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1 Peji no Koi (Japanese Drama Review & Summary)

Dorama 2019

1 Peji no Koi (Japanese Drama Review & Summary)

  • Aka: One Page Love
  • Genre: Romance, Friendship
  • Date Released: 18 February 2019
  • Origin: Japan
  • Dorama: 6 Episodes



  • Hashimoto Kanna as Mizusawa Akari
  • Itagaki Mizuki as Morita Ikumi
  • Hamada Tatsuomi as Daiyowa
  • Furukawa Yuki as Hoshino
  • Ono Ito as Kobayashi Natsuki
  • Takizawa Saori as Hayami Kaori

Episode 1

This is a story of a silly girl who had pined for a boy for the last four years.

Four years ago, Akari was on the island of Okajima.  She was painting the sea when her finished work was blown by the sudden strong gust of wind.

A boy helped her pick her drawings and also her pencils and crayons.

When she had a good proper look at him, she fell in love at first sight.  On that day, he showed her the island. They even went to a toy vending machine hoping to get a Happiness Rabbit.

Watching her wasting her money on the elusive Happiness Rabbit, the boy took her away and they ended up in the mountain where there was a good place to view the Selene Meteor shower which only happens every four years.

She look happy and radiant while she looked to the sky.

The boy, Ikumi, had told her that he liked her.  Looking at her, he said that it felt like in the infinite number of stars in the sky, a miracle to find someone you like.

The boy made her promised to meet again in four years time.

The four years had not changed the girl.  She was with her best friends Daiwoyan, who had had a one-sided crush on her for the longest time.  There was also Natsuki who had an unrequited love with Daiwoyan.

No matter how much her friends to advise her to forget Ikumi, she was still adamant to find him.

She was looking at the horizon when she noticed a girl who was about to be kissed by a handsome guy.

The girl got embarrassed and ran way followed by the man who gave Akari a quick apology.

When they got to the island, the three friends noticed that everything had changed and not for the better.

Again they dissuade her from going to her rendezvous with Ikumi.

In the mountain, she was more or less resigned that he was not going to show up.

However, someone else turned up.  It was the playboy on the boat.  He was Hoshino who found her crying.

Hoshino asked her if she has been dumped by her boyfriend.  She confessed that he did not show up.

Hoshino immediately went for a kiss which she rebuffed.  He was very surprised.

Now back in Tokyo, where life has to go on.

Akari applied for a job which has to do with art.  Unfortunately, during the interview, she was grossly unprepared when they asked her which style or genre of art she see herself being suited to.  She was stumped, perhaps because she was never an art student.  But she has obvious talent.

She was on her way home one night when an opportunist tried to molest her.

Out of nowhere, a hand pulled her from the situation.

After they got away, she realised that the man helping her was the elusive Ikumi.

He then ran away from her and into his workplace, a bar club.  She found him just about to enter the bar.  She tried to follow but she was not allowed in.

Seeing some posters advertising for bar hostess, Akari applied immediately.

She tried to speak with Ikumi but he was snubbing her.  Akari got drunk and was taken care of my Ikumi until her loyal friend Daiyowa came to collect her.

She drunkenly said that the boy looking after her was Ikumi.

The next day, Akari finally realised that is was a lost hope to pine for Ikumi.

A chance meeting with Hoshido gave her a renewed hope about Ikumi.   Thinking that being together with the one you like is a miracle then you should do whatever you can.

She went to the bar again and found Ikumi outside.  She told him that she showed up on the island, she waited four years to see him again.  She then gave him a drawing of them together during the meteor shower of four years ago.

Ikumi took the drawing and shredded it into pieces.