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News Update: Barangay Bairan in Tacloban, Leyte

We have been so worried of my sister-in-law’s family in Barangay Bairan in Tacloban, Leyte.

We have now finally heard from someone who knew the family and confirmed that they lived through the Yolanda but they are far, far from being safe; they are now in danger of starvation.

Apparently Barangay Bairan has been taken over by New People’s Army (NPA), a terroristic communist party which have been confiscating  relief goods meant for the people of Bairan.  Anyone who tries to say anything is threatened with a gun.  True or Not, it is a pretty grim scenario.


To the Philippine Army, US Government, UK Government, UN, UNICEF, Red Cross, World Vision, Oxfam, Belgian Government, Israeli Government, German Government, Japanese Government, Chinese Government, and everyone else (I am not disrespecting you from not mentioning all your names)  please help the people- men, women and children of Barangay Bairan who are literally starving and frightened to DEATH!

Yolanda Disaster Fund (International)

  • AUSTRALIA – US$9.3 million package, including Medical personnel
  • Asian Development Bank: $500m emergency loans and $23m in grants
  • BELGIUM – medical and search and rescue personnel
  • CANADA – C$5 million
  • CHINA – $1.6m + $100K thru Chinese Red Cross
  • DENMARK – KR 10 million
  • GERMANY – 23 tons of relief goods
  • HUNGARY – search and rescue personnel and rapid response team
  • INDONESIA – in-kind donations:Aircraft, personnel, drinking water, food, generators, medicine
  • ISRAEL- team of medical, trauma and relief professionals
  • JAPAN – $10M  including emergency relief of 25 medical team
  • MALAYSIA – medical and search and rescue teams
  • THE NETHERLANDS – undisclosed financial aid
  • NEW ZEALAND – NZ $2.15 million
  • NORWAY – KR 20 million (142,024,080.00 Philippine Peso)
  • RUSSIA – rapid response team
  • SAUDI ARABIA through Prince Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud – US$100,000
  • SINGAPORE – $50,000
  • SPAIN – in-kind donations
  • South Korea: $5m plus a 40-strong medical team
  • SWEDEN- emergency communications equipment
  • TAIWAN – $200,000
  • TURKEY – medics, rapid response team, search and rescue personnel
  • UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – $10Million in aid
  • UNITED KINGDOM – £6 million inclusive of emergency support package – Now increased to £10M and also sending HMS Daring, a Type 45 Destroyer at full speed from Singapore as well as RAF C-17 Transporter.  Increase to £15M, again increased to £30M, Again increase to £50,000,000 plus HMS Illustrious is also being sent to the Philippines for extra support.
  • UNITED NATIONS Children’s Fund – $1.3 million worth of supplies
  • UNITED NATIONS World Food Programme – Initial of $2M
  • UNITED NATIONS Humanitarian Wing- released $25,000,000
  • UNITED STATES – $20M; initial $100,000 for water and sanitation; Troops, emergency respondents, transportation and equipment
  • The Vatican – $150,000 (Please Holy Father if you have to give the monies through the Church, please give strict instruction that the monies are meant for the victims of Typhoon YOLANDA!)
  • Vietnam – $100,000

Plus +++++


  • Korean Giant Electronic firm, Samsung – $1M
  • Swedish IKEA – $2.7m
  • Coca Cola – $2.5M
  • Toyota $500,000
  • Eton Corporation – $140,000

Non-government organizations are also helping out:

  • Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) said it was sending 200 tons of aid including medicine, tents and hygiene kits to arrive mid-week, with the first cargo plane leaving from Dubai on Monday and another from Belgium on Tuesday.
  • Oxfam, the British-based relief organization, said it has sent an assessment team ahead of aid operations.
  • German nongovernment organizations such as World Vision and the International Search and Rescue Team (ISAR) sent emergency response teams and “23 tons of humanitarian aid” consisting of water, food, hygiene and medical kits. Rescue teams of German relief organizations CARE, Malteser International and HelpAge, which are all part of the umbrella organization for German humanitarian aid (Buendnis Aktion Deutschland Hilfe) “are already working on the ground in Samar and Leyte.” German aid organization ADRA and Johanniter Unfallhilfe“will be deploying more rescue and relief teams” to the Visayas region.ISAR Germany is also sending a medical team composed of 24 doctors and nurses to the hardest-hit regions of the Visayas. The team arrived in the Philippines on Sunday and will bring with them two tons of medical supplies provided by Action Medeor, a German relief organization.They will also be setting up tents, which can accommodate up to 1,000 persons a day.
  • The National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) have joined together to make a $250,000 contribution to World Vision to support relief efforts in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan.




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