The Dark Lord (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)


The Dark Lord (Chinese Drama Review & Summary)

The Dark Lord still

  • Genre: Historical Costume Drama fiction, Romance, Policing, Magistrate
  • Date Released: 2018)
  • Origin: China. Based on a novel by Yue Guan
  • CDrama: 48 Episodes


  • Song Zuer as Xia Ying Ying
  • Joe Xu as Ye Xaoi Tian
  • Yu Tong as Tian Miao Wen
  • Luo Guan Lin as Xu Bo Yi
  • Emily Chen as Lady Ya

Episode 1`

Xiao Tian is a money grabbing prison officer, who was begged by an imprisoned corrupt government official to deliver his last will and testament to his wife to ensure that his young daughter from his concubine get enough money for her dowry one day and not to suffer from his wife’s tightfistedness.

After traveling miles to reach the Yang mansion, he realised that the family was very unpopular for good reason.

They were a bunch of tugs and get away with it as the wife is sister to the magistrate.

Xiao Tian declared that prisoner Yang, before he was executed had given her hand in marriage to him, wrongly thinking that  Ying Ying was the daughter instead of a 6 years old girl.

Anyway, he can’t go back on his word so he took both Ying Ying and the little girl with him to get out from the mansion.

Outside he told them to make their own way as he was out of there.

As fast as he walked, he can see the two just behind him.

He noticed some horseback riders, who he surmised were there to kill them.

Ching Ching begged Xiao Tian to take them to the little girl’s aunt.  He asked her who she was exactly.  she told him that she was running away from a forced marriage.  She then came to the rescue when she saw the maid beating up the little girl.

Xiao Tian said that there is only one reason, he would help them and that is if she becomes his wife..

Episode 2

Xiao Tian, Ching Ching and the little girl tagged along with the new magistrate of Haiyan on their dangerous trek into the mountains.

While the three were answering the call of nature, the magistrate and his men were attacked by bandits killing everyone.

After burying the bodies in a shallow grave the three continued on to Haiyan where they reported what happened to the magistrate.

The government officials were in a panic as the minister of taxation was about to deign them with his presence.

To report that the new government official was dead would be catastrophic.

They forced Xiao Tian to pretend to be the dead magistrate.

Episode 3

Xiaotian doesn’t have much choice but takes the temporary position of a magistrate.

He asked them thought to arrange for the little girl to be delivered safely to her aunt in Tongren, while ensuring that Ching Ching must stay with him.

Episode 4

The story is about Bo Yi, who was pursuing Miao Wen despite being engaged to another for a long time already.

The girl worked hard to pay for his tuition and clean his house and does everything for him.

After using her, he told her that he does not need her anymore because he had fallen in love with someone else good family standing.

The poor fiancee was mortified and yet beg him not to leave her.

Their unraveling story was heard by Ying Ying, Xiao Tian, and a scholar with a powerful father.

They called Miao Wen to tell her about the story and she put Bo Yi straight up that she does not want anything else to do with him.

Bo Yi left town but promising to come back for revenge one day.

Episode 5

Xiaotan went against the overlord of the town.  Lord Qi is so powerful he has everyone under his control including the chief magistrate.

Lord Qi had ordered the death of a runner, policeman, which Xiaotan did not take kindly too.  Unfortunately for him, all the runners are scared, Lord Qi.

But Xiotan insisted that there should be a trial.  During the hearing, Lord Qi turned up and humiliated and chief magistrate and frightened the family of the dead runner.  They took back her complaint about dead runner dying from beaten.  Instead, they agreed with Lord Qi that the man died of illness and there was nothing to answer for and everyone should go home.

Xiaotan disagreed and got beaten himself.  When he was really badly beaten, a couple of runners started beating Lord Qi’s men.  Then all the runners joined it until Lord Qi started fearing for himself and run away.

Episode 6 – 7

Lord Qi put fear on the assistant magistrate, who was under his pocket.  He told the AM make Xiotan answer for the death of his men.  He was sure that Xiotan had a hand on their massacre.

The Assistant Magistrate wasted no time and went to Xiotan to order him to confess in this role in Lord Qi Mu’s men’s assassination.

When Xiotan rightly said that he does not know what he was talking about and until evidence was presented that says Xiotan had a hand in the killing then leave matters be.

The  AM said that he was the evidence, Xiotan smacked him with his walking stick which surprised the AM.  All the runners standing in wait said that they did not see anything.  The AM already came to the office with a bruise in his forehead and boxed him in the forehead.  They also said that footprints were on his back already and they started kicking him.

The real assassin was the sun of Agent Hua 007.  Agent Hua 007 and his wife were found hanging in front of their house with their tiger skin family heirloom taken and now covers an armchair owned by Lord Qi Mu.

Episode 8-9

Xiotan arrested Lord Qi Mu., who hired a first-class lawyer.

As a backup plan, Lord Qi Mu was put on the same cell as Hua Yufei, who killed both Qi Mu and the Assistant Magistrate.

The elders had a meeting about Xiotan.  They were planning to kill him which he confornted them during the meeting.

He asked  Ying Ying to leave with him and go to Tongren with her to ask her hand in marriage from her family.

To ensure that the elders will not pursue them, he stages his own fake date.

He ended up going to Tongren with Ying Ying, Dugyan and also adopted Hua Yifei, who was so grateful for allowing him to revenge his parents.

Episode 13

Xiotan had become the new Jiaozhu, which is the head of the Church of Gu.  But everything is not that simple.

As part of the inauguration ceremony, Xiaotan has to eat a soup cook from 27 types of herbs which will make him invisible to illness, bites and hex.

He was then asked to drink a tomato soup like concoction which will make him heirless, meaning it would make him sterile and will never have children.

Xiaotan immediately tried to give up being a Jiaozhu because he cannot not have children.  The ministers of the church of gu said that all the followers are now his children.

This is obviously a reference to the Catholic church where priests are supposed to be celibate and serving one master.

Episode 14.

After negotiating with the ministers of the Church of Gu, Xiaotan was able to leave and sow his wild oats and return in twenty years to take up the permanent position of Jiaozhu.

Meanwhile, he went to Tongren and took the exam, which he passed after some help from the teacher, he allowed Xiaotan to cheat.

Xiaotan passed the test and became a Xiocai.  But the magistrate of Tongren commanded him to take a further exam and become a juren.

Xiaotan met Ying Ying again. They finally confessed to one another but their reunion was disturbed by the arrival of the beefy Golong, who is Ying Ying real intended.

Ying Ying told Golong that she can’t marry him as she has a lover already while holding on to Xiaotan.

Golong issued a challenge to Xiaotan that in three days they will have a duel and the loser will stop pursuing Ying Ying.

Xiaotan agreed but Ying Ying was very concerned as Golong was known to kill a bull iwth just one punch.

Episode 15-16

Xiaotan won against Golong.  Before the fight really started Xiaotan secretly flicked a fly towards Golong, which bit him causing him to become weak.  With one punch, Xiaotan felled Golong.

Xiaotan almost earned Ying Ying’s hands in marriage but her father found out about Xiaotan’s respectable position of being the mew Jiaozhu.

It was also examination time for the Juren.

Miao Wen is very upset because she had fallen in love with Xiaotan, who has only eyes for Ying Ying.

Miao Wen was fated to die when she reaches 20 if she can’t find someone to love her truly.

Episode 17

Xiaotan and Ying Ying had a heart to heart regarding being together only for 20 years.  Ying Ying agreed but said that she had plenty of relatives and it would only grow and can fight against the Church of Gu if need be.

Xiaotan said that he would never let her go even after 20 years. ahhhh

Episode 18

Xiaotan had been made the sheriff at Hayian where the assistant magistrate would be Bo Yi.

Xiaotan and Ying Ying had their private wedding vows.  He father though came to take her back home before the marriage was properly consummated.

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