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Easter Egg

Rolo Easter Egg, photo by JMorton

Rolo Easter Egg, photo by JMorton

Happy Easter Sunday to you all.

After a few days of relative calm and serenity to think things through during the time of Jesus’s crucifixion and subsequent death, today is one of rejoicing and celebration as Jesus has risen from the dead.

Today, we eat (meat 🙂 LOL), be merry and perhaps have a little tipple as we revel and be jubilant of the occasion.

During Easter Sunday, it is a tradition that chocolate eggs are given to family, especially to the young members, friends and acquaintances.  It may be in a form of a treasure hunt, which is very popular and fun for all the family.

Why an egg particularly?

Egg is the chosen shape for the chocolate because it denotes a beginning.  From an egg, a life starts.  As Jesus’s death is to redeem us from all our sins, we are given a new beginning to live a better and a more spiritual life. 🙂 Seize this opportunity.

In the UK, the Easter celebration will continue until tomorrow being an Easter Monday.




The Resurrection of Christ

The Resurrection of Christ

I love this painting by Giovanni Bellini.  It is absolutely awe-inspiring.

Apparently it took about four years to complete this painting.  It was started in 1475 and completed in 1479.  It was done in oil.

Giovanni Bellini was an Italian Renaissance painter.  He was born in 1430 in Venice.

GlobalGranary.Org wish you a Happy and Peaceful Easter.

Live well and be an inspiration to others!

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