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Florence Nightingale – Nursing Pioneer

12 May 2015 – Celebrating International Nurses’ Day!

Florence Nightingale

Her conception of God was certainly not orthodox.  She felt towards Him as she might have towards a glorified sanitary engineer; and in some of her speculations she seems hardly to distinguish between the Deity and the Drains.
– Lytton Strachey



Florence Nightingale –
Lady of the lamp

Florence Nightingale – known as the Lady of the Lamp –  was the pioneer of proper nursing.  She worked selflessly and tirelessly as a young nurse during the Crimean War.  She campaigned for clean up in filthy army field hospital thereby dramatically slashing death of wounded soldiers from typhoid and cholera between 1854 – 1856.


Florence had a favourite prayer which comes from the end of Plato’s Phaedrus.

“Give me beauty in the inward soul, and may the outward and inward man be at one.”