Hwang Jung-Eum – Korean Actress

South Korean Actress

Hwang Jung-Eum – Korean Actress

Hwang Jung-Eum


  • First Name: Jung-Eum
  • Surname: Hwang
  • DoB: 25 January 1985 (33)
  • Height: 1.67 m
  • Civil Status:  Married to Lee Young-Don (professional golfer), 1 child
  • Education: Theatre and Film, University of Suwon
  • Occupation:  Model, Singer, Actress
  • Work Period: 2002 – Present

Dramas & Films:

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Hwang Jung-Eum is a South Korean actress and singer but I have come to know her for her acting in KDrama.  She is one of my favourite actresses.  She is a versatile actress with a tremendous range.  She can do comedy and the most tear-jerking acting.


3 Jan 2018

Hwang Jung-Eum is on maternity leave.  Hope she comes back soon.

24 March 2018

I heard that Jung Eum is coming back from her maternity leave and will be starring in a comedy drama called ‘Hoon Nam Jung Eum’  and slated to show this May.  I hope this is true.

23 May 2018

She is back with a new comedy drama called Handsome Guy and Jung Eum.

7 June 2019

Jung Eum is positively reviewing offers to star in a drama based on a popular webtoon, ‘Ssang Gap Pocha’


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