Visitor to our garden pond: Damsel Fly

Damselfly -photo by PH Morton

Damselfly -photo by PH Morton

Damsel Fly

Today, as we were repairing one of the statues of  Buddha that serenely contemplates our garden fish pond,  I walked down the garden to the pond. It was a fine warm sunny Saturday in late May. On one if the small slate slabs I was arranging with other rocks around the pond (work in progress!), I notices a most colourful exquisite flying insect soaking up the sun on the slate.

Luckily, I was holding my trusty Nikon Coolpix camera, which has a decent macro lens.  I like to wander the garden with it, hoping to catch the flora and fauna that resides and visits our oasis of calm.

I carefully set the camera and moved slowly towards the insect, I balanced precariously on some rocks, nearly stepping on a fern which Jean was frowning  about as she watched me manoeuvre nearer the insect. The insect took flight and hovered with it’s wonderful gossamer like wings.  luckily  it landed in the same place and appeared unperturbed as I edged closer.

I  managed to get a few close up photos as it seemingly posed for me 😉

We seemed to stare at each other (me through the camera lens).

When I viewed the photos and ‘Googled’  for flying insects common to the UK.  I thought that it might have been a  May Fly appropriate for the month!

In fact it was a delightful Damsel Fly, a fairly rare visitor to our pond.

It was wonderful and a privilege to see such a beautiful creature close up and I hope more such visitors come during the approaching summer.



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