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Keira Knightley – Waisted

I saw this photo of the beauteous, Keira Knightly.  She wore this optical illusion ensemble  at a Chanel fashion show.

It is pretty bizarre, don’t you think?

It reminds me of something from popular Filipino folklores called “manananggal”.



Manananggal (Philippines)

Manananggal (Philippines)

A manananggal is usually a pretty woman who turns into a flying banshee at night to prey on pregnant women sucking  their fetus.  They also prey on sleeping people and suck their blood.

The manananggal can separate itself from its lower torso and fly and look for victims at night.  The only way to vanquish a manananggal is to look for its weak point which is its severed lower body.  You can sprinkle salt all over the top of the standing torso (please refer to the photo opposite), this will prevent the manananggal to  rejoin its lower half and would then die just after sunrise like a vampire.

BTW,  I love Keira Knightley. She is an excellent actress.

Peru’s UFO Probe Team Ressurected

It seems that Peru had no other choice but to resurrect the agency that look for UFO, whether to debunk or to investigate further.  Apparently the move to bring back the department was to research reports after reports of sightings made by the public.

A few days ago, sighting of something luminous hovering in the sky was reported.  The sightings continued for several days.

Wow, interesting.  I know someone you will be interested in a report like this.  He’s read so much about this topic.  He knows the story of Area 51 like the back of his hand.   I shall ask Peter his thoughts about these sightings. 😉

Peru air force brings back its UFO probe team

AFPBy AFP | AFP – Sat, Oct 19, 2013

A view of the the super star cluster Westerlund 1 from the VLT Survey Telescope (VST) at ESO's Paranal Observatory released on October 14, 2013

AFP/European Southern Observatory/AFP/File – A view of the the super star cluster Westerlund 1 from the VLT Survey Telescope (VST) at ESO’s Paranal Observatory released on October 14, 2013

Peru’s air force has said it is reviving a department to research anomalous aerial phenomena — in other words, UFO sightings.

For people “who observe seemingly unconventional phenomena, which cause surprise or concern, know that there is an institution that will study and research your information,” Colonel Julio Vucetich said in remarks published Saturday.

The Department of Investigation of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena, or DIFAA, will bring together sociologists, archaeologists and astronomers, as well as air force personnel, to analyze how often these events occur, where and what times, Vucetich said, according to the official Andina news agency.

DIFAA was first created in 2001, but it had been closed down five years ago due to administrative problems. Similar agencies exist in regional neighbors, including Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

Peru’s office is now being reopened because of “increased sightings that are occurring in the country and that people are reporting to media,” Vucetich said.

According to media reports, residents of the town of Marabamba, in the central Andes, this week saw luminous objects in the sky over several days.

Alien Abduction in America

I am not talking about illegal immigrants taking American hostage.

images (1)It is far more terrifying, this aliens come farther afield from an upward direction, light-years away.

This is not the twilight zone, apparently 1 in 500 Americans claim that they had been abducted in a very “in your face” close encounter of the third kind.

Grey_AliensMind you the survey was done in 1998. Who knows what the figure is now? Maybe those who took the original survey have disappeared 😉

Apparently abductees have reported that prior to being ‘taken’ they experience the following:

  1. Waking paralysed and sensing a presence in the room.  (Apparently nothing to do with being inebriated and waking up in someone else’s room. LOL)
  2. Missing time. (Still not inebriated. LOL)
  3. feeling of flying. (still not very drunk and falling down the stairs)
  4. Seeing balls of lights (not due to hang-over?)
  5. Anomalous scars.  (not remembering falling down the stairs whilst inebriated. LOL)

Again, survey says that only about 2 per cent of abductees experience all of the above at the same time.

Betty & Barney Hill

Betty & Barney Hill

The most famous alien abductees were Betty and Barney Hill.  Their experience was  strange but compelling because during Betty’s hypnotherapy session, she was able to describe and draw a detailed map of Zeta Reticuli star system.  What was amazing was that it was six years before astronomers discovered it.



The ever increasing number of planets being discovered around other stars solar systems raises the probability that life and even possible other civilizations exist. Human Beings may not be the only beings in the vast universe surrounding us. In the 1960s, US astronomer Frank Drake devised a formula that calculated the number of probable alien civilizations advanced enough to send signals into space. With billions of stars scattered in the cosmos, it is only a matter of time before we discover planets capable of supporting life. Whether any the life on these planets would be sufficiently advanced to at least our current level or even above is another question. As our space probes and telescopes get more sophisticated, signs of life and even civilisations may be eventually detected. Like the ever expanding ripples of a stone thrown into water, our planet has been leaking radio/TV waves into space for over a hundred years. Possible other civilisations within 100+ light years of earth and at our same technological level also using radio telescopes would readily detect our artificially produced signals. Post 1800s industrialisation, our fragile earth’s atmosphere now contains non-natural elements mainly derived from pollution. Again other advanced civilisations would have the means to detect these anomalies as we too are also beginning to analyse the atmospheres of extra solar planets.

Written by
Peter Morton

‘No Aliens On Earth’ Says Senior Obama Official

It is official, no aliens here on Earth! Or is it?!!!

Are we being hoodwinked into believing that there are no aliens when I saw one in Sainsbury’s at the deli counter eating those freebie cheese cubes?!!! LOL

‘No Aliens On Earth’ Says Senior Obama Official

Sky News – Tue, Nov 8, 2011

A senior White House official has insisted there is “no credible evidence of extraterrestrial presence here on Earth”.
And in a blow to millions of conspiracy theorists, the member of Barack Obama’s administration, also said there was no credible information to suggest evidence of alien life is being kept from the public.

The unusual comments were contained in a response by senior space policy and communications official Phil Larson to several petitions lodged on a White House website.

“The US government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race,” Mr Larson wrote.

“In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye.
“Many scientists and mathematicians have … come to the conclusion that the odds are pretty high that somewhere among the trillions and trillions of stars in the universe there is a planet other than ours that is home to life.

“Many have also noted, however, that the odds of us making contact with any of them – especially any intelligent ones – are extremely small, given the distances involved.

“But that’s all statistics and speculation. The fact is we have no credible evidence of extraterrestrial presence here on Earth.”

The statement was issued in response to two petitions, which a total of 17,000 signatures, calling on the Government to disclose knowledge of extraterrestrial beings and contact with them.

The White House has started a new initiative called “We the People” by allowing people to submit petitions to their government and pledged to respond to some that get a significant following.


Gag-gak of Marag

They are called yetis or abominable snowmen in the Himalayan regions

 of Tibet, Nepal and India; Bigfoot or sasquatch in North America but less known is that these hirsute, ape-like beings are called gag-gaks in a little barrio of Marag, Luna, Kalinga-Apayao, Philippines.

Marag is a valley surrounded by mountains, each one greener and more verdant than the next.

While living in the province people used to talk about the gag-gaks in hushed whispers.

We were staying at our farm when we started giggling and frightening one another about the gag-gak. My father stopped us at once and told us to respect it, at the same time we noticed that his eyes went to where his shotgun was safely put away. That look, more than his word, made us stop at once. When we asked him if there were gag-gaks in the mountains, he just nodded quickly and said no more about it.

My 16 year old cousin eloped, with her then boyfriend, to the mountains. The men of our barrio started to gather together to bring the love-birds back but they should have not bothered as a mere few hours later my cousin with her boyfriend came running back, breathless from their adventure. Apparently they went deep into the mountain. They saw piles of what looked like large portions of human wastes and then nearby was what looked like a man/ape who was extremely tall and muscular as well as being hairy all over. It dawned on them that they were looking at the mythical gag-gak. The being saw them but quickly vanished into the thick of the forest.

I tend to believe them because they did not really have a reason to lie afterall a few days later they tried to elope again but made sure not to go into the mountains. 😉