Bartholomew, The Apostle

 Artist: Carlo Crivelli Completion Date: c.1475

Artist: Carlo Crivelli
Completion Date: c.1475

Bartholomew, The Apostle

There is a bit of an issue with St Bartholomew’s name.  Apparently it is widely believed that he and the apostle Nathanael were one and the same.  He was an Israelite, who was without guile; what you saw was what you got.

St Bartholomew was believed to have travelled as far as India and then Armenia to spread and preach the Gospel

It was in Armenia, where he became a martyr.  He was flayed (skinned) alive and then beheaded.

His portraits often depict him holding a knife, with which he was flayed.

His feast day is 24 August.

He is the patron saint of Armenia. Yes.

St Bartholomew is the protectors of plasterers (he was once one), tailors, furriers, binders, butchers, tanners, house painters, stewards and glove makers.

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