Tag: Duen Pradab Dao (Thai Drama Review & Summary)

Duen Pradab Dao (Thai Drama Review & Summary)

Lakorn 2017

Duen Pradab Dao (Thai Drama Review & Summary)

Aka: The Moon Embellishing The Star

Duen Pradab Dao poster

  • Genre: Twins Separated at Birth, Romance
  • Date Released: 2017
  • Origin: Thailand
  • Lakorn: 10 Episodes


  • Preem Ranida Techasit as Pangaporn (Pang) & Puenapa (Puen/Hope)
  • Krit Shahkrit Yamnam as Kanlong
  • Bomb Tanin Manoonsil as Warat
  • Um Apasiri Nitibhon as Ruenjit
  • Rudklao Amratisha as Kanlong’s mother
  • Ngek Kalaya Lerdkasemsap as Twitty
  • Pear Pitchapa Phanthumchinda as Jiak

Episode 1

Pang is a young actress who was currently doing a lakorn opposite Warat.  The drama seemed to be spilling to their real lives as Warat is actively pursuing Pang.

But this might be a lost cause as Pang had already given her heart to a childhood friend, Kanlong, who Pang’s mother did not approve of.

Pang had just celebrated another birthday which as usual as forgotten by her rather cold mother.  Despite this Pang adores her and told her that all the money she earns, she was given them all to her mother.

The mother declined.

In Australia, there was a woman named Puen, who was a patissier chef.  She had been unhappy with her life because she felt she was an interloper in her own family.  They treat her kindly enough but they seemed to be walking on eggshell around her.

Her mother and father had a natural young daughter who got punished for everything but they loved her and give her hugs.

While Puen feels like a stranger in their midst.

One day her friend who was addicted to lakorn told her that she was a doppelganger of the star of the drama she was currently addicted to.

Her friend convinced her to contact the actress, which she did.

Now she’s waiting for a reply.