Attention, Love! (Taiwanese Drama Review)

Attention, Love! Poster (Eastern Television)

Attention, Love! (Taiwanese Drama Review)

This Taiwanese drama is so cute.  Well the first two episodes anyway.

But having seen the preview for the next episode, it seems the budding relationship between the leads is going to be more complicated.

The story goes that during a 108 birthday celebration of a community patriarch, two best friends attended the party with their pregnant wives, who were already aware of the sex of their babies.  The babies were named by the patriarch as Li Zheng (played by Wang Zi) and Shao Xi (played by Joanne Tseng) and he said that they should be together, soon after this pronouncement he died.

Therefore before the babies were even born the babies were betrothed.  Shao Xi was guarded by her father from when she was a girl.  She was not allowed to play with boys and she learned all manners of self defence and more.

Shao Xi was a tomboy and became known for her pugnacious nature.

Years later, her parents announced that Li Zheng, her fiance, is coming to stay with them in Taiwan as his uncle, who was looking after him was going to get married.  Li Zheng lost his parents in a car accident at a very young age.  He was being looked after by his young uncle, who took him to Japan.

Anyway Li Zheng had grown into a very personable young man.  Shae Xi was enchanted by him, everytime he is close by she hears Close to you, as a mental background music!  🙂

Spoiler alert!!!

Episode 3

Li Zheng had started tutoring Shao Xi.  Shao Xi bet that if she gets to the top 100, Li Zheng has to treat her to the movies, 4D with popcorn and drink, which Li Zheng agreed to immediately.

This episode is a bittersweet story for the young lovers.  Shao Xi was keeping a diary, unfortunately it was read loudly by the class bully.  It told all her secret longing for Li Zheng.

Li Zheng asked Shao Xi if he was the one she likes.  For her pride’s sake  Shao Xi denied that it was him after accidentally hearing him telling some guys that he sees Shao Xi not as a younger sister but as a little brother.  Shao Xi was upset and embarrassed.  She left without hearing the rest of what Li Zheng said that he will protect her from anyone.

There are funny moments when Shao Xi tried to forget Li Zheng, like trying to get herself a pretend boyfriend.

Li Zheng is showing a rather steely determination to protect Shao Xi.  This is developing quite nicely.

The end of the episode showed Shao Xi meeting Li Zheng for their date but the class bully was there.

A new face was also been just introduced!

Episode 7

It seems the attraction between Shao Xi and Li Zheng is mutual and gathering momentum.  How it can have 20 episodes is, at the moment, is beyond me.  Probably there will be a gargantuan misunderstanding lasting until episode 19 and resolved at episode 20.  LOL  Nevertheless, I do love this series.

Episode 8 

This episode is the sweetest yet,  They almost got it together until the Shao Xi’s dad intervened a little bit. Advising Li Zheng to really see how he feels as he has become part of the family and if the budding relationship between him and Shao Xi would not work out, the family would not want to lose him.  Poor Shao Xi, so confused of Li Zheng’s hot and cold treatment of her.  They did kiss a couple of times.

Episode 9

It is college time.  Though the university Shao Xi is near her home, she decided to move out.  But who does she find out her next door neighbour?  It was Li Zheng.  More characters are introduced into the series.  There is a new girl who was flirting with Li Zheng and Wang Jin Li is Shao Xi’s senior.  Li Zheng adviced Shao Xi to meet other people.

Episode 10

This episode tackles mainly bullying at a new school.  It was done well.

Episode 11 

Angelina set up a blind date for Shao Xi.  Wang Jin Li ruined it by telling the boy, who was on the same mold as Li Zheng, that he was Shao Xi boyfriend.

Episode 12

This is a very dramatic (sad) comedic and romantic episode in equal measure.  Shao Xi got a drunken confession and a kiss from Li Zheng.  But the next time he saw Li Zheng, he was about to kiss the conniving Bai Bai.  The scene between Ru Ping and Yu Bin was hilarious.

Episode 13

I love this episode and I love Wang Jin Li.  He has the purest motive of all.  He never let Shao Xi down.  The issues of Bai Bai with Li Zheng was enough to finally drive Shao Xi to despair but Wang Jin Li was there to untangle all the misunderstanding.  He even made a final good bye to Shao Xi as an end to his pursuit of her.  What a lovely boy.  He also showed that he truly loved her.  He was so unhappy and even the gorgeousity of Angelina cannot tempt him from his unhappiness.

Episode 14

Finally Shao Xi is now officially with Li Zheng.  And they are really kawaii too.  Poor Wang Jin Li is in despair though. Go go go Angelina!

Bai bai is not giving up too easily.  She is really determined to make Shao Xi’s life difficult in whatever means.


Episode 15 (Final)

It is such a cute and poignant episode.  Ts are crossed and Is are dotted.  Romance is aplenty, very satisfying conclusion but wondering why the main characters have not married, after finishing college and now both working.




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