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Commander-in-Chief, Away Day


Pnoy : Doesn’t do SAD!

A very strange affair had happened in the Philippines.  I think PNoy is really losing it.  Being the Commander-in-Chief of the Philippines, you would think, it would be a priority for him to be on hand, doing his duty and obligation to those men under him, under his command, dead or alive.  But apparently the remains of 42 policemen out of the 44 slained in Magindanao, were not enough to merit his presence.  PNoy, the Commander-in-Chief, was nowhere to be seen nor to be found when the parade of flag covered coffins of the 42 policemen arrived in Villamor Air Base.  Therefore, he did  not see nor hear in person the wailing, the crying, the shock, the utter hopelessness of the bereaved.

To think that he seems to be available for weddings, film premieres, fiestas, and other vacuous and inane events, which only benefit a few.  PNoy seems to attend even the opening of a letter for a deemed positive PR job :). As long as it is a gaiety and fun affair, full of celebrities, he is there.  He even had time to personally escort Janet Napoles to a plush, air-conditioned cell in Camp Crame when she finally deigned to surrender!

By the way, PNoy was apparently on an engagement to open a new plant for Mitsubishi Motors Corporation in Laguna.  Surely, it is a non-issue at all if PNoy cancelled this happy celebration? Everyone would have understood and expected him too.

In this instance, PNoy put MAMMON OVER MEN!  A great shame!

It seems, PNoy does not do sad and bloody.  He like happy, shiny, bright people.  He likes yellow, he is yellow.  He cannot stomach blood and gore.   Poor Noynoy, he has such a delicate disposition!  Remember when the policeman who went berserk and hijacked a bus carrying Chinese tourists near Luneta?  PNoy was all chilled.  It was not a priority for him.  We all know how it turned out, don’t we.?!!!  Some Filipinos in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan had to bare the brunt of the ire and disgust of the Chinese people. They feared for their lives and security.

It seems PNoy, is living inside a bubble.  Did he not think of the recent event in Paris, the massacre of journalists, and the  subsequent national and international outpouring of grief followng it?!!!

Je suis philippin en deuil


Most of these slained policemen were just young men.  Son, husband, father, brother, uncles of somebody, please accept our prayers and condolences.

I felt really, really sad that life is cut short when there is really no need for it.  Why is there a strife between Christians and Muslim when both originated from Abraham?  Why would Filipinos kill Filipinos?  Why can we just live together in peace and harmony?

Philippine mourning for slain police


30 January 2015

Members of the Philippine National Police's (PNP) Special Action Force (SAF) unit carry metal caskets containing the bodies of slain SAF police who were killed in Sunday's clash with Muslim rebels, upon arriving at Villamor Air Base in Pasay city, metro Manila on 29 January 2015
On Thursday the bodies of those who died were returned to the Philippine capital

The Philippines is holding a day of mourning for 44 police commandos killed in a clash with Muslim rebels.

The bodies of those who died were returned to Manila on Thursday. They were honoured on Friday in a ceremony led by President Benigno Aquino.

The violence took place in the southern province of Maguindanao on Sunday.

Police seeking two terror suspects entered a village held by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (Milf).

The Milf signed a peace deal with the government last year to end years of fighting.

But the rebels say police did not liaise with them about the operation as required under the deal, leading to the accidental clash.

‘Peace at stake’All flags at government offices and military installations are being flown at half-mast on Friday to honour those who died, Philippine media say.

Mr Aquino paid tribute to the fallen officers by offering a prayer at each of their coffins and presented each family with a Medal of Valor, the highest military award given by the armed forces.

However, he was criticised by many Filipinos for not being present on Thursday as the officers’ bodies arrived in the capital. His office said he was not scheduled to appear at the Villamor Air Base for the arrivals.

On Wednesday, in a televised address to the nation, Mr Aquino said that the peace deal with the Milf must not collapse.

“If the peace process were derailed, how many more graves would we have to dig?” he said.

The rebels have agreed to end their fight in return for the establishment of an autonomous Muslim region.

Work is under way on a law to create this region and the president said it had to continue, amid calls from some lawmakers for a delay.


“The entire peace process is at stake with this law. If we fail to pass the law at the soonest possible time, the peace process will fail and the status quo will remain.”

Thousands of people have been killed over four decades of separatist fighting in the south of the country. The deal in March 2014 was seen as a breakthrough.

The two targets of the police operation were Zulkifli bin Hir, known as Marwan – a leading figure of Islamist group Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) – as well as suspected JI bomb-making expert Basit Usman, who is linked to a Milf splinter group that rejects the peace deal.

JI has links to al-Qaeda and wants an Islamic state across south-east Asia. It has a long track record of bomb attacks in Indonesia and elsewhere in the region.

Marwan, who is on the FBI’s most-wanted list, is believed to have been in hiding in the southern Philippines for over a decade.

Police say Marwan was killed but this has not been confirmed. Both he and Basit Usman have been incorrectly reported killed several times.

Robbing Hoods of Haiyan/Yolanda Relief Funds

If she works in any country from the west, Dinky would have been given her marching orders  to vacate her plush office as secretary of social welfare and development for her sheer incompetence.  In fact if she had grown in the west, she would have offered to resign!!!

Dinky, with her department, admits to tonnes of food wastage due to spoilage.  The high and mighty DSWD took their time to distribute the food to the victims of the typhoon.  It seems they would rather see the food spoil rather than give these away!  For weeks the food donation remained in a huge bodega (warehouse).  Therefore, not enough space is being freed for the deluge of more donation that were coming in.  Trucks would come in and because of lack of space, they would just dump goods outside the warehouse in Tacloban.  Sacks of grains were left out in the rain to rot.  The reason is that Dinky and her ilks would like everything to be rewrapped in DSWD’s non-biodegrable plastic bags with their logo; thus, ensuring that every recipient would be subliminally grateful for their meagre alms from DSWD!

I think times like this,  Freedom of Information would have been so useful.  The madlang people could ask to see copies of receipts of how the donated monies are being spent.  I am sure the UK alone sent enough hygiene kits to last a long time and other countries would have done as well.  So what really happened to the billions of donated monies.

It is only right for the Philippines to be open with how they used and applied the donation as the wider world has embraced and had been more than generous to the typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda victims.

Show us the receipts, Dinky!

DSWD admits P2.8M worth of relief goods for ‘Yolanda’ survivors spoiled

By |

MANILA, Philippines–Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Corazon “Dinky” Soliman confirmed Tuesday the findings of a Commission on Audit (COA) report stating that 7,527 Family Food Packs with an approximate cost of P2,784,900.00 meant for survivors of super typhoon “Yolanda” (international name: Haiyan) were lost to spoilage “due to improper handling.”

In an interview with Radyo Inquirer 990 AM, Soliman said that the food packs got wet because the goods were not covered while in transit from Cebu City to Tacloban City.

The COA report on “Yolanda” relief operations, which was posted on its website, revealed that 19,172 canned goods, 81 packs of noodles, and 21 sacks of rice went to waste.

Apart from spoiled food items, COA noted that bottled water procured in Manila worth P69,296,400.00 were not distributed in Tacloban City “due to lack of transport facilities”.

’90 percent of cash aid already utilized’

Soliman, said that as of August 28, the DSWD has already utilized 90 percent of total P1,121,890,457 worth of foreign and local cash donations.

“Ito pong [COA] audit na ito ay tiningnan noong November to December 2013. Hindi nila na-examine ‘yung [relief operations] ngayong 2014. As of August 28, ang atin na pong natanggap na foreign and local donations ay P1,121,890,457. At 90 percent po niyan ay amin nang na-utilize, kasama na doon ‘yung nakita nila na P780 million plus na hindi raw na-utilize,” Soliman said.

(The report only covered November to December 2013. It did not examine the relief operations this 2014. As of August 28, we have received P1,121,890,457 in foreign and local donation, 90 percent of which was already utilized, including the P780 million plus it said that we failed to utilize.)

The statement was issued by Soliman following findings of a COA report on Typhoon “Yolanda” relief operations which revealed that the department failed to utilize P782,012,090.71 worth of foreign and local cash donations.

Citing the reason for the underutilization of foreign donations, Soliman said that DSWD used government funds to finance its rehabilitation efforts during the aftermath of “Yolanda.”

Soliman also said that the department used its cash donations to finance its “Cash for Work” program, livelihood projects, emergency shelter assistance, and procurement of non-food items such as hygiene kits.

Read more: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/636419/dswd-admits-p2-8m-worth-of-relief-goods-for-yolanda-survivors-spoiled#ixzz3D4zw1yMW
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Robbing Hoods of Haiyan/Yolanda Relief Funds

19 November 2013

Relief aids for typhoon Haiyan, locally known as Yolanda, are coming thick, fast and furious from every corner of the world, both international and national.

But despite this, the aid took time to get to the people. Some of the reasons are now coming out.

Robbing hoods from the Government are at work.  They are robbing from the donors and giving the goods to the poor a la Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest!

binayJejomar Binay, the second highest ranking official of the Philippines delayed distribution of some international relief because he thought he should use the opportunity to do some subliminal campaigning for the Presidential election of 2016. He ensured that people who see or receive the goods will believe (wrongly) that these came from the office of the Vice President. Binay created personalised bags for the relief goods and stickers for the bulkier items. LOL

As Sharon Cuneta, Philippine actress, host and singer, twitted “Unbelievable”.

It is unbelievable, instead of spending national monies on his personalised bags he could have given the money directly to the building funds.


The ungrateful Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) of the Philippines took it upon itself to cast aspersion to the benevolence of Indonesia. Apparently instead of distributing the goods with immediate effect to the sorely and perilously starving victims of Yolanda, as what countries from around the world which donated would expect, the DSWD instructed that all the bags are opened up and everything inside were scrutinised minutely, some of the items like crispy rice and crispy noodles were put aside and the rest repacked in personalised bags of DSWD. In doing so, it robbed both the victims and Indonesia of the relief aid. To add insult to injury to philanthropic Indonesia, the DSWD said that their reason was to make sure that Indonesia did not send out of date goods.  LOL, the nerve of the DSWD!!!

To Indonesia, everything you donated were gratefully received by mainstream Filipinos.  We can’t really speak for  the Government as they have been taken over by nasty aliens from outer space!  That is the only reasonable explanation of their inhumanity! 🙁  They are not human!



Repost from Toots Syled :

Just want to share a PM from one of our members, from New Jersey, USA.

“Hi tita toots. Last friday dumating kami sa Manila with my other friends. Bumisita kami sa NDRMMC and Red Cross para ma idala namin ang 10 big boxes of relief goods and Para ma sigurado na ang 5000thousand families in Tacloban ma cater ng McDonalds ngayon ang problema nagkataon Dinky Soliman was there She told us dapat idaan namin sa DSWD pero ang sabi pa nya dapat palitan ang plastics ng mg relief goods na dala namin at ang ipapalit nila is ang plastic na may pangalan ni P-noy, at pilit nilang binuksan nila ang mga boxes tapos when we refuse to agree on them di kmi binigyan ng clearance at mas malala pa may Tax pa.”

(Hi Auntie Toots.  Last Friday, we arrived in Manila with our friends.  We visited NDRMMC and Red Cross so we can forward 10 big boxes of relief goods and to ensure that 5000 families in Tacloban are catered by McDonalds.  The problem was Dinky Soliman was there.  She told us that we had to pass the relief through DSWD and we had to change all the plastic bags of the relief goods  they were in and put them in a personalised bags bearing PNoy’s name.  They forced open the boxes; when we refused their conditions, they did not give us clearance for our relief goods and then gravely taxed us! )


PNoy Aspiration for a Nobel Peace Prize?

Awww bless, it would be the icing on the cake for PNoy’s presidential term to be given the Nobel Peace Prize. But does he truly deserve the prize?

PNoy Aspiration for a Nobel Peace Prize?

I don’t think he does for these major reasons I can gather through the power of the internet, since I am based abroad.

1. Think typhoon Yolanda. We know how that turned into shambolic debacle.
2. Nora Aunor. Denying a throughly and true multi-awarded Filipino actress her more than deserved honour of becoming one of the chosen National Artists of 2014.
3. Pork Barrel. PNoy does not have the mettle or the inclination to abolish such instrument of corruption at once.
4. Luneta Massacre – Incompetence and shameful handling of the bus hijacking of Hong Kong Tourists.
5. Tuwid Na Daan – PNoy’s so-called Straight Path is anything but.
6. Transparency – Freedom of Information is not a priority in PNoy’s government.

Nope PNoy is not a Nobel Peace Prize material. However we must also credit him that he has done some good things during his current term of government. Business is booming!



Gov’t denies lobbying for Aquino’s Nobel Peace Prize


Benigno Aquino (6)


MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine government on Sunday denied rumors that it is lobbying for President Benigno Aquino III’s nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize.


“I definitely confirm that I am NOT lobbying for (President Aquino’s) nomination for Nobel peace prize. I wouldn’t even know how to do it,” Secretary Teresita Deles, Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) told Inquirer.net  in a text message.


Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) claimed they received credible information that Deles, during her visit to Norway, lobbied for the prestigious award.


“She and (Moro Islamic Liberation Front Chair Al Haj) Murad (Ebrahim) were reportedly in Norway recently to attend a peace conference after which they both went to Hiroshima to talk to [Aquino]. This info we got (from Norway-based parliamentarians and groups),” Bayan Secretary General Renato Reyes said.


In a forwarded text sent by Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr., Deles confirmed she attended a forum in Oslo where she met Nobel Peace Prize laureates Kofi Annan and Tawakkol Karman.


She said she had always been invited to the said forum but had never met anyone from the nomination committee.


Meanwhile, Presidential Secretary Edwin Lacierda said, “During the Oslo Conference, Secretary Deles had occasion to meet Nobel Peace Prize winners but there are no lobbying efforts. But please note that since Aceh, there has been no significant peace accord reached. Hence, it is possible that there are groups who do wish to nominate the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB). But certainly, OPAPP is not lobbying for it.”


While the CAB had already been inked by the Philippine government and the MILF, its enacting law is still being studied by Malacañang.


Murad and Aquino met in Japan on Tuesday to discuss the draft of the Bangsamoro basic law.


Despite the denial, Reyes said they believe the alleged nomination was being timed for the State of the Nation Address in July.


“Aquino is highly unqualified for such an award,” he said.


The group claimed that human rights violations under Aquino’s watch resulted in 192 cases of extrajudicial killings and cases of enforced disappearances and illegal arrests.


“Aquino fosters regional instability and tension with his support for the US military pivot and the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement that allows the return of US bases and weapons of mass destruction in the   country, and through his unqualified support for the rise of Japanese militarism and revision of Japan’s Peace Constitution,” Reyes added.


He said the Bangsamoro peace pact was “deceptive” and has yet to be considered “sealed” pending the approval of Congress.


This is in addition to the stalled peace talks with the National Democratic Front.


Read more: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/615233/govt-denies-lobbying-for-aquinos-nobel-peace-prize#ixzz360s9iJB7
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Chinese Lanterns

I am loving the Chinese lanterns in this picture. I just can see these beautiful paper lanterns in our garden right now.

I wish summer is here instead of this cold, wet and windy weather.  I wish I am in the garden sipping cold white wine and eating soft cheeses and then have a garden barbecue for supper.

Would it not be nice to be having a garden party which is lit with enourmous amount of solar lights and these Chinese lanterns?!!!

It would be a tremendous and exciting fun for everyone.

Front Row: Josh (Kris's first born, with Phillip Salvador) PNoy & Bimby (Kris's son with ex-hubby James Yap) Back:  Kris Aquino

Front Row: Josh (Kris’s first-born, with Phillip Salvador) PNoy & Bimby (Kris’s son with ex-hubby James Yap)
Back: Kris Aquino

How National Government Dealt With Haiyan/Yolanda Tragedy

As it has been reported previously the National Government let the people of Tacloban down so badly.

The National Government let down the whole country so badly.

The shameful action of the Government went from being catatonic to shambolic.

In Mar Roxas own admission, the poor  people of Tacloban became pawns between rival political families.

Mar Roxas was seen on the mini excerpt of a video bullying Romualdez for paperwork before the National Government move its feet in helping its own people!  He threaten that without that document, then “Bahala kayo sa buhay ninyo” (you are in charge of you own lives).  This is going on while the world and his wife were digging deep in their pockets, sending prayers, so alarmed and full of pity for people from the other side of the world that they did not really know.  They were full of compassion for the men, women and children – victims of Haiyan!  And yet their very own Government dragged its heels in helping, all because of Romualdez being related to the Marcoses and PNoy being Aquino, son of Benigno Aquino assassinated at MIA in the 80’s.  How petty, very petty.

Mar Roxas did not try to overrule PNoy for his self-indulgence?  Instead Mar seemed to be excited with it, he was so animated in the video!  This Mar Roxas for President in 2016?  God help us!!!

There were many reports of corruption, incompetence, delusion of grandeur, politicking, and bureaucracy!

There were reports that imported relief goods were being replaced with cheaper Filipino goods.

I hope those blankets donated by L’occitane got to the victims of Haiyan.. . otherwise some lucky thieving people out there will enjoy total luxury; I am so jealous! LOL

PNoy Governmet and Money Management @ 360°

Below is a very interesting article from Perry Diaz of PerryScope at GlobalBalita.

It tells of PNoy’s off the radar personal control of trillion of funds which he authorised and can dispose off anyway he wants without come back of censures from any agency of the Government. The fund is a smack of totalitarianism. 😉

Without an in force freedom of information (FOI), we, the public, cannot know what he intends to spend the monies on. He could be giving these to his kins and cronies, who plotted, cajoled and prodded to put him in power? He could be planning to make a lasting legacy of his family by creating a supedooper monument which could be a monumental mistake as we are now finding out that Ninoy Sr legacy starts and ends with the renaming of the Manila International Airport. Ninoy’s death looks like to end in vain, and sadly by his very own son’s making!!! 🙁

Perhaps it was the wrong Aquinos who have been in the presidential seat. Probably the right one is in our faces all along. Perhaps she is the one……..


Gran padrino de los ladrones

November 12, 2013 | OpinionPerryScope

By Perry Diaz

Patronage-politicsIf there is one trait that has remained the bedrock of colonial mentality long after Spain soldLas Islas Filipinas to Uncle Sam for $20 million over a century ago, it is the time-tested “padrino system” that we inherited from the Spanish colonizers. It is ingrained in the Filipino psyche affecting his way of life including the way he deals with others.

Indeed, in today’s Filipino body politic, business and politics are so intertwined in our lives that you cannot do business without politics and vice versa. We conclude a business transaction if it is good politics and we seal a political alliance if it is good business.

As someone once said, “In America the people get rich to enter politics; in the Philippines people enter politics to get rich.” And the way – only way! — to getting rich in office is through corruption.

It is not surprising then that corruption seems to be the standard of governance. Government officials are expected – nay, required! – to adhere to an unwritten “code of conduct.” And for those who don’t adhere to this code, the punishment could be as severe as putting to an end their political future and a closure to profitable corrupt practices.

The most profitable source of ill-gotten wealth among the elected members of Congress is the pork barrel system. In the guise of helping their poor constituents and improving the infrastructure of their congressional districts, pork barrel allocations — or what is known officially as Priority Development Assistance Funds (PDAF) – are released to projects identified and endorsed by the lawmakers receiving the pork barrel allocations.

The beauty of PDAF is that it was designed to release pork barrel funds directly to the vendor or provider of goods through certified and legitimately operating non-government organizations (NGOs) who serve as the implementing agencies. These NGOs are non-profit entities. They are responsible for ensuring that the pork barrel funds are used according to plan. The endorsing lawmakers are not supposed to receive any compensation for their endorsement. In essence, pork barrel funds are exclusively for the benefit of the people.

Pork barrel scam

Better days: Janet Lim-Napoles and President Aquino

(Better days: Janet Lim-Napoles and President Aquino)

But as it turns out, large chunks of the pork barrel funds disbursed by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) under the Office of the President did not go where they were intended to but went to the pockets of the endorsing lawmakers through a scam operated by Janet Lim-Napoles. This netted her P10 billion in the past 10 years. But the lion’s share went to the lawmakers who were alleged to have received kickbacks amounting from 50% to 70% of the funds diverted from the PDAF.

Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, and Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr.

(Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, and Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr.)

However, this could just be the tip of the iceberg. Ongoing investigation by the Department of Justice (DOJ) has produced evidence of massive corruption involving a large number of lawmakers. The first batch of lawmakers charged with plunder and malversation of public funds were Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, and Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. But more charges will be filed against other lawmakers and government officials. Justice Secretary Leila de Lima announced that the DOJ is working on the second and third batches of lawmakers to be brought to court.

Patronage politics

Late President Cory Aquino and son President Benigno "P-Noy" Aquino III

(Late President Cory Aquino and son President Benigno “P-Noy” Aquino III)

Never in the history of the Philippines had these many lawmakers and government officials involved in raiding the PDAF since it was created under another name during the time of the late president Cory Aquino, President Benigno “P-Noy” Aquino III’s mother.

In 1989 Cory created the Mindanao Development Fund (MDF) and the Visayas Development Fund (VDF), with an appropriation of P480 million and P240 million, respectively. In 1990, the MDF and VDF were combined and expanded nationwide as the Countrywide Development Fund (CDF) with an appropriation of P2.3 billion. In 2000, the CDF was renamed “PDAF.”

Since then, the PDAF has taken a quantum leap under P-Noy’s administration. DBM records show that in 2010, Gloria’s last budget year, PDAF was P6.9 billion. The following year, with P-Noy having full control of the budget, he could have pared down the PDAF allocations. But instead, PDAF allocations increased substantially. In 2011, PDAF more than tripled from 2010’s P6.9 billion to P22.3 billion! In 2012, it was increased to P24.89 billion. It was for the same amount in 2013. But in 2014, PDAF increased to a record P27 billion; however, the Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) stopping further releases of PDAF allocations and the President’s Social Fund (PSF). Also covered in the TRO are releases from the Malampaya Fund. The TRO was in response to three citizens’ petitions that asked the court to declare as unconstitutional the lump sum allocations under the PDAF and the PSF, and the misuse of the Malampaya Fund.

“Pork Barrel King”

DBM Secretary Florencio Abad and President Aquino

The PDAF is peanuts compared to the presidential discretionary fund, which has grown to P1.3 trillion in 2014. Many constitutionalists claim that this humongous fund is in all appearances a pork barrel. However, amidst a growing public outcry against the presidential pork barrel, P-Noy – dubbed “Pork Barrel King” — has bullheadedly insisted that it is not pork barrel.

But nothing is more offensive than P-Noy’s newly crafted Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), a new pork barrel program that was created without congressional authority. DAP was designed to use “savings” from budgeted items, which was legal only if the savings were realized from under-spent budgeted programs or projects at the end of a fiscal year. Legal experts opined that it becomes constitutionally illegal when “savings” result from arbitrarily ending or under-spending a program or project before the fiscal year ended. It’s interesting to note that DAP is created, controlled, and disbursed exclusively by the President. And the kicker is: it’s unaudited!

Indeed, P-Noy has pulled off a coup d’etat against Congress, which effectively grabbed the “power of the purse” from the lawmakers thus making P-Noy a “fiscal dictator” with absolute authority over a large amount of the people’s money.

Interestingly, the DAP in 2012 accumulated about P700 billion for P-Noy to use any which way he wants. Now that is absolute power, which reminds us of Lord Acton’s famous mantra that he expressed in 1887: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

“The buck stops here”

Finger-pointing (Credit: Bulatlat)

Finger-pointing (Credit: Bulatlat)

In the final analysis, one of the causes of the pork barrel scandal was P-Noy’s DAP, which is given to lawmakers at the sole discretion of P-Noy and without the requisite checks and balances to prevent corruption at the highest levels of government. By not putting them in place, P-Noy must be held responsible for the corruption in his administration.

The late U.S. President Harry Truman had a sign on his desk that says, “The buck stops here.” This saying was derived from the expression “pass the buck.” It means passing responsibility on to someone else when something goes wrong, which is what P-Noy does all the time.

Recently, P-Noy addressed the people on national television and declared: “I am not a thief!” I believe him. He said that the thieves are the lawmakers who stole from their pork barrel allocations. Yes, these are the thieves who benefitted from P-Noy’s generosity. That makes P-Noy the godfather of thieves, the “Gran padrino de los ladrones.”