Crepe/Pancake Pan

Crepe/Pancake Pan

Once again, I found myself at Neasden/Willesden yesterday. It so happened that it was market day, I mean, there was a makeshift outdoor market in Willesden just by Brent Magistrate Court.  Apparently market days are on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Real bargains are to be had.

The fruit and vegetable offerings were fantastic. I bought two huge avocados for a pound, and two packets of blueberries for a pound, I thought I would make Peter some blueberry muffins later. I almost forgot, I also got tomatoes and more aubergines.

I have to say my main purchase was a crepe pan which could also ideally double up as a pancake pan. It was for £7.99 but I bargained. I asked if I can get it for £5.00 but the Indian vendor said, “You are a pretty girl, you can have it for  £6.00.”  If there is sexism in that, I don’t really care, I’ll just take it as a compliment, after all I got my pan for the bargain price of £6.

I find that British people seldom bargain for a better price. They just pay for whatever price was first said or stated on tags. But I grew up where the price for even a few cloves of garlic are bargained for. Peter and James (son) used to roll their eyes whenever I bargain with market sellers when we were on holidays aboard. What they don’t realise is that bargaining is some sort of a dance, the seller tells you the price, you reply with silly amount you want to pay, the seller lower down his price a little bit, you up your bid slightly higher, again he lowers down his price a little bit more. This goes on until both are satisfied with the price or in some cases the buyer just walk away, repeating the same process with another stall/seller until he gets a real bargain … or not.

Anyway, I had wanted to get a crepe pan for ages because by beloved son always ask for pancake every time he comes home to visit. He said I make the best pancake. Awww  He loves his mummy! 😉

Next time, he comes, I shall be ready with my new paraphernalia and cook up a storm of pancakes just for my baby Boy!


  1. Made a lot of pancakes today using my new crepe/pancake pan. I must say I was very happy how it made it so much easier to make pancakes. It cooked evenly and the non-stick coating made the cooking a doddle.

    Good buy and greatly recommend a good pan if tend to make a lot of pancake!

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