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The Worlds Famous People { 2018/2019 }

Ninja the ”Best Fortnite player ” is what we are gonna talk about today. Tyler AKA Ninja is 27 years old and Height is 6ft and is possibly very tall. his Girlfriend Jessica is younger than Tyler. His Friends have been found by playing the game ” Fortnite Battle Royale ” Meeting Doctor Lupo [ Ben ]

TimTheTatMan as Tim And lots of more! Tyler also has been Playing in at least all the Fortnite Tournaments he could find and rarely loses to them all in at least the start of the whole entire match in his game!

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  • Nathan AKA Mr Vevo


Come On England

Come On England

14 July 2018

England having lost to Croatia had to play with Belgium for the third place.

From start to finish, England just doesn’t have it anymore.

They eventually lost at 2-0.

Not really a good end to what has been an exciting world cup.

Well done Russia!

11 July 2018

Come On England

Today is the semi-final between England and Croatia.

Yeahm, first five minutes and England scored.

Bad lack Kane.  It could have been another goal.

Good save from Pickford.

Oh no Lingard!

Half time.  England dominated the first half.

Oh No Croatia had equalised!

Oh no Croatia is on fire now!

England left concentration!

Substitution:  Rashford replaced Stirling

Extra time!

Woah!  I hope this will not end in that cruel but so exciting penalty shoot-out!

Oh no, is it all over?  Croatia scored!  It is 2-1 to Croatia.

Come on England

Come home England.

It ended in defeat! Saddddd

7 July 2018

England vs Sweden

13 minutes in the game and England has yet to. settle

So many missed chances missed by England over a very scrappy game.

Yeah Maguire scored at 30″.

England 1 – Sweden Nil.

He’s done it again.  Pickford threw the ball too hard.

Stirling missed.  He was stupid, he should have passed the ball.

Half time!

Delle Ali scored!

2-0 to England!

Magnificent saves by Pickford!

Yeah after a 5 minutes added stoppage time, England won.

This talented young team still developing has momentum!


3 July 2018

Knock-out games before the Quarter Final

England Vs Colombia

Come on England!!!

Omigod, that was one very fraught game.  England won on penalty shoot-out 4-3.   It was two hours of the most exciting, enjoyable but very tense game. We have an excellent & talented new young goalkeeper in Jordan Pickford, who has been making excellent saves and a crucial penalty save in the shoot out to help England win.

England put a good fight over a dirty game by Columbia, especially during the first half.

There should have been a red card for Columbia and few of them should have been sent out for their dirty tricks, not very sportsmanlike.

Anyway, England played well, most of the time, very calm despite the extreme provocation from the Colombian players as well as the fans, who overnumbered the English fans.  Even the iconic drumbeats of Britannia was easily overwhelmed by Columbia fans vuvusela and their own instruments.

Anyway, well done England!  Good luck for the next game.  Let’s go to the finals.

28 June 2018

Tonight or in an hour’s time, England and Belgium will be playing their final group (G) game.

Who ever wins will be top of their qualifying group.

From all the groups, only 16 teams will battle it out in the knock out games next week. Winners then progress to the quarter finals.

Some are over thinking things tactically & opponent permutations.  If England win the group & their knock out game next week, they could play against current  tournament favourites Brazil in the quarter finals. This could end their run. England have done well with a young talented but largely inexperienced team and squad. New found team spirit is adding to the coming together of a future strong team to challenge the best.

Apparently the current tournament top scorer Harry Kane is not starting but Jamie Vardy will be playing instead.

The Belgium Camp have been upfront and wanted to get  second place in the group by drawing or losing the game. As with England and also if Belgium come second, they will not need to travel from their preferred current Moscow base, have an extra day’s rest and if they win their knock out game, would  get  perceived easier teams i.e. avoiding  Brazil  later in the tournament.

Roberto Martinez  the Belgian manager, rumoured  as saying  “We want to play well but our priority is not to win.” this is being investigated &  if true is unprofessional and divisive.

Come On England

Let’s Play To Win!

Well Belgium won 1-0 in a slow paced game, England despite the team changes, did not appear to step up pace and play with urgency  as they knew they had qualified in second place. England now play Columbia next Tuesday evening. Columbia will prove tough opposition. IF England win, they will face either Sweden or Switzerland in the quarter finals. Both are strong teams but are not at the same level as an on form Brazil.  We shall see.

World Cup 2018 (Russia)

World Cup 2018 (Russia)

Another four years had passed and here we are again, England that is, trying our damned hardest to win the trophy, which has been unattainable since 1966.  As ancient as the history of the Magna Carta of 1066.  🙂

Surprisingly enough despite my lack of confidence of an England win, this world cup has been enjoyable and simply exciting.

The game between Spain and Portugal was heart-stoppingly exciting.  Surely it was the best game of this tournament.  Ronaldo had proven he is still a force to be reckoned with when he scored a hat-trick.  His penalty shoot-out was a reminiscent of a Beckham free kick specialty.

Fairly early on in this tournament, there have been unexpected results, the lose of Germany to Mexico and if Mexico has a better finishing, they could have scored at least a couple more against Germany, Iceland containing the world class Messi of Argentina and then Brazil did not shine against Switzerland.

I am looking forward to the two games tomorrow.  South Korea vs Sweden should be gorgeous, lots of oppas from SK and of course no matter what I still support England who would be playing against Belgium.  I am slightly excited about the England game so I  might put up some England banners and flag as well.  LOL

England, don’t let me down!


Fortnite Tips and Tricks

Hello Guys, Today is my first blog and here I am going to show you 5

tips and tricks in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

  1. Always build a wall behind you on the sides and in front of you when you hear gunshots near you.
  2. Up to Four people or eight is, ok but Over eight is bad so then if a another player goes in the same house they might go to the main part while you break the roofs to get a chest.
  3. Always when you get bandages or medkits always sort your inventory and put them in the last slot.
  4. If you get only a shotgun or smg or pistol don’t worry you can get a Elimination very easily from those weapons.
  5. ALWAYS build when you have the chance.

Thanks guys for reading and i’ll see you in a couple of weeks -peace

Fortnite Tips and Tricks

Sungka – Filipino Mancala Game

Sungka Board, photo by JMorton

Sungka – Filipino Mancala Game

I used to be obsessed with this board game when I was a little girl.

For whatever reason my mother used to discourage us playing sungka.  She was really adamant that we should not play it.  I think I heard her say that it was a game of the dead or something.  She made it sound like there was something sinister about it.

But I’ve  always  had a mind of my own, and the more I was told ‘NO’ the more I had to do it; it was like a red rag to a bull to me, a fascination of the forbidden. 🙂  I was a tad naughty!  LOL

Probably that was the reason I loved playing sungka.   I used to ask a neighbour, Lagring, who was a year or two younger than me to play sungka.   We did not bother with the wooden board; at my instigation we would just dig little holes similar to those in the wooden board on the ground under our mango tree.  We would then gather little stones and away we play for what seems like hours.  🙂

My mother always knew what I was up to as I would come home with dirty hands and even dirtier finger nails.  And of course those little holes which suddenly appeared all over our backyard!  🙂

In the end, knowing that I would not really listen, she just gave up on her embargo against sungka.  Funnily enough as soon as the ban was lifted I moved on to another obsession, Jack’s Stone!  🙂

By the way the photo above was taken at late president Ferdinand Marcos childhood residence in Batac, Ilocos Norte.  It seemed President Marcos used to play sungka as well.  🙂

Click here to see a quick tutorial.

I actually want one for Christmas, thank goodness they are easily available here.

2014 FIFA World Cup – England Vs Uruguay


Churchill, the mascot Photo by PH Morton

FOOTBALL IS COMING HOME or the team will, one or the other!!!


It is now so quiet in our neighbourhood.  Not a peep, nor sound of cars driving by.  No children playing in the street.  I can see from the window, the street is uncommonly deserted!

Everyone, I can safely assume is, is inside congregating in front of the telly waiting for the start of the game.

Today is a most crucial game for England.  They need to win.  They must win.  If they lose, they are probably out of the group, going the way Spain shockingly did last night.

Apparently England supporters who trekked to Brazil to watch the game, were unable to afford to watch in the stadium as the prices were going sky-high by the minute.  The England game is being held at Sao Paulo. The tickets were selling from £500 – £1000.  Rather expensive to watch England lose.  LOL

Oh, none of that, we shall throw out and out support to England.  They can do it, yet they can.

Come on England, Come on England!!!

DSCN9695There you go, we have our England inspired motiff glass and  coasters, we are ready to watch and hopefully enjoy and celebrate.

Get the beer, Peter.