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Love Rerun (Japanese Drama Review and Summary)

Love Rerun Poster

Love Rerun (Japanese Drama Review and Summary)

Genre: Romance

Released Date: April 2018


  • Anne Nakamura as Sayaka Minami
  • Yuki Furukawa as Shohei Machida
  • Ryohei Otani as Ryosuke Sagisawa
  • Tomoshiro Ichikawa as Hayato Fujisaki
  • Nana Katase as Mizuki Aoyama
  • Aimi Satsukawa as Yumi Uno
  • Aya Omasa as Kyoko Ogasawara

I’ve just seen the first episode in Japanese.  Of course I did not understand a word as there is no English sub available yet.

But it did look very engaging and interesting.

It is about a girl, who is prim and proper in her 30s and works as a designer.  She had been in a one-sided love with a gorgeous man, who she knew for many, many years.

It looks like her dream of getting together with him was finally going to be rewarded.

But she woke up one morning, dazed and looking different from her norm.  She was modern and rather lovely.  And there was a man in her apartment.  She doesn’t know him and totally confused of what was going on.

She found out later that she actually lived with him.  They are in a relationship.  She also found out that it was three months later from the last time she can remember.

It did really look good.  Please Japanese subbers.  Kindly help us out with this drama.

Okay, I have just seen the subbed first episode.

At 29, Sayaka has experienced zero love life.  She had been busy concentrating on a one sided love with a childhood friend, Ryosuke.

She loved him when she was in her teens and followed him in Tokyo when she could.  He was there to celebrate her 20th and bought her a lovely red winter duffle coat, which she treasures more than anything.  It became her comforter, whatever the weather.

Anyway, she works at Olivia Lab as one of the designers or something.  Their project has to do with the 30s women and their love life.  She was rather embarrassed as she doesn’t have the experience to speak of.

Her best friend, who she shares a flat with encouraged her to let out her 15 years of longing to Ryosuke.  So she gave Ryosuke a call to meet up.  I can understand why she was longing for him, he is so masculinely gorgeous. 🙂

Ryosuke said that he will take her out on her 30th birthday.  She was so happy, she is going for a date and she will confess to him.

The next ‘day’ she woke up dazed and confused in an unfamiliar house. She noticed herself in the mirror looking decidedly different from usual. For starter she was not wearing her glasses, she also has her hair untethered.  And she was wearing an off the shoulder blouse.

Then came a young man, asking her if she had finished packing.

It turned out he was Machida, her lived in younger boyfriend.  He was quite matter of factly in telling her that he was her first, He took her virginity and now they have broken up.  And she has to move out.

She was so confused.

She has nowhere to go as her best friend is now married with a baby and even Ryosuke is living with another woman.

The doctor said that she has memory displacement or something and could be temporary.

She begged Machida if she could stay with him until her memory is back.  He agreed but he said she has to go as soon as she remembers.

Love this drama.

Episode 2

Apparently there were a lot of things that happened during the last three months that she can’t remember including having a friends with benefits with Hayato.

Minami was utterly confused as she of course can’t remember as well as it was not in her nature to sleep around, having been a virgin until the age of 30.

It turned out that Hayato was lying because he is more than just a high school friend of Machida.  He is in fact in love with Machida himself.  Hayato thinks that Minami does not deserve Machida as she is not completely over with her one-sided love with Ryosuke.

Episode 3

MInami was convinced by Hayato and Yumi to let it all out.  She should confess to Ryosuke.

And she did.

And found out that she actually confessed to him three months ago and got turned down.  Ryosuke only see her as a family member, a younger sister to protect.

She said that she was happy despite being turned down, at least she can start over and not hang up on a one-sided love for the rest of her life.

Love this drama.

Episode 6

Minami’s mother had come to town to visit her because her mom was worried about her.  The mother said that Minami was rather tearful when they last spoke over the phone.

The mother met Machida and liked him.  They were getting along fine when Minami confessed that she  and Machida were only pretending to be a couple.  They have already broken up.

The mother understood and advised her to look at Machida and see how he makes her feel.

She followed her mother’s advised.  She looked at Machida and she was overwhelmed with love and tenderness for him.  Awwww

Actually it is more OUCH!

After Minami confessed to Machida, he  told her that he was kicking her out of the flat.  He can’t live with her if she’s in love with him!


Episode 7-8

I have to say these two episodes are all about confessions.  The five-way relationships are still in chaos and just going round in round.

Machida likes Minami but when she confessed to him, he literally told her to shove off.  Leave the flat.

Minami then was confessed to by Ryosuke, who was confessed to by Mizuki.

Kyoko confessed to Machida that she wanted them to get back together.

With all the confessions, there is no confirmed relationship yet with any of them.

Episode 9

Same old story.  Machida was wavering to get back with Minami but Minami said she is now ok on her own.

Then Minami went to wait for him at their landmark place on his birthday but the texts she sent Machina were seen by Kyoko, who deleted them.

In the end Minami felt upset that Machida did not show up but Ryo was there to comfort her.

Machina on the other hand felt aggrieved that Minami did not even send him a text on his birthday.  He found Kyoko waiting for him.  There and then he decided to start over with Kyoko.

Episode 10

Machida was on his way to the UK.  At the last minute Minami got to see him at the airport. She confessed her guts out to Machida, who in turn was really moved.  Awwww

One year later, Machida returns to Japan and a gorgeous Minami was waiting for him at the airport.  They were so happy to see one another and were really lovey dovey.

The End


Good Morning Call Season 2 Review

A Netflix Original poster


  • Genre:  Romance, School, Youth, Comedy, Drama
  • Live-Action Television series – Manga Shojo
  • Date Released: Season 1 – 2016, Season 2 – 2017
  • OST: End of the World by Caspa

Good Morning Call Season 2 Review

New Cast (Season 2):

    • Shiraishi Shunya as Uehara Hisashi.
    • Fukuhara Haruka as Yoshikawa Nao.
    • Sakurada Dori as Shinozaki Daichi.
    • Sugino Yosuke as Natsume Shu.
    • Sagara Itsuki as Nanase Rin.
    • Takahashi Maryjun as Kumanomido Saeko.
    • Arai Moe as Konno Marina
    • Nagashima Shugo – Micchan
    • Nagasawa Koya – Abe Jun


Yes, finally Good Morning Call Season 2 (Our Campus Days),  is being shown by Netflix.

It has 10 episodes altogether with some new characters.  This series two continues on from their middle school/high school days to university life; campus days.

The new series is a Netflix original and they had only started showing Season 2 yesterday.

So whilst agogly waiting for this Japanese drama’s second series, I rewatched the original one a couple of days ago and enjoyed it once again.  Lots of giggles!

Then yesterday, within minutes of release in Netflix, I was there in front of my huge telly, goggle-eyed.  What a sad, happy life I lead!!!  🙂

And I binge-watched all 10 episodes in one day. 🙂

(I think Netflix has said that their customers are binge-watching their ‘box-set’ series!  – Guilty!!!)

Good Morning Call – Series two is still as Kawai but more mature.  I had a few tears a few times.  Poor Nao!

Good Morning call, Our Campus Days follows on from when Uehara and Nao were forced to share an apartment and live together.

They were victims of a scammer, who rented the same 2-bedroom apartment to each of them. For months they lived together secretly.

Before long Uehara and Nao developed feelings for each other but the school found out about their housing situation.

It was a school taboo for two unrelated kids to live together by themselves even it was platonic.

In the last episode of the first series, Uehara and Nao promised to be still together even if they have to live separately.

On moving day, they found that their estate agent/landlord put them into two flats, which were next to each other.

Series two continues on from this.

Uehara is a popular boy with his stunning good looks,  200 IQ and being athletic to boot. He is one of the top three most gorgeous (popular) boys in the university.

Girls were swooning every time he walks by. But he is beyond cool. He was cold. He does not like all the fuss.   This made him even more desirable. He is stalked by girls and it has become a bit of a problem for him.

Nao, on the other hand, is ordinary (the actress is actually very pretty) and rather clumsy but has a pure heart and perseverance.  Her innocence made her a boy magnet.  Gorgeous guys were falling for her big time.  Daichi (one of the three popular boys) loved and pined for her for eight long years.

Uehara’s predicament with boisterous girls following him everywhere continued on until he met Natsume, who he really gets on with.  Natsume showed him a secret room, where he can relax and have a moment of peace 🙂  He was so grateful to Natsume, who is very gregarious and very popular with everyone, especially with the girls.

Uehara admired Natsume’s openness and helpfulness.  He perceived Natsume as a male equivalent of Nao.  Natsume, like Nao, Uehara thinks, would go a long mile to help others, even if it means inconveniencing himself.  He was rather envious of Natsume’s friendliness, so much so that he developed a bit of an inferiority complex when comparing himself to Natsume.

Natsume is flirty and in touch with his feminine side. He loves handicrafts and embroidery. No Uehara and Natsume do not have a gay thing. LOL 🙂

In fact Natsume kissed Nao, which Uehara witnessed. Nao was so distressed that she was spinning like a top, but Uehara forgave Natsume almost in a heartbeat. What kind of a boyfriend is he?

In the end Natsume truly fell for Nao.  Told you, she is a boy magnet 🙂

Nao and Uehara’s relationship was undergoing a very uncertain phase.  To comfort the aggrieved Nao, Natusume kissed her which Uehara found out. Uehara was waiting for Nao to confess about the kiss but Nao was too embarrassed to say anything at first until the moment for confession has passed its time limit.

But before judging Nao, Uehara was not a hard done by boyfriend.  He went on a date with his boss, called Saeko, who is aptly named as she was slightly psychotic.  LOL.  Uehara and Saeko even shared a kiss which Nao witnessed.  Saeko also confessed to Uehara.  Though Uehara did tell her that he doesn’t return her feelings, he continued to be closed to her, much to the discomfiture of Nao.

There are plenty of things that are going wrong as well as a misunderstanding between Nao and Uehara so their relationship became rather awkward.

Uehara said that he wanted space and asked Nao not to go into his flat or contact him for now.

Nao understood and did what Uehara wanted. She is not confident about the relationship anyway. She was thinking that her relationship with Uehara was purely accidental, that if they were not ‘forced’ to live together Uehara would not have given her even a second look. Thinking this she finally accepted that they were not really right together and told Uehara that they should break up.

Though they had broken up, Nao said that she would only ever love Uehara and she put Natsume properly in his place.  She cannot have a deeper relationship with Natsume.  She was very upset too because Natsume had been a crutch to her in facing all her troubles.

You might get the impression that this drama series is full of angst and heartbreak but actually, there are plenty of cute and heartwarming moments; you can’t help but fall in love with Nao and Uehara all over again (if you had seen the first series).  You would also like Natsume for being a good friend and a ready shoulder to cry on for Nao.

Spoiler Do not Read (But I know you want to 🙂 lol)

Uehara was also missing Nao but he kept thinking that Natsume was better suited to be with Nao.

Natsume is a good guy and really cares for Nao and her happiness. So he misled Uehara with misinformation that Nao was going on a little vacation with him.  He let Uehara know where Nao would be at.

Saeko also came to the rescue by telling Uehara to stop running away.  But run away was what Uehara did.  Running to Nao.  I have to admit he never look more gorgeous than when he was running in his denim jeans and white t-shirt and an open polo shirt.  There is something so attractive about a fit young man running.  (Ooops, I digress) 🙂

Uehara confessed his feelings to Nao that even if she loves someone else, he would still love her.  Awww.

The end was that they are finally together with a more mature relationship.  They spend nights together in each other’s flats.   Ahhhh Uehara has turned lovely dovey 🙂 🙂 🙂  Well lovey-dovey the Uehara way.

I rewatched this whole series a second time and hated Uehara even more.  He was a clueless lump.

How can a guy who was supposed to be stalked by girls in his every ‘walking  moment’ 🙂 lose confidence in himself.  Even Saeko, his lab boss has fallen for him.  I don’t get his character motivation.

I think he has a boy crush on Natsume.  He treated him better than he dealt with Nao.

During Uehara’s birthday, which he knew Nao really worked her guts out to make it as happy and festive for him as possible; decorating every nook and cranny of his apartment, cooking all the foods he likes and more (he saw her itinerary for his birthday) and yet he did not give any second thought for working late and coming to Natsume’s rescue and bringing him to the apartment.   At least Natsume has the grace to leave and yet Uehara was easily persuaded to run after him.  He found it so easy to disappoint the poor girl.

After knowing that Nao is not happy of his closeness with Saeko (they are on a first name basis, which is apparently not the Japanese way between people who are not related), Uehara did not take Nao’s concerns into consideration; he even went on a date with Saeko.  He lamely said that it was not a date but like going for a meal with Natsume (a friend).

Ha!  He pined for Yuri for years, how can he not know about feelings?!!!

He also knew that Saeko has the hots for him and he did not really tell her to stop her flirting, in fact in a way he encouraged it.  He even allowed her to kiss him and protected her when she needed it.

I am so annoyed I think I shall rewatch it again in a couple of days!  LOL


Overprotected Kahoko (Japanese Drama Review)

Overprotected Kahoko (Japanese Drama Review)

I am watching this Japanese drama and I cannot recommend it highly enough.  If you want to watch just one drama for this week, make it this Jdrama.

It has everything: laughther, pathos, angst, first love, being rejected, nuclear family, children who had flown the nest coming back to roost, ungrateful family members, desperation, filial love, everything.

Overprotected Kahoko is a story about a girl who in normal circumstances should be confident and knew how to navigate the world or at least her surrounding environment with independence and boldness typical of young adult.

Kahoko is 21 years old and in her last year of university and at this point should have a job to go to after graduation.  But Kahoko is a different sort of girl.  She has the pureness and innocence of a 12 years old.

She was overprotected by her parents, especially by her mother.  The mother does everything for her.  She was Kahoko’s human alarm clock, she wakes Kahoko every morning, she cooks and makes the girl’s bento for school, she was the driver, she takes Kahoko everywhere.  She also chooses all of Kahoko’s clothes and what to wear each day.  Kahoko relives her life everyday by watching from her library of videos of her ‘growing up’ everyday.

One day Kahoko met a young man, a young painter who is rather ‘upset’ with the world, how unfair the world is.  He lectured Kahoko about her ‘princess’ complex and its effect to Japanese progress.

Their relationship is so cute.

There are so much going ons in this drama as it is a nuclear family with maternal and paternal family members are having issues of their own.  But kudos to the actress playing Kahoko, she looks so pure and innocent, she is so watchable.

This drama is really one to watch.

It was like seeing the world in the eyes of a child.


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