2016 – Thought For The Day

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2016, I feel, should be one of peace, goodwill and empathy.

Below are inspirational and motivational sayings, quotes and comments that I hope will be something to think about as we go about our daily life.

2016 – Thought For The Day


When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.

    -Benjamin Franklin

This is a very sagely quote from Mr Franklin. It reminds us that life is a learning curve and to live it, we must change and adapt with things that we can learn from.

We are always too busy for our children: we never give them the time or interest they deserve. We lavish gifts upon them; but the most precious gift, our personal association, which means so much to them, we give grudgingly.
– Mark Twain

As it is still the new year, we must make it as a resolution to cherish those who are most important to us, not only with material things but with our attention and caring as well.

19 January 2016

“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”
― Miles Kington

This explain very well the difference between having knowledge and having common sense (wisdom)

15 January 2016

New judge a book by its movie.

This quote is so scarily true.  It reminds me of the Lee Child books of Jack Reacher which has been turned into a movie starring Tom Cruise.  Jack Reacher is supposed to be about 6’4″ and rather bulky and it is this mascularity and height that gives Reacher that powerful presence which of course you need a lot of imagination with Tom Cruise as he is only a tiny man.  He is no Reacher by the book.


Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.
– Roy Goodman

Many of us, if not majority, thing of happiness as something that is tangible or an end result of something you work for. Happiness really is a choice not a destination. You can choose to be happy now. Be happy with the little things, happy with what you already have, what you have gained, what you know.

25 January 2016
The nation’s morals are like its teeth: the more decayed they are the more it hurts to touch them.
– George Bernard Shaw

4 Feb 2016

Capturing the beauty of life by Daniel F Gerhartz

Capturing the beauty of life by Daniel F Gerhartz

Beauty in distress is much the most affecting beauty.
– Edmund Burke

So true.  Many charities have now wise- up.  They tend to use the better-looking, handsome and beautiful men, women and children to front their charitable causes as the giving people seem to develop more emphaty with them.



5 May 2016

I do not try to dance better than anyone else.  I only try to dance better than myself.
– Mikhail Baryshnikov

This is a great quote by the ballet maestro, Baryshnikov.  In the end comparing and mirroring others would only lead to self-doubt.  It is better to aspire to be the best that you can possibly be.


24 May 2016

Kindness in giving creates love.
– Lao Tzu

There is a very powerful message in this quote. Giving does not begin and end with just with supplying something to the needy. Giving can be its own reward if done through the goodness of your heart.



There is no freedom for the weak.

  • George Meredith

Sad, but it is often the truth!


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