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EMINEM – History Catalogued

EMINEM – Marshall Mathers Grew Up


EMINEN first @ Wembley

It has been reported that EMINEN was a history maker. He was the first rapper to headline London’s Wembley Stadium by giving a sell out concerts last Thursday and Friday. The Thursday gig was rather controversial as it left many fans disappointed. Apparently a speaker in some corners of the arena had a major malfunction which left fans barely able to hear Eminem’s dulcet tones and meaningful rapping. ūüėČ

It was also said that EMINEM, the man, has grown up and calmed down a lot. He stayed quietly at a posh country retreat in a stately Berkshire home as opposed to partying all night long in good old London town.

Be that as it may, EMINEM rocks and as edgy as ever.

I supposed that can be expected from one of the 100 greatest artists of all times.

Love the way you lie – EMINEM ft Rihanna

A music collection is never complete without an EMINEM.

I love Eminem raps. He is a poet. His rhyming “words” is unbelievably good and yet it does not lose any of the sharpness and edginess of what EMINEM obviously trying to put across.

The above song which one of my favourite among the vast catalogue of EMINEN dirges is powerful and beautifully melodious. It confronts the issue of domestic violence. It forces us to take note that it exists and must not be swept under the carpet.

Bravo EMINEM. Rihanna’s voice is complementary to the song. It has that vulnerability. The video is fantastic. Megan Fox is deliciously sexy and yet dangerous. How lucky is that bloke in Lord of the Ring to be doing the video with Megan.

Fantastic production all in all.

The Three Kings..Approaching

three-wise-men-star¬†Tomorrow 6th ¬† ¬†January is Epiphany, the 12th day after Christmas Day (all Xmas decorations must be removed and put away). The feast day ¬†celebrates the Three Kings visit to Baby Jesus. However, did you know that there were originaly six kings not 3? ¬†Only three reached Bethlehem. The 4th went to the USA, the 5th to China and the 6th to the Philippines. Their names were BURGER KING, CHOWKING & TAPA KING, respectively. ūüėČ

This witty observation was made by Fr Bel.R. San Luis, SVD introducing the true meaning of tomorrow’s important date in the Christian calendar. But his funny comment does reflect todays age of all powerful consumerism dominating our lives with competing service between God and Mammon.

Jennifer Lopez JLo at O2 -Dance Again Tour

My Lovely Wonderful Wife and I arrived at the iconic O2 centre East London at 4.30pm. We had two hours before the concert to look around the O2 Centre
At 6.30 the doors opened we and thousands cascaded through into the vast arena. It was cooler than the near humid outside weather.
The support group, a trio of young ladies called ‘Stooch’ who had a hit record called Black Heart, where good at warming up the crowd before the main JLo event.
They had mentioned in an interview that they were hoping to meet JLo.

JLo, as a true superstar and diva kept us waiting for 45 minutes when her dancers resplendent in white top hats and tailed suits strutted their stuff. JLo appeared in white Russian fur hat and cape. JLo then raised the temperature and was all action with fun stage sets, lasers, dry ice mist and fire works and fast costume changes such as for Jenny on the Block. Her fans were legion dancing and singing.
We were sad when her act ended. Her encore was her signature hit ‘Get down on the floor’ sent audience & fans away happy.
We did enjoy the concert and it was great to see JLo, who now is more of an entrepreneur and successful actress than superstar of song and dance and sadly may not come this way again or any time soon. We are indeed lucky to have seen her.

JLo at the O2 Arena, London by Peter Morton

JLo opening

JLo meets her fans at O2 by Peter Morton

JLo by Peter Morton

Jenny on the Block by Peter Morton

Jack Reacher – Action Thriller Novel Hero to Movie Hero?

I am very catholic in my reading interests,factual and fiction. Among the fiction genres I like to read for escapism are action thrillers.
One of my favourites are the Jack Reacher novels. Reacher was created by British author Lee Child, who had enough of writing TV scripts and turned to full time book writing. The character Lee created in Jack Reacher became a big hit with excellent critical reviews. The novels have become best sellers in many countries certainly US and UK!

Reacher is described as being 50, solitary, taciturn in manner, he is very rugged, 6′ 5″ tall (1.96m) with a 50-inch chest, and weighing between 210 and 250 pounds (100‚Äď115 kg). He has ice-blue eyes and dirty blond hair. He has very little body fat, and his muscular physique is completely natural. Jack is very strong and uses his very large hands for martial arts or variations of – depending on the combat situation and ¬†he prefers not to use guns unless necessary.

Jack admits to being an indiferrent below average driver driving rarely himself, hence his preference for soliciting  rides.
Jack has a broken nose, is mainly unshaved with dark blond hair, small scars on his face and body. Jack was a Major in the US Military Police, possessing an intelligent,  observant &  sharp mind ideal for  an investigator. This cleverness belied his brutish  looks as many foes found out to their cost!

Jack can be merciless and will break limbs and kill if forced to, the bad guys get what they deserve.
After  leaving the army (he was downsized as he says with cut backs to the US military), Jack was dumped into civillian life. He decided to become a nomad and wander across America. He prefers to live cheaply and  using  hitch hiking , bus or train. He goes where the mood takes him, sometimes with no real planning, he revels in the absolute freedom after the constrictions and control of army life.  Jack has no luggage only the clothes he wears, he buys cheap clothes en route at  some of his various stop-overs and throws the old clothes away.
He only carries a fold up tooth brush, a wallet containing little cash and an ATM, to withdraw money supplied through his army pension when needed. He has no mobile(cell) phone and does not wear a watch. Jack has the unusual ability to mentally know accurately what the time is, day or night , even able to wake himself up at the correct time without an alarm.
Jack’s adventures mainly occur on his travels; ¬†he may wander into a situation, or if he is asked for help by strangers he meets, ¬†former army colleagues and friends. Jack is like a kind of Good Samaritan and will help strangers too if he sees they are in trouble. At the conclusion of an adventure , he drifts into and out of the lives of those he helps, quietly slipping away to be on the road again.

Jack’s character is enduring, enigmatic even endearing at times, complex too¬†and I really enjoy reading the novels, I have the latest¬† ‘A Wanted Man’.
It was only time before Jack would become a movie hero too. Many fans eagerly waited to see who could play and portray him, keeping faith with the books.
You can imagine the surprise and unenthusiastic  welcome, bordering on outrage, when it was announced that Tom Cruise was chosen to play the eponymous Reacher!

If ever anyone is unsuitable to play a famous literary creation this must be it!!!  It would be like asking Sylvester Stallone or Arnie Schwarzenegger to play Sherlock Holmes in a movie!

Hmmm. Tom is barely 5’7″ (170Cm), weighs 148 pounds, 67 kgs. no book Reacher facial hair or broken nose and has black hair, the only similarity are their ages and eye colour!

The appeal and popularity of Reacher is his intimidating larger than life persona,  physique, character and presence.
These shine through and help make the novels the immense success they are.
Although it is admirable that Cruise does a lot of hs own action stunts, he  simply does not have the requsite qualities or physical attributes to play the Reacher of the novels.
This movie may become just another Tom Cruise ‘Mission Impossible’ ¬†type action¬†movie, with little substance that is¬†true to the novels or the physique & character of Reacher himself. ¬†The movie may satisfy generic action hero fans, but ¬†disappoint the die hard and general fans who pick the the books to read.

After seeing a trailer of the Jack Reacher movie due out in December 2012, I felt disappointed and will not waste my time or money going to the cinema to see it .

Many think author Lee Child sold out and should have insisted on a more suitable actor, even a little known actor could have made the role his own and established the character. I am sure the book fans would not mind any actor  playing the role as long as he  met the physical criteria and could convey the  insularity,  broodiness,latent energy, modern day knight of the road, pugilistic demeanour of the Reacher in the novels.

As a part analogy being a similar tall, rugged and brooding knight of the road (with horse not vehicle!) character, with few words spoken, ¬†Clint Eastwood was largely unknown when chosen for ¬†the enigmatic and ¬†mysterious ¬†‘Cowboy with No Name’ movies and others such as ¬†High Plains Drifter and Pale Rider. He fitted the characters perfectly and made the roles world famous.

Recently, Lee Child defended the choice of Cruise, saying that Reachers physical attributes in the novel could be regarded as a metaphor for his personality as portrayed by Cruise in the movie. Also he had to find the best buyer for the movie rights and did not have the creative control.

JK Rowling had creative control on control  in the making of the Harry Potter movies and insisted that the actors matched the characters of the novels. That is one reason the H.P. movies were super successful and massive hits as well as the novels.

I am sure that if  Child had insisted or looked around more movie producers, he could have negotiated greater creative control.

Until the Reacher  movie is out general judgement awaits!

Jack Reacher novels

Planets around other star systems Extra solar planets (Exoplanets)

The number of planets circling around star systems outside of out own solar system now numbers 842 in 664 star system with more being discovered regularly.
Now a planet has been discovered orbiting one our suns nearest stellar neighbour named Alpha Centauri.
Alpha Centauri is approx 4.5 light years away, a light year being the distance light travels in one year 10 trillion kilometres (or about 6 trillion miles).
Alpha Centauri is 25.4 trillion miles or 42 trillion kms from earth, next door cosmologically speaking!
The earth size planet orbit close to it’s parent star making very hot like our planet Mercury but other planets may also orbit there in temperate zones.

Alpha Centauri star system

Artistic representation of the planet orbiting Alpha Centauri

The discovery is exciting as the planet is the closest to our own solar system and so further increases the chance of many other planets being found.
As only larger planets are detected initially, astronomers know that there are smaller planets too like our family of planets in our solar system.
As for the number of planets that may orbit their sun’s at a distance similar to earth to our sun and therefore may have atmospheres like ours, is also increasing.
Six qualify so far as in below chart

Chart of those extra solar planets identified so far that could possibly be habitable

Speed of Light Vs. Speed of sound.. what wins!

Felix Baumgartner’s recent amazing sky dive from the edge of space (128,100 feet /39,045 metres),¬†where he was the first unaided human to break the sound barrier ¬†by free falling to earth (or is it the earth rushing up to meet him?). ¬†The speed of sound is around 750 mph/1207 kph depending on air pressure. Whilst this is fast by humans standards, it is incredibly slow to nature’s fastest speed, that of light.

The speed of light is measured at 186,000 miles, 300,000 kilometres per second, that is 671 million miles per hour/1080 million kilometres per hour- very large numbers to say the least!

Just to best exemplify the difference between speeds:

If space craft could  travel to the moon at 750 mph, the speed of sound   ( not really possible or recommended as it is far too slow and there is no sound barrier to break because space is near vacuum),  it would take approx 25 days to  reach lunar orbit .

The Apollo moon landers  and other space craft travelling to the moon average a speed of  17000 mph and take nearly three days to complete the journey.

The speed of light would take just over a second to reach the moon.

Currently science states that nothing in the universe can travel faster than the speed of light.

Light speed

Felix Baumgartner


Congratulations to Felix Baumgartner for his amazing fete!