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Life (Kdrama Review & Summary)

Life (Kdrama Review & Summary)

Life poster

  • Genre: Medical, Mystery, Crima, Hospital Drama
  • Date Released: July 2018
  • KDrama: 16 Episodes


  • Lee Dong Wook as Ye Jin Woo
  • Cho Seung Woo as Koo Seung Hyo (President)
  • Won Jin-A as Lee No Eul
  • Lee Kyu Hyung as Ye Sun Woo
  • Yoo Jae Myung as Joo Kyung Moon
  • Moon So Ri as Oh Se Hwa
  • Moon Sung Geun  a
  • Kim Tae Sang (Deputy Director)
  • Cheon Ho Jin as Lee Bo-Hoon (Director)
  • Tae In-Ho as Sun Woo Chang
  • Yum Hye Ran as Kang Kyung-A
  • Choi Yu Hwa as Choi Seo Hyun
  • Eom Hyo Seop as Lee Sang Yeob
  • Kim Won-Hae as Lee Dong Soo
  • Park Min Gwan as Ko Young-Jae
  • Woo Mi-Hwa as Kim Jung Hee
  • Jung Moon Sung as Jo Nam Hyeong
  • Park Ji Yeon as Lee So-Jung
  • Lee Sang Hee as Kim Eun Ha
  • Jung Hee-Tae as Seo Ji-Yong

Based from the first episode, Life would be a cracking hospital drama.  It sets to follow the tautness and sophistication of the 2017 legal drama, Secret Forest, which also came from the pen of the same writer, Lee Soo-Yeon.

There are also a lot of the actors from Secret Forest who are now playing different roles in Life.

Episode 1

The medical staff at the A&E department were on tenterhook waiting for a patient to be brought in by the medical emergency team.

The lead doctor was Ye Jin Woo, who was absolutely shattered to find out that the patient was DOA (dead on arrival).

The patient happened to be the much loved and respected Director, the head of Sangkook University Hospital.

There were some whispers that there is more to the death than meet the eye.

It was said that the Director had been drinking when he visited the Deputy Director in his house.  After more Soju drinking, the Director apparently decided to smoke despite his dicky heart.  The Deputy Director told him to smoke in the rooftop as he can’t abide smoking.

The director then ended up all broken up on the pavement, having fallen from the rooftop.

Secrets started to come out about the Director.  Apparently, he had been embezzling funds, which Ye Jin Woo found out and confronted the Director about on the same day of his death.

For some reason, Ye Jin-woo got the information from his brother, who may be dead.  Strangely enough, the brother appears disabled at one time and then be hail and hearty during his visit to the hospital.  Ye Jin Woo seemed to suffer from schizophrenia?!!!

With all the sadness of the passing of the Director, the hospital is plunged into chaos as a new president has been appointed, who is a businessman from a large corporation.

The president is trying to make Sangkook University Hospital more viable in a business point of view.

His first task was to transfer three major departments, including the A&E, which is hemorrhaging funds,  into rural hospitals.

The doctors and nurses were in revolt.




Good Doctor 2018 (Japanese Drama Review)


Good Doctor 2018 (Japanese Drama Review)

Good Doctor, Doroma poster

  • Genre: Medical, Hospital Drama, Pediatrics, Autism
  • Date Released: July 2018
  • Dorama: 10 Episodes (still to be confirmed)
  • Based on KDrama’s Good Doctor 2013


  • Kento Yamazaki as Minato Shindo
  • Juri Ueno as Natsumi Seto
  • Naohito Fujiki as Seiji Takayama
  • Akira Emoto as Akira Shiga
  • Shigeyuki Totsugi as Keisuke Mamiya
  • Yuri Nakamura as Michi Togo
  • Kenta Hamano as Taro Hashiguchi
  • Itsuji Itao as Ryunosuke Inoguchi

The story is about Minato Shindo who has autism with a savant syndrome.  Autism has something to do do with a mental disorder or disability.  But at the same time a savant syndrome sufferer usually excel in something far above average.

This is the case with Minato Shindo.  From a young age, he had wanted to become a doctor after witnessing and feeling helpless to save his brother from an accident that happened right before his eyes.

This drama is based on a Korean drama of the same title starring Joo Won released in 2013.  There is also an American version made in 2017.

Episode 1

Because the leading man, Kento Yamazaki is everywhere at the moment, he is on various films, he is on one after another television dramas and even guesting on television shows and doing CF (Commercial Film) or what we call ads in the west, some people are beginning to think that he is overhyped.

But on the contrary, Kento is a very versatile actor.  He can be so vulnerable, he can be arrogant, he can be strong and in this drama, he is absolutely adorably innocent and earnest at the same time.

So as soon as I saw this drama, I had to watch it because I know Kento will deliver good acting and I was right.

In addition in this drama, the other two main leads are a great favourite.

In episode one it introduces Minato Shindo.  He suffers from autism with savant syndrome.  When he was hospitalised a few years ago when he met an accident together with his older brother, who died from it, the attending doctor noticed Minato’s extraordinary memory of the human body.  Though he noticed as well that he has autism, he encouraged the boy to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor.

The initial scene of the episodes shows Shindo hurrying to attend his first day at the hospital as a intern medical doctor.  But he saw an accident in which he save a boy from near death.

Poor Shindo was abused and bullied by most of the staff in the hospital for his mental condition.  They don’t trust his inability to communicate fluently as well as his innate shyness.

Thank goodness, Dr Natsume was more understanding and tried to protect Shindo as much as she can.

Episode 2

This episode is about a highschooler who gave birth prematurely.  She kept her pregnancy secret and never had any prenatal care.

When the baby was born it developed a necrotizing enterocolitis.  At first the hospital medics had decided that they would not operate on the baby; you get the feeling that part of the decision making was due to the fact that the mother was just a poor young girl who can look after a baby anyway.

Shindo, though shy, tried to overturn the controversial decision of non-operation.

In the end Dr Seiji Takayama, who at first bullied Shindo, performed the operation, much to the surprise and annoyance of the higher ups who wanted to dismiss Shindo from the hospital.

Long For You (Chinese Drama Review)


Long For You (Chinese Drama Review)

Long for you poster

  • Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Fantasy
  • Date Released: February 2017
  • CDrama: 20 episodes


  • Song Wei Long as Gu Shi Yi
  • Zhou Yu Tong as Xue Ji
  • Wang Riley as Li Zhe
  • Wang Xu Dong as  Shun Shan
  • Gao Xi Er as Jiang Huai
  • Zhang Nan as Lin Bei La
  • Zhao Yao Ke as Lisa


It is about an immortal looking for the boy/man in her dreams.

I have to admit that I am watching this drama because of Song Wei long.  But having just seen the first couple of episodes, I like the lead girl immediately.  She is strong and feisty and pretty.

Episode 1

The story started in France.

A billionaire who has a harem of wives dies leaving the bulk of his fortune to his daughter who had been banished in a remote island.

This legacy became a contention among the family especially to the current young wife who expected to get everything.

This young wife has a French lover.  Between them they arranged the murder of the daughter.

Episode 2

The assailants shoot the girl pointblank in the chest.  They took photo of her dying and sent it to the young wife.

The daughter had previously engaged the butler of her father.  He became very anxious when the girl did not come home.

He suspected foul play immediately as the signing of documents was about to happen.

Back in the forest, the dead girl started to come alive.  She found her mobile phone and called the butler to pick her up.

The butler was half aware of the secret as he was the father’s most trusted personnel. 🙂

The girl is actully badass.

She called the young wife for a talk.  Over dinner, she had it confirmed that her ‘death’ was the young wife’s machination.

With a gun, the daughter played Russian roulette with the frightened wife.  The girl made her promised not to do it again, not to touch her, come near her in the future.

Listening to this was the adopted son, Li Zhe.

Episode 3

Sweet Combat (Chinese Drama Review)

Sweet Combat poster


Sweet Combat (Chinese Drama Review)

  • Genre: Youth, Romance, Sport, School
  • Date Released: July 2018
  • CDrama: 38 Episodes


  • Guan Xiaotong as Fang Yu
  • Lu Han as Ming Tian
  • Shao Ivy as Song Xiao Mi
  • Pei Zitian as Sun Hao
  • Li Mengmeng as Cheng Yanan
  • Zhao Yue as Luo Guan Yuan
  • Ding Cheng Xin as Fang Zhou

This drama stars real life sweethearts Guan Xiaotong and Lu Han.  It is a poor boy meets rich girl kind of thing and they kick and box into a romance. 🙂

Episode 1

Ming Tian did not finish high school because he was left to take care of his two young siblings, who are twins, when his mother up and left because she got fed up with her husband, three years ago.

The husband ended up dead after a while, therefore a teenage Ming Tian had to shoulder the burden of looking after his two young siblings by eking out a living any which way he can.

While on a work errand, he came across a rather arrogant girl, who thought that money is enough to solve everything.  This girl was Fang Yu.

Ming Tian really wanted to go to college and as luck would have it he was accepted into sports university in the Shenzhen City in the Guandong Province of China.

His little family left Macau to be able for him to  enrol at Zhengze University where coincidentally is where Fang Yu is the queen.

The university used to be an all girl school but the director and headmaster were rather sexist.  There were not contented with the trophies and awards won by their excellent sportswomen nurtured by their school.  They reckoned that girls/women’s career in sport are rather fleeting.  They have romance and get married and move on.  They wanted men that would make sport their lifetime career.

For the first time the school offered 10 lucky male students places in the college.  Only one took the place and it was Ming Tian.

Ming Tian was rather self-conscious being the only boy in the school especially when he found out that the school is not really ready for boys in terms of amenities, like boy’s toilet, locker room, etc.

Ming Tian being tall and good-looking became a prize for the girls to fight over.

While escaping from all the girls, he bumped into Fang Yu,who accidentally scratched his arm with her backpack.

Instead of apologising to him, she gave him a wad of cash, which infuriated Ming Tian.   He ended up calling her a monster.

Unbeknown to Ming Tian, the word has a deeper psychological meaning to Fang Yu.

She was six years old before she found out she was a girl.

Being the heir of a conglomerate, when she was  born, her authoritarian grandfather had told her parents that she was to be brought up as a boy, dressed up as a boy.  Even in her primary school she was believed to be a boy.

But her parents had another baby and this time it was a boy.

Suddenly Fang Yu is unceremoniously treated as a girl again.  This did not only confuse the young Fang Yu but also her young classmates, who bullied her and called her monster.

Episode 2

Ming Tian cannot bear to be at the same school as the Queen so he applied for a transfer.  But it was proving impossible to get out of the school, which is determined to hold on to the first boy in their enrolment at all cost.

Ming Tian was working for KFC as a delivery boy.  He has a record to keep of being able to deliver at the shortest possible time.

But during one of his deliveries, he came to the rescue of a young boy being bullied by hooligans.  They then turned on him and brought him to playing field to bit him senseless.

Luckily the three friends, the Queen, Yanan and Xiao Mi were passing through the park and saw what was happening.

Episode 3

The Queen, Fang Yu, finally realised the sad life Ming Tian leads.  He was a poor boy, who needs to work every hour available to be able to bring up his brother and sister and himself.

He thought that if he cannot transfer schools then he would just drop out.  He felt guilty not being able to provide his siblings with better life.

It seems there is a connection between Fang Yu and Ming Tian.  They both love and respect the dead Mr Ji.

Mr Ji was Fang Yu’s uncle.  The only one who understood and supported her transition from a boy to girl in her young mind.

Episode 8

Ming Tian was sent a poisoned cake which his young brother ate and ended up in hospital.  Ming Tian then found out who sent the cake.  It was the bully boy from the rival university to Zhenze.  He went to confront the bully but he ended up almost getting expelled.

Episode 9

This episode is the cutest so far.  Ming Tian and Fang Yu are very tentatively getting closer.

Fang Zhou, Fang Yu’s brother, is the 15 year old CEO of their family business.  He had been trained to take over almost before he could walk.  He is ably assisted by Ming Tian.   Brother and sister have a very filial to one another.

Ming Tian’s problem with the bully has given him the push to seriously learn self defence and he is now being trained by the three lead girls.

Episode 18

Fang Yu and Ming Tian had a really cute ‘date’ at the funfair.  Yanan and Guan Yuan romance is so sweet and romantic but is still yet to end up in misunderstanding as Guan Yuan had been asked by Yanan’s father as one of the three conditions in teaching him the death strike/blow was to date his daughter, Yanan.   The cutest scene so far of the drama was when he told her that she is the apple of his eye.

Episode 19

I have to say the romance between Fang Yu and Ming Tian is very slow boiling.  But at least in this episode, we know that Ming Tian is really into Fang Yu.

Episode 22

Yanan had a confrontation with Luo Guan Yuan about her being just one of the conditions for him to train under her father to learn the death strike.  Yanan broke off from her budding romance with Guan Yuan despite his protestation that he was only humouring her father that he really like her himself.

Episode 23

Yanan, Ming Tian,  Xiao Mi and Sun Huo went to Macau to represent their school and to hopefully recruit more students to attend their school.

While in Macau, Ming Tian was surprised with a visit from Fang Yu, who was on her way to Dubai.

Episode 24

Fang Yu’s grandfather found out her detour to Macau and the reason why.  He categorically told her to break any relationship with him as they were not compatible in any way.

Fang Yu rebelled and run away with her personal chef to Yanan’s house.

Her grandfather withdrew her from the university.

Just Want To See You Smile (Chinese Drama)


Just Want To See You Smile (Chinese Drama)

Just want to see you smile poster

  • Aka: Smile
  • Genre: Romance, Youth
  • Date Released: 2018
  • CDrama: 24 Episodes
  • Based on a novel


  • Li Wenhan as Shu Shan
  • Du Bella as Xiao Xing
  • Hou Jung Chen as Mr Xin

Other Characters:

  • Sis Ye, Shu Shan’s manager
  • An Ge, young new actor
  • Du Nian, ambitious actress and Xiao Xing’s flatmate
  • Director Ye


Episode 1

First few minutes of this drama and I love it already.

Xiao Xing is an actress but with a difference.  She suffers from lens aphasia, which is the inability to talk when faced with a camera/lens.

Due to this condition, Xiao Xing plays mainly roles of a dead person.  When not acting dead, she is an all-around girl, doing props, make-up and in charge of the clapper.

Omigod, this drama is so cute and Li Wenhan is just too adorable.  Du Bella is feisty and appealing.  Really loving this drama.

Shu Shan is a superstar.  He’s a singer but for some reason, he developed haphephobia, the fear of touching and being touched.  This was due to an accident in the past that has yet to be revealed.

He went to the studio with his manager and a budding actress called Shen Xun, who is a superstar product endorser.  In the chaos of the over-excited fans, Xiao Xing was tasked to bring in Shen Xun into the studio.  But Xiao Xing dragged the wrong person.  She took Shu Shan instead, who was absolutely surprised that her touch did not repel him.

Now he had to convince her to be his assistant!

Episode 2

Shu Shan has been courting Xiao Xing to become his assistant but she had turned down his offer repeated.

Xiao Xing is really desperate to become an actress but she just can’t do it .

Her role as an extra in a historical drama was made bigger by the director because she has a great screen presence.  He gave her a dialogue but when the camera started rolling she froze..

It seems she has no choice but to accept Shu Shan’s offer until she can get over her fear with the camera.

Episode 3

Shu Shan found Xiao Xing in a corner looking very upset. Shu Shan told her to go with him and they had a lovely talk.  In addition, Xiao Xing was pleased to receive the designer dress she wanted but can’t afford and nowhere really to wear to.

There was a funny scene where Xiao Xing was storytelling a horror story.  She was standing in a chair with a noose on her neck for maximum effect.  Unfortunately, her best friend accidentally kicked down the chair and she was left hanging hysterically for a few seconds.

Xiao Xing finally accepted that with how things are, she cannot be an actress.  She made a decision to be Shu Shan’s assistant instead.

This episode is a visual treat.  There are lots of half-naked scenes with Shu Shan.  hehehe When he was in bed, after a shower.  yey

Episode 4

Shu Shan is being cast in a drama called Life Target.  Du Nian, a young ambitious actress is trying to get closer to Shu Shan.

Episode 5

Shu Shan finally confessed to Xiao Xing his fear of touching and being touched.

To help Shu Shan get used to his leading lady, Xiao Xing bought online a sex doll, she then pasted Du Nian’s facial photo on the doll.  This scene was hilarious.


Cheer Dan 2018 (Japanese Drama Review)

Cheer Dan poster


  • Genre: School, Teens, Dance, Competition, Cheerleading
  • Date Released: July 2018
  • Dorama: 10 Episodes


  • Tao Tsuchiya as Fujitani Wakaba
  • Ishii Anna as Kiryu Shiori
  • Sakuma Yui as Sarakuzawa Asako
  • Yamamoto Maika as Shibata Maki
  • Otomo Karen as Enoki Taeko
  • Odagiri Joe as Taro Urushido


Cheer Dan 2018 (Japanese Drama Review)

Fujitani Wakaba is in high school.  she has always been fascinating with cheerleading after having grew up seeing the JETS, a Japanese cheerleading team, winning the championship in America.


Meteor Garden 2018 (Chinese Drama) Review

Meteor Garden poster


  • Genre: ROMANCE, Youth, School
  • Date Released: 9 July 2018
  • CDrama: 48 Episodes
  • Remake of Taiwanese drama (2001) of the same title, based on Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango
  • OST: For You by F4


Many are already familiar with this drama as it has been remade by several countries over and over.  It is based on a Japanese manga called Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers)

Meteor Garden 2018 is a remake/reboot of the Taiwanese version of the Hana Yori Dango

It is about a girl, who came from an ordinary family and now enrolled in a posh and prestigious school for the children of the  rich and famous.

The school is ruled by four uber gorgeous boys, known as the F4.  They reign in terror amongst the children of the rich.  Anyone found lacking is given a red card, which means his/her life and happiness within the school are in jeopardy.  The victim would then rather transfer to another school or bear with all the punishments until the F4 get bored and cease the tortures.

Shan Cai is a brave girl who went against the F4.  Despite the red card, she stood her ground and gave Dao Ming Si a good kicking.  Instead of giving her an even harsher time, he fell in love with her. 🙂  She was the first one who ever tried to put up a fight.

Hua Ze Lei actually was helping her in the background and she knew it.  She had a bit of a crush on him.

Thus the drama developed into a love triangle.

I can’t wait for this new Shen Yue drama! Roll on 9 July 2018!

Four episodes are now on show but with no English sub/ huhuhu

Netflix got rights for this drama.  They will start showing them on 13 July!  Yey, can’t wait.

Meteor Garden 2018 (Chinese Drama)

The first six episodes subtitled in English are now available in Netflix.  It is about 24-35 minutes each episode.

This is the second major drama for Shen Yue, who catapulted to stardom playing Shao Xi in A Love So Beautiful, which is also available to watch in Netflix.

I have to be honest, I am still bias towards ALSB.  It is still the sweeter and cuter drama.

Shen Yu’s Shan Cai is really super annoying and excruciatingly embarrassing most of the time, I am yet to warm towards her.

I came to this drama, unsure of Dylan Wang, having seen a behind the scene’s video of him being too boisterous to Shen Yue with her hoodie.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised! Dylan Wang is the best actor of them all.  He was able to project a spectrum of emotion.  He is vulnerable, snarky, immature, kind, jealous and proud.  He is certainly an actor to watch.

As to Shen Yue, I am not sure what happened but she’s only produced half of the charm she had in ALSB.

This version is more true to life.  The F4 are gorgeous, tall, rich young men, who excel in their field.  They are more spoiled rather than out and out evil.  They are more ‘ordinary’ that the other versions. Probably I was spoiled by the Korean and Japanese version.

Episode 1-6

Shan Cai’s mother is a very good cook.  She makes a living from her homecooking and delivery.

Shai Cai wanted to help her mother build her business up.  So she enrolled in the Nutrition Department of the best and most exclusive university in ‘China’ called Ming De University.

There she had a reunion with her former schoolmates.  Chen Qinghe is her childhood best friend. while Li Zhen was a high school acquaintance.  They decided there and then that they will be best friends in college.

During orientation, a famous man called Mr Bobbit came to speak to the students.  Shan Cai and the rest of the attendees were in ecstasy in the presence of this famous American man.

After the talk, just outside the auditorium, still excited with their good fortune of listening to Mr Bobbit, another ecstasy inducing event happened, the F4 came sauntering into the school, much to the delirium of the girls.  In the chaos, Shan Cai’s phone was nudged out of her hand into the ground.  Crawling into the floor in between commotion of legs running towards the F4, Shan Cai tried to reach for her phone.  She was inches away towards it when a green crocodile shoe stepped on it causing it to break.

Shan Cai was so annoyed, she runs after the owner of the shoe.  She saw him in a  huddled crowd.  Without much thought, she grabbed the man in the middle, which happened to be Mr Bobbit.  She was quickly restrained by the bodyguards.

Shan Cai was persona non grata for assaulting such an important man. She was being gossiped about for her misdemeanour.

To get rid of her stress, she went on top of the building and vent her frustration by shouting her lungs out.  She was told off by a man seating nearby of the racket she was making.  He happened to be one of the F4.  He was Ze Lei.

During many instances, she kept meeting Ze Lei, who was rather kind to her unlike the leader of F4, Daoming Si.

Si seemed to delight in torturing her.  Shan Cai can’t take it anymore so she gave him a flying kick straight on his handsome face.

Si was not annoyed, he actually developed a grain of respect towards her, which quickly developed into tenderness.  So much so that he told her that he wanted her to be his girlfriend.  He listed all the pros of becoming his girlfriend, but Shan Cai was not interested as she was already half in love with the gorgeous and musical Ze Lei, despite him having a girlfriend already.

Yuan Zi, the girlfriend, was very friendly towards Shan Cai.  She includes Shan Cai’s to all her parties.

But hormones have taken over Shan Cai’s brain.  The friendship with the girlfriend was immaterial. Out with sisterhood!!!  Shan Cai was determined to pursue Ze Lei, which was noticed by Si.  This created a gulf between Ze Lei and Si’s friendship.

Si tried many things, which he does not usually do, to entice Shan Cai away from Ze Lei but it is becoming a losing battle.

Ze Lei had gone to Paris to be with Yuan Zi, who had decided to become a lawyer with a charitable institution, Without Borders.  She also willingly cut herself off from inheriting her family fortune.  Really nice girl, hear that Shan Cai!!!

Shan Cai misses Ze Lei so much that when out clubbing one evening with a secretly vengeful friend, Li Zhen, she became inordinately inebriated.  With drunken hazy sight, she sat down next to a foreigner, who was playing the piano. She was imagining that he was Ze Lei.

She woke up the next morning in a strange bed, with a note from Thomas, the foreigner, saying that he enjoyed himself.

Episode 7 – 12

Daoming found Shancai having a rather intimate conversation with a foreigner at the school.  Thomas came to see Shaicai after their misadventure the night before, where she ended up being tucked into bed by Thomas.

Shan Cai became the topic of gossips at school after her photos seemingly in bed with Thomas were posted on Weibo.

She was ostracised for being cheap and doing the dirty on Thomas especially when her boyfriend is Si.

Shan Cai said to Si that she doesn’t care about the gossips and the bullying as long as Si believes her.

It was found out later by Ximen and Feng Mei who posted the photos on Weibo.  Shan Cai was shocked to know that Li Zhen stabbed her in the back.

Episode 13

Awwww I am absolutely won over by this drama version of Hana Yori Dango.  And yes, the Shen Yue I love and adore is back big time in all her cuteness and brightness.

She is now my favourite Shan Cai (Makino Tsukushi) ever.

Dylan Wang and Shen Yue have a sizzling chemistry.  So good that I felt sad for Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen of ALSB.


In order to pay off the 1M Yuan Shancai loaned to her by Daoming Si, she hesitantly enters the C4.

Being a novice, she had to do a lot of preparation, practice and developing a positive mental attitude.

She had a perfect tutor from the ‘violent’ 🙂 Dao Ming Zhuang and Dao Ming Si himself.  Shancai moved in into the Dao Ming mansion.

Dao Ming Zhuang gave her a book to read called Book of Songs, which is actually a really old Chinese classic book of poetry.

Shancai found out what appetisers are for.  They are there to build the appetite and complement the main course.

A meal that is unforgettable engraves the cook and the food to the heart of the diner.

This is now really the beginning of a beautiful friendship and relationship between Shan Cai and Dao ming Si.

It was utterly cute the way Si made Shancai more confident in herself and in her abilities.

Standout scene: I love their flirty face painting during their card game.

Episode 14

Aww it is the day of the Chinese Cuisine Culinary Competition (C4).

Young ladies, mostly with previous culinary experience entered the contest.  One of these young ladies was Zhou Caina.

Zhou Caina was a girl who has being touted as the future bride for Tian Ye, the sous chef at the restaurant Shancai works at.

During the contest, Daoming Si was on tenterhooks.  He was supporting Shaicai 120%

Zhou Caina won the 1M Yuan as deservedly so but there was a surprise prize for Shai Cai.  She won a Special award and 500K Yuan as well.

Standout: Shancai choosing pineapple to add to her recipe as she looked at  Daoming Si.

Episode 15

Shancai and DaoMing Si’s romantic whole day date was scuppered by the appearance of a random child, who needed babysitting.  What was this about?!!!

Episode 16

Shancai literally almost froze to death but saved by DaoMing Si.  Though Shan Cai almost met her maker due to hypothermia,  her skin to skin contact with DaoMing Si for some heat was hot! 🙂 Unlucky lucky Shancai indeed!

Despite the skinship, Shancai continues to play it cool with Dao Ming Si, which infuriates him to the limit.

Episode 17

Shancai is proving popular with the boys, another one is vying for her attention much to the jealousy of Dao Ming Si.

Despite Dao Ming Si telling her that he likes her, she walked away with the new boy.

Episode 18

It was a bad decision because Shan cai got kidnapped.  It turned out that the new boy was in collude with the kidnappers.

Standout scene 🙂 The F4 pranked Shancai; pretending that DaoMing passed away.  Shan Cai was upset and telling DaoMing that she won’t allow him to die on her as she had not apologised to him yet and that despite his so many transgression in the past…  The ‘corpse’ of DaoMing can’t take it anymore that he had to say something.  Shancai ended up in bed astride Daoming trying to strangle him.  He told her that it hurts to have her sitting on top of him as he broke three ribs.  Awwww

Episode 19

It was DaoMing Si birthday and after a quick makeover on Shancai by Lei, Ximen and Feng Mei Zuo, Shancai was ready to meet DaoMing’s mother.  But it turned embarrassing as Shancai ended up prostate on the floor when Daoming’s mother entered the ballroom.

She forbade them to see one another again as Shancai comes from another ‘world’.

DaoMing Si left his own party with Shancai. She then gave him her baked cookies as his birthday present.  DaoMing was in high heavens, he said that it was the best present he had ever received.

DaoMing Si’s mother can’t be thwarted though because the next day she went to meet Shancai parents’.  She tried to bribe them with 5M Yuan to make Shancai stay away from Daoming.

Shancai’s parents humiliated DaoMing Si’s mother by pouring flour over her head.

Episode 20

DaoMing Si’s mother really can’t be stopped.  She is now bringing in the big guns in the form of an arranged fiancee for Dao Ming Si.

During a lunch with the girl’s family and Dao Ming’s, Shancai was invited too to witness the marriage arrangement.

The girl was actually just Daoming’s type, as feisty and lippy as Shancai.  And rebellious as well.  The girl got up and left followed closely by Dao Ming Si leaving a confused and sad Shancai inside the private dining room.

Daoming realised that he run off with the wrong girl when he noticed that he was holding on not with Shancai.

Shancai had a confrontation with Daoming Si telling him that the fiancee is just perfect for him and that he should marry her.

This really broke Daoming.

In the end, the girl, who became rather weirdly friendly with Shancai reported that DaoMing had agreed to date her.


Episode 21

Episode 22

Episode 23

Shancai was homeless and Dao Ming Si brought her home.  She ended up as a maid in Dao Ming Si’s mansion much to his displeasure but Shancai insisted that she wanted to earn her keeps.

This episode is where they watch a meteor shower.  The romantic Dao Ming Si surprised Shancai with a diamond encrusted necklace in the shape of a meteor (I think, no subtitles available yet)

Apparently, Dylan Wang personally designed the necklace to give it to Shen Yue for her birthday.  Awww

I have to say Dao Ming Si is gorgeous but he is becoming even more good looking as the drama progresses.  How is that possible?

(I adore Hu YI Tian but I am now totally seduced by Dylan Wang! LOL)

Episode 24


Episode 26 – 27

In this episode, it was the first time that Shancai initiated a kiss with Dao Ming Si by pulling his necktie and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips.  Awww

It was a reward for trying to convince her to move out of the mansion with him.  It was the sweetest scene.

Can you imagine Dao Ming Si afterwards… So cute.

Unfortunately, it did not last long as Dao Ming Si’s evil mother interfered.

The mother targetted Shancai’s friends’ family.  Therefore, Shancai doesn’t really have much choice but to surrender to Dao Ming Si’s mother.

Shancai had a traumatic break up with Dao Ming Si in the pouring rain.

Shancai left the mansion, Dao Ming Si and Ming De university and gone to live with her parents in the countryside.

These episodes also are about the love triangle between Mei Zu, Caina and Terence.  Actually, it is more about Caina and Terence.  It was rather romantic.  Caina got caught in the rain in the middle of nowhere and ended up spending the night on a tent with Terence.  It was a one night stand but was rather meaningful, however, Caina refuses to acknowledge this fact.  It turned out that Terence is an internationally renowned designer.


Mr Sunshine (KDrama Review & Summary)

Mr Sunshine poster


  • Genre: Historical, Adventure, Drama
  • Date Released: July 2018
  • KDrama: 24 Episodes


  • Lee Byung-Hun as Eugene Choi
  • Kim Tae Ri as Go Ae Shin
  • Yoo Yeon-Seok as Goo Dong Mae
  • Kim Min-Jung as Hee-Na
  • Byun Yo-Han as Kim Hee-Sung

This drama has a good pedigree.  The scriptwriter as well as the director have worked together before in a couple of masterpieces: Goblin and Descendants of the Sun.

This drama has a very sumptuous feel about it even from episode one.  In fact this drama is comparable to BBC’s dramas.  The cinematography is fantastic. It is like watching a film; a film like like the Titanic 🙂  I supposed, the lead is an A lister, Lee Byung Hun, popular in Korean films and dramas who had made a mark in a few Hollywood blockbuster movies.

Anyway the story started in June 1871, during the 8th year of Gojong’s Reign.

An ambitious minister visited another minister’s house.  The ambitious minister (AM) has an eye for the ladies and he fancied the girl serving them their drinks.

The host minister tried to discourage the AM by tempting him with a promise of a virginal girl, he mentioned that the girl who just served them was already married.  But the AM said that he wanted  the married servant.

It so happened that the husband of the girl heard what was going on.  So they tried to run away but failed.  Their master did not have an ounce of pity for them.  He ordered that the husband be rolled in a mat and then beaten to his death, while the wife will be taken and be given to the ambitious minister.  At that same time the six years old son of the couple arrived at the scene.  In front of the child his parents are being beaten, the minister ordered that the boy is beaten to death as well.   The wife jumped next to the pregnant daughter of the minister and quickly took the woman’s lethal looking hair ornament and pointed it to the woman’s neck.

She told her young son to run, to go.  In desperation, the pregnant woman who was being threatened that her big belly will be stabbed as well if they don’t let the boy go, threw her jade token to the boy and told the boy to go and ordered that no one should run after him.

When the boy was out of sight, his mother let go of the pregnant woman and she jumped into her death in a well.

At that time, Joseon (Korea) had few American ships on its shore.  The American visit quickly resulted in a bloody skirmish killing around 300 Koreans.

Even at a young age, the six years old boy knew that he had no future in Joseon, the way things were.

He managed to stow away in a ship sailing back to America.

His life in America did not improve immediately.  He became a victim of feral young white thugs loitering the street.

When he was about 10, miraculously surviving on his own, he saw soldiers of all colours, marching and looking dignified.  The seed was sown, he wanted to be one.

These are the initiating forces that would affect his return to his old homeland as a high-ranking military of the American arm forces.

Episode 2

It looks like Ae Shin has inherited her mother’s strong woman’s genes.  Ae Shin was not satisfied with just being a well to do submissive wife.  She wanted adventure.  When she told her grandad that she would rather die than be inconspicuous little mouse, her grandad told her to die.

And she did try by holding a hunger strike which lasted a few days until her grandad had someone take her into the mountains.  She thought she was going to be killed but it turned out her grandad had instructed someone to teach her how to fight, how to fire a gone.

She met Eugene Choi while she was on a mission to assassinate an American, who was working for the Japanese army.

The American was duly assassinated but she was not a lone gunman.  There was another.  It was Eugene Choi.

These episodes now introduces a main characters.

Kim Min Jung looks so lovely in a Japanese kimono ( far from that horrid severe fringe girl from Man to Man drama)

Rikuoh (Japanese Drama) Review

Rikuoh poster


  • Genre:  Family, Business, drama
  • Date Released: October 2017
  • Dorama: 10 Episodes


  • Koji Yakusho as Koichi Miyazawa
  • Kento Yamazaki as Daichi Miyazawa
  • Rhyoma Takeuchi as Hiroto Mogi

Yes another Kento Yamazaki drama and Rhyoma Takeuchi as well.

Watch this space.  This will be a weekend viewing!


It started pretty interesting. Koichi Miyazawa is a fourth generation owner of a tabi shoes manufacturing company, which has a 100 years history.

The company used to have billions of yens in revenue and employed 200.  But now there were only 20 people using antiquated machineries, which breakdown all the time.

Their bank balance was not very healthy.  Their bank manager advised Koichi to restructure the company by laying off some of the staff.

But everyone was an integral part of the company.

Their first bank manager was friendly and suggested that perhaps aside from the tabi, they should create another product to save the company.


Legend of Yun Xi (Chinese Drama Review)

Legend of Yun Xi poster



  • Ju Jing Yi as Han Yun Xi
  • Zhang Zhe Han as Long Fei Ye
  • Yalkun Merxat as Gu Xi Xhao
  • Lin Si Yi as Ouyang Ning Jing
  • Li Rui Chao as Gu Bei Yue
  • Xu Jia Qi as Chu Ching Ge
  • Zhao Yi Xin as Chu Xi Feng
  • Lu Xing Yu as Han Cong’an
  • Hu Bing as Tian Hui Di
  • Shao Xuecong as Baili Mingxiang
  • Li Yaoquan as Poison Master


Legend of Yun Xi (Chinese Drama Review)


Episode 1- 8

Han Yun Xi is a very talented doctor. She is very skilled in Chinese medicine.

She inherited this aptitude from her father, who is an imperial doctor.

Unfortunately, Yun Xi does not have a loving relationship with her father.

After her mother’s gone her father remarried and had another daughter with his new wife.

The father ignored her most of her life and allowed his new family to maltreat her.

He was embarrassed of Yun Xi because she grew up with an unsightly facial skin disease.  It became well known in the land that the imperial doctor’s first daughter was ugly with sore/boil on her face.

Despite her facial affliction, Yun Xi is a feisty, cheerful and a go-getter kind of girl.

When her step-sister fights with her, she fights back.  She was no downtrodden Cinderella.  She blamed her father for her situation with his new family for not doing anything to prevent their cruelty towards her.

Anyway during that time, the land was divided into three kingdoms:  Tian Ning, Western Zhou and Northern Li.

Yun Xi and her family are from the Tian Ning kingdom.

The emperor of Tian Ning is very cunning and crafty.    He noted that Long Fei Ye, Duke of Qin, was doing very well with the military.  FeiYe’s popularity is growing.

Instead of rewarding Fei Ye for his bravery and being an excellent general, the emperor deviously devised a way to pull Fei Ye down a peg or two.  He decreed that Feiye should get married and to add insult to injury the emperor chose a wife for him as well.  He decreed that the new Duchess of Qin will be the infamous ‘ugly’ daughter of the imperial doctor.

Yun Xi is not really ugly.  She just had a minor skin blemish that can be easily overlooked.  (But then again, during those times, the royals were expected to have perfect skin with no visible scars)  And this was the case when she came upon  Gu QiShao while she was foraging for medicinal herbs in the mountains.  He noticed her skin but he did not find it abhorrent.  What he saw was a girl with a lovely personality.  He quite like her.

Anyway Yun Xi was informed that she will be married to the Duke.  Her father told her that she did not have to.  He can refuse the order.

To his surprise Yun Xi was all for it.  He continuously begged his daughter not to go through with the wedding.

Yun Xi told her father that she can’t live another minute with him and his new family.  She put up with a lot of things from them and that had to stop.  Marrying the Duke is  her way out.

Her father was actually nervous for her but it was just  too late for their father-daughter relationship, which had broken down a long time ago. 🙂

On her way to the palace for her wedding, due to stress, she had a nose bleed.  Blood dripped onto her jade bracelet.  The bracelet was magical.

She then had an out of body experience and ended up in another dimension, where there is a library of books  encased in bubbles, floating.  The first book was how to cure the carbuncle in her face.

There was also a book, a legendary book written by the Poison Master.  This book shows how poison can be used to cure ailments.

Miraculously she was cured of her skin blemish and was radiant and beautiful when she got to the palace.  But she was told that the Duke was indisposed and she had to return another day.

Yun Xi got out of her jiao (sedan chair) and refused to go saying that her marriage was an edict from the emperor.  They can’t go against his decree.  Whether the Duke is ill or not she’s married to him.

By episode 8, the romance between Yun Xi and the Duke is heating up.

Episode 9-10

The duke knew that Yun Xi had been tasked by the Empress Dowager to spy on him.

Yun Xi doesn’t have much choice because apparently her mother is not dead and the Empress Dowager knows where the mother is.  Yun Xi is desperate to find her mother.

The duke is somewhat reassured that Yun Xi is not seriously spying on him because the missive she sends the Empress D are all made up and innocuous.  It made him giggle reading them.

Episode 11

From Episode 10, the duke caught the courtesan, Yu Ze, who had poisoned soldiers and ministers with fatal bee stings.

They put Yu Ze under heavy guard in a dungeon but she seemed to have been poisoned.

It took Yun Xi to determine what kind of poison she took or given to her.  Apparently is was a very rare rice poison.

BTW Yu Ze works for Gu Xi Xhao, who had been looking for her to rescue.

Episode 12 – 16

I absolutely adore this drama.  It is about 45 minutes each episode but it’s so watchable it feels shorter.

I like the love triangle developing between the the Duke, Yun Xi and Xi Xhao.

To add to this love triangle is the Duke’s childhood’s sweetheart, who came to stay at the palace much to the jealousy of Yun Xi, who went to Xi Xhao’s herb mountain for some comfort and friendly relaxation. And to ask for forgiveness for blowing him out of their date.

Poor Xi Xhao waited all day and most of the evening at the noodle shop for her.  He had such cute adorable scenes in the noodle shop.  His character is so good.  One minute a romantic man in love, the next a lethal strategies and spy.

After months of being married, Yun Xi finally went to visit her family without the Duke.

Her family was excited at first thinking that the Duke would be coming, but started bullying Yun Xi when they found out she was alone.

They were in the middle of being nasty towards Yun Xi when the Duke came riding down.

He told them off severely and would have put them to death (as being disrespectful to elders and those in the royal family is punishable by death) if Yun Xi did not intervene.

Her father tried to make amends with her but so far he was very clumsy and saying all the wrong words.  He said that he was cold and strict with her because this would make his concubine and younger daughter to be less evil towards her.  ehhh?

The Duke noticed the large painting in Yun Xi’s old bedroom.  He was so humbled as he realised that the woman in the portrait was the one who gave her life for him.  She protected him to the end.

The Duke is actually the crown prince of Qin Xi, a fallen dynasty as his family were hunted down and killed.

The Duke promised Yun Xi to build a medical hall for her but since the coming of his beautiful young cousin, Yun Xi feld sidelined.

Yap love this drama.  Can’t wait for the next episode, where naughty Yun Xin offered to cook for Xi Xhao.

Episode 17

The Duke, as promised, is organising the medical hall but Yun Xi was nowhere to be found.  He found out that she was visiting Xi Xhao.

She came back later very drunk.  She then told the young cousin to stay away from the Duke because he was hers.  She then flew into the duke’s arms and told him she wanted to make a baby with him.  So cute.

Yun Xi slept at the Duke manor.  Her maids transferred all their belongings to this manor.  The duke did not complain, so Yun Xi was very happy.

The Princess of Wei, the newest concubine of the king has been poisoned and Yun Xi had been summoned to enter the palace.

Yun Xi was rather upset because she has a date with the Duke to see the Lantern Festival.

Episode 18

The Duke did not show up at the lantern festival where Yun Xi waited for him for a long time.

The Duke seemed to be ailing and in constant company of his childhood sweetheart.  He also told YunXi to move out of his manor.

The duke seemed to be metamorphosing into something else.  He is the Poison Zombie! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Episode 19

Yun Xi is trying to counter-cure the poisoned blood from Mingxiang being given to the Duke.  But there is more to this as apparently the blood really cures the Duke.

Yun Xi unknowingly became an accomplish to Chu Qingge, the Princess of Wei, who was spying for Gu Xi Xhao.

Gu warned her not to get close to chu Qingge as Yun Xi might get caught up with all the intrigues with the other consorts in the palace.  He really cares for Yun Xi.

Episode 20

Yun Xi is banished into the woodshed because she innocently gave the Duke an antidote for the beauty poison, he was being given by MIngxiang to cure his poison gu which turns him into a poison zombie.  (Seriously, I giggle typing this!)

This was the day that the poison master is transferred to a different location.  The Duke and his men were just in time to hijack the proceeding and kidnap the poison master.

It was not an easy mission and the Duke and his men barely got away with their task.  Excessive martial arts turned the poison gu afflicted Duke into a poison zombie with red eyes and platinum blonde hair, who was all powerful.  Because of the duke persona as the poison zombie, he defeated the Emperor’s army and got away with the abduction of the poison master.

But after he had calm down and went back to his normal self, he became very week but still had to go back to the palace to pretend that he never left at all.

The emperor learnt of the unsuccessful mission he tasked his second son.  He suspected thee Duke as the one being behind the abduction of the poison master.  He tested him of his martial art prowess which as nerve racking as he might turned into a poison zombie once again.

Thankfully it ended well and then he was escorted by Yun Xi back to the manor.

Mingxiang had gone to the Imperial Grand concubine, the adopted mother of the duke, to complain about Yun Xi.  The mother ordered the Yunxi be confined in the wood shed.

Episode 21-22

There is a tantalising clue that the poison master may have a closer tie to Yun Xi as first thought.

Yun Xi noticed that the mad man poison master shares the same abhorrence of carrots and parsley.  He may be her real father.

Once again the Duke saved Yun xi from another disastrous event.  Yun Xi was just about to be divorced from the Duke by the Imperial Grand concubine when the duke intervened saying that Yun Xi is a double agent, working for him.

The Duke also got jealous of the close friendship between Yun Xi and Gu Qishao.

To show proprietorial rights over his wife, the duke  kissed Yun Xi, which was seen by Gu Qishao.

The Duke told Yun Xi that she is grounded and can’t get out of the manor without his permission.  She has been trying to find an antidote to his affliction of his poison gu, which is apparently incurable but can be controlled.

Episode 23-28

Yunxi has been trying to cure the Poison Master, who has been revealed as her true father.

Yunxi has part succeeded in curing the Poison Master but during a chaos of factions trying to kidnap the Poison Master, Yunxi got caught in the middle of it and suffered from poisoned gas which made her faint. At this point the Poison Master was abducted by his loyal imperial doctor.

Episode 29

The Princess of Wei secretly poisoned the Crown Prince with the unwitting help of the Emperor.

Despite all the care, potions and investigations by the imperial doctors, it was diagnosed that the poison was new of its kind and there was presently no known cure for it.

The chief imperial doctor was Doctor Han and as a punishment for his inability to cure the crown prince he was thrown to prison awaiting his punishment of death for his entire family.  Dr Han is Yunxi’s father.

Episode 30

Yunxi stepmother, stepsister , stepbrother and aunts came to see her begging her to help her father.











All the episodes have been released and it is slowly being subbed by 4udrama at 2 episodes at a time.

Anyway, I love this drama so much that I started watching them even without the subs.

The last two episodes are the saddest.

Spoiler, do not read on!!!

Anyway the duke is on his death bed.

The only thing that could save him is the blood flowing directly from the heart of Yun Xi.

There is no other choice for your adorable heroine really but to sacrifice herself for that someone she loves most in the world.

Huhuhu yes I am afraid she killed herself, by drinking poison and then stabbed herself in the heart, in the arms of a grief stricken Gu Qishao!

But is she dead?!!!

Her legend continues on…

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