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Pomelo (Suha) – Citrus Fruit

Pomelo, photo by Ruben Ortega

Pomelo (Suha) – Citrus Fruit

Pomelo is called suha in Tagalog and dogmon in Ilocano.

It is 3 to 4 times the size of a grapefruit and can be as big as a melon.  In fact pomelo is the largest citrus fruit that it has acquired a scientific name of citrus maxima or citrus grandis.

Pomelo is closely related to the grapefruit, but I actually prefer suha as I find grapefruit can be rather bitter.

The pomelo tree can grow really tall and when it flowers, the little cluster of white blossoms has the most fragrant smell.

Pomelo is rich in vitamin C.  Really juicy and when fully ripen in the tree, it can be very sweet.

But I actually love a pomelo that it still just before it truly ripen.  I love the slight sour taste which a little sprinkle of salt will activate the salivary gland.  Just thinking of this now makes my mouth water. Actually I prefer when the flesh of the pomelo is left to steep in a dish of slightly salty vinegar.  Delicious.

Suha, photo by Ruben Ortega

The juicy flesh here is pink but suha can also be yellowish white.

Suha (Pomelo) & Pawpaw Shake Recipe

Suha (Pomelo) & Papaya, photo by Ruben Ortega

Suha (Pomelo) & Pawpaw Shake Recipe

I am pretty sure that there will be plenty of households, which will have an overflowing fruit bowls ready for the coming year.  Based on experience some of the fruits would end up disposed and rotten.  But why not make used of them and get your daily intakes of 5 portions.

Juicing and milkshakes are easy recipes.  And below is one that is appetising and refreshing.


1 pomelo, peeled and skinned (see above photo)

1 ripe papaya

Ice cubes

sugar (optional)

Method of preparation:

Scoop out and discard the seeds from the papaya.  Cut out the skin and put the luscious flesh into a food processor together with the peeled suha (pomelo).

Add the ice-cubes.  Blitz until smooth.

Serve in tall glasses and enjoy!