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Yakult – Probiotic Dairy Product

Yakult drink

Yakult – Probiotic Dairy Product

Yakult was created by a Japanese physician in 1935. He was Dr Minora Shirota.

Yakult is a fermented drink which contains lactic acid bacteria. Dr Shirota wanted to help people maintain healthy balance of good bacteria in their intestine. Apparently a bottle of Yakult contains 6.5 billion friendly bacteria. These bacteria are called Lactobacillus casei Shirota, named after the doctor himself.

Dr Shirota chose the word Yakult from the universal language of Esperanto. It means yogurt,however yakult is not a yogurt.

I remember my grandfather used to buy us Yakult from the Magnolia man, who came peddling dairy product from a little ice-box attached to a bicycle. This was in the earliest part of the 80s.

We preferred the Magnolia chocolate milk but my grandpa said that he heard Yakult was better for us and healthier. My grandpa had always been progressive. The Yakult may have been better but it tasted funny. It slightly sour taste was rather foreign at that time.

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