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Bungee Jumping of Their Own (South Korean Film)

Bungee Jumping of their Own poster

Bungee Jumping of Their Own



  • Genre: Romance, Drama, Psychological
  • Date Released: 2001
  • South Korean Film


  • Lee Byung-hun as Seo In-woo
  • Lee Eun-ju as In Tae-hee
  • Yeo Hyun-soo as Im Hyun-bin
  • Hong Soo-hyun as Yeo Hye-su
  • Lee Beom-soo as Lee Dae-geun

Bungee Jumping of Their Own (South Korean Film)

I first saw this film a couple of years ago and I though Lee Byung Hun was gorgeous and very brave in his choice of films.  They are not run of the mill romance, thriller or anything.

Anyway at first I thought this movie is a sweet romance with a touch of melodrama.

Seo In Woo met Tae-hee during one rainy day, while they were both in college.  Under an umbrella he fell in love with her wholeheartedly.  Well, she was gorgeous.

They had a short courtship because in a matter of two weeks, they were officially going out together.  They couldn’t be happier.

But it did not last as poor Tae-hee suddenly died in an car accident.

Fast-forward 17 years later.

Seo In Woo is now married and has a daughter.  He is also a teacher in a high school.

One of his students was Im Hyun-bin.  For some reason there was a pull of emotion towards the boy that he cannot fathom.   Somehow the boy reminds In Woo of his one great love, Tae Hee.

At first I thought the boy was their child, his child with Tae Hee.  Right timeline of dates.

But as the story progress, the relationship between them grew more than that of a father and son.  It became romantic!   ehhhhhhhhhhhhh   This woman was rather shocked!

Their attraction became rather obvious and they suffered physical bullying from students.  Well, this can only be expected, I supposed as there was (and still is)  a taboo on relationships between teachers and students, the age gap, as well as the homosexuality of the situation.  Remember this film was made in 2001.

Anyway, Hyun-Bin, it turned out is the reincarnation of Tae-hee, so as much as In Woo did not want to fall in love with the boy, it was out of his hand.  He was soulmate with Tae-hee, who is now Hyun-Bin.

Lee Byung Hun was excellent as  Seo In Woo.  He was able to portray the gamut of emotions of trying to block what he was feeling.  His vulnerability was just amazing.

This is a doomed love affair.

The end of the film sees Seo In Woo and Hyun Bin deciding to bungee jump.   Holding hands together and they dived with a subliminal notion to the viewers that this scene was a joint suicide pact.

They were hoping to be reincarnated as In Woo and Tae hee again.

Sad ending but this is a film leaving you to keep thinking about it.

Was Hun Bin really a reincarnation or is In Woo is really a predatory closet homosexual?


Lee Byung Hun (South Korean Actor)

Lee Byung-Hun

Lee Byung Hun (South Korean Actor)


  • DoB: 13 August 1970
  • PoB: Seongnam, South Korea
  • Height: 1.77 m
  • Educational Background: Hanyang University, majored in French Literature, Chung Ang University (graduate school) majored in Theatre and Cinematography
  • Career: Model, Singer, Actor
  • Civil Status: Married to Lee Min Jung, 1 child.
  • Hobby: Taekwondo

Dramas & Films

Seen by GG


  • Song Hyo Kho was his ex.
  • Scandalous past.

Postulant Cook’s Guide to Choosing Cheeses


Cheese for afters, photo by JMorton

Postulant Cook

Postulant Cook’s Guide to Choosing Cheeses

Now that Christmas is almost upon us, we have to start thinking what cheese or cheeses will grace our dining table.

Of course cheese is popular all year round but there is something special about nibbling on a selection of cheeses, wash down with a glass or few of red wine during the Christmas holidays.  (Please note though that we do not promote drinking and driving!!!)

Below is my favourite cheeses, which I hope will help in making your own selection.

Blue Cheese


Cheddar Cheese

Goat Cheese




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