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Bungaku Shojo (Book Girl) Summary & Review


Bungaku Shojo (Book Girl) Summary & Review

Book Girl poster

  • Aka: Literary Virgin
  • Genre:  Romance, Live Action Manga; Office Romance
  • Release Date: Sept 2018
  • Origin: Japan; based on a webcomic of the same title by Mayaka Nakano


  • Aoi Morikawa as Kanoko Tsukishiro
  • Yuu Shirota as Saku Kagawa
  • Makasi Nakao as Chichiro Mochizuki
  • Rika Izumi as Mitsuki Ariake
  • Taikou Kotoono as Maki Nanase
  • Yako Koga as Akari Mishima
  • Masahiko Kawahara as Ko Mishima
  • Momoko Tanabe as Chiyoka Amamura


Children of Lesser God (KDrama Review & Summary)


Children of Lesser God (KDrama Review & Summary)

Children of Lesser God promotional poster

  • Genre: Supernatural, Horror, Mystery
  • Date Released: 2018
  • Origin: South Korea
  • KDrama: 16 Episodes


  • Kang Ji Hwan as Cheon Jae-In
  • Kim Ok Bin as Kim Dan
  • Shim Hee-seop  as Joo Ha-min
  • Lee Elijah as Baek A-hyeon
  • Lee Jae-yong as Kook Han-joo[7]
  • Jang Gwang as Pastor Wang
  • Lee Hyo-jung as Baek Do-gyu
  • Yeon Je-hyung (ko) as Gye Do-hoon
  • Ahn Gil-kang as Kim Ho-ki
  • Kim Hyung-bum as Choi Sung-ki/li>


Lie To Me(KDrama Review& Summary)

Drama Classic

Lie To Me(KDrama Review& Summary)

Lie To Me
SBS poster

  • Genre: Romance
  • Date Released: 2011
  • Origin: South Korea
  • KDrama: 16 episodes
  • OST: Pouring Rain


  • Yoon Eun-Hye as Gong Ah-jung
  • Kang Ji-hwan as Hyun Ki-joon—CEO of World Hotel
  • Sung Joon as Hyun Sang-hee—Ki-joon’s brother
  • Jo Yoon-hee as Oh Yoon-joo—Ki-joon’s ex fiancée
  • Hong Soo-hyun as Yoo So-ran—Ah-jung’s frenemy
  • Ryu Seung-soo as Chun Jae-bum—So-ran’s husband and Ah-jung’s first love
  • Kwon Se-in as Park Hoon—Ki-joon’s secretary
  • Park Ji-yoon as Manager Park Ji-yoon—Ki-joon’s friend and manager of the hotel
  • Kang Shin-il as Gong Joon-ho—Ah-jung’s dad
  • Lee Kyung-jin as Shim Ae-kyung—Joon-ho’s longtime love
  • Kwon Hae-hyo as Hwang Seok-bong—Ae-kyung’s admirer and Sang-hee’s friend

Love, love this drama.  It truly is in the classic romantic mould.  The leads are both charismatic.  This might be their best ever when they were most gorgeous.

Their toothy chemistry is just stratospheric.

The story is cute but it does get slightly annoying in the end.

Anyway Gong Ah Jung had been in love with her university senior since like forever.  In university, she studied her hardest to pass the civil service exam and only then she will confess to Jae Bum.

Finally, the day came and she went looking for him.  She found him having a cosy tete a tete with her best friend, Soran.

Because of the incident, she concentrated on her job and became a manager in the Ministry of Tourism.

But now and again it nags at her that Soran got the life she wanted with Jae Bum.

She met Soran again and Soran could not help rubbing salt to Ah Jung’s injury.

Ah Jung couldn’t help herself so she blurted that she is actually married already.  She was rather mysterious with who the groom was.

But behind the scene, Ah Jung seemed to encounter the CEO of World Hotel.  He was Hyun Ki Joon, who is drop dead gorgeous but very aloof with a touch of OCD.

His aloofness was due to a broken heart and having to choose between a fiancee and his younger brother three years ago.

Hyun Sang Hee had been in love with Oh Yoon Joo since they were in kindergarten.  A few days before his brother’s wedding to Yoon Joo, he drunkenly begged Ah Jung not to go through with the wedding with Yoon Joo.

Hyun Sang Hee then disappeared.

Three years later, he is back but shying away from his brother and family.

While drinking in a club, he met a feisty young woman who was getting drunk and writing a resignation later to Ministry of tourism after a shambolic international festival she arranged,  A swarm of bees attacked the attendees, including herself.

Hyun Sang Hee had to leave the girl because he saw his brother coming towards him.

The girl fainted and Ki Joon had to take her to the hospital.

Then the fun begins.

Without telling that Ki Joon was actually her supposed husband, the news became viral until Ki Joon found out about it.

Sang Hee became the fairy godmother to Ah Jung’s Cinderella persona and helped her perpetuate her lies to save her from further embarrassment from her friends.

Ki Joon was eventually convinced to play the husband role because it would be convenient for his business to have a wife.

But the status quo did not last long as Oh Yoon Joo had returned from France and bent on starting over with Ki Joon.

The character that I felt most sorry for is of course the young and gorgeous Hyun Sang Hee.  He did care for Ah Jung very much but she was attracted to Ki Joon.

Sang Hee can’t believe it, it was happening all over again.  The girl he wanted, does not notice him but preferred his brother.

It is a happy ending, Sang Hee had really grown up, he did not run away after knowing that he can never have Ah Jung.

Yoon Joo also went back to France.

And Ah Jung stopped having a sulk in Jeju Island and will return to Ki Joon.

Love the story.





Where Stars Land (KDrama Review & Summary)


Where Stars Land (KDrama Review & Summary)

Where Stars Land poster

  • Genre: Romance, Aviation, Thriller
  • Release Date: October 2018
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Kdrama: XX Episodes



  • Lee Jee-Hoon as Lee Soo-Yeon
  • Chae Soo-Bin as Han Yeo-Reum
  • Lee Dong-Gun as Seo In-Woo
  • Kim Kyung-Nam as Oh Dae-Ki
  • Kim Ji-Soo as Yang Seo-Koon
  • Lee Soo-Kyung as Na Young-Joo
  • Ro Woon as Ko Eun-Sub
  • Jang Hyun Sung as Kwon Hee-Seung
  • Jung Jae-Sung as Kwon Hee-Seung
  • Lee Sung Wook as Choi Moo-Ja
  • Choi Won-Young as Han Jae-Young


Bionic man meets annoying woman at the busy Incheon International Ariport.

Episode 1

Despite having worked at Incheon International Airport for more than a year, Han Yeo-Reum, is still technically a newbie because she does not last in any department.

She is enthusiastic enough but lacks common sense, rather willful and loud. Plus the fact that her time-keeping and sense of direction are atrocious.

Anyway, her latest assignment was at the Passenger Services, where she complained that her mentor was even more of a newbie than her.

This mentor was Lee Seo Yoon, who is a bit on the mysterious side.  He is perfunctory and cold.  Despite this, he was popular because of a rumour that he is super strong.  He was able to save a young child from being crushed by a trolley full of pieces of luggage.  Seo Yoon is rumoured to have held off the trolley with just one hand.

There is actually a truth in this rumour as witnessed by Yeo Reum herself when they were on a mission to find a passenger with schizophrenia who forgot to take his medication.  This passenger was already going berserk and was about to strike Yeo Reum with one of those crowd control posts in chrome :), which would have been deadly to her had Seo Yoon been not in time to fend off the post with his bionic arm.

At that moment Yeo Reum realised that she had met Lee Seo Yoon before.  He once saved her from a free falling car from hitting her, covering her with his body and holding off the car with just one bionic arm.

Yeo Reum tried to talk about this with Seo Yoon but he blanked her telling her he’s never met her before.

There is no such thing as coincidence.  Everything happens for a reason!

This drama has huge potential but they need to tighten up the script better, the stand-off between airlines was rather boring; Yeo Reum was super annoying and on the stupid side.  Surely if you have been working at the airport for a year, you would more or less know the layout no matter how huge it was, she should have known that there are super annoying people everywhere and therefore prepared at how to deal with them and not engaged in a brawl.  She is giving women and Incheon airport a bad name by being such a bird-brain employee.  I can see now why Park Shin Hye and Suzy turned down the role.

Episode 2

I thought I was a bit harsh with the lead girl but actually, she is even stupider than I thought.

She saw a suspicious character dropping a plastic bag in a trash can, this is after there was an email for employees to be wary of suspicious bags as a bomb alert was currently in place.

This Miss Stupid blatantly ignored and went to have a look at the bag.  Ok, it was not a bomb but gold bars.

She then reported the matter to the anti-terrorists police.  She later harangued them for taking the crowd control posts without her permission.  She really made a song and dance about it.  She does not care that they were used for something emergency like to control damage to persons and properties.  Ok the call was a hoax, there were no bombs, it was just an overactive imagination of a petulant teenager who does not want to go to Japan with his amateur smugglers parents.

When she was told by Seo Yoon, her mentor, to focus on advising retailers to remove their cutout placards outside their shops, Miss Stupid lectured him about priorities.  She would not have it that a child falling over with one of the cardboard cutouts is enough of an emergency for her to stop her pseudo-Miss Marple investigation and meddling.

In the end, she was told that next time she sees contrabands, to report it to the customs rather than the anti-terrorist police.  She did not get any thanks for her effort.

Once again a cardboard display almost fell on another child but take goodness Miss Stupid caught the display just in time.  Then she finally realised the danger of these displays.

As an apology she bought a sandwich and a drink for her mentor, who she noticed had to cut his lunchtime short because he was being disturbed by a curious chief of police, who noticed his special power when apprehending the teenage hoaxer.

She went to look for her mentor, who she found in the kitchenette boiling a kettle for his ramen.  Miss Stupid tried to be helpful and poured the boiling water to the ramen cup.  Being such a stupid clutch, she drops the cup on the hand of her mentor.  She went to apply ice to his hand but was assured that he does not feel pain, she gave him a good slap in the face to make sure he was telling the truth. He felt the pain, I felt the pain too of her stupidity.  He said he does not feel pain in his arms and hands.

Seriously, she is super annoying.

The end of the episode shows Soo Yeon entering a shop called Fox Bride Star, which is actually the alternative title for this drama.

Episode 3

Thank goodness this drama is actually improving.  Though Miss Stupid is still as annoying.  I wish they don’t focus too much on her as the side stories that go on in the airport are much more interesting.

In this episode, Yang Seo Koon team has moved to Terminal 2 and before they can unpack their things, Miss Stupid has already created mayhem.

What I don’t really get is that she apparently allows the higher ups to tell her off for things she has not done wrong, be sexist towards her and yet we saw her character from episode one that she has not stopped complaining, she is not a team player, she is loud, she is bolshie, etc.

How can the script then say that she is a poor, abused woman, a victim of sexual harassment and sexism that she doesn’t have the nerve to complain about how she was being treated?!!!  She did say that she only works for herself?  She has no qualms in going against the airline protocol to be of service and get the glory.

So it does not make sense for Miss Stupid to be portrayed as someone who is so bolshie and be a victim the next!

Miss Stupid overheard some commotion at the women’s toilet. Upon investigation, she saw a passenger having an altercation with an off-duty female security police.  Their squabble was about the passenger removing the yellow stickers from her suitcases which the policewoman stopped her doing.

The passenger aggressively dropped the stickers into the loo to flush but Miss Stupid stopped her and got a slap for her trouble.

Miss Stupid just stood watching, not calling for back-up, while the policewoman tried to subdue the hostile passenger until the on-duty police arrive, hopefully.  They did after a while.

The passenger it turned out was a daughter of a minister and she was complaining about injury to her face.

Miss Stupid was told to apologise on her bended knees to the passenger which she ultimately agreed to do.

At the last moment, she asked the passenger to apologise to her instead for the slap.  Thank goodness Bionic Man was there and had secretly recorded the phone call of the passenger to her lawyer.  Apparently, she does not want her father to know her airport trouble, she just wants to frighten the airport management a bit of a potential lawsuit so that they waive the airport tax for all the designer bags, etc, she brought into the country.

Seo In Woo was shown starring puzzledly at Bionic Man as they knew one another a long time ago and In Woo was a witness to Bionic Man’s accident where he was all broken up.  In Woo was thinking how possible it was that Bionic Man had fully recovered?

Bionic Man once again went into the Fox  Bride Star and the bartender tended to his bionic arm.

Miss Stupid did say in the end that her father used to tell her that the airport runaway was like a fox bride star, where stars fly out and land in.

Episode 4

This episode tackles being humane and the plight of an illegal immigrant.

There was a very pregnant Filipina (played by Lauren Young, younger sister of Philippines’ first ever and still only Miss World winner, Megan Young)  at the Terminal 2 waiting for her husband’s flight from the Philippines.

The wife’s water broke and was taken to the medical emergency room to give birth. Between contractions, the wife is begging for her husband.

Her husband was refused entry to South Korea because he was using a bogus passport.  He was then about to be sent back to the Philippines and waiting to board a plane.

He asked if he could use the toilet first before boarding.

By this time Miss Stupid is in their case.  She was just about to go plead for the situation of the Filipino husband and wife when she was stopped by her boss, who was reminded by a senior colleague that she was also a once upon a time, a Miss Stupid clone.

So Dumb and Dumber went to the immigration boss and beg for the Filipino husband to see his wife and newborn daughter.

The Immigration said NO.  Explaining that one good act could start a volley of corruption.  There is a reason for having a border and it is more than an individual.

I think there is a reason to have these borders, you do not want troublemakers inside your realm.  At this instance, the Filipino guy went berserk with a pen.  He was practically unstoppable.  He was a nasty thug who was beyond reasoning.  He hurt Bionic Man badly in the arm.  The use of a very good-looking actor to play the thug was very conducive to wring sympathy for the flight of the Filipino family.  Just saying!

Anyway, Bionic Man was a very forgiving man and was  Ohhhhing and ahhhing at the newborn baby.

He strategically arranged that the Filipino father gets to see his wife and child even if it was between a glass pane.

I would have not been so surprised if the Filipino husband had gone berserk once again when he saw his newborn daughter who was obviously Korean.  Aha!  His wife had been playing around while in South Korea!   🙂 🙂 🙂

The chief of immigration had a change of heart as well.  Though he will deport the Filipino family, at least he will let them stay together before they board the plane back to the Philippines.

This episode ended in a cliff-hanger where Miss Stupid mother’s plane coming from Africa will be crash landing due to an engine being on fire.

It is getting better, the drama, I mean!

I hope the succeeding episodes are not too schmaltzy.

Episode 5

Miss Stupid has calmed down a bit so I will now be downgrading her to being Miss Drama Queen.

Anyway, this episode is a bit of anti-climax.  I was really sedate compared to the trailer where the plane was supposed to be on fire with passengers in a thrilling peril.  Nothing of that happened.  The plane landed without much trauma, despite the tears and shock of Miss Drama Queen.

Bionic Man suffered damage to the circuits in his arms, causing his arm to look like he had a stroke.  But despite the problem, he went surreptitiously inside the plane to save Miss Drama Queen’s mother, who was the only casualty of the plane situation.  A megalomanic passenger who wanted to get out first shoved the mother who was restraining him from racing to the plane door ahead of everyone.  So finally we know where Miss Drama Queen gets her nosiness and bossiness

Bionic man tended to the mother secretly.

When all the drama was over, Miss Drama Queen arranged to meet up with Bionic Man as he left work without his rucksack.

When they met in the pouring rain, Miss Drama Queen just have to ask him why he looks after her mother?  Was it because of he like helping people in need? Was it because of his hero complex? Or was it because he likes her?

He said no immediately to the first two and then after some camera angles here and there, he unemotionally said … “Yes” and then he walked away.

Episode 6

Ok, I shall review my perception of Miss Drama Queen yet again and I am finally going to call her Yeo Reum.

She is beginning to redeem herself in my eyes.  Don’t let me down, Yeo Reum.

Her reaction post-confession by Bionic Man was stellar.  Chae Soo-Bin gave a good performance of showing a mixture of being very flattered, confused, stupified and uncertain at the same time.

She did not expect Bionic Man to confess to her after all most of the time, he treated her like the moron that she was.  Rightly so.  🙂

But they seemed to have a history together that is alien to her.  He first saw her a year ago at the Fox Bride Star bar/restaurant.

During the first 3 seconds, he fell for her.  It was love at first sight.  Ahhhh

This episode reveals more of the mystery between Bionic Man and Seo In Woo.  It sounded like they were step-brothers, who did get on well as youngsters until that horrendous accident, which saw Lee Soo Yeon all broken up.

Seo In Woo is flabbergasted to see that Lee Soo Yeon is functioning perfectly until he got an inkling that he is part metal.

It appears that Yeo Reum’s may have lent a hand in turning Soo Yeon into a Bionic Man.

Yep, this drama has a lot of potential.




The Player (KDrama Review & Summary)


The Player (KDrama Review & Summary)

The Player poster

  • Genre: Action, Thriller, Crime
  • Release Date: September 2018
  • Origin: South Korea
  • KDrama: 14 Episodes


  • Song Seung Heon as Kang Hari
  • Krystal as Cha A-Ryeong
  • Lee Si-un as Im Byung-Min
  • Tae Won-Seock as Do Jin-Woong
  • Kim Won Hae as Jang In-Kyu



This drama is about a team, which retrieve fortunes hidden away by criminals.  They call themselves as the Crime Proceeds Redemption Team,  made up of a smart con-man, a fighter, a hacker and a driver.

I expect good things with this drama after all it has an ace South Korean superstar in the lead role.

Episode 1 

I am happy to report that Song Seung Heon can’t be any more gorgeous that in this episode.  He is sexy, masculine and handsome.  He gets better as he matures.

Anyway, the first episodes started pretty well, introducing each of the members of the Crime Proceeds Redemption Team.

Do Jin Woong is super muscular that he is almost unbeatable in a fight.  He doesn’t belong to any gang but will fight for any side for money, in other words, he is a mercenary.

Im-Byung Min is a super hacker.  He had been hacking and garnering glories for it.  He is well known all over the world for his skill and talent.

Cha A-Ryeong is a super driver.  She can drive a vehicle, the four-wheel ones as well as the two-wheeled ones.

And finally, Kang Hari, he is a super swindler.  He can con anyone for anything.

And there is an unofficial member of the group. Jang In Kyu, who is a frustrated public prosecutor.  He was to do his job justly but he is often thwarted by the old-boy-network that exist in society when a few elite men determine the course of one’s faith regarding the law, where those with good connection often bypass criminal records and punishment.

Anyway, the first case they had to do was to ensure that a mafia don who was lording it in prison would literally pay back all of the racketeering he was engaged in.  The team were able to take back most of the money from the Mafia don.

The next case was a son of an influential man.  The son has a perverted view on sex.  He would kidnap a woman from al owly background.  He would then abuse them on camera to be seen exclusively by perverted VVIP online.  The son was arrested but got let off almost immediately as the witness was frightened or bribed.

But as soon as he walked off the court, he went with his perverted acts and kidnapped another girl.

The team though was on his case…

Episode 2




Playhouse (Filipino Drama Review & Summary)


Playhouse (Filipino Drama Review & Summary)

Playhouse poster

  • Genre:  Romance, Family, Relationship, Comedy, Drama
  • Release Date: September 2018
  • Origin: Philippines
  • FDrama: 5 episodes


  • Angelica Panganiban as Patricia “Patty” Calumpang
  • Zanjoe Marudo as Marlon Ilaban
  • Justin James Quilantang as Robin John Cortes

Episode 1

Angelica Panganiban and Zanjoe Marudo are two of Philippines really good-looking stars and they do have chemistry in this drama.

The story started with Angelica as Patty working in Canada as a caregiver.  She seemed well loved and respected in the care home and so much so, they patients and co-workers pulled together to get her a surprise plane ticket to the Philippines.

Her arrival in the Philippines coincided with the wedding of her younger.  What do you know?  Her ex-husband was invited to the wedding.

Her family was nervously awaiting a perceived eruption of anger between Patty and Marlon, the ex.

But it never came.  Patty even gave Marlon a kiss of greetings much to everyone’s surprise.

During the wedding ceremony, Patty remembered her own wedding with Marlon.



Unhappy Paris (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)


Unhappy Paris (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

Unhappy Paris poster

  • AKA as If Paris Downcast
  • Genre: Romance, Melodrama,
  • Release Date: September 2018
  • Origin: China
  • CDrama: 48 Episodes


  • Zhang Hans as Tong Zhuo Yao
  • Adi Kan as Ruan Man Jun
  • Lin Shen as Dai Jing Jie
  • Zhang Ya Mei as Ye Jie Bai
  • Liu Chang De as Yuan Zheng Min
  • Liu Ye as Lu Dou Dou

Quick Precis:

The story will revolve around Ruan Man Jun, who cast away her career and future for the love of Feng Bo Wen, who in the end betrays her.

Ruan Man Jun was a lawyer, who fabricated evidence for her boyfriend to prevent him from going bankrupt.   The said incident resulted in death from heart attack of Mr Fu.

Episode 1

It looked so exciting that I watched the first episode in its raw form, thus, hardly understand what was going on except that she was in court and the fairly old man on the witness bench had a heart attack while Tong Zhou Yao looked on worriedly with an elderly woman beside him.  It looks like Ruan Man Jun had given her false testimony.

Fast forward, Ruan Man Jun with lovely shorter hair walked into a wedding celebration and found her boyfriend married to someone else.  He gave her his credit card to keep her quiet but she was incandescent with rage and threw the card at him.  This scene was witnessed by Tong Zhou Yao, who is one of the guests.

Ruan Man Jun left the party and followed by Tong Zhou Yao, who gave her a lift in his car.  But as soon as they got to a busy motorway, he asked her to get out of the car, left her and drove off.

It so happened that Dai Jing Jie was passing in his chauffeur-driven car. Noticed how dangerous her situation was, he asked her to get in and brought her to her hotel, where she was staying with her friend.

She was telephoned by her ex, Feng Bo Wen to meet up with him.  He told her to forget the past and build a new life by going after her dreams.  He also told her that nothing had to change, she might not get the title of being his mrs but he will look after her.

It seems she was a village girl who met Feng Bo Wen.  She began to study law and was working for him.  They were lovers and he used her to cover for him and persuaded her to implicate Mr Chen in some fraudulent transaction.

He then sent her away to France to study but promised her that they will marry once she comes back.

She told Feng Bo Wen that she was going to investigate what really happened in the case against Mr Fu.

She then decided to leave the place the next day.  She was waiting at the airport/bus lounge rather distracted despite the incessant ringing of her mobile phone, which was noticed by Dai Jing Jie, who was also at the airport and noticed her.

The next thing he saw was that she had fainted,  He took her to the hospital.  Her friend Dou Dou came to look after her and convinced her to stay with her and find a job.

The next time she encountered Tong Zhou Yao was in a bar.  She was being accosted by a man, who Tong Zhou Yao secretly cajoled into picking  Man Ju up and therefore, would not take no for an answer when Man Ju told him to push off.

Tong  Zhou Yao seemingly helpful but humiliated her farther by putting his black INFINITE credit card in her belt like as if she was someone for the highest bidder.

Ruan Man Jun had had enough. She took the card and put it in a glass of water and then pour the lot all over Tong Zhou Yao’s head.

Episode 2

Ruan Man Ju was finding it hard to look for a job in the legal department because of a defaming online entry made by Feng Bo Wen.  Unfortunately, she can’t do anything about it as she has no evidence on defamation against her.  He paid for her plane ticket to France and her law studies.

She was called for an in an interview at Yifeng but it was an exercise to humiliate her farther, which was witnessed and exacerbated by the presence of Tong Zhou Yao.

But in the end, Tong Zhou Yao ordered to hire her in his company.

Episode 3

Tong Zhou Yao dragged Man Ju to the cemetery to show her the grave of Uncle Fu who died at the witness box because of her.  Auntie Fu followed soon afterwards from a broken heart.

Tong Zhou Yao told Man Ju that he hated her and left her crying by the graveside.

She did not go back to work but instead got herself hired by a pizza parlour as a delivery woman.

Tong Zhou Yao had a chance of heart, he wanted her back working for him but Man Ju is not interested.

Tong Zhou Yao also saw the confrontation between Man Ju and Feng Bo Wen where once again he handed her a credit card but as what became a habit with her, she threw the card back at the giver.

As some sort of a test, Tong Zhou Yao after taking her to the hospital for an earlier accident, he forced her to go to Feng Bo Wen house where she saw him from his kitchen window being loving and considerate towards his wife.  Strangely Feng Bo Wen was just confessing that he still likes her and wanted to continue his relationship with Man Ju a few hours ago.

Episode 4

Tong Zhou You wanted Manju to go in and confront Feng Bo Wen but Man Ju can’t be cajoled into doing it.  Tong Zhou You asked how can she be so forgiving.

Man Ju said because she does not regret having loved.  Her was true unfortunately she loved the wrong man.  Ahhh

Tong Zhou You ordered Pizza for his workforce from where Man Ju works as a delivery girl.  For days he treated his workers to pizza until just the sight of it made them sick.

The last time she delivered the pizza, she was accompanied by Dai Jing Jie, who surreptitiously photographed important documents on the absent Tong Zhou You’s desk while Man Ju was not looking.

Episode 5

Tong Zhou You was getting fed up with his mother trying to pair him and marry him off.

This did not stop him toying with Man Ju though.  He ordered pizza again and was delivered at his apartment.

He invited her in and turned off the lights then he appeared with a birthday cake for her.  He begged her to have a drink with him.

ManJu woke up in the same bed with him and then heard him calling to her “Oi Fei”

She got upset saying “the wrong woman.”

Dou Dou arranged for ManJu to have a birthday blind date, who happened to be Dai Jing Jie but, of course, she did not show up.

Episode 6

Dai Jing Jie bought a puzzle portrait that he saw Manju was staring at and quietly crying.  He decided to buy it.  Then Tong Zhou You also went into the shop to buy the puzzle but was told that it was a one-off and it had been sold.

Tong Zhou You tried to buy the puzzle from Dai Jing Jie at double the price but Dai JIng Jie won’t sell.  Tong Zhou You was annoyed and they almost ended up having a brawl in the street at broad daylight.  Luckily Tong Zhou You’s mother appeared out of nowhere.

Episode 7

Tong Zhou You had been testing Man Ju materialistic tendencies.  Man Ju passed with flying colours.  Tong Zhou You also realised that like him, there is a coldness and loneliness inside of her.  So H things that perhaps two lonely people such as they are, they might create warmth in each other.

Unfortunately ManJu is still playing hard to get as she is scared of getting hurt once again.

Tong Zhou You’s mother is pushing him to his childhood friend Jie Bai.  So far he is resisting.



Stepmother & Daughter’s Blues (Dorama Review & Summary)

Stepmother & Daughter Blues poster

Stepmother & Daughter’s Blues (Dorama Review & Summary)

  • Genre: Family, Relationship, Drama, Comedy
  • Release Date: 2018
  • Origin: Japan; Based on a Manga,  “Gibo to Musume no Blues” by Rin Sakurazawa
  • Dorama: 10 Episodes


  • Haruka Ayesa as Akiko Iwamoto
  • Yutaka Takenouchi as Ryoichi Miyamoto
  • Takeru Satoh as Akira Mugita
  • Naho Yokomizo as Miyuki Miyamoto

Episode 1

I have waited to watch this drama after every episode has been subbed in English.  My wait has been rewarded because I was immediately blown away after watching just the first episode so far.

This drama has got a heart.  There is enough comedy to lighten up a rather emotive subject of a stepmother coming into a family of two.

I love, love, love it.  The characters are already fully developed from inception.

Akiko Iwaki is a career woman who has agreed to marry Ryoichi and be a mother to his daughter, Miyuki.

Unfortunately, Akiko is an all-out businesswoman, who presented her business card and resumé to the young Miyuki when they first met much to the confusion of the young girl.

She categorically told her father that she does not want the new lady to come into their family.  You can’t really blame the girl as Akiko was all businesslike and exudes little warmth.

Akiko is pragmatic though and devoted time to research about how to win a child’s approval.

Some of her strategies work, so much so that young Miyuki had a change of heart and sent Akiko a formal letter of acceptance.

Akiko was overwhelmed that she went directly to Miyuki ‘s nursery school to show her profound excitement and proceeded to reveal her bare tummy, which she had specially painted with a smiling clown face, which she thought would cheer Miyuki up.  But it was the opposite,  Miyuki  was absolutely appalled.

I have to say this scene was unexpected and rather excruciating embarrassing.  I really feel Miyuki’s pain.  🙂 🙂 🙂

Episode 2-10

I can’t really give an episodal summary because this drama is so good and you just want to continue on watching.

I have to say that if someone asks me for a drama recommendation, Stepmother & Daughter’s blues will be top of the list.

It is a drama that would constantly change you from giggles and laughter to tears.  Episode 6 is particularly heartwrenching.

The charm of this drama is really the unexpected being the expected.  Japanese dramas usually apply KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) in their formula.

I am really not going to give spoilers as this drama should be seen and be surprised but what the heck!


Ryoichi works in sales and had opportunities to meet the buchou, a super elite of a rival sales department. The Buchou was Akiko Iwamoto, who is an all-out career woman.  She lives and breathes her career.  He admired her business ethics from afar.

One day, Ryoichi approached Akiko.  Ryoichi asked her to marry him, which did not only surprised Akiko, it surprised me too.

Given that Ryoichi is really a very handsome man, you just don’t ask a stranger to marry.

Anyway, Ryoichi said that it was mind-boggling but he had to ask her as he thought she was the best mother to his beloved young daughter.

He then told her that he has a terminal illness, he has got stomach cancer.

Akiko had never had a relationship before and she was beginning to feel an ache, a hole in her heart.  The thought of having a child is quite a tempting idea.

So they registered their marriage, without the rings, without the ceremony as this marriage will be of convenience only.

Akiko moved in with Ryoichi and Miyuki.  It was a trial to begin with but Akiko is a career woman, who put all her logical approach to gain the trust and respect of young Miyuki and the love of Ryoichi.  She quits her high salaried job and became a full-time mother.

Ryoichi’s illness is getting more virulent but suddenly he wanted to fight the disease, he is not ready to just give up anymore.  He wants to live with Akiko and see Miyuki grow.

Ryoichi was in hospital for three weeks and then he was declared to be getting better.  By this time, Akiko had developed a mutual love and understanding with Ryoichi, who took her to a bridal shop to arranged a little marriage ceremony for them.  Takenouchi was really gorgeous actor, he made Ryoichi so alive and radiating brightness, the way he smiles, the way he crinkles his eyes in laughter was pure sunshine and joy.

It was therefore really sad when we do not see him anymore from episode 6 as he suddenly dies.

Akiko became an automaton, wrapped up in doing every bit, details of the funeral.  People are beginning to talk that the marriage was a fake one, that is why she does not cry.  Little Miyuki herself did not cry, she seemed to have grown up overnight, washing the dishes and tidying up after the guest, she was scared and sad after overhearing that she was all alone, would her step-mother abandon her.

Someone told Akiko what Miyuki where Miyuki was and went to see her.  She heard from Miyuki her concerns about being an orphan.  Akiko told her that she will never abandon her as she is her daughter.  She might not have given birth to her but she chooses her as her daughter.  She was even glad that she does not have a biological daughter because she can’t love her as much as she loves Miyuki.  For the first time, Miyuki called Akiko, MOTHER.  By this time both are crying and Akiko, once started can’t be stopped.  She cried and cried for the longest time.  She really love Ryoichi.

Anyway, Miyuki asked Akiko if she had to go back to work.  Akiko showed Miyuki her bank book which surprised the girl.  Akiko then said, don’t underestimate a woman in high powered job who does not date and don’t go out.

Nine years later, Miyuki is really to enter university but can’t decide what to do.  She told Akiko that she wanted to be just like her, stay at home and play with stocks and shares.

Akiko then realised that she was not actually a good role model for the girl.  So once again she put her career woman suit and went to look for a job.  She actually does not need to look for a job because she is always head-hunted but she wanted to find something challenging.

She found a bakery, which is doing badly, to the point of bunkruptcy.

The owner was a handsome sloth.  He would reheat his bread that did not sell for the next day.  The only delicious bread he makes was the anpan.  But Akiko saw the potential.

The owner/baker was Mugita, a handsome man who was rather full of himself.  He thought she wanted to work with him because she had fallen in love with him.

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