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My Husband, Oh Jak Doo (South Korean Drama Review & Summary)

My Husband Oh Jak Doo poster

My Husband, Oh Jak Doo (South Korean Drama Review & Summary)

Genre: Romance, Family, Crime

Date Released:  March 2018

No of Episodes: 24


  • Kim Kang-woo as Oh Jak-doo
  • Uee as Han Seung-joo
  • Jung Sang-hoon as Eric Jo
  • Han Sun-hwa as Jang Eun-jo
  • Han Sang-jin as Bang Yong-min
  • Park Jung-soo as Park Jung-ok
  • Seol Jung-hwan as Han Seung-tae
  • Park Min-ji as Kwon Se-mi
  • Jung Chan as Hong In-pyo
  • Jung Soo-young as Park Kyung-sook
  • Kim Bo-mi as Bang Jung-mi


It is a cute drama that does grow on you.  I have to admit that I was almost put off  continuing to watch the series because I just couldn’t stand the evil mother and dumb brother of Seung Joo plus the super annoying Bang Jung-mi.

Thank goodness I persevered,  Kim Kang Woo and Uee are so likeable that even if drama is a bit troublesome at first, I just had to continue on.

The story is about a woman, Seung Joo, who is 35 years old. She suffers discrimination for still being single.

Not only that, Seung Joo is now afflicted with panic attacks caused by too much responsibilities, family relationship and bereavement as well as work-related stress.  To top all that, her house, which is mortgaged to the hilt, had become a serious crime scene.  Someone was murdered in her house.  She let a Canadian holiday maker stay only to get murdered.

To add more mystery, the assailant was really after her.   He seemed to be punishing or trying to kill Seung Joo for something she did which caused the death of his wife, the mother of his cute child.

With all these goings on, Seung Joo went to the mountain to look at the inheritance from her beloved aunt, who passed away.  The aunt was the only relative who loved her dearly.

In the mountain she found a lone tenant, Oh Jak Do, who asked her to allow him to continue living in the mountain house.  Seung Joo agreed to the request as she does not really want to change anything, but she asked him to pretend to be her husband.

Unbeknown to Seung Joo, her brother stole her stamp and change the deed to the mountain property.  Her mother was in connivance with the son.  These two are really horrible.  Seung Joo had continue to bankrole them as well as meet all the debts incurred by her no-good brother who engaged with get rich schemes, which always fail.

Oh Jak Do, who is a bit of hick came to live in Seoul to be with Seung Joo as a pretend husband.

He is beginning to be really protective of Seung Joo; with her health and safety.  A number of times, he had to deal with men, including the assailant, who wanted to do her harm.

In episode 5, Oh Jak Do is not quite the hick that he was anymore. He had a shave and a haircut and looking yummy 🙂 and Seung Joo thought so too. 🙂

It seems that there might be some other love interests in the future episodes as Eun-jo, Oh Jak Do’s first love has come back to the scene.  She is now a renowned gayageum musician as was Oh Jak Do, once upon a time.

There was also a bumbling but cute second male lead, Eric Jo, who has a massive crush on Seung Joo.

Awww episode 10 sees Seung Joo and Jak Do getting together for real as a couple.  I have to say the actors have such a good chemistry.    Uee is not the prettiest actress but she has charisma and she looks so clean and fresh.

Episode 11

Jak Do and Seung Joo are learning to live together in the mountains. They have so much cute scenes.  Guilty pleasures!  They make you smile.

Jak Do is just the best husband.  He did most of the chores and really cosseted Seung Joo.  He also work hard to earn money to be able to buy her a ring.

Anyway Jak Do as being the anonymous and reclusive gayageum maker & player is coming to an end.

Towards the end of the episode Eun Jo had come to speak to Jak Do about revealing himself as the elusive Oh Hyuk (or something) at the same time Seung Joo stumbled upon a gayageum workshop in their place in the mountains.  Seung Joo had been looking for Oh Hyuk herself.

Episode 12 & 13

Seung Joo’s mother and brother are the pits, really horrible, a couple of leeches.  Their threats were heard by Jak Do so he really did not much choice but do something about it.  He will finally reveal himself as the elusive Oh Hyuk to Eric Jo.

Eric Jo is rather adorable in this episode.  He confessed to Seung Joo and he was just too darn cute.

Finally the mysterious man in black, who murdered the woman boarding at Seung Joo’s house has been caught.

His back story is that his wife who committed suicide blamed the producer for all his trouble.  Her husband hunted the wrong producer.  The producer is actually Seong Joo’s boss who made Dong Se-ra pregnant and then left her.  Dong Se-ra’s husband made a mission to torture and kill Seong Joo. But she was the wrong producer.

Episode 14

In a fit of anger, Seong Joo hurled the ring that Jak Do gave her.  This was because she knew that Jak Do was about to leave her to become Oh Hyuk.  She kept telling him that she wanted him as Jak Doo.  Once he turned into Oh Hyuk, we will change.

Jak Do promised to return to her no matter what but she just won’t believe him.  He spent the whole night looking for the ring in the yard.

Seong Joo was rather touched when she found the ring with the note saying tha if she threw the ring again, he won’t be there to look for it.

Jak Doo moved in with Eric Jo and you can feel that there will be a bromance in the making.  I do like them to get on as Eric is so funny.  Jung Sung Hoon, who plays Eric, has brilliant comic timing.

Eric paid all of Seong Joo’s brother’s debts. This was the reason for Jak Do’s great sacrifice of going public as Oh Hyuk.  He couldn’t let Seong Joo to be stressed and burdened by her family.

Global Granary

Episode 15 – 16

These two episodes were just a filler.  Nothing really much happened except for a rising blood pressure story about how Seong Joo kept harping about her being independent woman and she knows how to look after herself.

And then she goes out of character. She is so pathetic when it comes to her family.  There is filial and being filial.  Seong Joo is being stupidly filial, pandering and encouraging his younger brother to be more stupid and unreliable.  How can she continue bailing him out?  He is a fully grown man.  She sent him to school and now made an air-head pregnant.  Really?

Her mother, who is a total evil, now had taken over the first floor of Seong Joo’s house and she allows her brother to live with her on the second floor with the horrible Bang Jung-mi.

In the middle of this, she tortured Jak Doo; not allowing him to see her.  But in the end, she will produce his documentary after all.  So what were these two episodes about?!!!

Good thing Kim Kang woo and Uee are charming, otherwise I would have dropped this drama.  There are so many characters that are really redundant!

Episode 17 – 18

I have to say these episodes are all over the place.  Uee has been shouting her dialogues, so acting sounded and looked so fake.  Thank goodness for Kim Kang Woo and Jung Sang Hoon for their consistent fine acting.  Their characters’ developing bromance saved these rather messy episodes.

Uee as Seung Joo is still playing hard to get and yet can’t really let go of  Jak Do/Oh Hyuk at the same time.  Her character is so muddled and sometimes I don’t like her.  She lost her vibrancy and I blame the script writers.

Really this story doesn’t really need 24 episodes.  It would have been done and dusted at 16 episodes.

These fillers episodes only made an otherwise sweet, pure love story boring.

Come on scriptwriters buckle up and tighten your hold on the story line.  We don’t really need so much airtime on the three old ladies.  We don’t really care much about the mother, brother and his appalling pregnant girlfriend.  Seriously!

Lucky couple; in the end they were able to live an idyllic life in the mountain and doing what they wanted to do.

And yet able to commute to the city as well to fulfill obligations with work, family and friends.

Love it.