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To Love, To Heal (Chinese Drama) Review

To Love, To Heal poster

Genre: Romance, Grief

Date Released: January 2018

CDrama: 40 Episodes


  • Jiang Chao as Zhang Zheng Lan
  • Li Sierra as Xiao Shui Guang
  • Pang Han Chen as Luo Zhi
  • Song Yi Xing as Lin Jia Jia
  • He Rui Xian as Jiang Yu Ru

The story is about a girl who comes to terms with the death of her boyfriend with the help of an arrogant young man who happens to be the president of Leiting games company.


To Love, To Heal (Chinese Drama) Review

Episode 1

The drama started with Shui Guang on the phone nagging her boyfriend to hurry up while he was driving.  Before you know it, him and his passenger were involved in a crash, where he died.  It seems there is some mystery yet to be revealed about her dead boyfriend.

The boyfriend’s family blamed her for his death.

Two years on, Shui Guang was just a shell of depression.  She is lacklustre and moving on an auto pilot.

She teaches kendo to children.

One day, while particularly distraught, she somehow hurt one of the young students, who happens to be the brother of the benefactor of their training school.

He was Zheng Lan, the president of a games company.  He was all for dismissing Shui Guang from her job but then he saw her.  She looked familiar and he was intrigued.

Episode 2

Untouchable Lovers (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Untouchable Lovers poster


Genre: Historical, Romance

Date Released: 2018

Drama: staggering 52 episodes! 🙂


  • Guan Xiaotong as Liu Chu Yu / Liu Chu Xiu / Zhu Que (The Princess)
  • Song Wei Long as Rong Zhi
  • Li Zonglin as Huo Cao (General Huo)
  • Zhao Lusi as Ma Xueyun (Rong Zhi’s concubine)
  • Wu Jiayi as Qing Yue (Princess maid & best friend)
  • Xu Kai as Shen Yu (Rong Zhi’s bodyguard)
  • Liu Zequn as Tian Rujing (Imperial Astrologer)
  • He Fengtian as Gu Huan (aka as the Pavillon master), doctor

Untouchable Lovers (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

I keep watching Chinese historical dramas and always hoping that it will have a happy ending.  I keep investing time, emotion and health 🙂 to these dramas only to cry buckets in the end because it usually ends in a Shakespearian tragedy.

Anyway, as I never learn though, here once again with full hope of a happy ending, I am going to plough in to episode 1 (watch this space!)

Episode 1

Tianji Tower is ruled by the despotic Liu Ziye.  He is only 16 years old and so immature that he is prone to violence and impulsive behaviour.  His people started plotting to dethrone him.  They schemed to get rid of the young’s emperor’s most beloved sister, Liu Chuyu by drowning her, and replaced her with an assassin, who was a doppelganger.

The ‘new’ sister then pretended that she had lost her memory.  She is being taken care of by a posse on 24 menke, led by Rong Zi.

(What is a menke?  Well apparently they were retainers, or like eunuch without the castration bit 🙂 but I think in modern times’ equivalent, they are like butlers or valet)

Episode 2

The princess is weeding out her menke.  Transferring those who are plotting against her and promoting some slimy ones away from her manor.  Rong Zi is surprised how more humanitarian and clever she is becoming.

He is beginning to suspect that she is a fake princess.

Episode 3

The princess went to the mountain of luvvies (artists).  She was in disguised as a man (oh yeah?).  She was told that a beautiful man should be pure and have a skin as white as snow, only then can he be called a dreamy fellow!  🙂 🙂 🙂 Metrosexuality obviously existed even in ancient times.

Episode 4

The princess had taken away all the power of management for her manor from Rong Zi. The only thing left for him to manage are the herbs, spices and royal medicine.

Apparently, the boy emperor suffers from bipolar disorder.  Only the smell of a concoction of certain herbs had a calming and soothing effect to the emperor.  The princess found out that Rong Zi had created the scent for her and that is why she can control the emperor.

Episode 5

The princess just found out that she was twin to the drowned Lui Chu Yu.  Apparently the previous emperor (their father) forced the queen to get rid of one of the twin sisters because of the astrologer’s pronouncement that one will bring havoc and chaos to the kingdom.

Episode 6

The Queen Dowager had died but she whispered something to the princess before she passed.

The princess heard from the boy emperor the reason why he turned out how he is.  He was treated like an animal by one of the old emperor’s consort/concubine.  He was tortured for a month.

As soon as he had grown a little bit, he strangled the concubine/noble lady and then killed his own father.

The princess did feel sympathy for her brother.  She realised how dysfunctional they are.  Brother killing brother, sister killing sister, uncle killing brother, etc to get to the power.

Episode 7

The most beautiful woman of the land offered herself to the princess, when she was disguised as a man.  The princess turned down the offer obviously 🙂 but she lost her upperhand over the land-owning luvvies as they thought that  HE (the princess pretending to be a man) was a sorry example of total manhood. 🙂

Episode 8

The Royal astrologer had gone awol and the princess with Rong Zi were looking for him.  They needed him to convince the superstitious boy emperor to tone down his violence.

Episode 9

All of the princess plans are coming to nought.  She has started thinking that there was someone out there who was purposely thwarting her every move.

Of course it was Rong Zi.  He is a spy.  However, he can’t help falling for the princess.

Episode 10

The princess’ surrogate sister/childhood friend and ladies maid, Fendai, entered the palace as a concubine to the boy emperor.  She plotted to kill him as the princess was unable to carry their mission to assassinate him.

Unfortunately for Fendai, her plan went awry and got herself killed instead.  The princess was desolate as she had to carry out the final whipping that eventually killed Fendai.

Episode 11

The boy emperor found out that the princess uses the scented herbs to calm him down and he felt betrayed by the princess.  He told her that she will be under guard from now on.

Episode 12

Rong Zi is very ill so the princess helped him escape the manor to get treatment.

She has the opportunity to kill the boy emperor.  Will she take it?

Episode 13

The boy emperor is dead and replaced by the pig prince uncle, who was as nasty.

The princess confessed to Rong Zhi but turned down. She bravely said that since he doesn’t like her then she would stopped liking him as well.

She then said that they will part ways and hope never to meet again.

This was actually a lovely scene.

Episode 14

Rong Zhi had a change of heart.  He wanted the princess afterall.  This time he was rebuffed.  The princess intimated that they are like ships in the night; their moment had passed.

Episode 15

Rong Zhi was about to kill the pig prince/emperor when the royal astrologer intervened.  Rong Zhi was further halted by the appearance of the princess taken as a prisoner by Hua Cuo, who was once Rong Zhi friend but now turned foe.

Episode 16

You lan, the one remaining ladies maid of the princess, betrayed her.

Rong Zhi had plunged to his ‘death’ in a cliff.  But is he really dead? 🙂

It turned out everyone is in love with the princess.  She is Helen of Troy.  She is the face that caused a thousand deaths.  🙂

Rong Zhi is not dead but an insect got to his brain and ate his memory.  LOL

The princess thinking that Rong Zhi was dead was absolutely devastated.  She is now being taken cared of by the Imperial astrologer, who had developed a feelings towards her.

Episode 17

Rong Zhi is now back in the Northern Wei and had asked a minister’s daughter to marry him.  But there is another woman on the scene.  A fighting machine called General Hao.  She was also fond of Rong Zhi, She said that Rong Zhi can marry as many women as he likes but he had to promised that he would only stand side by side in battlefield with her.

Episode 18

Wow! Rong Zhi married both Ma Xueyun and the princess (who has lost her memory).  Rong Zhi is now the regent and therefore it was left to him to forge the alliance between Songs of Tianji Towers and the Weis.  But he had already promised to marry the minister’s daughter, Xueyun.

Rong Zhi spent the first night (wedding night) with Xueyun.

The princess is all together different from before.  She is more playful and don’t give a damn.

The Weis think she is a bit uncouth and therefore they have been teaching her etiquette and manners like in the proper way of drinking tea.

Your hands must not be higher than your nose.

Despite having no memory of each other, Rong Zhi and the Princess have subtle flirting.

Episode 19

Northern Wei do not have money to compensate the citizens suffering from flooding and to pay the soldiers.  It was left to Rong Zhi to think of a plan to pay the soldiers without increasing taxes.

Xueyun and the princess do not get on.  Xueyun plays at being a pure and innocent little beauty but she is bullying the princess in small ways.  Of course the princess in having none of it. 🙂

Episode 20

The princess has been framed as the one who caused the poisoning of the young 8th prince.  This episode touched on migration and how immigrants are treated. 🙂

Episode 21

The stolen military provisions have been found hidden at the temple.  The Pavillon master was behind the theft.

Xueyun is pregnant but she is really too weak to carry a child.

The episode ended cutely.  Rong Zhi wanted to sleep with the princess.  He meant it literally.  He slept soundly. 🙂

Episode 22

Due to Rong Zhi sleeping at the Regent’s consort, Xueyun framed the princess for trying to poison her.  Because of the poisoning she can’t carry the baby full term.  It was Rong Zhi who spoon-fed Xueyun the abortion soup and in essence he ‘killed’ his first child.

Episode 23

The highlight of this episode is the sword dance by Rong Zhi.  Gorgeous!!! 🙂

Episode 24

Rong Zhi is very sick, someone tried to poison him.  The assailant run into the manor of Prince Kang.

Episode 25

Rong Zhi is still very ill and Xueyun had to beg the princess to allow her to look after him.  Rong Zhi however s slowly removing himself from her.

The love story between Shen Yu, the prince regent’s bodyguard, with Larou, the princess ladies’maid, is slowly unfolding.

The princess has become a patron of an orphanage and she had been pawning her jades.

Episode 26

Rong Zhi is recuperating slowly but strong enough to play budaqiu, a sort of polo without the horse, with a team including the princess.  It was quite an exciting game.  Rong Zhi did a Beckham kick and won the game for the team.

Episode 27

Xueyun arranged someone to bring a philter scent dish to prevent insect flying around the princess. But the scent is poisonous.  It was lucky Rong Zhi was there to save the day.

Rong Zhi finally realised how far Xueyun can go with her jealousy.

Also Huo Cao almost got assassinated.  She was stabbed with poisoned blade luckily Guan ho was a doctor and saved her.  He was the masked Pavillon Master and new love interest for Huo Cao.

Rong Zhi is ill again.

Episode 28

Xueyun came in with a bowl of medicine soup.  Rong Zhi found it to taste rather weird.  Xueyun then said that it has meat.  Meat from her arms.  yukkkk

While the princess was giving an impassioned speech during a festival to Buddha, the lamps and lanterns burst into flames.

With other issues such as the Songs haivng attack people from Wei, it was deemed that the princess is a spy and sentence to 10 days imprisonment and then beheaded  for her blood to be offered to the heavens to appeased the Buddha.

Episode 29

The princess has also been blamed for the murder of the high priest.

She is about to be beheaded.

Episode 30

Awww The princess and General Huo had a drunken sisterhood bonding.  It was so cute.  While still inebriated, the princess confessed to Rong Zhi, who gave her a tight hug.

So sweet.

Towards the end of the episode, the princess was abducted by the nephew of the Pavillon master.

Episode 31

Xueyun spread the news that the princess was raped by the abductor.  Rong Zhi was so annoyed, he told her he doesn’t want anything to do with her anymore.

In revenge for the treatment of his daughter, Minister Ma humiliated Rong Zhi during an audience with the emperor.

Episode 32

Rong Zhi and the princess are more understanding towards each other.

Episode 33

Rong Zhi and the princess are back being cold to each other after the Daughter festival.

Episode 34

The princess was suspected, again, as a spy.  Prince Kang found evidence that she was sending information via the floating light during the daughter festival.

Episode 35

The princess was bored so she dragged Qing Yue to the temple festival.  She then instructed Shen Yu to advise Rong Zhi that she has gone missing.   This move actually was a good one as Rong Zhi saved her from a falling structure.

Episode 36

Xueyun consulted an doctor outside the palace because she has now started to spit blood. She doesn’t want the palace to know how gravely ill she is.

She asked Rong Zhi to hug her but he refused.  She was upset and humiliated.

She plotted to kill the princess before she dies.  She took the princess to the tower after giving her, through the leaf cards they were playing a bone softening powder.

But at the last minute Xueyun plunged into her own death but making sure that the princess gets the blame for her death.

Episode 37

The princess was arrested and tried.  She was forced to sign a confession after her friend and maid, Qing Yue was tortured by the officials.  She will be executed on the day of the funeral of Xueyun.

Episode 38

The princess is going to be executed and the person tasked to do was Rong Zhi. Cut off her chains rather than her throat. Awww

The Imperial astrologer was also present, ready to stop time, so you know that the princess will not die.  (actually you know she won’t die as there are still the rest of the 56 episodes to go 😉 lol)

Rudimentary forensic was done by the doctor and proved that Xueyun killed herself.

Episode 45

General Hua won in the competition against the princess to become the one true Princess Regent.

Episode 46

Rong Zhi told the princess that he will always protect her.  He then turned down General Huo as his princess regent.  He said that they are so much alike that too full on that they would be like two porcupines rubbing against each other.

That is not the end on his women’s trouble.  Upon entering his man cave, another concubine, naked, was waiting for him in his bed.  Apparently she was a gift from the king!

Episode 47

General Huo resigned from her post but the king won’t accept it.  His ministers concocted some embezzlement to force her to stay.  And more heartbreaking was that her right-hand man, Wang Ze, completely betrayed her saying that she misappropriated a fund of 300,000.

Wang Ze did redeem himself in the end by dying to save her.

This is the best episode yet.  It is reminiscent of Kill Bill.  The fighting scene was amazing.  The lone female general against all the soldiers.

Episode 48

Rong Zhi saved General Huo from a massacre but in the end they parted ways as frenemies, which saddened them both but can’t be helped.

The new concubine continues to seduce Rong Zhi but he was just not interested.  But she was persistent that Rong Zhi literally throttled her 🙂

Rong Zhi went to the princess for a bit of comfort but she snubbed him dead.  She was still upset when she heard that he was busy in bed with the new concubine.  She did not wait long enough to find that he was indeed busy in bed bundling the concubine to throw her out of his manor. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Episode 49

The Guiran, the king’s concubine is not the innocent, warmhearted woman she purported to be.  She has a hidden agenda.  She is mentally influencing the king with his decisions, which are going against their laws and traditions.

The princess has decided to leave the palace at whatever means.

Episode 50

Rong Zhi had gone against the king that he had been confined to the manor.  He is miserable not because of his confinement but of the princess lack of attention and coldness towards him.

The princess asked for the new concubine’s help of getting a drug that would induce deep sleep.

She used this on Rong Zhi and she scape the palace.

General Huo married Gu Huan.  They live a simple life but she often misses what goes on with the people she knew especially her clan.

Gu huan encouraged her to visit but it all ended up in a chaos of fighting which resulted in her loosing her baby.

The episode ended with Rong Zhi having found the princess.  He told her that the Songs married her of to the Weis  to unify the clans was all a ruse. And she saw her clan ready to battle the Weis.

Episode 51

This episode is quite an exciting one.

It saw the death of many main characters led by General Huo with Gu huan.  They had a violent but tender 🙂 ‘Romeo & Juliet’ kind of demise.  They died together promising to be together as married couple through eternity.

The king of Wei is more paranoid than ever.  He wanted Rong Zhi dead.  Instead if feeling indebted to Rong Zhi for saving and protecting Northern Wei, the king is afraid that Rong Zhi is becoming more popular and powerful. The king’s army follow Rong Zhi’s lead.

The Princess returned to Song and was used as a bait to get Rong Zhi to come to Tianji Tower.  Their assassination against Rong Zhi failed.  He rode off with the princess but he got hit by an arrow.

The fighting scenes are well executed.  Exciting to watch.  I have really enjoyed this drama.

Episode 52

Abrupt ending but a happy one.

Rong Zi is living happily with the Princess away from Wei palace.

The Wei king had died and his young son with Guiran is now the young king under the care of the Queen Dowager.



Face Off (Chinese Drama)

Face Off Poster byShenzhen TV / IQIYi

Face Off (Chinese Drama)

Woah, another Chinese drama.

I have seen this drama advertised a good few months ago but have not watched it until now.  I am sure you have noticed the amount of Chinese dramas that I have yet to continue summarising.

I did not want another one to be part of that statistic 🙂 ho ho ho  So I waited for all most of the episodes to be subbed before delving into it. I think it is safe now because there are 23 out of 42, which have been translated in English.  So watch this space.

Genre:  Romance


  • Zhang Dan Feng as Wang Yi
  • Tan Song Yun as Chen Zhen
  • Ying Hao Ming as Wang Xiao
  • Dai Chao (代超) as Song Qian Jin
  • Yang Miao (杨淼) as Peng Mei Li
  • Zhang Han (张晗) as Zheng Xian Zi
  • A Nan (阿楠) as Lei Zi Fan
  • Hu Cai Hong (胡彩虹) as Xia Min Zhi
  • Wang Yu (王嵛) as Sha Tian
  • Zhou Zi Yan (周梓言) as Shen Yun

Apparently this drama is about make-up and how a good make-up artist can make someone looks entirely different.

Episode 1

Chen Zhen played by Tan Song Yun of My Mr Mermaid is a bit of a dreamer. She has this complex of wanting to be a superhero.

Unfortunately she is one of life downtrodden.  She works a a sales clerk in a beauty counter in a huge department store.  As a clerk, they have a quote of sale each day, unfortunately for her she is too honest to push forward the products.  She would advice customers to get a good night sleep, procure Chinese medicine or go for plastic surgery for a more immediate results.  🙂

One day, in a doldrum she noticed a man on the rooftop.  She went to him immediately to convince him not to commit suicide,  It turned out he was the general manager and she made him laugh.

Wang Yi (Zhang Dan Feng) is a leading prosthetic make-up artist, who was tasked to produced a stunning but unique fashion show.  The show was indeed fantastical and yet so real that there was audience participation.

Chen Zhen and her friend Qian Jin climb up the stage to help the leading supermodel being attack.  It was later found out that it was all part of the show.

Chen Zhen was being berated by the store manager for almost ruining the show but Wang Yi (aka as Master Ian) was there to say that the two did not ruin the say but actually it was the reaction he wanted to get.

Chen Zhen got fired anyway by her boss.

Episode 2

Long Ri Yi, You Are (Dead Dragon Day, You’re Dead )

Long Ri Yi, You Are (Dead Dragon Day, You’re Dead )

I have to admit this drama is hard to review and even harder to give a recap or summary.  The reason is because is not subtitled.  Can’t understand what they were saying.

But watching it based solely on actions, I had that feeling at the start of the drama that it has similarities to the Japanese drama, Hana Yori Dango where the gorgeous elite of the school bait and torture the poor lead girl.

The similarities though ended pretty soon.  The male lead is not as bad as Domyouji Tsukasa of Hana Yori Dongo or Go Jun-Pyo of Boys Over Flowers.

Long Ri Yi is the devil at school.  He does whatever he wants.  His bad boy attitude only made him more popular with the girls.

Zhang Jingmei is an honour student who transferred to Ri Yi’s school.

On her first day, she witnessed one of the girls seeming to about to jump off the rooftop of the school building.

But as soon as Ri Yi arrived in his sports car, the girl came down running to Ri YI.  Ri Yi pushed her to the ground which annoyed Jingmei.  No one gets annoyed or shows annoyance with Ri Yi.  They are not allowed.

Ri Yi noticed her then.  And before she knew what had hit her, Jingmei had signed a slave contract with Ri Yi.  To be fair, Ri Yi protected her from the jealousy and envy of the mean girls of the school.

Jingmei also ended up tutoring Ri Yi.

I really, really wish someone would add English subtitle to this drama.

It is so cute.

And apparently there is a season two in the offing.






Pretty Man – Chinese Drama Review & Summary

Pretty Man – Chinese Drama Review & Summary

Genre:  Youth, School, Romance, Family

Released Date: 2018

Chinese Drama:  Based on a novel, which made into a webtoon.  This drama is 28 episodes


  • Li Sierra as Qiao An Hao
  • Xiong Dylan as Lu Jin Nian
  • Yu Yi Jie as Jia Mu
  • Xiong Wen Wen as Qiao An Yi
  • Tien Hsin as the evil stepmom, Han Ru Chu


I have been watching this drama, though only the first episode is subtitled in English, so far.

Based from what I have seen on the first episode, this would be another brilliant drama, starring My Mr Mermaid lead actor, Xiong Dylan  as Lu Jin Nian.

The lead girl is played by Li Sierra.  She is Qiao An Hao who comes from an affluent family, whilst Jin Nian was a self-supporting student.

The drama started on the present day.  Lu Jin Nian is now a president of his own lucrative movie company and An Hao is a bit actress.

It then showed that they are in a relationship, though rather a complicated one.

There was a wedding photo at An Hao’s apartment.  She was setting the table for two when there was a knock on the door and here comes Jin Nian.  The atmosphere was rather awkward though it ended in bed but Jin Nian intoning an apology to the absent Jia Mu.

Then back to the past…

The two young protagonists first met one rainy day.  An Hao stared at the very pretty boy, Lu Jin Nian, who ignored her.  Seeing that he was not interested in any friendly chatter, An Hao transferred her attention to a snail in the rain, she held a leaf over the snail to protect it from the rain.  This somehow captivated the rather remote Jin Nian.  Upon noticing that An Hao’s dress is stained with blood from her menstruation, he covered her with his jacket and then quickly cycled off.

The next time they met was when she was with Jia Mu (played by Xu Yi Jie).

Jia Mu, it seems, is Jin Nian half-brother.  They share the same father.

Jia Mu lives in the mansion with his mother and father.  Jin Nian on the other hand support himself; his mother had passed away.

Though he can’t forgive his father for abandoning them and letting his mother die in utter poverty, he gets on with the warm-hearted Jia Mu.

I hope the next few episodes are to be subbed soon.  Subbers out there, please translate the episodes into English.

Episode 4

It is An Hao’s birthday celebration where Jin Nian was invited.  He gave a silver necklace which an inscription of SHMILY.

Yep, I googled what it meant.  It is an acronym of See How Much I Love You.  Did you know?  🙂

Their sweet interlude was cut short by the evil stepmom.  He denigrated him by saying he was not good enough for An Hao being an illegitimate child.

Episode 5.






Major Spoiler Alert

Episode 28

After so many misunderstandings between the couple, they have finally reconciled.  Awww

Aughhhh pain

Yep it did not last long their lovey doviness as it ended with them having a literally a mother of all disappointments.

It turned out that An Hao killed his mother.  LOL

In a sephia scene in the last 3 minutes of the finale, young girl An Hao is seen delivering a bottle of milk to Jin Nian’s house.

It was the milk that killed his mother.  What?

I know right?

Obviously there will be another series for this drama to reconcile the lovebirds?  Can Jin Nian find it in his heart to forgive and forget that An Hao was instrumental in the death of his beloved mother?!!!

I Cannot Hug You; Touch Me 无法拥抱的你 Chinese Drama Review

I Cannot Hug You; Touch Me 无法拥抱的你 Chinese Drama Review

I started watching this drama last night and I must admit I was hooked immediately. Probably it was because it starts rather familiar Chinese actors. Zhang Yuxi from Dear Prince, Zhing Zhaolin from Eternal Love and the cute Dai Jing Yao from the recently finished drama The Big Boss.

Apparently this drama was based from a Korean webtoon UnTouchable, which is about a modern day vampire story.  Gone are the days when vampire suck the blood out of human.  They are more cultured now, they get their energy from simply touching a human.  Human exude their own distinct ‘touch taste’.


  • Xing Zhao Lin as Jiang Zhi Hao
  • Zhang Yu Xi as Li Shi Ya
  • Dai Jing Yao as Xin Ba
  • Xin Rui Qi as Xu Qing Ran
  • Xu Kai Cheng as Cui Jun He
  • Gao Junjie
  • Wang Ruo Xue as Li Lan Xi
  • Kele Sun as Yin Shi Huan

Our heroine Li Shi ya (Zhang Yuxi) is a 21st century vampire. She is a celebrity, a model.  She is a bit capricious who ran away from home thinking that her father, who is also a vampire, is much too controlling.

She was out buying magazines one day when she bumped into Jiang Zhi Hao, the male lead, who suffers from OCD in the form of being germaphobic.  Anyway Li Shi ya accidentally touched Zhi Hao’s hand and they had an immediate connection.  She found his touch tasty or delicious while Zhi Hao was confused and does not trust Li shi ya, so much so that he accused her of being a stalker and perverted at that.

By sheer coincidence the flat Li Shi ya had just rented was next door to Zhi Hao, who again accused her of being a stalker.

One day a delivery meant for Jiang Zhi Hao was mistakenly drop off at Li Shi Ya address.  When Li Shi Ya tried to bring the package next door, Zhi Hao refuses it and told her to keep it.

A few days later Zhi Hao asked Li Shi Ya to give him back the package but Li Shi Ya said there are conditions before she hands it over.

And this is the start of their awkward interaction.  In the background is Xin Ba, another vampire, who is a popular pop star.  He had been in-love with Li Shi Ya since they were kids.


Love of Aurora (Chinese Drama Review)

Love of Aurora (Chinese Drama Review)


Love of Aurora is a modern drama romance which will be made up of 50 episodes and directed by Liu Bo.

I love the leading girl in this because she was so cute in that 2016 drama, Hello, Mr Right with Korean actor, Lee Dong Gun


Ma Ke as Li Jun Tai

Guan Xiao Tong as Han Zing Xi

Zhang Xiao Long as Li Ming Zi

Zhao Han Ying Zi as He Jin Wen

Ma He as Lei Yuan Yuan

Zhu Xiao Peng as He Hua Hao


It started rather dramatically.  Our heroine, Han Zing Xi was being chased by a man in suit.  While she was running she got hit by a car and later woke up with psychogenic amnesia.  Apparently this is a way for the brain to cope with unbearable traumatic memory.

The synopsis of the story is about a girl who is an actress with extra-ordinary talent who meets an heir to a large fortune but running away from responsibility and a very strict parents.


Han Zing Xi and Li Jun Tai first met in America.

Li Jun Tai is a troubled boy, who is rebelling from a very powerful, super-rich controlling grandfather.

Han Zing Xi on the other hand comes from a poor family.  Her mother is currently in the hospital for brain clot or something.  She needed operation ASAP but there was no money, therefore Zing Xi had to scrabble for any work that she could have.

Fortunately for Han Zing Xi, she met Jun Tai once again.  He felt sorry for her so he hired her to be his personal assistant.

Jun Tai had a bet with his wily grandfather that if he wins, he gets control of his life, i.e. he doesn’t have to honour an arranged marriage as well as he can do whatever business he wants to engage in.

Jun Tai has only a full brother he respect.  This brother is Li Ming Zi, who is under the control of their grandfather.  So he is often torn between the grandfather and his hyperactive brother.

Li Ming Zi is submissive to the grandfather and he had been tasked to make the marriage between Jun Tai and Jing Wen to happen, otherwise he will be banished to America to manage a subsidiary branch rather than becoming the CEO of the head office in mainland China.

Jun Tai and Zing Xi ended up living together in secret.  This was so cute.  It is all platonic of course, well for now!

It is now the start of the competition for the SuperPower contest. At the last minute Jun Tai chose Zing Xi as part of his team.

Miraculously, a foundation was created to pay for Zing Xi’s mother’s hospitalisation.  Of course it was all due to Jun Tai through his brother Ming Zi.

During a training session, Jun Tai and Zing Xi were purposely locked in the training room by a wicked contestant.

This episode is really stupid.  they were obviously locked in and the guard had to use a wire cutter and yet he ended up telling them off for staying in the room.

They then become a subject of titillation in social media.

A Love So Beautiful (Chinese Drama Review)

Jiang Chen (Hu Ti Yian) & Chen Xiao Xi (Shen Yue)

A Love So Beautiful (Chinese Drama Review)

  • Genre: Romance, First Love, School, Youth, Comedy, Drama, WebDrama
  • Based on a novel ‘To Our Pure Little Beauty’ by Zhao Gan Gan
  • Released Date: 2017
  • CDrama: 23 Episode + 1 Bonus (Episode 24)
  • Cast:

This is such a cute drama.  I have seen all the episodes literally hundreds of times both in the raw and subtitled forms.  Despite the language barrier (can’t understand Chinese), I still found the drama quite engaging.  Probably because of the script is well developed plus the fact that the cast is beautiful and handsome.  Most of them are newbies, new to the business, which is amazing in itself as they do deliver fine acting.  When you have a good line-up of actors, it is usually hard to go wrong.

Actually this drama should come with a warning!  HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. 

I love the main girl, Chen Xiao Xi.  She’s so lovely, full of vim.  She knows what she wants and goes for it.  At the age of 16 she wanted Jiang Chen, the genius & proud boy of her class.

This drama spans 19 years of their sweetly innocent romantic life.  Based from the trailers of forthcoming episodes, it will not be all roses all the way through; there are a lot of angst and drama.  But having said that,it is predominantly cute scenes that will leave you gooeyly mesmerised!

This drama has been liken to the Japanese Itazura Na Kiss, which is I supposed has the same formula where arrogant genius boy meets scatty girl.  The difference, I think, which I prefer is that in A Love So Beautiful, the viewers are given a chance to know that the genius boy has really fallen for the girl almost from the beginning.  We see him becoming jealous and doing thousands of different ways to show the viewers how much he cares for the girl.  The subtle smile, the widening and furrowing of his eyes, glowering, grimacing, secretly grinning, his facial expressions are so sweet.

There are apparently 23 episodes and a bonus extra episode at the end.

By the way, it can be hard to wait for Chinese dramas to be subbed in English, which is rather frustrating sometimes especially when the drama is deemed to be good. I would like, therefore, to thank some hard-working youtube subbers (most of them hold full time jobs and being students), who do subtitling in their spare time with no monetary rewards whatsoever. If I had been the Queen of England, I would have given them MBEs for services rendered to society.  LOL  Since I am not the queen, I would like to thank them with all my heart instead for subbing this excellent drama.  I would also like to encourage you to subscribe to their channels to show appreciation.


Episode 24:

This episode is really a standalone one.  I would say it is a prologue to the whole drama.  Therefore, if you wanted to watch this drama again or just about to start this addictive series, I am seriously recommending that you start with episode 24 first.

This actually introduces the cute Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen.  It is  very short at less than half hour.

Standout:  Xiao Xi trying out for the SuperGirl talent show believing that it was Jiang Chen favourite show.  LOL


Episode 1 Dear Jiang Chen

Chen Xiao Xi was shown reminiscing,  She said that the most important thing in her life is drawing… and drawing, this was at present time 2017.  But back then (2005),it was a boy called Jiang Chen.

It all started in 2005 when she was16 and enrolled in Chen Xi Middle School.

Chen Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen grew up together in the same neighbourhood, in fact the same apartment complex.

(They went to the same kindergarten, primary school, junior school, high school and university.)

Chen Xiao Xi was without any qualms in pursuing Jiang Chen.  She told him she liked him in which he replied “I don’t like you.”  This hardly made Chen Xiao Xi stopped on her track.  In fact she persevered and researched the internet how to make someone like you back.  So funny.  love it.

Back then, sending love letters was still the norm.  🙂  Xiao Xi sent a love letter to Jiang Chen, ergo the the title of this episode.

I love the characters.  Chen Xiao Xi is a least a foot shorter than Jiang Chen but somehow they looks so cute together.  Even from the beginning, their chemistry was apparent.

Episode 2 Can You Find Me

This episode also strengthen the growing bond between Xiao Xi, Jiang Chen, Bo Song, Lu Yang & Lin Jing Xiao.

(I don’t know but I thought there was no real chemistry between Lu Yang and Jing Xiao, but there is this sexual tension between Bo Song and Jing Xiao.  I felt it and saw it.  LOL)

This is a story about children and parents.  Being filial.  Appreciate your parents while you still can.  This episode also gives a background why Jiang Chen is a bit of a loner or having a rather cold demeanour.  He was very young when he lost his father and for some apparent reason her mother and younger brother were living in another city, where his mom works.

And one of his memories regarding his father was when he was 7 years old.  He accidentally made his little brother fall over and gets hurt and cries.  He was so upset that he run away.  It took ages for his father to come along and find him, he felt they did not value him until his father took him in a noodle restaurant for a father-son bonding.

Standout:  He started seeing Xiao Xi in a new light.

Episode 3

This episode is about Chen Xiao Xi wanting to be the class monitor.  She would have been the clear winner if Jiang Chen had voted for her instead of Li Wei.  He was convinced that she lacks the attitude and character to be an able class monitor.  She was so annoyed she kicked Jiang Chen in the shin.  Ouch!

(It was revealed that the real reason Jiang Chen did not vote for Xiao Xi was that he got jealous watching Xiao Xi and Bo Song practising her candidate speech by running around in the playing field of the school.)

She tied with Li Wei and temporary they were the two class monitors.

In the end Jiang Chen told her that she made a good class monitor despite misplacing the class fee monies.

The 5 main characters were such a hoot in this episode.  Bo Song is delightfully helpful but clueless.  He’s adorable.

Standout: Bo Sung encouraging Xiao Xi to be more confident by shouting and running around in the playing field.

Episode 4 Run With The Wind, Towards Freedom

It was going to be Jiang Chen’s birthday and Xiao Xi wanted to give him a present but she lacks funds.  Previously she does not want to participate in their sports day but because the prize would be a watch, she steeled herself to do the hurdle.  It was rather hilarious given that she has short legs.  LOL.  Bo Song once again was there to help her.  Running along with her in the track in a mascot costume.

Stand-out scene was in the bookshop where Xiao Xi was reading a comic mag giggling to herself which captivated Jiang Chen.  So cute

Episode 5

This episode is about a drama competition.  It was hilarious.  Shen Yue is such a good actress for a newbie.  She made Xiao Xi so adorable, so human and so funny.

Xiao Xi did everything she could to convince Jiang Chen to be part of her drama team and play Erkang.  But in the end the homeroom teacher assigned the top students(  in which Xiao Xi is not part of) to bond together and create a drama.

Jiang Chen is beginning to show serious jealousy between the comfortable friendship of Xiao Xi and Bo Song.  So much so that at the end of the drama, instead of comforting the aggrieved and humiliated Xiao Xi (she ruined the drama for all as she stumbled towards the set, making it to collapse), Jiang Chen showed annoyance because Xiao Xi and Bo Song were wearing a couple-t-shirt. Awwww

Jing Xiao developed a major crush on Teacher Li, the school doctor.

Highlight: Xiao Xi trying to reach a book on the top shelf.  Then came Jiang Chen, who was seemingly prepared to help but put the book even more out of reach. Awww moment 🙂

Episode 6

Xiao Xi is doing badly at school, so her parents mooted the idea of transferring her to a stricter school.  But of course Jiang Chen was there to tell her not to transfer.  She then promised her parents that she will be in the top 15.  Everyone thought that was impossible.  But then again Jiang Chen was her personal tutor.  She got to top 13.  Awww.

Episode 7 2 Days and 1 Night

This is a rather hectic episode.  Xiao Xi thinking that Jiang Chen would like her better if she appears to be more vulnerable just like Li Wei, over-dramatised her parents domestic spat.  She was told off by Jiang Cheng for making things up.

But it seems there might be cause for concern as Xiao Xi saw her father on a ‘date’ with another woman.  She went home crying for real much to the surprise of Jiang Chen, who became so concerned.

Standout scene:  Xiao Xi crying using the sleeves of Jiang Chen tracksuit.  Btw, it was all a misunderstanding.  Xiao Xi’s dad is a devoted husband and father.

Also in this episode,  Lu Yang won a scammish contest in which the prize was a 2 days-1 night get away in the suburb.

During the away night, they played pen deity, much iike the ouija board.  Jiang Chen was rather curious what Xiao Xi asked the pen deity.  Xiao Xi said she was too embarrassed to ask whether Jiang Chen would ever like her.  She doesn’t want to know that Jiang Chen would never like her as her love will be a useless miserable one and therefore she would have no choice but to stop liking him.  Jiang Chen was rather touched.

The drama ended with Bo Song winning during the swimming competition.  When asked during the interview by the press what was his motivation for winning the gold, Bo Song gently pulled Xiao Xi towards him and said “Because of her” much to Jiang Chen’s shock and jealousy 🙂

Episode 8

While in the bookstore some girls were saying loudly that Xiao Xi was Wo Bo Song’s girlfriend but she  is not good enough.  Xiao Xi can’t take this without saying anything so she said she was good enough which was heard by Jiang Chen, who was on a jealous mode.

It’s Xiao Xi’s birthday.  Everyone knew that she wanted to see Manchester United play (in China) with Jiang Chen, who was an avid supporter, but she can’t afford the tickets also it was hard to get them.  Bo Song put a feeler amongst his sporty friends about how to get tickets.  On her birthday, she got the tickets for the game from her father.

Unfortunately the tickets were fake but all the same she enjoyed being with Jiang Chen.  It was so sad to see Bo Song throwing away the tickets as he watched Jiang Chen and Xiao Xi having a giggly time.

Standout scene:  Xiao Xi doing her blackboard drawings when she saw Jiang Chen standing rather like a stalker in a horror film, which frighten her so much that she stumbled straight into Bo Song’s arms.  Jiang Chen was really upset.  When Xiao Xi tried to give her prized Manchester United t-shirt, allegedly signed by Wayne Rooney, Jiang Chen would not accept it without paying her for it.  She was enraged, she threw back the money at him. She also said she’ll stop liking him.

Episode 9

This episode is cuteness overload.  Jiang Chen and Xiao Xi riding the same bike together is just the cutest!  It is a bit sad though for the second male lead.  He is rather adorable in his own way, he was really overtly devoted to Xiao Xi.  He was always on her side whenever he can.

The main topic of this episode is joining the class debating team.  It was hilarious when Xiao Xi tried to get info from Bo Song about his struggles in his swimming sporting life.  Despite the interview, Xiao Xi was making things up as she goes along.  She would have been perfect as a tabloid journalist!  LOL

Jiang Chen was in full jealousy mode that he was actually rather nasty to our already upset Xiao Xi.

Episode 10

This one is about Avian flu.  Of course Xiao Xi would be one of those suspected of contracting bird flu.

But it was false alarm.  It was just a simple cold and no outbreak of bird flu in their school.

Episode 11

This is rather sweet.  Finally Jiang Chen is showing a romantic interest in Xiao Xi.

It was nearing Christmas and about gift giving.  The girls were frantically knitting scarves, hats and gloves for their crushes.  Of course Xiao Xi can’t knit.  Instead it was Jiang Chen, who gave her his scarf when it was snowing.  So sweet.

Standout: Jiang Chen wrapping his scarf on Xiao Xi.  He pulled the scarf over her face. 🙂

Episode 12,

Their class was going on a field trip.  During the trip Xiao Xi and her friends prepared for her confession again to Jiang Chen.  They brought fireworks with them which they would light up during the romantic confession.

Unfortunately another girl, Li Wei, was confessing to Jiang Chen when the fireworks burst into a myriad of colours. Xiao Xi witnessed Jiang Chen hugging the girl. Thank goodness Wo Bu Song(second male lead) was there to take the crying Xiao Xi away from the scene.

I have to say that Jiang Chen is rather frustratingly annoying sometimes.  He knew how much Xiao Xi is aching to be his girlfriend and chase him at every available moment  and yet Jiang Chen is toying with her by not discouraging the other girl, Li Wei.

Episode 13

This episode is the aftermath of the aborted confession by Xiao Xi to Jiang Chen.  It was lovely that her friends were there to support her.  Wo Bu Song was there all the way through her heartache; giving her a shoulder to cry on, which only made Jiang Chen lonelier because he actually misses the bubbly Xiao Xi who was always on his face and then suddenly avoiding him like the plague.

To be fair to him, he did do everything to make amends.  And at the end of the episode, he explain to Xiao Xi that what happened with Li Wei was not what it seemed.  This episode also showed that Li Wei was caught cheating in their English exam, which meant an expulsion from the school.

Episode 14

This is the episode where there was that cute hair tucking behind Xiao Xi’s ear using a pen by Jiang Chen.  Xiao Xi said that she will not ask ever again what was going on with Li Wei but she ask Jiang Chen not to hang out with Li Wei.

Jiang Chen can’t respond to such request.  So their estrangement continues on.

Li Wei was caught cheating at the exam. She became depressed that she even thought of jumping from the rooftop of their school building.

Because of her mild depression, Teacher Li prescribed Diazepam drug to Li Wei.  When she’s used up all the tablets, she got more drugs from the school clinic without prescription or permission.

Unfortunately for the handsome doctor, the object of Ling Jing Xiao’s crush, became the scapegoat and got fired.  Before he left he saved the life of Li Shu, who got very very upset after finding out that Ling Jing Xiao is crazy about the doctor.  Li Shu ended up in the hospital due to his congenital heart problem.

By the end of this episode, Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen are back at their most flirtatious. 🙂

Episode 15

Bo Song’s dad asked Xiao Xi to cheer Bo Song up, who has a more complicated injury to his shoulder, thus will not be able to join the national swimming team.

Xiao Xi being a good friend became very attentive to Bo Song much to the chagrin of Jiang Chen.  Jealousy doesn’t recognise double standard.  He did not repel Li Wei advances immediately which made Xiao Xi upset and jealous and yet expected Xiao Xi to be not too friendly with Bo Song.

Again there are so many cute scenes here, showing the jealous Jiang Chen, including going out to get water only to come back with an empty one.  Precious!  There was also that pool game between Bo Song and Jiang Chen.

Standout:  In order to pacify Jiang Chen who lost at pool game against Bo Song, Xiao Xi said that he played a very good game and would have won against normal player.  And rubbing salt to injury, she tactlessly said that Bo Song is just above him because he is amazing.  Jiang Chen can’t take it anymore so he had to cover her mouth with his hand.  Kawaii!!!


Episode 16

This is a bittersweet episode.  Wo Bu Song confessed to Xiao Xi but at the same time accepting defeat.  He finally gave up the hope of being with Xiao Xi, because he knew she only has eyes for Jiang Chen.

As much as Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen are so cute together, there are times that I wish for Xiao Xi to just give up and just be with Wo Bu Song, and his gorgeous abs, who was really devoted to her.

There was a cute tiny bromance between Bo Song and Jiang Chen.  Bo Song said he will leave Xiao Xi under the care of Jiang Chen as he was going to pursue his swimming dream in Beijing, to which Jiang Chen said “She was never yours to leave”

Bo Song said you are annoying sometimes and Jiang Chen, “it’s mutual” Awww

Episode 17

Xiao Xi  did not get into any university but went to an art college to repeat the year and revising to take exam upon advice by Jiang Chen, who said that he will help her get to the university he was going to.

She did get into Zheijiang university and officially dating Jiang Chen.  This episode is so cute.  It seems Jiang Chen is missing Xiao Xi more than she misses him. Their telephone conversation was so excruciatingly cute. They also shared their first kiss.  However Xiao Xi was drunk at the time.  Jiang Chen said that if she remembers the night, she has to contact him.  Sweet.

Note: During an interview (BTS), Shen Yue mentioned that this was her first kiss ever.  This 20 years old girl grew under the eagle eyed protection of her history teacher father.  He was a teacher at her school.  🙂 🙂 🙂

Hu Yi Tian said that he had his first love at 18.  🙂

Episode 18

A specially sweet episode.  Jiang Chen is the perfect caring boyfriend, masterful and yet gentle at the same time.  Their hug when she was wearing a pink dinosaur outfit was so romantic.  It was like a eureka moment that it was so cute to hug a mascot dinosaur. 🙂  Love it.

Episode 19

It is graduation from university and they had to move on from their dormitory.

Xiao Xi needed to find somewhere to stay and rather upset that Jiang Chen was forever busy with his hospital duties.  She was envious of her friends who were all moving in with their respective boyfriends.  When she went to view an apartment by herself, Xiao Xi was almost assaulted by the realtor.

She went crying all the way to the hospital where Jiang Chen was.  But she found out that he was going to Beijing without consulting her.  She felt belittled and immaterial in Jiang Chen’s life scheme that she said she doesn’t want to like him anymore.  What she doesn’t know was that Jiang Chen had always planned to marry her and if he was going to Beijing then he was taking her with him.  But Jiang Chen is rather poor in communicating his feelings. So Xiao Xi is left feeling just like a surplus and her old insecurities surfaced, thinking that it was always a one sided love and Jiang Chen never really liked her anyway even from the first.

Jiang Chen was rather distraught after having a patient dying (first death he had witnessed as a consulting doctor) on the operating table under his team.

He went to Xiao Xi for comfort but she was really upset with Jiang Chen that she turned her back on him.  For the first time, when he called her name, she did not listen and just left him.  Thinking that Xiao Xi doesn’t care anymore, he accepted a post of further study in Beijing.

At the last minute at the airport, Jiang Chen called Xiao Xi, begging her to go find him to which Xiao Xi replied, “you bastard, I am not going to find you.”

But of course, Xiao Xi did go looking for him but she missed him. Xiao Xi was left crying on the airport only to be faced by the smilingly gorgeous Bo Song. 🙂

Episode 20

Jiang Chen is back after three years working/studying  in the best hospital in Beijing.

He saw Xiao Xi on his peripheral vision in the hospital while he was on his way to his interview to a directorship at the cardio-thoracic ward.

He was so excited to see her that he walked away from his interview to double check  that the person he saw was indeed Xiao Xi.

Awww, the longing in his eyes would melt you into a gooey syrup on the floor.  He missed her so much which was actually mirrored in Xiao Xi eyes when she finally realised that she was seeing Jiang Chen in the flesh (not naked, just an idiom) 🙂  They were like magnets.

Jiang Chen did everything to be close to Xiao Xi again including using jealousy tactic by bringing a fake girlfriend into Lu Yang’s ‘farewell to Singleton’ party.

Our good girl, Xiao Xi, is playing hard to get.  🙂 until the gorgeous more mature Jiang Chen came sauntering towards her lit by his car headlights. Wow  Jiang Chen at his most gorgeous!

Xiao Xi was left mindless, even apologising for something she did really know about.   But it was ok, she was rewarded with a long passionate romantic kiss.  Awwww 🙂

Standout scene: the gorgeous but tired Jiang Chen asleep on Xiao Xi’s sofa.  🙂

Episode 21

Xiao Xi continues to visit the hospital where her father is confined for a fairly minor surgery. Again she meets up with Jiang Chen.  They had a heart to heart talk but was interrupted by an emergency.  Xiao Xi was told by Jiang Chen to stay and wait for him.  Left to her own devices, Xiao Xi spins round and round on the swivel chair in Jiang Chen office but only to fall and bump her head causing mild concussion.

(I would have not minded if they added another 30 episodes with Xiao Xi getting amnesia as most dramas would do. 🙂 LOL).

Jiang Chen treated her  concussion and gave her a kiss as an extra service 🙂 LOL

This episode is also Lu Yang and Jing Xiao’s wedding.  It was a very moving ceremony.

Most of their high school classmates attended including Li Wei, who was looking lovely.  She told Xiao xi that she also confessed to Jiang Chen (episode 12) but was told that Jiang Chen liked Xiao Xi.

Xiao Xi caught the wedding bouquet, she was caught by both Jiang Chen and Bo Song before she fell backwards.

Standout scene from Jiang Chen:

Xiao Xi, let’s get back together.

Xiao Xi, we will be back together!

🙂 🙂 🙂

Episode 22

Jiang Chen is working tenaciously towards getting back with Xiao Xi.  He even sold his car to fund a vanity  publication for Xiao Xi manhwa book.  Awww

If you are pro-Bo Song, then this episode is a sad one because despite proposing to Xiao Xi with a really huge diamond ring he got turned down.  He did instinctively know that Xiao Xi will say no.

He went out drinking with Lu Yang.  Lu Yang invited Jiang Chen to come help with the drunk Bo Song, who begged Jiang Chen to return Xiao Xi back to him.

JIang Chen would not obliged as Xiao Xi is always been his.  He then went on a monologue about how misunderstood he was that he was actually more in love with Xiao Xi than Xiao Xi with him.  He said that he thinks he can’t live without her. Awwwwwww

Lots of standout scenes:  A photo sessions of all the friends as a reference to Xiao Xi’s new book.  Woah Bo Song and his abs is an absolute dream.  Lu Yang is so cute. Jiang Chen was adorable.

After begging Xiao Xi to forgive him, Xiao Xi said to give her time to think it through.  I thought it would be at least a month later but her mulling it through only took a couple of hours as Jiang Chen found her asleep in his hospital cot. (This scene is what makes A Love So Beautiful beautiful)

Jiang Chen was in ecstacy.   A love so beautiful, indeed!

Episode 23

Treacle! So sweet!  Sugar!

This episode is a compendium of sweetness and romance.  So cute.

The standout is a hard choice but the scene that did pinch my heart was when Jiang Chen was inebriated after a drinking bout with future father in law.

Xiao Xi: What’s up with you again?

Jiang Chen: I want to look for Xiao Xi.

Xiao Xi:  I am Xiao Xi.

Jiang Chen: (confused) You are a little familiar.

Xiao Xi:  Ok let’s sleep.

Jiang Chen: Are you really Xiao Xi?

Xiao Xi: I really am Xiao Xi.

Jiang Chen: (hugs her tenderly) Xiao Xi

Xiao Xi: Hmm?

Jiang Chen: I miss you so much.

Xiao Xi finally realised how much she means to Jiang Chen.  🙂


Melt your heart. The sweetest ever!
I have followed it religiously for more than a week now.  I have hardly watch any other dramas at all because I have been watching episode after episodes over and over.

This drama is truly addictive.  The script writer got it so right but most of all the young actor, Hu Yi Tian was brilliant in his role.  every facial expression is spot on.  He might be perceived as rather cold but he does wear his heart on his sleeves.  We can see what goes on in his mind and heart in every twists of his nose, curl and pout of his lips and the way he stares at Xiao Xi is just adorable.  He was also very tactile.  He holds her, hugs her unashamedly.  Yue Shen as Xiao Xi is also a good actress considering that this is her first role ever.  She is lovely and fun. I love her, love her character and so looking forward to her next drama serial in Meteor Garden next year.  But one thing do, she has to practise her crying.  It is not believable to the point of rather annoying.  But other than that, I hope she makes another drama with Hu Yi Tian in the near future.

I can’t wait for the rest of the episodes but at the same time dreading that it will be ending this Thursday, 07 December 2017.

Just a thought!

There should be a Season 2 (Second Series) for this beautiful drama focusing on a romance between Wu Bo Song and Dr Su Mu, that cute doctor with zany sense of humour.  I think they’ll be so cute together.  I’d like also to see more of Lu Yang and Jing Xiao.  And of course guest appearance of the adorable pair: Jiang Chen and Xiao Xi (I am pretty sure it would be hard to get these to appear as they would be busy with more projects now that they are made famous by ALSB)!



21 April 2018

You can now binge-watch the whole series at NETFLIX

Princess Agents & Legend of Lu Zhen

I have to admit that I was not really into historical action dramas but after watching Yang yang’s Once Upon A time, I thought I should give it a go.

Here are my first choices and both dramas featured Zanilia Zhao, also sometimes called Zhao Liying.

Princess Agents & Legend of Lu Zhen

Princess Agents

Princess Agents

This is a historical drama which currently hold the top rating as the most watched Chinese drama of all time.

As I previously mentioned, the leading lady is played by Zanilia Zhao (Chu Qiao / Jin Xiaoliu / Xing’er)  and the two male leads vying for her affection were Lin Gengxin as Yuwan Yue and Shawn Dou as Yan Xun.

Zanilia was cute and slightly chubby in her previous dramas like in Boss & Me but she lost a lot of weight for this drama.  Probably from intentional dieting or the rigorous training for the kungfu scenes.

I have to admit (I am admitting a lot of things here 🙂 lol) that I am not one for prolong fights like boxing, punching & kicking but in this drama it was done in another level.  It was so beautiful.  I could actually watch just the fighting scenes all day if I have to.  The fight scenes between Ying’er and Yuwan Yue were rather erotic.  Lots of flying into the air, lots of swishing of beautiful and colourful garments and both of them looking bloody gorgeous and not a hair unpinned.

The story was quite memorable (or just probably the leads gave such good performance) that it was so disappointing when it finally ended after 58 episodes.

The earlier episodes grabbed you so tightly that you can’t help yourself but be hooked.

Princess Agents was during the time when Northern Wei was in chaos.  Factions were sprouting against the emperor all the time, due to the his despotic governing.  The elite have their own rules and the masses have to live with it.

Ordinary citizens where captured and turned into slaves.  And this what exactly happened to Jin Xiao liu.  She was kidnapped to be one of the running maidens to be hunted by ferocious wolves as well as the kingdom’s royalty.  This scene was gloriously well composed and the cinematography was a sensory delight.

Jin Xiaoliu survived the perilous hunt and ended up as a slave in Yuwan Yue’s manor.  He renamed her as Xing’er and started training her in Kungfu.

She found out later (she has amnesia 🙂 ) that she is the daughter of Luo He, the master of Feng Yun order and that she could find all the answers to her question at Yibai, which coincidentally is the principality of Yan Xun’s family.  At this time his family were all slaughtered by the Wei emperor.

The ending was so sad and a tad annoying as it was left hanging.  The gorgeous Yuwan Yue dies while Xing’er who has now reverted back to her original name of Chu Qiao dove into the freezing water to save Yuwan Yue.  But with his last remaining strength, he pushed her away to survive.

There are so many beautiful scene and a full use of CGI was used.  Some hated it but I just love it.

Highly recommended for good viewing even for just the fight scenes!  Enjoy!

Legend of Lu Zhen aka Female Prime Minister

Legend of Lu Zhen

This is an earlier Zanilia Zhao drama, where she constantly reminded me of Jang Na ra.

Anyway Zanilia played Lu Zhen, a young girl who was very capable, patient and methodical and with a good heart.

She saved a young man from a near death occurrence, not knowing that he was the Prince of Northern Qi dynasty.

Anyway the story is more straight forward that the Princess Agents.  It tells the rise to power from a mere palace maid to the first female Prime Minister of the kingdom.

She also got her man in the end, however she did not get the title of his Empress because of circumstances that foist upon her.

The drama is very watchable and the gorgeous actor Chen Xiao played Gao Zhan so affectingly.

Again, lovely drama of 59 episodes.

I know I have not had a good or enough night sleep for ages.

The Eternal Love (Chinese Drama Review)

The Eternal Love poster


The Eternal Love (Chinese Drama Review)

I am watching this drama this weekend.

I have just finished episode 1 and I must say, I enjoyed it.

It is a time travelling drama.

A girl from the present time, travels to the past and possessing the body of the Second Daughter, Qu Tan Er of the Qu Family.

Qu Tan Er, poor girl has developed a rather schizophrenic personality.  One minute she is the demure, introverted and shy Qu Tan Er and then she is possessed by the girl from the 21st century who is feisty, modern and self-confident, Xiao Tan.

The back story was that Qu Tan Er tried committing suicide as she was being forced to marry the 8th Prince when she was already in love with the King’s oldest son.

When she recovered enough from her suicide attempt, she became a different person.

I must say this drama is so entertaining that I have just finished watching episode 2.  I was surprised how quick it went.

Episode 2, Qu Tan Er has now become the consort of the 8th Prince.

Episode 24:  Yup it is 12:58am and finally finished last episode of this interesting and enjoyable drama.  It is full of action, and beautiful sceneries.  There are also yards upon yards of beautiful free-flowing Hanfu costume.

And the actors are so flawlessly gorgeous.

Most importantly, if you wanted romance, this sure is big, I mean huge in romance.  The kissing scenes are so sweetly erotic.

Love this drama. It is not flawless because some of the dialogues (or probably the English translation) would leave you feeling mehhhh!  Like when ‘Old Weirdo” said that the Demon king has grown really powerful and became an expert in Martial arts.  That was funny.

If you are feeling nostalgic in living in the past, wearing all those beautiful flowy hanfu, think again, apparently your family can be your own worst enemy.

So much so that I shall be watching Princess Agents or is it Agent Princess. 🙂

And last but not the least to mention is that it has  beautifully haunting original soundstracks (OST)

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