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Talbos Ng Kamote Salad

Talbos Ng Kamote (Sweet Potato tops), photo by PH Morton

Talbos Ng Kamote (Sweet Potato tops), photo by PH Morton

Talbos Ng Kamote Salad

I did not realise how much I have missed talbos ng kamote (sweet potato tops) until Alma, my sister-in-law, put it on our dining table during our recent holiday in the Philippines. I think it turned me into a bit of a goat as I just could not have enough of it. I just want to chew and chew on the green young shoots of sweet potato tuber.

I wonder if it is easy to grow sweet potatoes in a UK garden?!!! I would like to harvest the shoots rather than the sweet potatoes, although when I was a young girl, we planted a lot of sweet potatoes on our farm in Marag, Philippines. I remember digging out sweet potatoes when they were hardly ready and eat them straight from the soil. I loved the newly formed sweet potatoes, they tasted crisp and sweet. OMG, I was wild; I was feral! 🙂

Apparently, sweet potato tops are great for making smoothies and juices as they contain a lot of healthy nutrients that naturally cures ailments of the body.

Be that as it may, I want my potato tops made as a salad.

Talbos ng Kamote (Sweet Potato tops) Salad:



1 large bunch sweet potato leaves, tougher stem removed and discarded
2 large ripe tomatoes, sliced
1 large red onion, sliced

The salad can be made with different types of sauces. Perhaps what is already in your food cupboard.

It can be half a cup of cider vinegar or red wine vinegar seasoned with salt.

it could also be a spritz of a whole lemon again seasoned with salt.

It could be a more exotic fish bagoong that can be bought from any oriental supermarket selling Filipino or Thai products.

Though I love any sauces from the above, I would tend to use fish sauce (patis) and calamansi/lemon as I always have a patis in my fridge. 🙂


Boil some water in a sauce pan.

Blanch the sweet potato tops by plunging in the boiling water and leave for a couple of minutes.

Remove from the water to drain.

Using a large bowl, combine the sweet potato tops with the tomatoes and onion.

Drizzle generously with your choice of sauce from the above list or with your own favourite sauce.