just seeing to the injured Sportscar Guy, when she was hit in the head with a wooden stake.

Sportscar Guy tried to cover her but got hit as well on the head.

Lead Girl was very tough, she suddenly went mad and got up, dragging Sportscar Guy with her with one hand as she hit the other guys one by one until she got to the leader of the gang.  She hit him hard.

Can’t wait for the next episode.

Episode 13

Sportscar Guy took Lead Girl to the hospital and then he promptly fainted.  They both stayed in the hospital.

Lead Guy was just relaxing when Lead Guy called her. They were doing a mild flirting when she heard that someone was knocking for Lead Guy.  She then heard the voice of Long Haired Girl telling him to hurry up as they were going to her parents’ house.

it seemed the Long hair girl’s mother does not like the Lead Guy at all.

Sportscar Guy had fallen for Lead Girl because he is unusual and brave.

Back at her dorm, Lead Girl woke up from a nightmare.  She is scared of blood.

I have to admit that from this part on it got a bit tedious.

She studies medicine and she should have known that she was not suitable for the course because of her extreme phobia of blood and death because of her mother’s rather bloody accident.

Just looking at the illustrations and photos inside the human body gave her the hiccough and nausea.

She was vomiting in the toilet when Nervy Girl learned about her blood phobia.

She put some red food colour on herself and showed it to the Lead Girl who was already scared as their class was about to deal with a human cadaver.

She fainted when she saw the blood and carried out by Lead Guy.

When she came to, she went back to the lab and saw the cadaver and she fainted again.

Her instructor evaluated that perhaps she was in the wrong course but she disagreed.

Episode 14

Lead Guy was waiting for Lead Girl outside the dorm but had already left to go to an early morning practice with the cadaver.

She did not get a chance as the Sportscar guy got to her first.

Sportscar Guy was still talking with her when Lead Girl saw Lead Guy coming towards their way.

Lead Guy did not look very happy and told her that she was not taking their course seriously enough.

Lead Girl was very despondent and went back to her dorm but the Long Hair /girl pretended to be all caring and sharing.  She showed her files of photos of the insides of the human body. She began to feel nauseous but the Long Hair Girl was ready with a drink for her.  A whole tumbler of juice from blood orange.

Poor girl, she rushed to the toilet to be sick.  She did not flush the toilet though afterward!  Dirty girl 🙂

Back at the lab again.  As soon as she saw the naked cadaver she threw up directly at the Long Hair Girl.

Seriously, this scene is getting annoying.

And it seems the faculty did find her tiresome as well because they were telling her that medicine might not be the route for a career/vocation for her.

Lead Guy was really worried about her that he went to see Second Male Lead to speak to Lead Girl to tell her that it was all right to give up if the course was too much for her.

Lead Guy heard her talk with the Second Male Lead and went to the Lead Girl to apologise and study together.

They’d look really happy studying together when Second Male Lead saw them in the library. He left rather dejected.

Episode 15

Second Male Lead was so unhappy, he went singing in a karaoke booth, where Fashionista found him.

Fashionista dragged him to a proper karaoke bar.  While Second Male Lead was singing, Fashionista noticed that he was not a bad looking.

Under the influence of several bottles of beer, they fell asleep.

Second Male Lead woke up and noticed that Fashionista was quite sexy.

Long Hair Girl tasked one of their roommates to scare the Lead Girl with fake blood.

Again tedious Lead Girl fell for it literally and bumped her head against the bed.  She ended up in the hospital.

Lead Guy was rather sweetly tenacious.  He was determined to make Lead Girl get over her fear of blood and big wounds.

As some point, she was going mental watching a video of a surgery being performed.  Lead Guy though made her look at it then she felt at ease.  But not before she cried all over the gorgeous Lead Guy’s chest.

Long Hair Girl knew everywhere they go to as the roommate she tasked to scare Lead Girl had been promoted to spying on Lead Guy & Girl.

Episode 16

The medical students are now let loose at the morgue.

Seriously, the Lead Girl is now really annoying.  How many episodes are they going to make her being so stupidly helpless?

She told the professor that she just can’t do it.   She was ready to drop out.

Other students were trying to gossip about her.

Thank goodness Sportscar Guy was there to help her out.

He told her that she can move out of the dorm and move in at his apartment.

Lead Guy was very upset with her, they were arguing when they witness an accident,  Lead Guy went to help and calling out for Lead Girl to assist as well.

Lead Girl almost had a nervous breakdown when she saw the amount of blood oozing from the victim of the accident.

Poor Sportscar Guy was waiting in his apartment.  He prepared a sumptuous meal for the Lead Girl who was a no show as she was keeping vigil together with Lead Guy while the victim was being operated on.

Lead Girl suddenly had an epiphany and saw her young self, telling her to forgive herself and move on.

Now she is not scared of blood.

As it was late, Lead Girl stayed at Lead Guy’s apartment.

They had some cute moments.

Episode 17

Poor Sportscar Guy waited for her the whole night in front of her dorm.

When she found him, he was all-forgiving but wanted to hug her because he really really like her.

He was hugging her, pretending that he had fainted when the lead guy saw them.

From then on, the cute sportscar Guy made such of a nuisance of himself.  He followed her everywhere and students and teachers tolerated him.  Probably his family is the owner of the university.  Don’t know really, no sub.

To catch up with the study of the anatomy, Lead Girl sneaked in at the lab to look at dead bodies.  The security guards almost caught her but she games them a scare when they saw her face with her hair all over it.  The guards ran off fearing she was a ghost.

Episode 18

Lead Guy and Lead Girl were about to meet near the lab building but Sportscar Guy had paid/tasked Lina, the roommate to prevent Lead Girl from meeting Lead Guy.

Lina pretended that she was ill so Lead Girl had to bring her to the clinic.

Lead Girl called Lead Girl to tell him where she was but the ringing of the phone alerted the security guard to the whereabouts of Lead Guy, who they thought was the phantom intruder.

Long Hair Girl found out that Lead Guy had been apprehended and started harassing Lead Girl.

Lead Girl later found out that everything was due to the Sportscar Guy, who she went to see to tell him to leave her alone.  Never to bother her anymore.  She was furious with him.

Episode 19