Unexpectedly Yours (Filipino Movie)

Unexpectedly Yours movie poster from Star Cinema Productions

Unexpectedly Yours (Filipino Movie)

It was lovely to see Robin Padilla and Sharon Cuneta again in a movie.

These two used to be a real life couple, but that was another time as they are now both married but not to each other 🙂

In the film, their chemistry is still bubbling hot despite all the years.

Sharon is still beautiful in spite of the extra pounds.  And Robin… well Robin is Robin.  Gorgeous with that devil may care attitude and a look that is so tantalisingly sexy.  🙂 – the Bad Boy persona.

The film itself is pleasant, plenty of funny moments and lush scenery of the monied area in the the Philippines.

But storywise, it would certainly not leave you thinking about the narratives afterwards but instead makes you think how much the darling of 80s Philippine cinema, that is Sharon Cuneta, gained so much weight.  But as of writing this blog, Sharon has continued shedding the excess pounds and would certainly look different comes next movie.

I have to be honest, I was not riveted with this film.   It is extremely lightweight with not much of a story. I kept wanting to check my Facebook in the middle of it.

What is the story about?

Patricia (Sharon) had just turned 50 and menopausal but deep down still hoping to reconcile with her ex-husband, who she witnessed proposing to another much younger and thinner woman during her birthday celebration.  This incident drove her to drink.  And whilst the worse for wear, she stumbled into a stranger’s hotel room in a drunken faint.

The stranger happens to be someone who used to go to the same high school as her.  He is Cocoy (Robin) who has carried a torch for her for over 35 years, though she barely knew he existed.  Cocoy made his fortune from being a seaman.

The next time Patty saw Cocoy again after the hotel room malarkey was during his moving day to his new house, which coincidentally is next door to Patty’s house.

Patty shares her house with a rather rebellious daughter (Julia Baretto), who has an internet boyfriend from the UK.

Cocoy shares his new home with a young nephew who fancied the girl next door (Patty’s daughter).

It so happened that Patty and high school friends are organising an alumni reunion; Cocoy came to the rescue to find a last minute venue.

Cocoy has become a constant companion for Patty, who is suffering from the onset of menopause as well as work politics and assassination to her ‘out of touch’ CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) role in the  company she works for.  To top it all, her bullying mother is constantly harping about her weight, ex-husband and daughter.

In one family confrontation, she inadvertently sidelined and marginalised Cocoy role in her life.

He felt betrayed and unwanted.  He secretly decided to go back to seafaring.

With her daughter having gone to the UK to meet her boyfriend and Cocoy gone, Patty felt all alone.  And during the class reunion, she finally did a shoutout to Cocoy, who surprise, surprise, was also attending.  Happy ending for this two.

And the daughter came back from the UK, heartbroken having found out that her online boyfriend was still shagging his other girlfriend.  🙂

Yap, that is the story!  Despite the rather hackneyed script, Sharon and Robin made the film watchable.


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