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Legend of Fuyao (Chinese Drama) Review

Legend of Fuyao poster

  • Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Adventure, CGI
  • Date Released: June 2018
  • CDrama: 66 Episodes


  • Yang Mi as Fuyao
  • Ethan Juan as Zhangsun Wuji;
    Yuan Shaoxu


Apparently this story will revolved around Fuyao, who had been destined to collect the secret order of the five kingdoms.

I love the cast.  Two of my favourites: Yang Mi and Taiwanese actor, Ethan Juan.  I have to say watching and waiting for subbing of 66 episodes is a bit punishing.

Legend of Fuyao (Chinese Drama) Review

My Sunshine (Chinese Drama Vs Film) Review

My Sunshine

  • Date Released: January 2015
  • CDrama: 36 episodes (Reduced to 4 episodes as a Director’s Cut in Netflix)


  • Wallace Chung as He Yichen
  • Tiffany Tang as Zhao Mosheng
  • Jian Renzi as He Yimei
  • Tan Kai as Ying Hui
  • Mi Lu as Xiao Xiao
  • Yang Le as Lu Yuanfeng


You Are My Sunshine

  • Date Released: April 2015
  • Film


  • Huang Xiaoming as He Yichen
  • Yang Mi as Zhao Mosheng
  • Tong Dawei as Ying Hui
  • Angelababy as He Yimei
  • Evonne Hsieh as Hua Xianzi
  • Huang Zitao as William
  • Joan Chen as Pei Fangmei
  • Sui He as Xiao Xiao
  • Ma Su as Ms. Wen
  • Hua Shao as Teacher Zhou
  • Eric Tsang as Mr. Lin
  • Yao Anlian as Zhao Qing Yuan
  • Sun Yizhou as Supermarket Manager
  • Kong Lianshun as Supermarket Security officer
  • Shen Tai as Xiang Heng
  • Liu Tianzuo as Mr. Yuan (Lao Yuan)

I saw both of the long version drama and the film before and enjoyed them.  Both the film and drama were based on a novel called Silent Separation by Gu Man.

I saw the director’s cut version in Netflix today.

When I saw the film version after I have seen the drama first, I thought the drama of 36 episode was much better.  Obviously because it has more time to get the audience/viewer to engage more on the story.

It shows why the protagonist male has a love/hate relationship with the gorgeous lead female.

Today, I watched the drama version condensed into four episodes.  Though watchable, you end up not really caring what the story was about.  It cut out all the painful scenes.  Also the second male lead was rob of that feeling from the audience that the female should go for him.

Anyway the story was that, on the first day of Mosheng in the university, she saw a young man who was reading under tree.

She couldn’t help herself, so she took his photograph as he was really handsome.  When he noticed her taking liberties, she apologised immediately and asked him for his name as she will send him a copy of his photo.

The young man was Yichen and Mosheng had fallen for him at first sight.  She found out that he was a second year law student on full scholarship.  Mosheng stalked the poor guy!

Mosheng is lovely looking girl with a winsome personality.  Before you know it, they were in a relationship.

Suddenly there was another girl, Yimaei, who was hanging around Yuchen. They looked really close.  At the same time Yuchen became rather cold towards Mosheng, to the point that he told her that he doesn’t want to see her anymore, to get out of his face. 🙁

At that time, Mosheng was being forced by her parents to study abroad.  So thinking that Yuchen doesn’t love nor need her anymore, she disappeared abroad.

Seven years later…

Mosheng is back in China.  And now a professional photographer.

She was in the supermarket when she saw Yuchen, who was with Yimei.  Yuchen blanked her.

But one day, coming home from work, she was accosted by a drunk Yuchen.  He told her that he lost, she won. He then left.

They had a tentative reconciliation but Mosheng had a major confession to make.

She married someone three years ago while in America.

Yuchen was unsurprisingly very upset.  He told her that he was not going to be playing around with a married woman.  Him being a lawyer and all.   But he loves her too much.

Fortunately Mosheng said that she was actually a divorcee.

Yuchen was not waiting for anything.  He bundled Mosheng to a civil register officer to register their marriage.

Mosheng and Yuchen attended a function in their former university.  Who would they find in there but Mosheng ex-husband, who was not really quite an ex yet.  Musheng is a bigamist!

Her gorgeous  ex-husband is a self-made man, who does not want to let her go.  He wanted to reconcile.

But Mosheng had always belong to Yuchen.  With the help of Yuchen, they went to America to deal with the divorce.

The ex-husband really loves Mosheng and doesn’t want to give her a lot of grief, so he agreed to the divorce.

From this point on, it is happy sweet romance for the leads.



Are You Human Too? (KDrama Review)

Are You Human Too? poster

  • Genre: Sci-Fi, Family, Robotics, Melodrama, Romance, AI
  • Date Released: 4 June 2018
  • KDrama: 18 episodes


  • Seo Kang-joon as Nam Shin / Nam Shin III
  • Gong Seung-yeon as Kang So-bong
  • Lee Joon-hyuk as Ji Young-hoon
  • Park Hwan-hee as Seo Ye-na
  • Kim Sung-ryung as Oh Ro-ra
  • Yu Oh-seong as Seo Jong-gil

This drama reminds me of a couple of American dramas: Haley Joel Osment’ AI and Halley Berry’s Extant.

It is about a robot used as a substitute for a child, who is yet to be born or who is  incapacitated.

Seo Kang-Joon plays both Nam Shin and Nam Shin III.

Nam Shin was a chaebol, a third generation heir to a conglomerate, who unfortunately became ill.  Rather auspicious for the family, the mother is  brilliant and who happens to be leading a research top scientists on artificial intelligence.  Before anyone could spell Bicentennial Man, Oh Ro-ra (the mother) had an android built to replace her comatose son.  And he was called Nam Shin III

This move was to ensure that her son’s position as the heir is not jeopardize.

Well that is the synopsis that I can gather.  I have  yet to see the first episode as it is not subbed in English yet!

Watch this space.

Are You Human Too? (KDrama Review)

Episode 1-2

I am really loving this drama!

It is about a very rich man, who can’t accept that his son married a fairly ordinary woman (well not rich anyway).

To initiate reconciliation, the son went to visit his rich father, leaving his young son with his wife, who is a brilliant scientist researching robotics.

The next time his wife heard anything about him was when the father-in-law’s thuggish minions came and forcibly took her seven year old son, Nam Sin.  When she asked why the father-in-law wanted her son when he did not bother with them before, she was given a death certificate and was told that her husband took his own life and was already cremated.

She was devastated and absolutely heartbroken.

She went to beg her father-in-law to return her son to her but when she got to see her son, he told her that he liked where he was and would much prefer to stay with his grandpa.  The boy secretly made a deal with his authoritarian grandfather that he will stay with him, provided that his grandpa will not harm his mother.

She couldn’t take this turn of events and yet knew that she won’t be able to do anything against the powerful father-in-law.

A year later, she was now living in the Czech Republic and she had created an android who was a replica of her seven year old son.  She called the young robot, Nam Sin 1.

She taught him the number 1 rule “Hug those who are crying”

A few years more had passed. Nam Sin 2 was born, who is a replica of her now 16 years old son.

In 2015, she again updated Nam Sin 2 to a 3-Generation.

Nam Sin 3 is strong and more agile as well as having acquired human characteristics.  He is protective of his mother.

The human Nam Sin is all grown up.  He was spoiled and absolutely hated his grandfather’s guts.

He made a scandalous commotion in order to distract his many bodyguards to be able to get away for a while.  He had been secretly looking for his mother and found that she is now living in the Czech Republic.

Unfortunately someone was tailing him all the way to the Czech Republic.  One of his grandfather’s minions, who had a lofty idea of becoming the next CEO of the company ordered that Nam Sin should be disposed off.

Coincidentally Nam Sin III and his ‘Mother’ with uncle David (another scientist) went to visit the market.

Nam Sin III was absolutely entranced with the vibrancy of the place.  He was just about to go back to the car, to his waiting mother when he noticed a man, across the road, looking exactly like him.

He was so curious that he started crossing the road to go to this man.  Of course the man he saw was Nam Sin, who was curious as well and started to meet Nam Sin III but a van plowed into Nam Sin.  He was left bleeding in the middle of the road much to the shock and horror of Nam Sin III

This ‘accident’ was also witnessed by mother, who was shocked and worried to find her long ‘lost’ son all bloodied and crumpled on the road.

David, the scientist friend, took Nam Sin III away from the scene immediately to avoid attention.




Hana Nochi Hare: Hanadan Next Season (Japanese Drama) Review

Hana Nochi Hare: Hanadan Next Season Poster

Hana Nochi Hare: Hanadan Next Season (Japanese Drama) Review

  • Genre: Romance, School, Youth
  • Related Dramas: Hana Yori Dango; Boys Over Flowers
  • Released Date: April 2018
  • Dorama: 10 episodes


  • Hana Sugisaki as Oto Edogawa
  • Sho Hirani as Haruto Kaguragi
  • Taishi Nakagawa as Tenma Hase
  • Tatsuomi Hamada as Kaito Taira
  • Marie Iitoyo as Megumi Nishidome
  • Mio Imada as Airi Maya
  • Jin Suzuki as Issa Narumiya
  • Keisuke Nakata as Sugimaru Eiibi

The story occurs 10 years after the original season.

Haruto Kaguragi is now the leader of the F4 or rather Correct 5. He is concerned that their once formidable school is falling into disrepute.

Kaguragi decided to do something about this.  He instigated a plan to pick up all the deadbeats and throw them out of the school.

Episode 1

It start with Oto Edegawa being a daughter of a rich family.  She became engaged to the son of their equally rich friends.  The engagement was due to the wishes of Tenma Hase’s mother, who was dying of cancer.

A year later, Edegawa’s father’s business went bankrupt.  But her family had to ensure that she remains in Eituko Academy until she reaches her 18th birthday, otherwise her engagement is cancelled.

At Eituko, Haruto Kaguragi happens to be the leader of C5 or Correct 5, the elites among the elites. Eituko is not as it used to be, it is going downhill.  Many of the students of Eituko had been transferring to a rival school, where Tenma Hase is the elitist or school leader.

Anyway, in order to take back Eituko’s former glory and reputation of excellence for the moneyed only students, the C5 took it upon themselves to perform a peasant hunt.

Peasant hunt is where they confront students’ whose parents have not been making any donations to the school and also for being behind with  their tuition fees.  They forced them to leave the school.

Edegawa was often scared that it would be her turn.  She had been so careful, often pretending to school mates that she lives in a mansion instead of their lowlier current abode.

To make ends meet, Edegawa works part-time at a convenience store.  One of the customer is Haruto Kaguragi, who is addicted to online shopping. 🙂

Haruto realised that his position is rather precarious the moment he met Edegawa while he was collecting his package of treasures from Mars from the store.

One word from her and he could end up a laughing stock.

To prevent this, he tried to bully Edegawa into quitting school.

As much as Edegawa wants to leave Eituko, she can’t for her parents’ sake.  They had put all their faith, hope and dreams in her to marry Tenma Hase for his fortune.

Consulting his C5 crew on how to best deal with Edegawa, Haruto was advised to make her his girl.

So Haruto started his pursuit of Edegawa but in a very hesitant manner, often telling her not to get the wrong idea, he was not into her.

Edegawa said that they can’t be anything else  anyway as she has a fiance already.

To his horror, the fiance was Tenma Hase, his nemesis.

Episode 2 – 4

I have a little confession.  I love Shun Oguri and Jun Matsumoto of the original Hana Yori Dango so much but for some reason I actually prefer this version.

Probably because these series is more comedy and the young actors really did their best in this drama.

It is a love triangle between Kaguragi, Oto and Hase.  The script is simple and very straight-forward, we know where we are all the time.  I supposed it is only episode four, so many more things could happen.

Including the pseudo nice stepmother of Hase.  She obviously has a hidden agenda.  Also the exacting, neglectful father of Kaguragi is potentially against any romance between his son and Oto, who is not deemed suitable.

I have to admit the young actress who played Ari was so good.  She made the character rather loathsome and yet pitiful at the same time.

Yeah, an enjoyable drama.  I just wish it is subbed soonest!

Handsome Guy and Jung Eum (KDrama) Review & Summary

The Undatable poster

  • Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Noona
  • Date Released: May 2018
  • KDrama: 32  Episode



  • Hwang Jung Eum as Yoo Jung Eum
  • Nam Goong Min as Kang Hoon Nam
  • Oh Yoon Ah as Coach Yang
  • Jo Dal Hwan as Charlie
  • Jung Moon Sung as Yook Ryong
  • Choi Tae Joon as Choi Joon Soo
  • Nam Kyung Eup as Kang Jung Do
  • Shim Hye Jin as Go Eun Nim
  • Lee Moon Shik as Yoo Seung Ryul
  • Lee Joo Yeon as Soo Ji

Quick Synopsis:

It is a story about a man who is a bit of a love guru but is not interested in a relationship for himself. Added to his is a woman, who had a bitter split with an ex-boyfriend, thus giving up on relationship herself but now works as a love match counselor.

Handsome Guy and Jung Eum (KDrama) Review & Summary

Episode 1-2

I am so glad Hwang Jung Eum is back in the small screen.  I’ve missed this girl.

These two first episodes were fun but not good enough for a riveting watch.  It is too zany and noisy and the dialogues were a quick fire, I can’t keep up with reading the subtitles, especially watching it at almost midnight here in the UK.

Any from what I can gather, Jung Eum was a former sports woman, who does diving.  During a competition, she received a break-up text from her boyfriend.  With wet hair and still in her swimsuit, covered by a trenchcoat, she went to the airport pleading with her boyfriend not to leave.

Her boyfriend had made up his mind and can’t be persuaded.  The scene ended up in chaos.

This was part witnessed by Kang Hoon Nam, who just shook his head rather knowingly that the girl was doing it all wrongly to entice boyfriend to stay.

Five years later.

Jung Eum stopped diving and had developed a phobia with water as in pools, sea and rivers.  Instead she now works as a counselor in a matchmaking agency.

She was tasked to sign in a rich woman, whose father was preferred to give a million to the agency if the daughter is married of.

The woman was about to sign the contract when someone else produced a contract.  The other party was Hoon Nam.

Jung Eum was asked to wait outside.  But she saw her would be client signing the Hoon Nam contract.

She followed Hoon Nam when he left and was really annoyed with him.

As soon as she got to the office, she was told off by her manager for just leaving their client.  She was told that the client would signed the contract.

Jung Eum learned that the contract the client signed with Hoon Nam has to do with exhibiting her many Hair Hair dolls in Hoon Nam Toys Studio.

Jung Eum was so down in the dumps but her childhood friend, Joon Soo was there to cheer her up.

Jung Eum and Hoon Nam seemed to bump with each all the time, including when her diving coach which she signed on to their agency got cheated on with her man she met.  Coach Yang jumped off the bridge and Jung Eum pushed Hoon Nam to the water to rescue the coach.  In the end the coach rescued Hoon Nam and Jung Eum had to give him a mouth to mouth resuscitation.

They both stared at one another …… for the next episode. 🙂

Episode 3-4

Jung Eum was tasked to concentrate in finding better-halves for the undatables.  This proved to be near impossible.

She needed help. Her best friend Joon Soo, showed her a magazine where there is a column from a love guru.

And the love guru happened to be Hoon Nam.  The same Hoon Nam, she promised never to meet again.



About Time (KDrama) Review & Summary

About Time poster


  • Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural
  • Date Released: May 2018
  • KDrama: 16 Episodes
  • OST


  • Lee Sang-yoon as Lee Do-ha
  • Lee Sung-kyung as Choi Michaela
  • Kim Dong-jun as Jo Jae-yoo (Musical Director)
  • Im Se-mi as Bae Soo-bong (‘Fiancee’)
  • Han Seung-yeon as Jeon Sung-hee (MiKa’s Best Friend)
  • Rowoon as Choi Wee-jin (MiKa’s Brother)
  • Kim Hae-sook as Oh So-nyeo (MiKa’s Mother figure friend who can see her digital clock tattoo)
  • Na Young-hee as Jin Ra-hee (MiKa’s Mother)
  • Jung Dong-hwan as Lee Seon-moon (Do Ha’s Father)
  • Kim Sa-hee as Kim Hye-young
  • Jung Moon Sung as Yoon Do San (Do Ha’s illegitimate middle brother)

Apparently this story centres around Michaela Choi, a musical actress, who possesses a supernatural ability to see how long a person can live.


About Time (KDrama) Review & Summary

Episode 1 & 2

First few minutes of the first episode showed Micahaela or MiKa being involved in a motorway pile up.  She walked through the chaos and we see people she passed by showing a digital time invisibly tattooed on their arms (only MiKa can see these and of course us the viewers LOL)

There was a couple where they seemed to be okey one minute and the next we can see the husband on the point of death as his digital tattoo says he has 00:00:004:50.  MiKa just stood watching as the clock moved to 00:00:00:00 and the man dies.

We then find out that her time clock showed that she only have 165 days left.

She was just leaving an older woman friend in the hospital when she was knocked down by a car.

The car happened to be driven by Lee Do Ha, a chaebol, who suffers from anxiety attacks.

MiKa is a musical actress,  She was on her way to her audition when this minor car accident occurred.  Do Ha insisted on taking her to the emergency ward for treatment.  Fearing that she would be late, she asked Do Ha to give her a lift but ended up driving the car herself, and she was a very accomplished driver as well, worthy of Formula 1.

During the audition, she was impressive.  She had the voice, the skill, the look, but she was deemed lacking in depths when it comes to emotion about  being in love.

She was asked to choose someone from the audience to seduce.  She spied Do Ha, who was looking for her as she mistakenly took his car keys.  She kissed him but he was so annoyed.

The next time they saw once another was in China.  Do Ha had been challenged to do extreme sport like scuba diving.  Do Ha was a bit nervous about the whole thing as panic attack and extreme sport do not really go together.

It so happened that MiKa was in between jobs and part-timing as a scuba diver trainer.

During the diving, it all went well initially until they had to come up to the surface.  Everyone was accounted for except for Do Ha, who was in the middle of an anxiety attack in  the bottom of the sea.  MiKa jumped into the water  to save him.

The next scene was seeing him again and she noticed that her digital tattoo clock had stopped.  She then found out that everytime she sees him or be near him, her clock stops.

She had, therefore, made her mission to stalk him, get a job that would entail being near him and in the end she offered herself on a plate to him.

Do Ha actually has an unofficial girlfriend/fiancee but he was now beginning to waver towards Mika.

Episode 3-4

Awww Do Ha was reluctantly attracted to Mi Ka.   He took stock of MiKa’s begging him to be near him so he hired her to be his personal driver.

As much as he was becoming more and more into MiKa, she was nonchalant about him.

However Do Ha got it into his head that if he is with MiKa all the time, he will lose interest with her after three months as per his records with the things that he becomes obsessed with.

Mika found out that her digital tattooed clock does not only cease to tick when she’s near Do Ha, when she touch him, she actually gain time.

The end of the episode has the ‘fiancee’ treating MiKa like that hired help that she was, which annoyed Do Ha.  He was also upset with MiKa for having no pride and allowing the ‘fiancee’ to ‘belittle’ her.

He then confessed to MiKa that he likes her, he said he will kiss her, hug her and sleep with her until he gets tired of her and if she knows what is good for her, she should run away now.

Episode 5-7

MiKa said that she was ok with the kissing, the hugging and sleeping together but when it really came down to it, she went shy.

There was an incident when a mentally disturbed man burst in into Do Ha’s session with his friend psychiatrist.  The man was armed with a knife, which he was brandishing to MiKa and ended up stabbing DoHa instead who heroically stood in front of Mika.

When Do Ha quizzed her about her presence in the clinic as well, she confessed about her digital clock tattoo.  She then tried to prove to him the authenticity of her ‘power’.

Do Ha said he believed her and convinced her to move in with him, which she did with such alacrity.  Actually she lives with Do Ha and his older brother, who was a travel writer.

MiKa did not always know or see her own digital tattoo.  She first saw it when she was out and about with her bestfriend.  She then bump into someone (it was Do Ha) and then she noticed her clock which at first showed that she had a year to live.

Anyway at first Mika and Do Ha were finding living together giddily exciting at first.  But their happiness did not last long as there was the matter about the ‘fiancee’ whom Mika feels rather guilty about.  Then came Do Ha’s first love on the scene.

She was a Broadway star, who will be the lead of the show, where MiKa will be her understudy.

This is not all, she also had an encounter with the half naked Do San.  She saw that he only had 29 days to live.

It was traumatic when she had to tell Do Ha what she found out about the brother.

I love this drama.  There is a lot of chemistry between the leads.

Episode 8

This episode is a rather gentle tragedy which will make you cry so much.  Do San spent the last days of his life trying to build bridges with his family, who treated him as an outsider till the end, except for Do Ha.

As he lies dying in bed beside Do Ha, Do San told him to not hate the family.

This episode also sees MiKa finally finding out that Do San has almost 61 years to live yet.  As she was near him, she noticed that she is getting a lifeline from him.  His time is decreasing while hers is increasing.

Episode 9

MiKa felt so guilty from taking away time from Do Ha’s life span that she broke up with him.  She decided to go back home only to find out that her immature mother found her savings account book.  MiKa had been working diligently to save money for her mother and brother in view of her impending death.

The mother, not knowing of Mika’s secret death date, went on a spending spree.  Buying expensive handbag and food including delicious macaroons. (Actually I would too would buy bags LOL)

Obviously, MiKa was upset and frustrated.

The Ex-Man 2018 (Taiwanese Drama)

The Ex-man poster

Genre: Romance, Mystery, Supernatural, Comedy, melodrama, Youth Romance

Released Date: May 2018

TwDrama: 13 episodes


  • Yang Raine as Li Qin Ai
  • Lan Blue as Dai Hai An
  • Lu Johnny as Zhou Li Yang
  • Li Sophia as Zhong Shu Ying
  • Hai Heaven as Chen Da Fa
  • Simon Hsueh as Xu Sheng Ren
  • Wu Duke as Li Bao Bei

The Ex-Man 2018 (Taiwanese Drama)

Episode 1

I do have soft spot for Taiwanese dramas because of Joe Chen and Lan Blue.  Love them.  I always try to watch all of their dramas.

And here is a new drama starring Lan Blue as Dai Hai An opposite that very pretty actress, Raine Yang as Li Qin Ai.

Li Qin Ai and Dai Hai An were high school sweethearts.  They were so cutely devoted to one another but one day Dai Hai An wanted to break up and that was the end of their relationship.

After 10 years Qin Ai, though she has a boyfriend in a hunky guy Zhou Li Yang, she still thinks about Hai An.  It was made especially hard for her to forget him as he had become famous and his face is all over the social media as well as in television and big screen around Taiwan.

Her boyfriend who runs his own restaurant is about to pop the big question.  He hinted that they should start to look for a place for them together.

In order to really determine whether she was over her ex-boyfriend, she decided to attend her annual school reunion, which she had not done before.

There she came face to face with Hai An.  She looked gorgeous and fresh and she was ok meeting him.  But Hai An was blown away by his feelings for Qin Ai especially when he overheard, he was meant to, that Qin Ai was going to be married soon to a sexy muscly restaurateur.

Anyway life has to go own.  Qin Ai was happy at her work as a on-spot lifestyle news reporter.  She was covering a story about a van one day, when she was spotted by Hai An.  He looked at her and she looks so young and happy.  This only made him introspective and rode his motorbike to a deserted beach, where he took off his shoes, socks and shirt (wow 🙂 lol) which is reminiscent of James Blunt ‘You’re Beautiful‘ and started wading into the sea in his tight denim jeans.  Beautiful cinematography here.  Just like the song, he looks like he was about to commit suicide.  LOL but then again whether he meant to or not is immaterial because he suddenly suffered from cramps in his legs and he was going to ‘drown’

At the same time Qin Ai was hit by a car.  She was dying and the spirit of Hai An was telling her to get up.

Epidose 2

Is he or he isn’t?  Dead?

Anyway, Qin Ai is really suffering from her car accident, despite the doctor saying that nothing’s broken.  However she did have some blood clots which will right themselves naturally.

The recuperating Qin Ai started to see the spirit/ghost of Hai Ai.  A Hai Ai from their high school days where Qin Ai admitted her happiest.

Hai Ai from episode 1 was show to have a 10 year old son, but it seems the ‘son’ was a product of rape from a girl he knew or going out with.

He was supposed to meet the girl, Shu Ying, but he was too distracted playing pool.  The girl’s ex-boyfriend forced her and abused her.  She was then shown trying to get an abortion but Hai Ai showed up and convinced her to keep the baby.

It might be around this time that he broke up with Qin Ai.

Why is his spirit been haunting Qin Ai, if he was not dead?  But he did confirm that he was alive and well and had been in the mountain.  He asked Shu Ying to come to the mountain and fetch him.

Episode 3

Hai Ai is definitely alive.  The question really is that why is his spirit as a high school student is haunting Qin Ai.  Very strange.  The explanation given is that it might be from the trauma of the nodules that have yet to subside in her brain.

Hai Ai has a ‘son’ with Shu Ying.  Though they live apart, Shu Ying is really into Hai Ai.  She was so gutted when she spied Qin Ai visiting Hai Ai in his apartment.  She knew then that Qin Ai is still very much in Hai Ai’s heart.

Qin Ai, on the other hand is being pressured to be with her gorgeous boyfriend. LI Yang.  But she is much to engross with her feelings with Hai Ai.

Hai Ai is also starting to obsess about her, especially when he found out that she was likely to marry her boyfriend.

The episode ended with Hai Ai commission the whole restaurant of Li Yang so he can dine alone.

Qin Ai showed up and thinking that the Hai Ai before her was the apparition who is haunting her.  She told him to go away and this cause a lot of confusion.

Episode 4

Gorgeous Li Yang popped the question with a huge beautiful diamond ring.  Instead of answering she run off with Hai Ai.

Episode 5

Seriously this drama is becoming rather tedious, especially about Qin Ai.  She is not particularly drop-dead gorgeous, in fact she is rather boring and yet she is playing one man against the other.  she cannot make up her mind whether to marry the boyfriend or remain single. It is not fair on that gorgeous restauranteur, who painstakingly cooks her breakfast everyday.

Really I am beginning to hate her.



Come and Hug Me (KDrama) 2018, Review

Come & Hug Me poster

Genre: Romance, Mystery, Melodrama

Date Released: May 2018

KDrama: 32 Episodes



  • Jang Ki Yong as Chae Do Jin / Yoon Na Moo
  • Nam Da-reum as young Chae Do Jin/Yoon Na Moo
  • Jin Ki Joo as Gil Nak Won
  • Ryu Han-bi as young Nak Won
  • `Yoon Jong Hoon as Gil Moo Won
  • Heo Joon Ho as Yoon Hee Jae
  • Kim Kyung Nam as Yoon Hyun Moo
  • Lee Da In as Lee Yeon Ji

This is a story about Do Jin and Nak Won who are bound by a murder when they were in their teens.

Woah, Jang Ki Yong as a the lead actor.  About time too.  He was fresh from the drama, My Mister, where he gave a sensitive performance right after wowing the viewers as Nam Gil in Go Back Couple.

The lead girl, Jin Ki Joo,  is of course Hye Jin in  the year excellent drama, Misty.


Come and Hug Me (KDrama) 2018, Review

Episode 1-2

The drama started at the present time.  Do Jin is applying to become a police officer.  During the interview, we learned that he has some familiarity with police work as he had a direct experience of it when he had to testify that his own father is a psychopath, a serial killer.

At the same time, Nak Won is auditioning for a part in a drama.  She was told by the director that she won’t be getting the part but he would recommend her for a another drama with a more suitable role for her ability.  He then said that she looked like her mother, who was also an actress.  He said he was saddened that she became a victim of a psycho-serial-killer.

The drama then take us back a few years back when Nak Won’s family, dog and all, moved to a village where Do Jin lives.

On that same day, they met and there was already an attraction in their young teen-age hearts.

There was a menacing atmosphere within Do Jin’s house, where the father, an all round tradesman, ruled the roost.

One day Nak Won’s dog got away and she had to look for him.  She ended up in a basement, where Do Jin was holding a hammer over her dog inside a cage.  Their surprised looks at one another was disturbed by the appearance Yoon Hee Jae, the father.

I like the pacing of this drama.  It is a good thriller.

Episode 3 & 4

The story is so dark.  You can almost feel the menace.  You know something really terrible is about to happen.

I have to say Heo Joon Ho, playing the father, is really having fun with his role as a psycho dad.

Nak Won and her dog was saved from the wrath of Do Jin’s psycho dad.

Nak Won’s family life is a direct contrast to his own.  For a starter, Nak Won has an affluent family, with her mother being a well known actress.  The actress is a caring, sharing mother.

Do Jin has lost his own biological mother when he was eight, he now lives with a delinquent older brother, younger sister, stepmother and the psycho dad.  The children live in fear of the father, who told them that men and animals are just the same.  You should not show any fear.

Do Jin’s stepmother found out what her husband had been up to, kidnapping and killing women.

Episode 5-6

The stepmother was so scared, she run away with Do Jin’s little sister.

Do Jin’s confessed to Nak Won that he likes her too, very much at the same time he apologised for liking her.

I have to say that the story is too dark and I was so glad that it jumps from different timelines, as a child and then to early adulthood.

Do Jin’s father had been jailed for serial killing of 12 women and Nak Joon’s mom was the last victim as Do Joon himself decided to shop him to the police.  The father had decided to write his memoir, which has become a best seller.  The effect of this was that the press are hounding the family to get their reaction.

Do Jin’s about to graduate as a Summa Cum Laude in the police academy.

Nak Won, on the other hand is a struggling actress, often working as a body double.

Her soap drama was shooting at the police academy when the press started on her.  They wanted to know her reaction to the book.  The grim reality of her past was too much to bear.  Thank goodness  Do Jin was there to support her before she fainted.  So cute.

I have to say Jang Ki Yong looks so good in uniform.

Episode 7- 8

Do Jin helped Nak Won evade the press.

The 7th is a sweet episode with a tinge of sadness.  As much as they want to be together to have a heart to heart, the press is relentless in their pursuit of every bitter rumour.

Awww Do Jin still likes Nak Won but realised they can’t be together because of all the guilt and baggage that they have got.

Episode 9-10

The recurring theme of the drama is that,

Wickedness is not developed.  It is in your blood.

This is more or less what the wicked psycho father think about his youngest son.  Of the two sons, his quiet, studious youngest son is most like him, according to him.  And he would protect him at all cost.

(I reckon the journalist will get it in the end.)

But what he doesn’t want to accept is that his older son is the deranged one just like him.  He had continued his father’s serial killing using the mallet to batter and kill his victim.  All to impress his father.

Nak Won is now his target.

It is also Do Jin’s graduation day, where it turned into a chaos while he was receiving a presidential award for exemplary.  The relatives of the victims of his father sabotaged an otherwise proud moment for Do JIn.

I am really loving this drama.  The cast are amazing. Good acting.

Episode 11-12

The police is now hunting for a serial killer, who is armed with a deadly mallet.

Nak Won has become very popular, she just won the newcomer of the year.  But amidst all the congratulatory flowers, there was a box of a bloodied mallet sent to her.

Because of the shock, Nak Won ended up in hospital at the same time as Do Jin, who got stabbed protecting a colleague policeman.

Do Jin found out that he was Nak Won’s ideal man.  Because she started welling up when looking at him.  She did say that her ideal man was someone who makes her tear up everytime she looks at him.

Episode 13-16

Hyun Moo is picking up where his psycho father left off.  He had been torturing Nak Won and he almost had her hammered to death, thank goodness Do Jin got to her before it was too late.

There is a very ambitious reporter that has been pulling the strings behind the scene.  She was so obsessed with the serial killing of the psycho father that she is encouraging the older brother to continue with the massacre.

This drama is really very good but I have to mention the actor playing young Do Jin/Na Moo was exceptional.  At just 16, he’s got such a maturity of a veteran.

Partners For Justice (KDrama) Review & Summary

Investigation Couple poster

AKA as Investigation Couple

Genre: Forensic, Law. Legal

Date Released: May 2018

KDrama: 32 episodes


  • Jung Jae-Young as Baek Beom
  • Jung Yoo Mi as Eun Sol
  • Lee Yi Khung as Cha Soo Ho
  • Park Eun Seok as Kang Hyun
  • Staphanie Lee as Stellar Hwang

Baek Beom and and Eun Sol have to pull their resources together to solve heinous crimes.

The couple are polar opposites.  Baek Beom is taciturn and self-contained and had a 10 years experience in forensic work at the National Forensic Service.

Eun Sol, on the other hand is a little princess, from moneyed background.  She is cheerful but still a newbie prosecutor.  She is quite bright though, so bright that she could have become a judge rather than a prosecutor.

Partners For Justice (KDrama) Review & Summary

Episode 1 & 2

So far so good.  The first five minutes hook you in immediately.

The first time Baek Beom and Eun Sol met was over a body of a woman beaten to death, which was believed to be by her husband.

Eun Sol showed her ignorance of forensic protocols by moving the body without using protective gloves and disposable overshoes.  She was harshly told off by Baek Beom, the medical examiner.  Telling her that she could have compromised the result of the forensic.  She was then taken by the police to get her fingerprints in order to eliminate her prints from the forensic.

Baek Beom started the autopsy on the dead woman.  He was visibly upset when he found out that she was pregnant.

There was a flashback of him and his wife being involved in a car accident.  He was thrown off the car while his pregnant wife perished when the car blew up in flames.

Dont trust anyone, not even dead bodies!

That must be the mantra of a good pathologist.

The second episode was a make or break for the career of newbie, Eun Sol.  She was prosecuting the husband of the beaten dead woman but Baek Beom was a star witness for the alleged assailant.

Baek Beom declared that the beating had nothing to do with the wife’s death.  It was an accidental death brought about by a cocktail of drugs she was taking.

Episode 3 & 4
There is more camaraderie between Baek Beom and Eun Sol., I like this drama because it is believable in the sense that just because you wanted things to happen according to your preconceived notion, it doesn’t mean it will go your way as in Eun Sol’s case.

She wanted the husband to be punished for his wife death but in the end he really did not do it as proven by forensic.

In episode 4, is another story involving a adopted brother of three sisters. The adopted brother inherited the bulk of money from the family. Despite being dead for three years, his wife took it upon herself to impregnate herself with the dead husband’s frozen sperm cells.

The three sisters where up in arms because it would mean the money would go to the baby as willed by their father.

The wife had the body dug up, against the sisters’ wishes, for DNA purposes. Baek Beom found anomalies with the body. It had some contusions which are suspicious.  He sought the help of Eun Sol to get an emergency warrant, before the sisters create havoc.

Episode 5-8

The wife is the culprit!  She almost killed Eun Sol, who got badly injured.

She was then being forced by her parents to hand in her notice at work and marry a chaebol, who was going to give her three million dollars as a dowry.

As she refused, her father asked her to leave without taking anything with her.  She then had to surrender all the credit cards to him.

By accident, she ended up renting an officetel next door to Baek Beom.

The next case is more personal involving someone working closely with their cases.

My only gripe about this drama is the leading lady.  She is so full on.  She is good at her job but somehow I find her annoying. Tone down a bit and give her a bit more common sense when it comes to the forensic investigations.

To Love, To Heal (Chinese Drama) Review

To Love, To Heal poster

Genre: Romance, Grief

Date Released: January 2018

CDrama: 40 Episodes


  • Jiang Chao as Zhang Zheng Lan
  • Li Sierra as Xiao Shui Guang
  • Pang Han Chen as Luo Zhi
  • Song Yi Xing as Lin Jia Jia
  • He Rui Xian as Jiang Yu Ru

The story is about a girl who comes to terms with the death of her boyfriend with the help of an arrogant young man who happens to be the president of Leiting games company.


To Love, To Heal (Chinese Drama) Review

Episode 1

The drama started with Shui Guang on the phone nagging her boyfriend to hurry up while he was driving.  Before you know it, him and his passenger were involved in a crash, where he died.  It seems there is some mystery yet to be revealed about her dead boyfriend.

The boyfriend’s family blamed her for his death.

Two years on, Shui Guang was just a shell of depression.  She is lacklustre and moving on an auto pilot.

She teaches kendo to children.

One day, while particularly distraught, she somehow hurt one of the young students, who happens to be the brother of the benefactor of their training school.

He was Zheng Lan, the president of a games company.  He was all for dismissing Shui Guang from her job but then he saw her.  She looked familiar and he was intrigued.

Episode 2

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