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My Amazing Boyfriend 2 (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama

My Amazing Boyfriend 2 (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

My Amazing Boyfriend 2 poster

  • Genre: Romance, Alien, Supernatural
  • Release Date: 14 February 2019
  • Origin: China; Sequel to My Amazing Boyfriend
  • CDrama: XX Episodes


  • Mike D Angelo as Xue Ling Qiao
  • Esther Yu as Tian Jing Zhi
  • Fingal Fu Jia as Li Yan Zhi (No 7 exbf)
  • Miles Wei as Dr Jiang
  • Aro Yang as Feng Dong Dong (assistant)
  • Yang Zhi Ying as Bai Lu

The waiting is almost over.  The sequel to that fun and cute drama My Amazing Boyfriend is almost upon us.

It is slated for airing this Valentine’s Day.

I have to say having watched two episodes of this second series, I thought the original leads were an adorable duo.  They had a ‘real’ feel to them if you know what I mean.

But having said, these new leads have a charm of their own and making the second series also as watchable.

Episode 1

Back in 2005 Mr Que and some others were mountain climbing when there was an avalanche which caused Mr Que to fall into a mountain crevice.  There he met a strange guy named Yubai, who may not be from this world.

Despite their differences, Yubai saved Mr Que from being crushed by a falling rock.  Since then, Yubai had become a much loved family of Mr Que.

Mr Que is the grandfather of Tian Jingzhi.

Back to 2018, three months after Xue Ling Qiao vanished.

Tian Jingzhi had not been able to get over her breakup number eight.  She is doing everything to forget him including consulting with a psychiatrist.

But Liang Qiao seems to invade her ever waking moments as well as we she is asleep, which is a lot of time.

Lately she had not been feeling well.  She was trending in the internet with her erractic behaviour during television shows.  She once fallen asleep during live broadcast; Dong Feng Feng had to pour water all over her face to wake her up.

There was also that time that she was crying during a show, she was crying too hard she made herself sick.

Poor girl thinks she was hallucinating all time because she sees Liang Qiao everywhere, inside her house, cooking for her, doing her laundry, cleaning for her, putting her to bed.

One day she was in the supermarket when she met him face to face, thinking that he was a part of her dream, not real, she was dreaming, she just sat down propped by shelves and proceeded to fall asleep.

Then she later found out that he was actually back, he is her new neighbour, right across her house, if that is that the worse case, she also finally admitted to herself that she is pregnant, pregnant with his baby.

Also in the scene is a new guy who is the same as Liang Qiao.  He has the same power.

For the last three months, he had been sending Tian Jingshi white roses.

Somehow he found out quickly that she was pregnant and offered to look after her and her unborn baby.  He will marry her and care for her baby as if it is his own.

But Tian Jingshi is not over Liang Qiao yet, not by a long mile.

Episode 2

Another new person has moved into Tian Jingzhi neighborhood.  She is Bai Lu who seemed to be able to guess what Tian Jingzhi’s dress for the day.  She always wears the same style but in a different colour.  They are always twinning.

Liang Qiao also noticed the new girl and wanted her investigated.

Tian Jingzhi went to visit her grandfather with her seventh boyfriend the cop.

The grandfather was telling them that he was very saddened that they did not get it together.  He would be a great-grandfather by now.

She felt guilty that she can’t tell him that she is pregnant.

Tian Jingzhi begged a grandfather to forgive and make up with her mother.  Mr Que thought was firmed that her mother is now an adult and should stand on her feet.

Tian Jingzhi does not know that Liang Qiao already knows that she is pregnant.  She, therefore, is thinking ways on how to break the news to him.

There was a rather random scene towards the end of this episode. They were both being interviewed.

The last question asked of them was who would they like their child to look like?

Tian Jingzhi said Kim Tae Hwan (original Lian Qiao) while Liang Qiao wrote, Janice Wu (original Tian Jingzhi)

Episode 3

Tian Jingzhi cleared the air with Liang Qiao.  She said she wanted to be friends with him as they are now neighbors and anyway, she was friends to all of her ex-boyfriends.

Liang Qiao was taken aback, thinking that Tian Jingzhi was too in love with him.

Speaking of ex-boyfriends, Number 7, the cop, came to visit her as they have decided to go back to being just like brothers and sisters.

He was talking to her when he suddenly noticed that she had fallen asleep.  No matter how he tried to wake her up, she was comatose.

So he called an ambulance.

Episode 4

It was chaotic for a moment as they were trying to prevent Tian Jingzhi being taken to the hospital because of her current pregnant condition.

But as if telepathic Laing Qiao was there to take control and wake Tian Jingzhi up.  He told her to be an actress now and act herself out as if nothing had happened.

Tian Jingzhi has become friendly with Bai Lu, who seemed to be protecting her as she surreptitiously removed a tracker from Tian Jingzhi’s car.

They got talking about liking a cat, Bai Lu said that she doesn’t particularly like them because they die quickly (their life span is short)

Tian Jingzhi ask her if she had heard the poem of Gu Cheng called Avoid?

You said you didn’t like planting flowers

For fear of seeing the flowers fall

Therefore to avoid the end of all

You refused the beginning of all.
– Avoid by Gu Cheng

Tian Jiangzhi has also found out that Liang Qiao already knew of her pregnancy, it was actually the reason for his return.

When she went to confront him about it, he told her to have an abortion because what she was carrying is a parasite, feeding on her nutrients, fats, blood.  No matter how much she ate it would not be enough.  That is why she is anemic now.

Tian Jiangzhi got upset and told him that she would decide wha she will do.

Episode 5

Tian Jiangzhi has decided to keep her baby despite being told that it would be detrimental to her health.

Liang Qiao found out who was sending the blackmail letters to Tian Jiangzhi.  The woman wanted money or she will release her secret file on Tian Jiangs=zhi.

Liang Qiao had followed Tian Jiangshi’s psychiatrist and with his own eyes, he saw the doctor draining the blood of a mutant/immortal.




Queen Dugu (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019

Queen Dugu (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)


  • Genre: Historical Fiction, Costume Drama, Romance, Martial Arts, Politics
  • Release Date: 11 February 2019
  • Origin: China; Huace Global
  • CDrama: 50 Episodes


  • Joe Chen as Dugu Qieluo
  • Chen Xiao as Yang Jian
  • Zhang Lu as Gao Jiong
  • Qi Ji as Yuwen Yong (Emperor Wu of Northern Zhou)
  • Hai Lu as Ashina (Wife of Yuwen Yong)

Huace Global has tweeted that this historical drama is finally going to be shown on 11 February 2019.

Unfortunately for us international fans reliant on YouTube,  Huace confirmed that Huace youtube channel will not be showing it.  It would be available via iQiyi, Tencent and Youku.

The story of Queen Dugu is not an unfamiliar one because several dramas have been made about her and her love life with Yang Jian (Emperor Wen).

Apparently, 13-year-old Dugu Qieluo was married off to a 16-year-old Yang Jian, who impressed Dugu Xin, father of Dugu Qieluo, who was then the great general of Northern Zhou.

The young lovers had a good loving relationship that Yang Jian easily promised Dugu Qieluo that she would be the only woman who will bore all his children. They did have 10 children together, five boys and five girls.

For a very long time. they loved and then plotted together to oust the child ruler, Emperor Jing.

Yang Jian successfully overthrew the child emperor.  He then established the Sui Dynasty.

Yang Jian had a mid-life crisis and promptly fell in love and bedded a Lady Yuchi, a beautiful granddaughter of Yuchi Jiong, who became destitute and subsequently died, leaving his granddaughter to become a slave in the palace.

When Queen Dugu heard about her hubby’s shenanigans, she promptly dispensed off Lady Yuchi and had her killed.

The besotted Emperor Wen threw a temper tantrum, he was so annoyed that he can’t be in the same palace with his Queen anymore and then went awol.

When finally his right-hand man, Gao Jiong, found him, he made the emperor see sense.  He opined, “Your majesty, how could you abandon the empire on account of a woman?”

This little gem of persuasion might have induced the emperor to return to the palace but when Queen Dugu heard that she was referred to as a woman, just a woman, she absolutely went ballistic.

She’s gone off Gao Jiong, who happened to her first love.

Gao Jiong now got caught in Queen Dugu’s radar.  Every little thing he does, she sees and found it wanting.

In the end, he lost a no-confidence vote from both the Queen and the emperor and he was demoted to being a commoner.

When the Queen was good, she was very, very good.  When she was bad, she can be evil.  LOL

When she died, the emperor was so sad and to help him get through the day without his Queen, what else can he do?  He created a harem of concubines. LOL

Joe Chen was so pretty in the trailer and Chen Xiao is gorgeous.  I think they delayed the showing of this drama because of the things Joe Chen did early in 2018 including drink driving.  But all is forgiven.  I love her!

I hope someone would add sub to this drama soon.  Anyone?  viki?  Netflix?