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UK Aid £83 million (5835597532.00 pesos) Yolanda Typhoon Haiyan Aid and Funding Must Reach those at Ground Zero


Philippine Typhoon Yolande aftermath

Philippine Typhoon Yolande aftermath
Pork Barrel PDAF Fraud

Pork Barrel PDAF Fraud

As I am proud that UK  is offering a total of £83 million (5835597532.00 pesos) fund plus logistical Red Cross etc  aid, I and others are concerned that the Philippine Gov’t will receive the bulk of this cash. We know of the recent Govt corruption scandal there concerning senators, etc who siphoned off project funds to their family and friends.

This funding rarely reaches the poor and needy.   The scandal of Janet Napoles working as an ‘agent’ to corrupt Senators whereby creating fraudulent Non Government Organisations (NGOs), where these Senators diverted money meant for urgently needed local infrastructure  projects is still ongoing.  The trial is taking so long and starting to become a farce and probably will end up being swept under the carpet.

These senators involved have been named and hopefully shamed. Sadly other officials  we  do not know off, may still be involved as corruption  has tainted the top to the bottom of Philippine Government both local and national.  

With such diversion/fraud  of monies, we are seeing the results as better preparedness should have been in place.

To me, the Filipino people are stoic, resilient and resourceful & quietly get on with it, no matter what kind of ‘it’ is thrown at them. They deserve to have better government that despite the hype they generate, actually deliver and are transparent and honest.

Below is an interesting article from NBC, please read…