The King’s Avatar (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019 

The King’s Avatar (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Global Granary Recommendation

The King’s Avatar poster

  • Genre: eSport, Virtual Games, Thriller, Action, Adventure
  • Release Date: 31 July 2019
  • Origin: China, based on a novel and anime called Quan Zhi Gao Shou
  • Cdrama: 40 Episodes


  • Yang Yang as Ye Xiu/Ye Qiu?Jun Mo Xiao
  • Lai Yu Meng as Su Mu/Rou Rou
  • Maggie Jiang as Chen Guo/ Guo Guo
  • Lion Lai as Bao Rong Xin/Steamed Bun
  • Liu Qiu Shi as Lan He (Capt of LanXi Pavillon)
  • Jiang Xue Ming as Xi Zhou (Lan Xi Pavillon team Member)
  • Liang Yi Mu as Sun Xiang / Yue Yun (New Capt of Jiashi)
  • Hao Shuai as Chen Ye Hui (Jiashi Team Member)
  • Sun Ning as Luo Ji
  • Zhao Chu Lun as Tao Xuan
  • Yang Ting Dong as Mo Fan (Wei Cao Team Capt)
  • Gao Han Yu as Yu Wen Zhao (Capt of Lan Yu [Blue Rain]Team)
  • Jiang Long as Huang Shao (Team Member of Lan Yu)
  • Ji Xiang Ning as Zhou Yi Bai
  • Gu You Ming as Han Wen Qing (Capt of Ambitions Team)
  • Song Han Yu as Wu Chen (V-capt of Ambitions Team)

Quick precis:

It is the rise and fall and rise again of a genius e-gamer.

Episode 1

King’s Avatar is a timely replacement for the other brilliant e-Sport drama, Go Go Squid starring Li Xian and the adorable Yang Xi.

This first episode is catchy already.

In my opinion, Ye Qiu is the most gorgeous drama e-sport gamer, well to be honest probably second to Yixiao Naihe of Love020. LOL

Gorgeous or second most gorgeous, poor Ye Qiu had the most frustrating and soul-destroying experience with his management right after delivering another victory to Team Jiashu.

He was unceremoniously informed that he was no longer the captain for his group.  They wanted to introduce new blood to the game and made a newly arrived Sun Xiang the new captain.

Ye Qiu was made to surrender his One Autumn Leaf account.

This was because of money.

Ye Qiu  had always appeared mysterious to his fans.   He is a top-notched e-player of Glory, which is the game that had been beguiling male and female e-sporters.

Ye Qiu wanted total privacy and would use face mask and baseball hat to cover up.  His fans do not know how he really looks like.

His management blamed him for their shares not going up because Ye Qiu refused to do fan meeting and sponsorship.

With his demotion, he chose to retire instead.

That snowy evening he stood looking up at the majestic building of JianShu and promised himself, he will be back, a la Terminator, and will take everything.

That same lonely evening, he ended up in a palatial gaming center where youths of both genders were waiting to battle in Glory.

The atmosphere got Ye Qiu.  He was never after the money, he just wanted to immerse himself into the Glory game.

He noticed the assistant vacancy for the center and applied immediately.

Episode 2

Chen Guo is the manager of the e-gamers centre.

When she interviewed  Ye Qiu, she asked for his ID and she was surprised to see that he has the same name as her ultimate idol of Jianshu.

She asked Ye Qiu if he had experience with working at a computer centre, he said “no”.  She then asked him if he had experience with cleaning, again he said “No”.  He ended up saying ‘no’ to everything and yet she hired him because she liked his answer about Glory.

The job includes accommodation, which was really not fit for purpose and yet Ye Qiu was satisfied with it as it has a bed and that was all he needed.

His first day as an assistant was not a success.  He was not domesticated.  In fact, he causes so much mayhem that he ended up owing money to the centre more than the salary he was going to receive.

But he likes the place, it has that community feel.  Everyone was completely into Glory.

Ye Xie was surprised to note that his manager may be his biggest fan.  She was so upset when it was announced that Ye Qiu was no longer a part of  Jiashu.  It was unthinkable for her that the Glory god had left.

Ye Xie is beginning to adapt to his new life situation and with a purpose.

Episode 3

Ye Xie was in the middle of a Glory game when Chen Guo tasked him to insert the SD card reader directly to the television.

Unfortunately, television is not the latest model and does not have card reader inserts.  So Ye Qiu plugged the telly into the computer without checking further.

He then went back to playing his game. His avatar was on death throw but he managed to save him and defeated the giant monster as well using various special tricks.  His game was witnessed by Chen Guo who was about to tell him off for short-circuiting the telly.

Chen Guo though was impressed because the tricks and moves being used Ye Qiu was similar to Glory god, Ye Qiu.

Chen Guo started to think that maybe, just maybe, her assistant was the real Ye Qiu.

After his game, Ye Qiu asked Chen Guo to forgive him and give him another chance but Chen Guo was so happy and even told him to forget about the telly.

Another character had been introduced.  It was Tang Rou, a pianist, who was such a perfectionist.  She is Chen Guo’s best friend and also enemy at times.

She told Tang Rou that she had not finished her homework because of a new assistant.  She used Ye Qiu as an excuse.

Chen Guo said that she had been trying to defeat Ye Qiu but can’t.  She added that her assistant is as good as the Glory god.

Tang Rou who was also into the Glory game, challenged Ye Qiu.  She was so sure to defeat him.  But after 10 games, she did not win even once.  She then said to herself that she will defeat him.

Episode 4

Ye Qiu continues to gain more extra-ordinary ammo from playing as a mercenary for groups who wanted to advance their levels.

Su Meng was missing him in Jiashu because Sun Xiang was bullying her because of her standard technique in the Glory game.

During a tumultuous Glory game, Ye Qiu met Bao Rong Xin, who was the other who stayed alive.

Episode 5

There was a tournament between Jiashi Team against Lan Yu Team.

This was the introductory gave for Sun Xiang as the new captain of Jiashi and account holder of One Autumn Leaf, which has all the ammo and tricks accumulated by Ye Qiu as a previous captain.

To start with Jiashi defeated the members of Lan Yu in individual battle.

Then the group battle began.  The captain of Lan Yu, Yu Wen Shao has more tricks off his sleeves and Ye Qiu noticed it immediately.

Not halfway during the game, he anticipated that Jiashi will lose.

Chen Guo heard him and thought he was joking as JIashi was obviously leading the game.

Ye Qiu was adamant.

Episode 6

Sun Xiang was no doubt an extremely able Glory e-gamer but as a captain, he was immature and easily riled.

And Yu Wen Shao took advantage of this weakness of Sun Xiang.

He tasked Huang Shao to needle and provoke Sun Xiang, who separated from his group to fight Huang Shao’s avatar to the death.

Without his guidance, his teammates led by Su Meng became an easy target for the wily Yu Wen Shao.

The Lan Yu team en masse then surrounded Sun Xiang and killed his avatar.

The happiest person in the defeat of Sun Xiang and Jiasi was Chen Guo. She was still smarting from how they treated her hero-god of Glory, Ye Xie.

Episode 7

Yu Wenshao was able to get the information on what Ye Qiu was currently working on quite easily from Huang Shao.

Wenshao had told him that he had three hours to get the Smart Umbrella.

A couple of hours later Huang Shao returned with the physical prototype umbrella which made Wenshao laughed.

Ye Qiu came up wanting to know why his umbrella was stolen.

He greeted Wenshoe amiably.

Apparently, they had a history.

Wenshao used to attend a Glory training camp where Ye Qiu was a trainer.

Wenshao was the weakest amongst the trainees and as luck would have it he ended up having a match with Ye Qiu, the best trainer.

Wenshao spent hours and hours practising and it paid as well as he was able to have a good much with Ye Qiu, who was just too good.  He ‘died’ at 2:18, which had become a very significant time for him.

Now he challenged Ye Qiu to another match which runs for 2:18 only.  Wenshao is now experienced and a captain of his own team, Lu Yan.

In the end, he still lost at the hand of Ye Qiu but he was quite satisfied and it cured his psychological asthma.

I have to say Yang Yang is perfect, totally gorgeous, but there is something about Gao Han Yu that is so totally attractive.

There is another team called Wei Cao where Xiao Yifan is a member but being sent to a training camp to improve.

The boss of Wei Cao suddenly called the group in the training room to play Glory.  They were to ambush Jun Mo Xian, Steam Bun and Tang Rou.

Yifan turned back to join in the game but one by one in quick succession, his teammates ‘died’ under Jun Mo Xian and team’s hand.

Yifan put a good fight but died as well but he was told by Jun Mu Xian that he was good but he did not see the problem.

The boss of Wei Cao was disappointed with his team, who told him that Jun Mo Xian was so experienced and obviously knew the game inside and out.

They were told that they had just met the greatest boss in the history of Glory.  Jun Mo Xian is none other than Ye Qiu himself.

Episode 8

Xiao Yifan went to the Glory training centre and did well though he was told that competition to be in the top five is so fierce that he had to consider that.

He remembered what Jun MuXiao had said to him that he had the coordination but he doesn’t see the bigger picture.

He asked Jun MuXiao if he could train him in person.  Jun MuXiao was only too happy to oblige and gave the internet cafe address.

On his way, Yifan bumped into a rather bumbling delivery guy, Bao Rong Xin, who insisted to take him directly to where he was going.

When Bao Rong Xin realised that they know the same person, Rong Xin could not contain his excitement.  He was finally meeting Jun MuXiao his Glory master. He told him that he was Steamed Bun.

Jun Mu Xiao took Yifan aside and told him that he has a rare potential but perhaps being an assassin was not the way he should go.   He advised that Yifan should start from the beginning and find his way and probably as a trickster.

Yifan wasn’t sure at first and was having nightmares about starting over.

Jun MuXiao, Tang and Steamed Bun went to the Glory shopping centre in the sky to barter and buy new ammo and equipment.

On their way back they were ambushed by a vengeful Chen Ye Hui and players from Jiashi.  There were dozens of them against three until Yifan arrived as the Trickster.

Episode 9

“Change your fate, not give up!”

Yifan missed the training exam because he was gaming with Jun MuXiao.  Yifan did not mind at all missing the test.  He then realised that becoming a trickster is no way giving up on Glory.

Back at the Xing Xin Net Cafe, a leader of the Yue Lun Guild begged Jun MuXiao to help their guild who was on the brink of being razed to the ground.  Their subscription was very low because they are relatively unknown and being out of the leaderboard.

The leader wanted Jun MuXiao to create them a dungeon.  He said that they can’t pay much.

Jun Mu Xiao loves Glory and wanted everyone to enjoy it too so he accepted a nondescript double-headed battle-axe as payment from Yue Lun Guild.

The dungeon he created became top of the leaderboard, which put the unknown Yue Lun Guild in the map.

This was noticed immediately by several clubs and teams including Lan Xi Pavillon who had previously let it be known that Jun Mu Xiao is part of their club.

With the goading of Chen Ye Hui of Jiashi Team, the teams will be joining forces together and defeat Jun Mu Xiao and his team.

Lan Ye of Lan Xi Pavillon sent a message to Jun Mu Xiao to lie low for the time being.

But it was too late Jun Mu Xiao had given Tang Rou a new purple-headed spear which they were testing.

Then out several dozens of assassins baying for blood.

As much as Jun Mu Xiao is almost indestructible, there were just too many of the assassins and all of the same time.  He had to battle it out and try to protect his team of Tang, Yifan’s trickster and Steamed Bun.

First to fall was Tang Rou and her purple spear was taken away.

It was exciting but it was grim for Jun Mu Xiao. Steamed Bun, though safe was trapped in a dug-out.  Yifan was busy.  And then a masked Huang Shao appeared and started fighting side by side with Jun Mu Xiao.

Really exciting episode.

Episode 10

If episode 9 is exacting this one is more so.  I love watching he CGI gaming, it was so thrilling and electrifying.

Chen Ye Hui of Jiashi is trouble.  He recruited and led 7 guilds for a sure-thing defeat of Jun MuXiao.  But that did not happen.  It was the 7 guilds who were seriously battered.  The most worrying thing for them was that their rankings will go down.

Tang Rou’s taking back her purple speak from the defeated Chen Ye Hui was exhilarating.

Jun Mu Xiao with his posse which included Tang Rou, Steamed Bun, Yifan and a new recruit, Mei Guang were treated to a hot pot by Su Meng, who was also part of their battling group.

It was a happy get together.

In the middle of it, Hun Mu Xiao received a call from Huang Shao, who pretended that he was upset that he was not invited. He then asked if everyone of the group was there.  He commented that it sounds like Jun Me Xiao is started a new group.

Episode 11

Jia Shi officially announced the retirement of Ye Qiu.  They made it sound that it was Ye Qiu’s decision alone.  He was not force out.

Poor Chen Guo attended the announcement alone and was obviously very upset being a die-hard fan of Ye Qiu.

Meanwhile, Jun Me Xiao’s fame is beginning to go viral.

The vice captain of Ambitions Team heard of him and wanted to challenge him.  They heard that he was really Ye Qiu.

VC Xinjie is a healer in the game and quite good as well but not as good as jUn Me Xiao.  After an interval, Han Wen Qing joined the game as well.  He knew Ye Qiu rather too well as they have plenty of interaction in the past being each other’s nemesis.

In the end, Jun MuXiao won.  Wen Qing asked him if he really did retire.

Jun Mu Xiao asked back “what do you think?”

The aftermath of the announcement of the retirement only made Ye Qiu more popular because of the fans not believing that he would willingly leave Glory.

Wen Qing being the numero uno opponent of Ye Qiu was asked for an interview.

He clearly said that Ye Qiu did not say about retirement to him and therefore believed that Ye Qiu was about to return.

Chen Guo was ecstatic.

Episode 12

This episode is full of eye candy, super handsomeness.  There is really something deliciously appealing about men in uniform! 🙂

Jun Mu Xiao finally gave notice to Lanxi Pavillon that he can no longer help them for gaining dungeon points.  Instead, Jun Mu Xiao sold Lanxi the Dungeon 101 manual that even the most inexperienced gamer can win if he follows the instruction religiously.

Guo Guo was going spare because she can’t get a ticket for the Glory All-Star Game.

Fortunately for her, Ye Qiu was given by Su Mungcheng tickets for the game which Ye Qiu secretly put in a place where Guo Guo will find it.

She was so excited.

The day of the game came and Guo Guo set up her table for Ye Qiu being the all time god of Glory.   Fans were rather fickle.  It seemed they have forgotten the genius of Ye Qiu.

In fact, Guo Guo got a bit manhandled when her table was tipped over and she was pushed around.

Guo Guo was so sad but visibly cheered up when Su Mengchen came to sit with her at the audience arena.  Su Mengchen further made her happy when she asked for a limited edition of the Ye Qiu’s badge because she is Ye Qiu second most ardent fan, Guo Guo was, of course, the first.

The game became.  It was a battle between Yiingje and his captain at Wei Cao.

Both Ye Qiu and Wen Zhao knew immediately that the captain sacrificed himself to give confidence to the young player who was being trained as the next captain of the Wei Cao.

Episode 13

What an exciting episode!!!

Poor Yinjie was feeling upset that he defeated his captain.  He instinctively knew that it was done on purpose.

The next player was Yifan of Wei Cao vs someone who was highly professional.

Ye Qiu immediately the Yifan will lose.

He then found Yifan having a breakdown after his defeat.

Ye Qiu said he was foolhardy to choose one of the best when he had only been training as a trickster for a month.

Yifan said that he had to try his luck against the very best because this might be the only chance could play during a tournament and also he wanted to impress the captain because he feels that he might be out of the team.

The next players were Sun Xiang, the new captain of Jiashi vs Han Wenqing of Ambitions. Sun Xiang tried every trick in the book to try and make Wenqing loose confidence but it did not work because he was already het up from his confrontation with Ye Qiu earlier.

It was a most exciting game and Sun Xiang was so confident but Wenqing was in the league of Ye Qiu and Wen Zhao.

In the end, he loses and was further humiliated during the impromptu interview when Wenqing said that Sun Xiang played very well but if it had been Ye Qiu, he would have not lost.

The next players were between a professional and an amateur from the audience.  The amateur happened to be Rou Rou.

The professional was from Jiashi and the second in command to Sun Xiang.  He was rather dismissive of Rou Rou as being a girl and had only played Glory for less than a month.

He was surprised though how good she was.  She was winning and about to exact the final jolt when Sun Xiang secretly replaced his second in command.

Sun Xiang toyed with Rou Rou.  Even the professional players were disgusted how the professional was humiliated the amateur Rou Rou.

Sun Xiang was about to deliver the final blow to Rou Rou but she escaped courtesy of Ye Qiu who had come to help her out knowing that there was irregularities with the other party.

Sun Xiang was surprised at how agile she had become.  Whatever punishment he gave she returned in spade.

And they both used the dragon ammo.

Ultimately her dragon was better than his dragon.

This showed though that Ye Qiu was in the building!

Episode 14

I have to say that I would have been quite happy if this entire episode is just about Blue Rain and Ambitions in their uniforms are just walking or marching.  They were gorgeous.

Anyway, Guo Guo finally found out that the Ye Xie she had hired as her internet cafe’s network manager is in fact her super idol Ye Qiu.

Now she was bothered that he would leave her cafe.  Despite having had confirmation from Ye Xiu that he was not going to leave any time soon, Guo Guo was still apprehensive.

She was so apprehensive that she had shied away from speaking to her idol.  She could not even ask him to do his normal menial job because she can’t really ask her idol to do lowly jobs.

In the end, Ye Xie did some drastic action for Guo Guo to behave normally towards him again.  He purposely made a reporter suspect that he was Ye Qiu.

Guo Guo went protective and told the reporter that her network manager is just that.  She then told Ye Xie to go clean up.

Still, she was worried that he will leave.  She told Rou Rou that she will close the internet cafe and lock in Ye Qiu in the attic with a computer so he could play Glory. He should be just happy to do that.  Rou Rou said that was rather drastic.  Another suggestion Guo Guo came out with was just to break Ye Qiu’s legs.

Ruo Ruo was beginning to get concerned with Guo Guo so she made a suggestion to perhaps spoil Ye Qiu into staying in the cafe.

Episode 15

This episode is about how Ye Qie , Mengxiao and Tao started on their way to Glory.

Ye Qie has always been the best player, while his friend Mengxiao was the engineer.  He creates superweapons.

These two 15 years old were the best players in Glory and with Tao, who doesn’t really play well was in charge of logistics, they became a team

Mengxiao was so brilliant with creating superweapon, where his ultimate was called the Thousand Machine Umbrella, which he called the King’s Avatar Mengxiao.

Tao, who had by then became money man had told Mengxie to bin the Thousand Machine Umbrella and not to give it to Ye Qie.

If the umbrella exists, it would be their end and that of their beloved Glory because they will be unbeatable and no one would one to play Glory anymore.

Mengxiao saw the logic of it and he sealed the Thousand Machine Umbrella and will never see the light of day again.

Ye Qie was furious but Mengxiao promised him that once he reached the top of Glory he will have the umbrella back.

(But where is Mengxiao now?)

Tao, who now works for Jiashi, who made Ye Qie retired requested for a meeting.  He said he wanted Ye Qie back.  He wanted Ye Qie to comeback as a coach.

Ye Qiu said that he wanted to comeback to the arena not coach.

Tao said that was not going to happen.

They ended up had a furious row and Tao to make a point of severing all his connection with Ye Qiu and Mengxiao ordered an assistant to get rid of an old computer display that started Ye Qiu and Mengxiao.

Ye Qiu stopped the assistant and out of the harddrive? came out the notebook of Mengxiao with his plan of the Thousand Machine Umbrella.


Episode 16

Episode 17

Episode 18

Omg!  There are two Yang Yangs! Yipeeee

Episode 19

Episode 20

Episode 21

Episode 22

Episode 23

Episode 24

Episode 25

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Episode 29

Episode 30

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Episdoe 39

Episode 40


Nagi’s Long Vacation (Japanese Drama Review & Summary)

Japanese Drama 2019

Nagi’s Long Vacation (Japanese Drama Review & Summary)

Nagi’s Long Vacation poster

  • Genre: Life, Drama, Comedy, Friendship, Romance
  • Date Released: 2019
  • Origin: Japan; adapted from a Manga
  • Dorama: 10 Episodes


  • Koriki Haru as Oshima Nagi
  • Takahashi Issei as Gamon Shinji
  • Nakamura Tomoyo as Arashiro Gon
  • Ichikawa Mikako as Sakamoto Ryouko
  • Mita Yoshiko as Yoshinaga Midori (The coin Lady)
  • Shiratori Tamaki as Shiraishi Urara
  • Takiuchi Kumi as Adachi Kokoro

Episode 1

I love this first episode.  It is very satisfying.

Oshima Nagi was just turning 28 years.  She works in an appliance company which is busy and frenetic.

Nagi worked very hard.  She did not have the guts to say no to colleagues passing their own work with her.

She has also a secret boyfriend from her company.  He was a popular guy and admired by the ladies.

One night, she was again the last one in her office to remain,  finishing up the jobs her colleagues thoughtlessly left for her to complete.

She happened to glance at a mobile phone left charging in the office.  There she noticed a conversation from her colleagues who where arranging to meet up.

They were laughing at her and her gullibility.  They said as long as they compliment her a bit, she will do anything.

Nagi was mortified.

But a telephone call from her boyfriend pacified her a bit.  He said that he had still some work to do but he will see her at her place that night.

Nagi was on his way to his office when he overheard his conversation with his colleagues.  He admitted that he has a girlfriend but it was all casual. No intention at all of marrying her.  He was just staying with her because she was willing and convenient and was good at giving blowjobs.

They were laughing so hard that she started to hyperventilate and collapsed where she was standing.

One week later, she gave her notice at work, she gave up her house and moved to what she thought was a nice flat in the suburb.

Instead, the house is on a derelict side with no airconditioning.

With just a futon and a bicycle, she thrashed the rest of her things, she started settling to her new house.

For the first time in ages, she was feeling happy.  She is her own woman.  She stopped straightening her naturally curly hair.  She also started to have her opinion and even complained to a greengrocer when she thought she was shortchanged.

She was satisfied with her new lot.

She had also started to meet her neighbours.  One was known as a coin-lady, because she could be often found looking for coins under vending machines.

Another neighbour was a hot young man who grew bitter melon in his veranda.

Her joy, was cut short by the appearance of her boyfriend, who complained that she had grown ugly with her curly hair.  He told her to put her hair back the way it was.

Nagi had finally told him that she was happy the way she was and that she doesn’t want him to ever visit her again.

In the rain, they stood looking at each other and he said he will come again.

Their little drama was noticed by her neighbours who came to see her and give her moral support.

In the meantime, her boyfriend was almost caused an accident because he was not looking when he was crossing the road.

People who saw him started saying that he was crying so hard.

Her boyfriend ended up in a bar still crying.

The barman said that he looked like that he had been dumped.

The boyfriend cried even harder.  He said he really loved his girlfriend.  When they first got together she would get up early in the morning just to straighten her hair for an hour.  He then told himself that he would always protect her.

Episode 2

Love this drama so much.  It has lots of character and warmth.

Nagi was really getting into the groove of things.  She even made a friend when she went to a job agency.  But she was disappointed when this new friend was trying to sell her a stone bracelet for good luck.

But she remembered that she was trying to reset her life and she was not going to be a pushover anymore.  So she said to the new friend that she does not need a stone for good luck as she will make her own luck.

Her neighbours had rallied round to cheer her up and in turn she amazed them with her doggedness and perseverance.  She was like a cute pupply, soft with her curly hair.

Her ex-boyfriend was really missing her.  He did tell everyone but not to her.

The coin lady found him knocking at Nagi’s door.

She told Gamon to watch a movie with her while waiting for Nagi.

They enjoyed watching Gone with the Wind.  The coin lady said that in the end the Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara did not get together in the end because of a misunderstanding.  Both refused to say what they really want to say, what they feel for each other so they parted thinking that they don’t love each other the truth is the opposite.

When Nagi came back from the picnic she share with Gon, she found Gamon waiting for her.

They decided to play a game of cards but it got out of hand.

Gamon felt dejected so he decided to leave.

The coin lady told Nagi that Gamon had been waiting for her for hours and had even brought a bag of While Lover.

Nagi went chasing after Gamon, who finally told her that he loves her that she had got his confession, now she can go back to normal and to Tokyo with him.

What he got was a slap from Nagi.

Again, Gamon went to the station crying his heart out.

Episode 3

Nagi accidentally ended up going on a marriage date with her friend.

Gon and her new friend Sakamoto asked Nagi what she loved about Gamon.

This made Nagi think so she went to Gamon’s office and waited for him outside.

When they saw each other, the mean girls were also there.

Gamon took her hand and led her away.  It was obvious to anyone that they were in a relationship.

Gamon took her to a restaurant.  He began to apologise to Nagi how he treated her in the past including saying that she was only good for sex and he was just about to confess properly when Nagi also said she wanted to apologise to him as well.

She then told him that she had been thinking about what she liked about him.  She said she cannot think of anything except that he was so good at work, the golden boy who can do anything that she wanted a bit of his shine that’s why she went into a relationship with him.  She never loved him at all and now she was formally break up with him.

Gamon was shocked as Nagi left.

When she got home she asked Gon if she can go to his apartment.  He said yes.  She went into his apartment and into his bed.  She was very satisfied with the sex but she quickly realised that she was not really special to him.  Just after being intimate with her he was playing a game in his Gameboy, he opted to go shower rather than take with her.

Gamon, on the other hand, was left crying again.  He was seen by Gon’s band friends.  They invited Gamon to the clumb. The girl in the band pointed several women who she said were all waiting for Gon.  Gon apparently is a Lunatic Making Machine.

Episode 4

Gamon cannot really forget Nagi.  He went looking for her again.  He was invited by Gon to stay in his flat while they wait for Nagi to surface.

Gon got called away and he said to Gamon to stay as he had waited long enough for Nagi.

Gamon after a while decided to go home but saw Nagi just coming out of the shop.  They were both surprised to see one another.

He told Nagi that Gon is just playing her.  He said he saw his bathroom full of women’s toiletries.

Nagi confirmed that she knew and does not care.  Being with Gon makes her happy.

Finally they knew that they were not meant to be.  And this made Gamon cry, again.



Zhong Wu Yan (Taiwanese Drama Review & Summary)

Taiwanese Drama 2010

Global Granary Weekend Classic

Zhong Wu Yan (Taiwanese Drama Review & Summary)

Zhong Wu Yan poster

  • Genre: Romance, Strong Female; Love Triangle
  • Release Date: 2010
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • TwDrama: 19 (31) Episodes



  • Ming Dao as Xi Yuan
  • Cheryl Yang as Zhong Wu Yan
  • Chris Wu as Howard
  • Jenna Wang as Xia Ying Chun
  • Jessica Song as Zhong Wu You
  • Bruce Chen as Zhang Chou
  • Achel Chang as Zhi Yin
  • Ke Li Miao as Tian Ying
  • Ai Zhen Tan as Men Ke (Deranged Grandma)
  • Figaro Tseng as Wu Da Wei

Episode 1

It started a long long long time ago.

Emperor Xi Yuan promised an ‘ugly’ but very resourceful, competitive and able general, Zhong Wu Yan that he would make her his empress if she wins the war for him.

She did just that but when she came back, the emperor had decided to make Xia Ying Chun, the most beautiful and seductive woman in his harem as his empress.

Zhong Wu Yan was obviously very upset but the Emperor was adamant with his decision and not going to change it.

Zhong Wu Yan saw a poisonous snake just by the back of Xia Ying Chun.  She took her sword and slash at it.

But seeing her take her sword, the Emperor stabbed her with his dagger.

Finally, Zhong Wu Yan knew that the Emperor would kill her at a whim.

She shook her head and her bun came undone.  She took her sword and cut off her lock and said that she was setting the emperor free from his promise.

She then left while the emperor had a moment of feeling the guilt.

Fast, fast forward 2010.

Zhong Wu Yan is a one-man woman engineer, scientist, architect, social worker, etc. She was much loved by her village.

She singlehandedly built a bridge at 15 and collected over a million for charitable causes, etc.

But despite all the years, thousands of them, she had remain loyal and in love with Xi Yuan.

Xi Yuan is the heir to Xi corporation.

He is a playboy but much loved and admired by the people, especially by women.  His antics were widely followed.

He became a celebrity despite not being in the entertainment business.

He had garnered all the sobriquets that were going around, like the sexiest man alive, the best person to marry, the best person to have a one-night-stand with, the handsomest, etc

He was celebrating his 27th birthday on an island.

Those invited were only the most beautiful ones.

One of these, was Xia Ying Chun, who was his female equivalent.  She is the most beautiful and sexiest woman alive.

Episode 2

The village was outrage!  Their river had been polluted causing the fishes, their source of food and livelihood to die.

It was up to Zhong Wu Yan to sort it out.

She found out that it was Xi Corporation as the culprit.

She went to the company and further noted that it was Xi Yuan who was ultimately responsible.

The pollutant was the paper lanterns he had released on his 27th birthday party.

Xi Yuan gave her a check for a million but she returned it.  She told him that he was not the Xi Yuan she knew.

He was spoilt and irresponsible and her village does not want the check.  She expects him instead to come to her village and personally pick up the rubbish in their river.

Xi Yuan’s father liked what Zhong Wu Yan had said.  His son is much too spoilt.

Episode 3

Whoa, Ming Dao is really buff.

Xi Yuan came to the village to clean up.

The villagers were waiting for him armed with fruits and veg ready to chuck at him.  But when they so him close-up, they all fell in love.  He was so cute.

They tried to help him with the cleanup but Wu Yan stopped them.

Wu Yan’s family could not understand why she seemed to hate xi Yuan now when she had loved him most of her life.

To remedy the situation, they arrange for Xi Yuan to have dinner with Wu Yan.

But Xi Yuan kept calling her ugly. She warned him to stop calling her ugly girl but he just kept on.  So she slapped him hard several times.

Xi Yuan learnt later that he had met Wu Yan when he was only ten years old, just after his mother’s death which had psychologically damaged him that he became mute.

Meeting the young Wu Yan made him speak again.

Episode 4

Wu Yan had become friends with a handsome blind man called Howard.  He lives alone and had created booby traps near and inside his house to warn people not to disturb him.

It was only Wu Yan that he interacts but he became frustrated when she did not have the time for him.

Wu Yan finally told Xi Yuan that he can go home.  She’ll finish up the clean-up.

But Xi Yuan had a change of mind.  He decided to finish the job all by himself.

This gave his father an idea.

He reminded Wu Yan’s father that they had met before, 17 years ago.  He told Wu Yan’s father that he gave him a jade necklace as a betrothal gift between their children.

Wu Yan’s father remembered the gift but never the mention of marriage.

So Wu Yan had to marry Xi Yuan, who was so opposed to the idea of being tied to the ugly girl for the rest of his life especially now that Xia Ying Sun was pursuing him.

Xi Yuan’s father told him that if he wanted his inheritance then he had to marry Wu Yan.

Episode 5

Wu Yan refused to agree with the marriage with Xi Yuan but she later found out that Xi Yuan’s father was terminally with stomach cancer and had not long to live.

Xi Yuan had caused the accident 17 years ago where his mother died.

He was wingeing so much that he wanted to eat a hamburger.  His complaining distracted his parents.  His father crashed the car.

Wu Yan had a heart to heart with Xi Yuan’s father and told him that she cannot marry his son.

The father finally surrendered the idea but requested for Wu Yan to move into their house instead because he needed her to keep an eye on Xi Yuan who was beset with problems at work and he might not get the general manager position because the stockholders do not believe in him.

Episode 6

Xi Yuan had started working as a manager and has a week to settle the Imperial deal but his ambitious aunt, Tian Ying,  was trying to sabotage his work before he could even begin.

But then again, it would be so easy because Xi Yuan was rather clueless.  He wanted to use nude models to advertise foundation.  Da Wei his cousin can’t understand his ideas.

Wu Yan had moved in the Xi mansion but she did not expect to encounter the eccentricities of the xi Grandmother.

My Girlfriend is an Alien (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Chinese Drama 2019

My Girlfriend is an Alien (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

My Girlfriend is an alien poster

  • Genre:  Inter-species Romance, Aliens, Comedy, gender bender, Fantasy
  • Release Date: 19 August 2019
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: XX Episodes



  • Wan Peng as Chai Chaoqi
  • Hsu Thassapak as Fang Leng
  • Yang Yue as  Jiang Xue
  • Wang You Jun as Fang Lie
  • Ashin as Dr Zhang
  • Wang Haozhen as Han Jinming
  • Christopher Lee as
  • Zhang Meng

The wait is almost over.  It is coming…

I am not really sure what the story entails but what I can gather is that Chai Chaoqi is an alien who meets a overbearing CEO.  He was cold by name (Fang Leng) and he was even colder by nature.