Negotiator (2018) Chinese Drama Review & Recap

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Negotiator (2018) Chinese Drama Review & Recap


  • Genre:  Business, Romance 
  • CDrama: 41 Episodes
  • Date Released: 2018


  • Yang Mi as Tong Mei
  • Huang Zitao as Xie Xiaofei
  • Dylan Kuo as Qin Tianyu
  • Mao Linlin as Xia Shanshan
  • Lai Yi as Xie Xiaotian

I have just started watching this drama starring the glorious Yang Mi.

The story is about business, acquisitions, corporation, amalgamation and conglomorate, where Tong Mei (Yang Mi) is on top of her job as a negotiator.

In her role as a negotiator she met Xie Xiafei who is an heir of a Chinese American Corporation with 600 years history.

Though their relationship started with suspicion and animosity on both sides, there was chemistry between them that turned into mutual attraction until Tong Mei found out that Xiafei’s company had something to do with the death of her parents.

Fast forward several years later, they met again as negotiators of rival firms.


Episode 1

Tong Mei was in America, who was asked by her lawyer friend to help in negotiation at the last moment.  Of course Tong Mei came through.

Xie Xiaofei was shown as rather spoilt and self-destructive man.  During a monthly family get together, he was particularly harsh with his father and uncle.

Then the episode ended in a private hospital with Xie Xiaofei crying over his comatose mother.  You get then the reason why he was rather disrespectful to his father, who seemed to have acquired a new wife.

In the same hospital, he met Tong Mei, who was chasing after her recalcitrant younger sister.

Xiaofei found the sisters bickering outside the hospital room of his mother.  He arrogantly told them to get lost.

Episode 2

Tong Mei is back in Shanghai and now employed at CAEA, an American and Chinese international negotiation agency as a Team A lead negotiator.

Xie Xiaofei was sent by his father to Shanghai to head a development project.

Tong Mei and Xiaofei kept bumping with each other but they don’t like each other.

Episode 3

The first client of Team A is represented by Xie Xiaofei.  Tong Mei has tasked her team to find out everything about Xie Xiaofei which proved rather complicated.

Tong Mei is therefore unaware that the arrogant man she met in the hospital in the US was Xiaofei.

She was in for a big surprise when she waited all day and half the night at the hotel lobby to convince Xiaofei to attend a conference at the office the following morning.

And in walk the arrogant man, Xiaofei.

Episode 4

Team B went directly to Xie Xiaofei to convince him to use their team, who are made up of more experience crew.

Xie Xiaofei announce that defending on the result of the contest that he would task them to do, the winner will represent him.

In the end Tong Mei’s team won.

Episode 5

Tong Mei was going on a date with Lawyer Tian yu but was hijacked by Xie Xiaofei, who took Tong Mei to a club that provides gourmet food.  He said that he wanted to talk to her about the project but found her too haughty.

Xiaofei more or less forced her to eat caviar despite her protestation that she was allergic to seafood.

She ended up with stomach upset and vomiting.  She went home but Tian yu was waiting for her and took her to a ramen cafe, to settle her weak stomach.

Xiaofei saw them together and was rather upset because he went to the pharmacy to get anti-acid for Tong Mei.

We went back to his hotel room being rather annoyed.  Stupidly he took all the anti-acid tablets together and ended up with a severe stomach pain and loose bowel movement.  He had to call Tong Mei to take him to the hospital but he can’t get through to her.  In the end he drove himself but got involved in an accident.

He finally been able to contact Tong Mei who brought in Lawyer Tian yu with her to sort the driving accident.

Xaofei was very upset but was adamant the he did not run over the old man lying on the road in front of his car.

Tong Mei said she believes him.  In the end the man in the accident woke up and said that he fainted due to not taking his pills for his high blood pressure.

Unfortunately Xiaofei’s trouble did not end there because he had to have his stomach pumped.  🙂

Episode 6

After the hospital, Tong Mei took Xiaofei to eat a bowl of congee.  Xiaofei then carted the workaholic Tong Mei into an adult play gym.  They were climbing the wall when they both fell and Xiaofei took a little advantage by kissing her on the cheek, which made Tong Mei a little annoyed and insisted that playtime is over.

Flashback time

When Tong Mei was a young girl, both her parents died.  She wanted to use the little money they left to place the ashes of parents into a columbarium but her aunt said that it would eat up all the money, which should be used instead for her tuition fees.  Her aunt instead insisted that they spread the ashes at sea.

`it was the day of negotiations with the other party.  It did not start well for Tong Mei as her very professional suit was ruined by a child, who run into her while  eating an ice-cream.  It was later revealed that it was not an accident.  It was all planned by the other party to unsettle her.




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