Bunot, Polishing Wooden Floors – Filipino Way

Bunot, Polishing Wooden Floors – The Filipino Way

Jean doing the husk Photo by PH Morton

Jean doing the husk
Photo by PH Morton

When we were in the Philippines in Dec & Jan, as a funny (and nostalgic) Christmas gift, Jean’s sister Malou gave her a packet of floor wax and a half coconut husk. They shared the family memory of them both when younger, cleaning the wooden living room floor in their farm house in Marag, Luna Kalinga-Apayao, Mt Province, Philippines.  Jean recounts that when cleaning and waxing the floor, Malou and her sometimes got into fights over who best cleaned & polished the floors. They used Johnson floor wax and laterly Star Wax. Once the wax was applied to the floor, they placed one foot on the husk and polished away!

Jean admitted being more of a ‘tom boy’ and not interested in cleaning that much, Malou was more meticulous. When they sometimes clashed over the respective quality of each of their floor cleaning, some rolling about on the floor with hair-pulling would result ;).

Malou and Jean laughed about this. Jean brought the husk and floor wax home to the UK. We have wooden floor boards in some rooms. The boards in our living room are quite old, at least 50+ years. Some years ago we removed the fitted carpet in the room and had the exposed floorboards, cleaned, stained and polished.
The half coconut husk is useful as a ‘green’ floor clean.
Polishing this way is good exercise too, doing  ‘The Husk’ 🙂

Hmmm, maybe a dance could evolve out of this a la Gangnam  Style 😉

coconut husk, bunot 300

coconut husk, bunot 301

Philippine brand floor wax

Philippine brand floor wax



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