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Blowing In The Wind (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019


Blowing In The Wind (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

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  • Genre: Romance, Youth, Adventure, Extreme Sport; Strong Female Lead
  • Date Release: 6 June 2019
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 28 Episodes



Episode 1

Li Feng is the vice president of her college mountaineering club.

The club has not been active for five years.

Xia Di was an alumnus of the university and had become a folk hero in the mountaineering club.

What they did not know was Xia Di was a troubled young man.  The death of one of their members during a climb had affected him mentally.  It made him feel so guilty that even five years on he was still getting nightmares and also suffers from acrophobia, fear of height.

The last thing he needed is to become reminded by being asked as the new coach of the current crop of climbers.

Li Feng did not know this at first and hounded Xia Di.  She gave him her mountain climbing scrapbook full of his photos.  She told him that he was the most important person in her life.

Episode 2

Xia Di pretended that he was amenable to become the coach for the mountaineering club but actually it was a front so he can get the hard drive which contained the videos of his group five years ago.

Li Feng was so happy thinking Xia Di was serious.  She quickly found out thought that he has acrophobia, fear of height.  She then got him a newly released form of visor that would help with his fear of heights.

Xia Di asked Li Feng for the hard drive but what she gave his was a SD card reader.  This annoyed him.

He wanted the hard drive so he could get rid the copies of memories which included the accidental death of his best friend and climbing buddy, Fan Yang.

In his annoyance, he refused the visor gift from Li Feng as well as ordering her to get out in the middle of a motorway leading to a tunnel.  He then drove off.

After driving for a few minutes, he had an attack of conscience and went back to where he left Li Feng.

Good thing too as she was harassed by a couple of men in a car.

He took Li Feng to have some ramen and he found himself intrigued by her.  So intrigued that he accepted the visor from her.

Meanwhile, Fan Lin, the sister of Fan Yang had become a permanent fixture in Xia Di’s life.  She was possessive of him and treated him as her personal property.  She even secretly installed a tracking device in his phone so she knew his whereabouts all the time.

She would appear almost every night at his apartment wanting to know what he had been up to.  She told him that she wanted to stay the night at his apartment but he ignored her implication of what she was saying, which annoyed her so much.

Episode 3

Xia Di came to the Mountaineering clubhouse first thing in the morning and asked for the hard drive.  As he was not allowed to take it out from the clubhouse, he used an ice axe to break the hard drive.  He then told Li Feng that he was not their coach anymore.

A group of hooligan footballers came to harass Li Feng for the clubhouse, they wanted it to make it their domain.

They threatened Li Feng, telling her that the mountaineering club did not even have a coach.

Suddenly Xia Di spoke telling them that he was the coach.

Meanwhile, Fan Ling had a meeting with a representative of an international company who would like to hire Xia Di.

The rep wanted to speak to Xia Di personally as they had been trying unsuccessfully to contact him.  Of course, he was a no-show as he was now training the mountaineering group.

The mountaineering group was in a bit of a dilemma because from begging Xia Di to be their coach there is another one that showed up.

He was Chen Li Yu, another of the mountaineering club member from five years ago. Chairman Sun had asked him to come back from America to coach the new batch of their alma mater.

Chairman Su’s company was sponsoring the club.

Episode 4

The mountaineering club had no coach and now they had two.  Li Feng and friends are trying to hide the fact that they had two coaches.

But not for long, because Xia Di went to the clubhouse to talk to the group and then in walked Li Yu and Chairman Sun.

Li Yu was happy to see Xia Di but quickly put two and two together and guessed that Xia Di was the coach of the group.  He then said that he was resigning as first come first serve and Xia Di was there first.

Xia Di said that he came to tender his resignation.

Now from two coaches, the group is back to no coach.

Fan Ling was almost demented with her attachment to Xia Di.  When she found out that he was involved in mountaineering, she absolutely went mental again.

Chairman Sun had it for Xia Di.  He was now trying to convince everybody that the death of Fan Yang was no accident and Xia Di was up to his neck on it.  He told Li Yu that he would like to have justice served to Xia Di.

The mountaineering group found out that someone intruded their club and took an envelope.  The culprit was captured by cctv but the resolution was so dark.

All they know was that the intruder was tall and so was Xia Di, who they began to suspect as he broke the hard drive.

Episode 5

Chairman Sun was able to convince Li Yu that Xia Di has guilty secret over the death of Fan Yang.  Li Yu did not waste any time to tell Fan Lin about this.  He told him that Xia Di had gotten hold of the evidence, which was a gofro.

Fan Lin was so annoyed with Li Yu and told him to go away.

She then went to Xia Di’s apartment drunk but not drunk enough because she was able to copy the folder from the GoPro sd card on the computer.

Episode 6

Fan Lin gave her Sd reader containing the GoPro folder to Li Yu as she can’t bear to look at it herself.

Li Yu opened it in front of Fan Lin and they clearly heard that the missing visor was given to Fan Lin by her brother as her birthday present.  Once and for all it cleared Xia Di of having anything to do with it.

This was not enough for Chairman Sun though, he was now thinking of another scenario that Fan Yang and Xia Di were competitors in a project.  They were architects.  Fan Yang’s eventual death meant that the project went Xia Di. Chairman Sun was now planting seeds of suspicion into both Fan Lin and Li Yu.

Meanwhile, Li Feng and her classmates received two demerits.  In order to rectify this, they had to compete in mountaineering activity above their level.

As both Chairman Sun and Li Yu were otherwise engaged, the team can’t get their approval signature.

Li Feng’s friend went to Xia Di and gave him papers to sign.  She gave him a sad story.  She also told Xia Di that Li Feng wanted a date to eat hotpot with him.  Xia Di sort of agreed.

The team forged Xia Di’s signature for their entry application.

Li Feng was told by her friend that Xia Di want to eat hotpot with her so she went to the restaurant and waited for him, waited and waited until the restaurant closed.

Xia Di was on his way to the restaurant when Fan Lin turned up very upset.  He had to tend with her until it got late.

When she finally left, Xia Di rushed to the restaurant but it was now closed.

Episode 7

It was the day of the competition.

Though Li Feng showed promised, she was still too inexperienced.  She ended up falling to the shock in front of her shocked and worried teammates.

Xia Di got a call while clothes shopping with Fan Lin.

He rushed to the hospital which upset Fan Lin.

Li Feng was taken to the hospital.  The prognosis was she was malnourish, and the oxygen level of her lungs was so low her body cannot take the extreme sport.

Xia Di was annoyed with the team for forging his signature.  He also told them that they played a dangerous game.  They were only on level 5 and yet they competed on level 12.

While Li Feng was in the hospital, Fan Lin came to check her out and made her aware that she was in a Xia Di’s girlfriend.

When Li Feng was discharged from the hospital, Fan Lin came to get her with Xia Di but Li Feng escaped to go home with her friend.

This upset Xia and took his annoyance with his staff in his architectural company.

Xia Di had decided to become the team’s official coach.

He started the team from the basic.

Episode 8

Xia Di is falling for Li Feng.

Li Feng’s best friend Xu Anni went on a blind date arranged by her parents because she got demerits from school.

They told her that she be better off married than flunking school.

Xu Anni can’t really refuse because her parents threatened to stop all her credit cards.

Xu Anni though begged Li Feng to go with her.  It so happened that Xu Anni’s blind date was Xia Di’s best friend who just moved in with him as it was apparently lonely to live alone.  He also brought someone with him and it was Xia Di.

Li Feng was not happy as she was still smarting from having stood her up and plus the fact that he was already Fan Lin or so she thought.

During the course of the evening, Li Feng found that she had so much in common with Xia Di’s friend.

Xia Di was jealous and ran off with Li Feng.   Xia Di asked her what was the matter and she told him that he already has Fan Lin.

Xia Di said that Fan Lin was his sibling nothing more.

This made Li Feng happy and they started dancing together.  They were so cute, lots of chemistry.

Meanwhile, Fan Lin had already noticed that Li Feng is more than just a team member of the mountaineering club to Xia Di,

So Fan Lin is trying to get close to Li Feng to be able to monitor her.  She even asked Li Feng to be an assistant to a project that she was currently involved in.  Fan Lin also told her that she was feeling nostalgic our mountaineering.

Li Feng had to invite her to join the club as an alumnus.

Li Yu and Sun Liming were in cahoot, they were trying to investigate Xia Di.

Episode 9

Xia Di got upset with Li Feng because she did not tell him in advance that Fan Lin had joined the club.

Li Feng also got upset because Xia Di got upset with her.  She was rather unreasonable in this episode.

Li Yu had also joined the club, Sun Liming said that it would be the best thing to honour the memory of Fan Yang, to help out new members and old members.

Episode 10

Li Feng’s love-life is the complete opposite of Xu Anni who was very forthright in getting what she wanted.  She kissed the boy and now officially her boyfriend.  Her parents would be pleased.

Li Feng on the other was blowing hot and cold with Xia Di.

She was so cold that she even sided with Li Yu rather with Xia Di.

Li Yu said that it was about time that they had a field training but Xia Di thought the team was not ready yet.  They had to create good stamina first.

They then went to Sun Liming to break the stalemate.  Liming said that Xia Di should devise a test to separate those who are ready from those who are still middling.

Episode 11

Li Feng had been overdoing it.  She trained rigurously, study and then she had to draw for Fan Ling.

Fan Ling had been requesting and would rush Li Feng to draw something for the project,  The drawing not actually needed because it had been finished.

Because of a lack of sleep and too much physical activity, Li Feng fainted while she was almost on top of the climbing wall.  She later developed a fever.

Xia Di heard what had been going on from Zu Anni.  He went to Fan Ling and told her never to call Li Feng anymore for any drawing.  If she needed anymore done, he will do it for her.

Fan Ling realised that Xia Di really cared for Li Feng.

Fan Ling confessed to Li Yu what she had been doing to Li Feng and admitted that she doesn’t like her.  But she begged Li Yu to explain to Xia Di that she did not mean to be hard on Li Feng.


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